Angela finally realises she is in trouble

Apparently no one ever bothered to explain to Angela Power-Disney the old adage, “Discretion is the better part of valour”. It certainly appears that way, as yesterday she produced yet another live-streamed Facebook video in which she not only slagged RD, but repeated her veiled threats toward the Gardaí.

Oddly, she wore the same outfit she’d worn to her police interview on Friday, and sat under the same painting. In contrast to previous videos, where she looks as though she just rolled out of bed and can’t find her cigarettes, yesterday she looked as though she’d actually combed her hair and put on a bit of lipstick.

The reasons for this might become clearer as we learn what she said this time. (Hint: we suspect she was trying to look a bit more professional than usual.)

Interviewed under caution

On Friday, Angie was at pains to assure her audience that she’d attended a “voluntary interview” following seizure of her PC, her laptop, and her phone. However, yesterday she let slip that the interview was just a tad more formal than your average chat over coffee. She was, it turns out, interviewed under caution, a rather different proposition.

Here’s a straightforward explanation: 

An interview under caution is where you are being investigated from the commission of an offence and anything you say will be taken down and may be used in evidence against you. It is a preliminary stage in an investigation and very often leads directly to charges being brought. If you are suspected of committing an offence, I would advise you to attend with a solicitor. Be aware that if you do not voluntarily attend, you will probably be arrested and taken to the station for questioning. So I would advise you to attend with a solicitor. You are under no obligation to answer any questions. You can merely state “No Comment” or “I exercise my right of silence” and refuse to answer any questions. No adverse inference can be drawn from you failing to answer any questions. In law, you have the constitutional protection of the right to silence.

So far as we know, Angela did not have a solicitor present during her interview. As for exercising her right to silence…come on, we’re talking about Angela here.

So much for discretion

In her second video on Friday, Angela seemed subdued, and was deliberately avoiding mentioning RD by name—it seemed to us that perhaps she’d been told by police that further mentions would harm her position.

Yesterday, however, was a full-on RD-fest:

I said I would consider going low-key on discussing [RD], the alleged cult leader connected to the Hampstead case, unless the trolls escalated.

And the trolls escalated to the point of making malicious allegations against my 24-year-old, blatantly defamatory, libellous, slanderous untruths, and they’ve got an MO for doing that, where they will say something outrageous, they will then draw what you call paedo hunters to the comment, and make sure it’s logged, and then they’ll delete the comment, and say ‘we don’t encourage such carry-on’. 

Let’s get this straight: she believes that someone on (or associated with) this blog has made “blatantly defamatory, libellous, slanderous untruths” about her kids. We have no idea what comments she’s referring to, but we’ll let that slide.

So then, she says, once that comment has been made and observed by “paedo hunters” (???), someone from the blog (either Scarlet Scoop or El Coyote) deletes the comment.


Granted, Angela’s blog doesn’t get the 75–125 daily comments that this one does, but does she have any idea how much time and effort goes into moderating comments on a relatively busy blog? It does sometimes take us half an hour or so to catch up, because neither of us spends all day here, so yes, sometimes less-than-ideal comments can languish unmoderated for a short time. But to claim that this is some sort of evil plot against her is just plain bizarre. Plus, as we say, we aren’t aware of having said anything unkind about her children.

More harassment

So they have escalated, so I make no apology. So [redacted], the alleged cult leader in the Hampstead case, can fly to Dublin after he outed himself on eBay, and the children, wilfully put them in their new supposed assumed identities, wilfully put himself and children on camera internationally, for eBay. But then can fly over to Dublin and say I have caused him to fear for his life and his children’s life, and I’ve made him unemployableand blah blah blah.

And if you want to roll it back, this man, [redacted], and his co-accused, to do with the Hampstead Satanic ritual abuse cult allegations, have gone after most of the main campaigners, and have succeeded in the UK and beyond, and getting them either imprisoned, sectioned, or gagged.

