The Deranged Jacqi Farmer And Her Secret Fantasies

This is from an excellent blog by one of our undercover operatives:

We have some questions for Jacqui Farmer

This woman who runs Hampstead Research – a free blog on WordPress – seems intent on spreading as many lies and as much disruption to other people’s lives as she can for no real reason.

To justify her own obsessions, she cites the most ridiculous of material as ‘proof’ when in fact the material has no relevance to the Hampstead case whatsoever, and she NEVER answers reasonable concerns or comments about her so-called ‘research’ (which is nothing more than her linking random things together).

She also portrays the fantasy that she has loads of supporters who are working behind the scenes to investigate things and dig-out little known and ‘special’ information. No doubt there are a couple of idiots who buy-in to her rubbish, but most of the time it is Farmer repeating stuff (without any further explanation or deviation) that she has obviously found somewhere on the internet.

This woman must have a lot of time on her hands with the various posts she makes throughout the day on various sites pretending to be someone else.

It is not as though she is really interested in the two children who are the victims in the Hampstead case. She continues to defy the court order prohibiting the distribution of interviews of the children. She is so desperate for attention and so self-centred that she only seeks to promote her own agenda regardless of the cost to anyone else – particularly children.

Anyone with half a brain would realise that continuing to post the children’s interviews (which were illegally obtained in the first place) is going to have ramifications on those children for the rest of their lives – therefore subjecting them to further abuse as this tragic situation gets repeated over and over again when people discover the videos and the children het bullied or teased because of them.

Farmer, as well as others, have damned those two children to a lifetime of abnormality as they continue to struggle against the effects of the plainly stupid and selfish actions by the likes of her.

Of course, she and others justify their illegal and selfish actions by saying that ‘Satanic abuse cults have to be exposed’. If they exist – which they obviously do not in this case – then surely the aim would also be to protect the children who are victims of such ‘cults’ – something which the likes of Farmer AGAIN refuse to give a justifiable answer to.

Farmer seems to be the typical trolling ‘keyboard warrior’. Sitting somewhere hiding behind a keyboard because she is scared of venturing into the real world where real questions would be asked. Hiding in her own tomb like a sad and stupid person desperate for attention and the approval of others.

So Farmer – why do you do it? You obviously don’t give a damn about children – you are only interested in supporting your own agenda.

Why don’t you answer perfectly reasonable questions or comments which challenge your own views or the ridiculous posts you make? If you were sure of your ‘evidence’ and the foundation of what you say you would have no problem at all in answering the reasonable questions people ask of you, instead you prefer to hide away and only allow those who are equally stupid, and highly probably as mentally deranged as you are, who agree with you. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you answered your own posts on your stupid little blog site to make yourself feel important.

Why do you call anyone who has reasonable questions about what you state as fact trolls? The irony is, you are responsible for a hell of a lot of trolling in various forums and on various blogs. Again, against anyone who has a different view to you, or who questions your motives.

Where are these supposed ‘experts’ in IT when you can’t even figure out how to turn italics off in the WordPress editor? You should be able to do that yourself – but obviously you are too stupid to figure a small thing like that out. Each time you claim ‘hacking’.  No – it’s not ‘hacking’ it is your stupidity or you attention seeking – as simple as that.

Why do you post absolute dross and claim it means something? For example, one absolutely ridiculous post you made (in among many) was “Police Officer Aroused?”

Do you have some kind of very warped obsession about sex which you like to play out through the crap you write? Do you like the thought of children being abused in a Satanic cult – something you claim to have researched/fantasised about for a long time?

Do you have a fantasy about little children being buggered with toys by you? Because every fantastical thing you write points straight back at YOU.

But then we shouldn’t be too surprised should we? After all, you are quite happy accessing child porn on the internet. How many of those links did you click on to download kiddie porn pictures you sick scum?

You can be damn sure your time is coming very soon – a lot sooner than you think as you sit there pretending to be righteous – which is far from the truth isn’t it.

What happened around 2000 when your head became screwed up when you started to look on the internet and digest every bit of negative crap you could find like a big ugly sponge? Did it appeal to your paranoia? What was that?

Was it induced by smoking too much skunk?

Was it then that you started to fantasise about being part of your very own Sadistic cult being buggered and buggering children?

Why are you part of this Hampstead hoax? Did you think you might become someone important in such a tiny group of lunatics?

Perhaps you want to be sectioned – or perhaps you already know what that is like and blame everyone else except yourself – but you know it is all down to you – don’t you?

So what is going to happen to you when you are brought down by the law?

Do you think others will be there to see you martyr yourself? Of course they won’t. They will be long-gone looking after themselves. If you expect McKenzie or McNeill to be there for you then you are more deluded than you initially seem.

No one will care because you are deranged and have brought it on yourself.

Every little digression you have made in writing about crap, making accusations about innocent people, and linking the unrelated through the fantasy of your own warped mind will come to haunt you as the universe makes you pay the price for your evil transgressions. You are doomed by your own hand – your own madness – and your own evil narcissism.

All you do is dig yourself into the pit of misery that is your future as more and more evidence of your narcissistic madness drives you to make ever more bizarre claims – which all add to your downfall.

You will be gone soon – and no one will remember you.