Nutty Neelu’s Latest Meltdown


Seriously, it’s genuinely sad that people like Charlotte Ward, Christine Sands and Belinda McKenzie keep encouraging someone with a history of mental health issues to make a fool of herself and risk further charges being made against her. This latest round of slander and lies is taken from the illegal blog of one of her most ardent cheerleaders, Hoaxtead hasbeen Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward:

Update from Neelu

Update on Hampstead and my trial date change

My trial date has been changed from 4th August 2015 to 8th October 2015

The location has changed from Tottenham Magistrates Court, back to Highbury Corner Magistrates Court

London Borough of Camden made an application to adjourn the date on grounds that their key witness, Sophie Dix, is away on holiday all August.

After I was kidnapped on 4th April 2015 and falsely imprisoned for 48 hours in Holborn Police Station, under the Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act 1860, for “vexing a priest” District Judge McPhee stated on 6th April 2015 “I am not seeing a charge here, you better review whether to proceed” to the legal prosecuting team of London Borough of Camden (which is responsible for the investigation into the allegations of satanic ritual abuse in the church and primary & nursery schools, made by the Hampstead children and its cover-up).

Despite this, Camden Police kidnapped me twice more on 24th & 30 April 2015, forced entries at my home and locked me up in the same Holborn Police station, where the same team of Police was on duty on all 3 occasions, under Inspector Phillips.

Coincidently, under the same surname, a young PC Alistair Phillips, late 20’s, who handcuffed me on 4th April outside Ecuadorian embassy, was now a Sergeant Alistair Phillips, promoted, kicking my door down on 24 April, accompanied by PC Jennifer Black and PC Betsy Davey, (who had interviewed me in Holborn Police station at the first kidnap and who are responsible for Hampstead Ward & Christ Church activities). These officers made a call from the 10 seater Police van with 9 empty seats “We’ve got her, she’s sitting next to me” – I asked who they called from Black’s personal mobile, she said “Inspector Hornby” and “Sargent Stapleton” – who is seen here next to Ray Savage on 29 March 2015 outside ChristChurch Hampstead at 15 mins. This is evidence how the investigation into the allegations made by the two children are being covered up by my being kidnapped! On 29 March, at 15 min Ray Savage requests Sargent Stapleton to investigate the family’s allegations of satanic ritual abuse…Neelu is kidnapped three times in total whilst no investigation by Police to date…They can go out of their way with all the Police resources, staff, Police stations, cells, but they just can’t investigate satanic ritual abuse! This is proof that the public service in the UK is infiltrated by satanic cult members and good people in public service are being side-stepped.

This is all evidence that the Police is still under satanic controllers, routinely covering up crimes to perpetuate crimes by kidnapping members of the public as a scapegoat. Here, on page 8 of the 9 page bundle attached, you will see I am accused on page 8 of “attempt to harass / intimidate witness/juror” – no date is provided, no incident, no crime, no cause, no law, no injured party, complete lawlessness, acting above the law, fraud, Treason by Black & Davey. First kidnap of Neelu 4 April at 8.30min without law, cause or warrant (PS Sophie Dix at 16 min 40 sec asking Sargent what the public is doing here)

The alleged incident date for allegedly “vexing a priest”, 22 March 2015 was a peaceful vigil, without any priest presence outside the church except for heavy Police resistance towards the public and the assault on me by Mr Paul Goss, witnessed by Police, which has not been investigated to date:-

My affidavit related to my counter charges for the Police kidnapping me to pervert the course and cover-up of the crimes against babies and children at Christ Church & primary & nursery schools in Hampstead is attached – It was handed to the Prosecution and the two lay magistrates on 26 June 2015 during the prosecutions application to vacate the trial for 4 August.

Sophie Dix is a Green Party activist and actress
In 1993, Sophie Dix acting at 25sec with lallina Paull at 1min 22sec at

You can see the hooded men inside the Christ Church in 1993 at 49 sec of the 1993 trailer “An Hour of the Pig” set at location inside the Christ Church and its grounds (about a pig on trial after the man who sodomised it, died…who was saved from hanging by getting another pig in place for the hanging!)

I need a campaign, not defending the false allegations against me but the dishonour to the public, the babies and children by the so called public servants

My lawyers Hanson Young solicitors have been threatened, intimidated and denied all paperwork of my case despite being listed as acting for me. The Prosecution perjured that they had a different firm of solicitors acting for me despite the magistrates correcting them that the court file had Hanson Young on file. Camden is thus controlling the court correspondence.

Here the two actresses from 1993 are acting as High Priestesses in the local Waterstone bookshop acting out the story of a deformed bee which is saved 2min 28 sec Dix & Paull acting high priestesses

The above material is in support of a Police investigation into the allegations made by the children, which have been covered up by my false prosecution – to terrorise supporters who wish to stand vigil for the babies and children and end satanic rituals in churches and schools all over the world.