Or to put it another way, RD and the other victims of the Hampstead SRA hoax did the logical thing which one does when one is being harassed, and reported their harassers to the police. In some cases, the police issued warnings or formal cautions; in other cases the suspects went to trial. Some were given restraining orders to prevent them from continuing to harass their victims.

Gosh, doesn’t that sound like a fit-up to you?

The penny drops

In contrast to Friday, yesterday Angela did seem to be waking up to the severity of her situation. She went on a long screed about how and why she’d come to Ireland to settle in 1996; how she’d been a good and productive citizen since then (despite having been forced to live in a council estate because of unspecified malfeasance on the part of her family); and how she’d never been in trouble with the law before.

Angela now realises that having a team of four or five relatively high-ranking Gards to raid her home, seize her tech and phone, and subject her to an interview under caution is not a trivial thing.

And if the assault on her sense of amour-propre were not enough, the seizure of her tech means that (gasp!) her “sources” are now at risk.


Why yes. You see, despite all evidence to the contrary, Angela claims to be a “journalist”.

And she claims it’s just wrong that “any journalist, freelance or otherwise…can’t secure their sources because randomly, with no criminal record, you can expect the Gardaí to raid your house and take your tech”.

This might possibly be the case, except for a couple of tiny details:

  1. Angela is not a journalist;
  2. Journalists must know, and obey, the law.

More harassment

As if to underscore the fact that she is not now, nor has she ever been a journalist, Angela launched into yet another harassing diatribe against RD:

So for the Gards to be able to…so, for somebody to fly from England…yeah, that’s the point I was going to make. So [redacted], to say all these campaigners are harassing him, destroying his life.

Let’s just try something. Let’s just say for a moment, imagine perhaps he might have been innocent. So then he needs to take responsibility—now I don’t believe he  was, but I’m entitled to my opinion—but let’s just play this out. He needs to take responsibility for having two children with a woman who would allegedly have her children disclose what the Hampstead children disclosed, which went viral, a hundred million views.

I urge you, you might have to look a bit hard, but I urge you to research and find the Hampstead children’s disclosures. There’s about 34 videos online. They’ve tried to remove them but it was too late. The cat was out of the bag. They’re the most traumatic corroborating detailed disclosures I have ever heard, and I’m a survivor, and I’ve worked with many survivors.

Yes. She actually said that.

In Angela’s twisted mind, RD ought to have been able to predict, years before it happenedthat Ella would steal the children off to Morocco with her psycho boyfriend and drill disgusting, horrific false allegations of abuse into them.

He should have been able to see it coming.

Seriously, Angela? Just like she was able to anticipate the terrible actions of her ex-partner against their daughter? Is that how it works now?

Yep, it seems as if that’s exactly what she thinks:

But if you listen to those disclosures, then [redacted], supposing he might be innocent, needs to take responsibility. Like, ‘why did I have two children with this Russian lady who would allegedly coach these two children to make up these fantastical traumatising detailed photographically memorised frozen memory disclosures. Why would I do that?‘ And he needs to say, ‘Okay, right, so my life’s in a bit of a pickle, you know I made a poor choice of who to father children with’. That’s if you go along with the theory.

So there you have it. If you have an ex who has gone to enormous lengths to destroy your life, and has to any degree succeeded, it’s your own fault for choosing them in the first place. That’s how it works now, in Angie’s twisted mind.

The other thing he would need to take responsibility for,  instead of running around filing harassment claims for good citizens who are doing their best to make up for the fact that the British police, the British judiciary, the British social services, the British media failed those children.

So instead of that, he could say to himself, “Right, okay, so I got a new identity and got the children new identity and moved, and got unlimited access to the children, and permission to take them out of the country and everything like that”, so having established and accomplished that, [redacted], why did you go to America and put yourself and your children out there on the internet, featured runners up in an eBay entrepreneurs of the year 2017 awards ceremony? Why would you do that, [redacted]? 

Why would you do that, if you truly, as you said to the Gard that interviewed me, “Oh, I’m unemployable, and it’s destroyed my life, and I’m afraid for my life and my children’s life”, then why did you go and put your children back out in the public eye? You know, that’s a really good question to ask.

Sure, so let’s answer that question in legal terms.

We don’t know what was going through RD’s head when he made that choice, though it seems likely that he, and they, believed that it would be safe. That turns out to have been the wrong call, but it was not illegal.

What is illegal—as any real journalist would know—is identifying by name or image any minor child who has been involved in allegations of sexual abuse, whether found true or otherwise.

This is why, even in the judgment following the fact-finding hearing in the Hampstead case, the children were not named, but were assigned the initials P and Q.

However, this law does not mean that those same children can’t be named in other contexts—such as having their business named a runner-up in an eBay contest. When the children appeared in that video, they were not being identified as having been involved in allegations of sexual abuse. They were in the video for perfectly innocent reasons.

The identification part came later, when people like Angela and her friends began outing them online.

That was, definitely and beyond a doubt, illegal. And if Angela were a journalist, she would understand that distinction.

As for RD’s complaints against Angela—well, anyone who’s followed this blog for any length of time will know that her abuse predated the release of the eBay video by three years. So her argument is spurious; it simply does not stand.

Angie: Taking disingenuity to new depths

Can you imagine the ramifications of that? Can you imagine the ramifications of that for freedom of speech? That you know, an alleged paedophile, an alleged cult leader, an alleged satanic ritual abuser, an alleged porn and snuff movie distributor, an alleged international drug distributor, ineffectively investigated in a different country, as backed up by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, can you imagine if people like that can fly to a country, file a complaint, Bob’s your uncle, your journalist, or your activist, or your campaigner, or your survivor, or your victim is raided.

It takes a lot to render us speechless, but this masterful piece of disingenuous argument just did it. Where to even start?

Let’s just say, as we’ve said all along: Angela is no journalist. Nor is she an activist, nor a campaigner, nor a whistle-blower, nor anything resembling any of those things.

She is a nasty, narcissistic old lady with a gigantic chip on her shoulder who is, once again, breaking the law.

Aw, diddums!

While we’re on the subject of narcissism, Angela took umbrage at the way the police treated her (though on Friday she seemed to think it was just fine and dandy): how very dare they barge into her house and seize her tech, without so much as an engraved invitation?

If they’d come to me, even come to the door nicely and said, “Angie, [redacted]’s complained you’re harassing him, d’you mind showing us everything you’ve published on the Hampstead case?” I’d have said, “Absolutely no problem! I’d be delighted to”. I’ve asked them to come out. I’ve complained about the poison pen letter campaign, which I suspect was orchestrated by [redacted2]…

Yes, because that is totally how the police operate when they suspect a crime has taken place. They go to the suspect’s home and ask them to show their version of events, but they don’t do any of those nasty things like searching the premises or gathering evidence. That is for lesser people than the great and wonderful Angela. Apparently.

Oh, and by the way…

DS Mark Looby, I would like my tech returned please, and an apology, for a very rude, heavy-handed, unnecessary, and probably unlawful action that you took on behalf of a UK citizen who is the master of his own undoing.

Let’s hope Angela isn’t holding her breath while she waits.

122 thoughts on “Angela finally realises she is in trouble

  1. Jesus H.Christ (apologies to Arfur).
    I just cannot understand why this woman cannot grasp the fact RD and his children are completely innocent people – as proclaimed in the UK’s High Court, and are the real victims of one of the most malicious, targeted campaigns of modern times.
    Along with dozens of other Hampstead residents and their children whose names have been published on the net with exhortations to others to harass them.
    There is no “alleged” or “suspected” in this case.

    I thought she previously was just scamming for money. Now I see she’s a fixated and malicious harasser who seems totally ignorant to the harm she is causing to an innocent family. She, on one hand bemoans comments about her children (I’ve NEVER seen anything derogatory on here about them) while all the time publishing stories about them which are not always positive, but attacks a father who is caring for his children and cannot possibly see that may, in turn, affect those children in ways we cannot yet know. And she attacks people for trying to make a living while under endless malicious attacks. She is beyond educating.

    Let the law take its course. And then let a civil case for damages follow.