Superior Judges are being recruited in USA & UK via,, and
A recent radio show with 8 newly appointed Superior judges discussing routes to remedies and the existing flaws 266 mins every Friday

Please join the mailing list for superior (continental) court judges for future shows – full details website

I appreciate those who provided affidavits in support of my false prosecution, but I do not wish to put anyone at risk of kidnaps – my friends have been terrorised enough by my kidnaps – PC Alistair Phillips had a piece of paper with names of people and photographs taken from videos from the vigils in his hand. Why were different Police looking for those at vigil at 22 March on 04 April, when Police were present on 22 March and they had no cause to take action? This is evidence that the satanic cult members or agents were involved in the kidnaps. Also that public resources are being embezzled – a 10 seater van??? no cause for kidnaps on 24 & 30 April – going against Judge McPhee – only satanist would do that??? The satanists are so deluded that they can just carry on satanic business as usual and control public services satanically from behind the scenes. They are not aware they are being rounded up and ring fenced…

Neelu Berry
attached Affidavit by Neelu Berry handed to Magistrates in Highbury Corner Magistrates Court on 26 June 2015

This is wrong on so many levels and as always with a Hoaxteader rant, it’s hard to know where to begin. Here are just some initial observations and I’m sure our wonderful commenters can add more:

  • Neelu, as she herself has stated, has had her phones, laptops and computers seized by the Police (or “stolen”, as she hilariously calls it). So how is she managing to still post this crap round the clock? She must be both lying and ignoring the restrictions placed on her. I trust the Police will take this into account at her trial.

  • “After I was kidnapped on 4th April 2015 and falsely imprisoned for 48 hours”

No dear, you weren’t kidnapped. You were arrested. It’s what happens to people who harass innocent churchgoers and threaten to hang judges. It’s how the law works in a democratic nation. If you don’t like that, I’m sure Belinda can use some of the money she’s embezzled from her illegal charities to buy you a ticket to North Korea. Mind you, good luck with spouting your vile shit there, luv!

I reiterate that the “48 hours” claim by Neelu (and Sands) is a lie. She was in for a few hours and was blogging about it later that evening, famously telling everyone how she’d been “tortured by being fed microwave food” (LOL) and been “fed human flesh even though they know I’m a vegetarian” (LMAO!).

  • There are some interesting pieces of invisible evidence here:

“…seen here…Ray Savage on 29 March 2015 outside ChristChurch Hampstead at 15 mins. This is evidence how the investigation into the allegations made by the two children are being covered up by my being kidnapped!”

Oops! No link provided!

And once again, she cites the discredited Ray Savage as a source of evidence. See here for why that’s not a good idea:

“…watch?v=DW-W-jeVenA First kidnap of Neelu 4 April…at 16 min 40 sec asking Sargent what the public is doing here”

Yeah, don’t bother searching for that damning piece of evidence “at 16 min 40 sec”, folks. The video’s only 11 min 29 sec long XD

  • Yet again, in true Hoaxteader fashion, Neelu makes a number of slanderous comments about named individuals, purely on the basis of what you youngsters call “butt-hurt” over being arrested for her crimes…

“…watch?v=Hl8bTCVkLz4 was a peaceful vigil, without any priest presence outside the church except for heavy Police resistance towards the public and the assault on me by Mr Paul Goss, witnessed by Police…”

Er…nope. As previously discussed – and as can be clearly seen in the video that Neelu herself is citing – Mr. Goss (a random innocent man who had not been implicated in the SRA hoax) was extremely patient and polite to Neelu as she ranted at him for several minutes. He then tapped her clipboard…and immediately apologised! He was then followed into the church by Neelu and creepy Code 2222, who both continued to shout abuse and false accusations at him.

As for “peaceful vigil”, oh for Christ’s sake, are we here again? You’ve all seen how Christine Sands (Neelu’s co-arrestee) was screaming “They’re cutting off your children’s heads, they’re killing your children, they’re fucking your children” in front of two terrified toddlers.


And you’ve seen how Neelu, Mark Haining, Leigh Ravenscroft and Justyna Rzeska chased a random old lady down the street, shouting abuse, slander and death threats at her.

Take another look and see whether you concur with Neelu’s claim that this was a peaceful vigil (at 2:04):

But she saves her biggest lie for Sophie Dix, whose completely innocent book-reading is turned into something sinister and satanic. This is a new tactic, I believe, and shows how desperate Neelu must be getting.

Untitled - Copy

Fingers crossed that Neelu does not get away with all the hurt she’s caused but also that she does get the help and support she so clearly needs to address her mental health issues, rather than sick, selfish individuals like Charlotte, Belinda and Christine egging her on for their own amusement.

See also:


11 thoughts on “Nutty Neelu’s Latest Meltdown

  1. I don’t agree with anything Neelu has to say but i do kinda feel sorry for her. I believe she used to be a qualified pharmacist i think it was so she obviously isn’t unintelligent but it does appear that she is suffering from mental illness and it is sickening how people are using folk like her for their own gains


  2. Neelu is what a psychiatrist would politely call “not suited to insight-oriented therapy”. That’s shrink-speak for “don’t bother aiming for a cure; just try to keep her on her meds and out of trouble”. 

    Actually, that’s not a bad goal for the poor woman. She is so clearly in need of better guidance than she’s been getting.


  3. You’re right, it’s difficult to know where to start on a post like this. She’s suffering badly from paranoia and is clearly delusional.
    For instance, just because the Police do not want to strip a load of innocent Hampstead residents for a hoax SRA case, which the children admitted it was, does NOT mean that it’s “proof that the public service in the UK is infiltrated by satanic cult members.”


  4. If you take a look back at Belinda’s track record you will see many limited intelligence people recruited by Belinda..some got arrested and imprisoned, but she still manages to persuade the low life to follow her. The sad ones are the ones like Neelu who are clearly mentally ill.


  5. I’m shocked that the police didn’t arrest more people at the ‘vigil’ (short for vigilante). Everyone who harassed the vicar and that lady walking away from his house should have been arrested. No question in my mind. The bunch of arses who were there should think themselves lucky they all didn’t end up in the nick. GRRRR!

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    • Yep. Agreed. That’s why we put all those bastards onto our perps poster:

      It would be nice to be able to identify and add the anonymous online fruitcakes like Drifloud and Butlincat, though.


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