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  2. Well it looks like Angie’s time may soon be up. The whole hoax was good fun for her and her pals; and an easy way to make money. It’s all hitting the buffers now and she is desperate to wriggle out of it. Is RD an evil cult leader or a man who was wronged (though it is somehow still his fault)? I would suggest there is very strong evidence in her latest video that she hasn’t believed any of the lies she has been telling – but she STILL wants to promote the police interview videos.

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    • She’s getting an idea she’s in trouble, but not how much. I suspect she may be charged with numerous offences and, should the evidence point to it, a conspiracy with others. Hopefully she’ll be arrested soon and with bail conditions preventing her from going near the internet.

      As for a 3 hour interview ? Who on earth voluntarily spends 3 hours without a solicitor present talking to the police ? Not that it’ll make a blind bit of difference, digital data is the gold standard of reliable evidence. It stays on the host websites servers in underground bunkers in California available to law enforcement. It tracks the ip addresses and physics locations. Times and dates every entry to a milli second.

      Angela was screwed the moment her online material was entered into evidence. They only took physics possession of the laptop to 100percent ensure it was her doing it.

      Angela. Speak to properly qualified solicitor as soon as possible. And when I say speak, I mean listen.

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  3. “So there you have it. If you have an ex who has gone to enormous lengths to destroy your life, and has to any degree succeeded, it’s your own fault for choosing them in the first place.”

    ..Says Angela of all people!!!

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  4. Maybe she will f**k off now after this and leave RD and his children alone to get on with their lives. I am happy for them that they have got their lives together and now have a business of their own. Both children looked well looked after and happy, even though i have to admit RD looked like it has all took it’s toll on him, ” in saying that he is still a very good-looking man ” so he was right to report her if he did, he is entitled to a private or public life with his children without her spreading all the lies she have. RD is trying his best to raise his children the right possible way and respectable i may add in giving them the best possible start in life with this business they have and i hope it takes off for them and they make millions from it as they deserve it. God bless them all.

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      • You are welcome and i hope RD reads these comments and sees that others do care and will back him up when needed. I wish there was a way to get all those videos took down from Youtube. I agree the harassment has to stop.

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        • Sometimes I just invest some time into reporting them. YouTube will hopefully wake up their algorithms or AI at some point. I also leave links underneath to the ‘New to Hoaxtead’ or the ‘Court Order’ underneath. A few times, my comments reminding people that they are in fact sharing de facto or psuedo child porn and that paedos love watching them has caused a few channels to take them down……………. Guess it’s why, I’m so hated……… lol.

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        • RD reads them ? If what we’re led to believe is true he writes 50% of them under his various pseudonyms. The rest are posted by high ranking generals and admirals at the top of MI5 MI6 and GCHQ. Do try and keep up with the facts as reported by nutters.

          In an ideal world Angela would face a public trial televised so everyone can watch her various videos shown to a jury and each and every one scrutinized in detail, with her having to answer for every defamatory remark, provide evidence to back up her claims and be cross examined over every slanderous thing she said. It’d beat Jeremy Kyle hands down.

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          • high ranking generals and admirals at the top of MI5 MI6 and GCHQ

            Hey now. The first few Directors of GCHQ had the rank of Naval Commander. Marychurch was ex-RAF, but the directors have been civilian for the last few decades.

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  5. Going back to yesterday’s list, Arfur’s another person that Angie’s managed to alienate, though in Arfur’s case I think even Angie can be forgiven for losing patience with him. It’s just a pity that she’s partly to blame for him ending up in this state in the first place (imho), thanks to her having repeatedly enabled, encouraged and applauded his inappropriate behaviour.

    This is from yesterday:

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  6. If i am completely honest i am glad the Gardaí went to her home and took all they did because someone had to stop her and what she is doing. Get a life Angela, maybe a job or something like the rest of us to pass your days and nights away instead of spending your life on social media destroying peoples lives. You claim to be a christian, well act like one, Jesus wouldn’t do what you are doing he would show mercy and love not hate and spreading lies about people. RD has enough to try live with besides people like you keeping this thing going. These two children will not always be small and someday they will have to see all this stuff online and God knows how it will affect them so grow up and leave them alone. I wish there was a way to get all those videos took off of Youtube in regards to the lunatic mother and her lunatic boyfriend and what they forced them innocent children to do. Youtube should take all those videos down.

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    • Yes, one of my concerns has been that if they are running a small business venture, as they appear to be doing, then the children will have already seen some of the abuse and harassment which Angela encouraged people to heap on them. I really hope they’ve been shielded from that, but we can’t really know. I find it hard to believe that anyone would fail to think that through before publishing a blog post about them the way Angela did.

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      • The innocent children, i hope their Dad has shielded them as much as he can, which i am sure he has but those of us with children know that they all go online as children do as they get older and it is so unfair all the stuff that is up there that they have to see. I only wish as i said there was a way to get all those videos down. Their mother has a lot to answer for and her evil boyfriend too. I believe they will be strong young adults as their father has shown great strength through all of this and i am sure he will have them well prepared for what is ahead. A day will come when they are men and women when they will speak out themselves and tell the world their Dad was innocent and what their mother and her boyfriend was total lies and nearly ruined their lives only for their good father. Most men would have walked away but he fought for his children and i for one admire him for that.

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        • Some of the comments about the kids from the Ebay vid are despicable. Even if they really believed the hoax they are incredibly mean making nasty comments about the kids, the way they look and the claim they have been subjugated by this mythical ‘cult’. It’s child abuse and it’s very serious child abuse as it’s a form of mental torture that could do them harm.
          And yes very young children today access the net. At school, at home, at their friend’s homes. Very difficult to shield them from this abuse.
          The perpetrators need punishment, They need to face a court.

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      • Now you know why a ds and a sergeant attended. Abusing children online by calling them and their father killers of babies by messaging their ebay or youtube account, or emailing or phoning is a serious matter. These idiots obviously didn’t think it through in their zeal of believing the children and pitch forking the satanic cult members.

        Angela could be facing a very stern judgement if she’s found guilty as she, alledgedly inn

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        • Innocent till proven guilty etc. . .

          1 identified victims who are, we assume, subject to legally protected aninimity.

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          • 2 insists that this family aren’t the victims of a hatefraud witchhunt but child killers, sexual deviants, cannibals, drug dealers and porn/snuff film producers.

            3 actively requested hackers attack the children’s business.

            4 plays with her hair too much.

            The more you think of how her behaviour looks when presented as a series of attacks against a family unit the more you can see how a possible court case may progress.

            Given the time they’ve spent on the case, the ease of establishing digital fingerprints and the level of officers involved I’d say we should all stock uo on animated gifs of animated champagne bottles popping their corks ready to post when the news of, alledgedly innocent till proven guilty, and arrest and the actual charges.

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    • Bearing in mind youtube wiped Alex jones out recently it might be a sign of them showing zero tolerance for awkward material. Keep flagging and reporting.

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    • Who knows. Maybe they’ll reach 18 and instruct solicitors to act on their behalf, or agree to appear in a documentary or write a book. Because they’ve had their business attacked and their new identities, protected by a court order, revealed by someone maliciously soliciting harm towards their business (APD with anons and back door requests) or Wesley with his snide insinuations that the charity parties are a grooming exercise. This is a whole new chapter in the awful saga and I hope that once the police/gardia operation ends a whole new round of court actions begin with no leniency shown and anyone found guilty subject to the harshest of penalties and strict bail/probation forbidding any more internet access.

      On another note did the false start foundation ever appear in Orkney ? Or were they refused entry and sent packing ?

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    • I refuse to be on Facebook and have never been able to access her page directly. Links to her videos however have worked. Perhaps she has tightened up privacy? She’s also not posted a video on You Tube for 10 days which is unlike her. The alternative is too joyous to allow myself to contemplate!

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  7. Yes, all the videos need to go and it is not impossible, nothing is when worked on. RD should with the help of us all start to try get those videos down, there has to be a way, especially with the ruling of the case which proved him innocent so anything like that does not belong in the public domain.

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      • Plus there are literally hundreds of thousands of them. If you type ‘whistleblower kids’ into a YT search, you get 152,000 results!

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        • If the YouTube employed the same sort of algorithms they use to identify copyrighted music in videos they would be able to remove almost all of the police interviews, no matter how distorted or disguised, in a matter of minutes.

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          • Yeah. But who owns copyright on police interviews ? The crown ? You’d think ella and Abe own their pieces. It’d probably need to go to court if the children wanted to establish their legs rights to the material. If they established ownership then the flagging could begin. That there’s a court judgement relating to the videos being shared hasn’t stopped google/youtube allowing it outside the uk. We wait with baited breath for an arrest, or several arrests, an legal proceedings to begin on apd. Innocent till proven guilty, alleged and all that.

            The next 6 to 12 months will be the most interesting Time since this sort saga began.

            I seem to remember neelu shared the ebay video link of the legally protected family requesting people view it and try and deduce the identities of the children. It’s on here of course. Hope the Irish visitors are taking a full tour and getting acquainted with all the players.

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  8. Breaking News! A man resembling Edward Ellis ( and it may or may not be him ) has been seen at London Airport boarding a plane for Dublin. is the White Knight galloping to the rescue?

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    • Hmm. Colour me intrigued, Sam.

      Meanwhile, Neelu’s disabled her Facebook page for the first time in living memory. Something is afoot, methinks.

      May I ask where you heard about the Ellis thing?

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      • Yeah. Just as there’s no smoke without fire there’s no storm without a lull.

        Fear not. Merely deleting posts or turning off pages or accounts is no way to avoid getting netted in a police investigation that’s been going for at least 7 or 8 weeks.


        They can run.
        They can hide.

        But the slow moving wheels of justice can’t be escaped.

        I’m hoping that bail conditions will be strict and forbid internet access.

        We’ll know something’s happening when otherwise active and vocal mob members go quiet.

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    • Is he smuggling Neelu out in his suitcase? Is she going to seek refuge in Old Castle? What was it that Angie was saying about her new neighbours?

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  9. Hey, given that she brought up the ‘poison pen letters’, again…………. They would not be considered cybercrime, which she waffled on about that the reason it wasn’t dealt with when she alledgedly reported them to the Gardai, was because they had no cybercrime unit………………. more lies and obsufication. A real batch of real letters, would have been dealt with, but not by a cybercrime unit……..
    As for the rest of her drivel about it being RDs fault, even if innocent, disgusting victim blame, but then she has always adored mocking her victims as she causes them pain, embarrassment or humiliation.

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    • Yes, I noticed that too, Sheva. Why would a cybercrime unit (which does exist, and took Angela’s computers & phone, according to her) be needed to deal with paper & snail-mail poison pen letters? Doesn’t add up.

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  10. I have just listened to her ridiculous self centered ramblings on Facebook from yesterday. Despite her forced “sang froid ” it is obvious to me she is shitting herself. The rozzers must be pissing themselves laughing as she builds their case for them brick by brick! I understand she hasn’t been charged yet but we can only hope. i like to think that everyone has some sort of virtue or redeeming feature but this vile, vicious, hateful, cruel,bitter, twisted, lying bitch has none at all. Did I miss anything out?
    Detective Sergeant Loobey. I hope you are drafting your apology? Wiil you be sending it with a big bunch of flowers?

    Liked by 3 people

      • Indeed very pretty and at first glance appears to blow the theory that dogs resemble their owners right out of the water. On closer inspection however:

        Could this prove to be just the alibi Angie needs?

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      • Very pretty indeed and at first glance would appear to blow any theory that dogs resemble their owners right out of the water.Until that is one doggedly digs deeper into the bowels of Googles image library:

        Could this prove to be the smoking gun,the ace card up the sleeve of Disney-Powers top international FOTL legal team that will absolve their client of all responsibility? Could this blog in fact be barking up the wrong tree?Will this carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout,acute sense of smell,non-retractile claws, and a barking, howling, or whining voice be impounded and stopped in its odorous tracks?

        Its all a bit of a bitch if you ask me.Jusayin.


  11. Today’s magic word is Power.

    Did you notice when in legal trouble Neelu Berry, Sabine McNeill and Angela Power Disney go on the attack, getting themselves into even more legal trouble?

    The primary need of all these Satan Hunters is power, the drug that gives them their sense of power is to focus on RD and his children.

    Just as a heroin addict will sell their own mother, throw away all reason, their health, their liberty, their home. life, family and possessions for their latest fix of their drug, Satan Hunters need their RD fix.

    Each Satan Hunter has their own individual combination of problems that makes them feel powerless, impotent and worthless; then along comes RD and two kids; now the Satan Hunter feels powerful as they stalk a vulnerable family under the guise of being a hero.

    When as a result of their illegal activities a Satan Hunter is raided, arrested, charged and face court actions, they feel powerless again, so they try to get more of their habituated fix i.e stalking a father and his kids, to feel powerful again.

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  12. I would like to know where all of those allegations Disney talks about come from. We all know about the court fact finding investigation, which identified the true culprits, but there was no ‘snuff movie distribution’ or indeed ‘drug trafficking’ allegations at all. It seems that all takes to become an ‘allegation’ in Disney’s eyes is for some fruit loop on the net to say anything at all.
    How dare, such a vile woman as she, suggest that the children’s father’ if not guilty, should have done this or that. No remorse even if he were totally innocent.
    I hope she gets jail time…or at least a lifetime ban from the internet. She is spiteful, malicious and vicious.

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  13. Anglea said in her latest video she tips off the police when cops are bad. Unless she works for the police then this is complete lies she is proper deluded. Shes openly admitted she’s a police informant. Not sure if anyone picked up on that comment.But we all no that’s a load of bs and just trying to make herself feel important yet again with all her claims of having inside first hand information on everycase she mentions. As for being trolled by padeo hunters and people deleting comments produce evidence we all know you can’t as it’s bs yet again. She seriously needs help and is unstable it’s not surprising her family have cut ties with her the damage she does to everyone that encounters her narcissist behaviour.

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  14. Comment from Angela on her Facebook page:

    ‘I smacked my children very occasionally and other times used time out or withdrawal of privileges or plain talking .’

    History re-written again!

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    • I suspect this goes beyond his usual stupidity and gullibility and that there’s an element of desperation about it. Cat and Ogilfail are scrambling round like headless chickens at the moment, frantically trying (and failing) to attack us in the wake of Angie’s raid. For my money this is because they know they could be next. Especially Ogilfail, whose attacks on RD are on a par with some of Angie’s. AND he’s in the UK 😜

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  15. Psycho Devine…

    Cue an even more celebratory piece by Ogilfail. I wonder how many of that guy’s victims were actually guilty, if any.

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    • By her own definition I must be an unwitting MK Ultra survivor. I’m triggered by her name. I’ll be going around my normal business and when I hear “Angela Power-Disney” I can’t help but think of a vile vituperous viper.

      And as for links to Disney “the name”, her antisemitism seems to be the only denominator.

      Oh, and Priory of Sion was a hoax perpetuated by Pierre Plantard. She really isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. A tool yes, but not sharp.

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      • You weren’t impressed to see two cutting edge journalists at work then?

        It’s expected that that they would get facts wrong, but it is really something quite special large parts of the hoax wrong too.

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  16. I swear to God, if Jesus himself appeared to Angela and said ‘ the father is innocent’, she would just give him a look and say ‘they’ve got to you too’.
    That one instance when the family appeared on a video shows what is waiting for them. Here Disney is directing the ‘host’ to Hampstead videos, she is not only ‘spreading the word’ but also encouraging him to watch those videos of the children.

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    • Well bugger her anyway. No more encouraging her to go down the legal route, she needs to go before the courts after her blatant encouragement of inviting more people to watch the videos! There is no way she is going to stop this because she is so defiant.

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