Jeanette Archer’s quest for cash

A frustration of having closed this blog for 18 months pending John Paterson’s trial was the inability to continue reporting on new and interesting additions to the SRA hoaxing scene. Not only did we completely miss out on the Wilfred Wong et al arrest last November, but we’ve said nary a word about SRA claimant Jeanette Archer, who launched her personal publicity campaign a full year ago.

Archer, a 50-something woman who claims to be the survivor of a Satanic cult based in Surrey, alleges to have been vilely tormented from a very young age, though details of her story seem to vary from one telling to the next. She made her first public appearance last May in an interview with Jon Wedger, followed in June by an interview with Shaun Attwood.

What emerged from these interviews was pure catnip to those enthralled by horror porn, particularly the sort that features evil adults doing terrible things to small children. Almost as though anticipating that a certain audience would lap this up, and indeed might be convinced to part with some cash to keep the gore flowing, Archer and her cronies have set up various cash-extraction receptacles.

All monies received will totally go toward “exposing SRA”, even though it has never been satisfactorily proven to exist. But if it did, you can be sure that Archer and friends would be spending your money to put a stop it.

Most recently, Archer has appointed a devotee named Lydia as her “PA & Dedicated Fundraiser”.

Lydia’s job is to issue demands for money, because speaking at QAnon-themed public rallies is a costly business, and if it’s to be the “massive success it’s destined to be”, Archer needs your cash.

What exactly does she need to participate in this momentous event? Body armour? A bespoke speaker’s podium with pictures of demons hand-painted in gold paint? A personal quadrophonic loudhailer? A coach and four to deliver her safely to the site? No one is saying, but she definitely needs money, so fork it over, please.

Oh, and here’s a poem about a little boy named Ben who allegedly died in front of Archer. Send money.

A couple of days ago, HR commenter ‘Crotchety Auld Woman’ pointed us in the direction of a YouTube channel which shines a light on some of Archer’s antics. While the entire channel is worth a browse—Shellie Mote has gone to a lot of work to point out the glaring holes and contradictions in Archer’s claims—one video in particular offers a chilling look at Archer & Co.’s fundraising tactics.

Shellie: “So Jeanette Archer was in a good position of being in hospices, collecting money off people who were actually dying, coming in and out of consciousness. … This is Jeanette Archer, leaving a message for Niki Cooper, who still owes us an explanation for the £500 a child. This is Jeanette taking money off somebody while they’re dying, and I think it’s vile, and I think it’s disgusting, and I think it shows no morals, and I will uphold that spirit’s voice. Right, here we go”.

Archer: “Hi Nik, Jeanette. Hope you’re all right, darling. I’m coming through that shit now, I’m in a better place.

“But I’ve spent the last few days in a hospice, erm, with a lady called Sam Zen, who is one of my peeps, but she, erm, anyway, she’s the lady that sent you a £1,000 donation. I wanted to let you know she’s dying, I mean she’s literally probably got hours, I mean she might make it through to the morning, but I don’t know.

“Erm, and I’m just here with her till that happens. So I just wanted to, if you haven’t had the chance, just to say thank you, she sent a grand to you and to Jon as well, let him know, erm, well, Sue’s let him know for me, erm, if you want to send a thank you message to her, you may have already done it, Nik, I just didn’t want it to be too late and you, me not tell you what’s happening? What’s happening to her…erm, if you haven’t had the chance, send me a little message on here, like, write something out, and I’ll read it out to her for you.

“She’s, erm, she’s going in and out of consciousness, but she comes round and we have our little chats, and then she goes back into being, you know, unconscious, so there’s a bit of time left, I just wanted to make sure that if you did want to do something you could make, all right, because I’d hate to think like, she died, and you didn’t get to say thank you. Erm, yeah. So if you did want me to read something out from her, just text it over to me here, and I will do that. All right, and erm, I was gonna say…no I can’t, I’m fucking delirious…

“All right, well I’ve got to get back in, I just popped out for a bit of fresh air. Um, there was something, there was something what was it? Oh, God, I can’t remember, anyway…um, just text something over and I’ll read it out to her, and make sure she knows it’s from you, all right mate, see you later”.

Wow. Just…wow.

This raises so many questions: what was Archer doing in a hospice in the first place? It’s been suggested that perhaps she was acting in a volunteer capacity, trawling for donors, and just happened to find one who was ripe for the picking. However, I’d be more inclined to guess that she was made aware that “one of her peeps” was about to die, and she wanted to get in there while the getting was good.

The poor victim of this utterly venal ploy was “drifting in and out of consciousness” in the last hours of her life, but Archer didn’t want her to depart this mortal plane without ensuring one last dip into her bank account. Interesting that Archer saw fit to share the dosh with Niki Cooper, but perhaps if Cooper could pry one last fistful of money from the victim, she and Archer could come to some sort of mutually beneficial arrangement?

If anybody knows the identity of the victim here, the police should be alerted.

Meanwhile, many thanks to Shellie Mote for sharing this material and revealing Archer for the revolting vulture she is.

Jeanette Archer, via Facebook

42 thoughts on “Jeanette Archer’s quest for cash

  1. I hope Lydia is going to be better at producing accounts (so folks know where the money goes) than she is at spell checking her text.

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  2. I had a feeling you might say something about this El Coyote, who would have thought in the end it was all about money…. Jeanette Blackadder and her flying monkeys
    “Fly my prettys…fly !”.

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  3. There is another bombshell waiting to go off too.
    Danger UXC [unexploded Cult] 😉

    Look at the post from “Lydia” on Archer’s page [in screengrab in article] and there is a very clear attempt to influence the Wilfred Wong case happening in plain sight: The planned “protest” [yeah right] on 26th June 2021 is only TWO DAYS before Wilfred Wong’s trial begins on 28th June 2021. They are clearly hoping for media exposure to influence the trial.

    At least the police will know where Archer and others will be on 26th June and what to look out for. 😉

    Archer who has a criminal conviction [pleaded guilty] to a breach of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999 DIRECTLY related to the protection of a child in the Wong [and others] case, Baldwin allegedly has a criminal caution for the same offence. Neither are in any position to be preaching about protecting children as a result and certainly not in further action in the Wong case. In Archer’s case, she’s certainly totally unsuitable to be creating “safe houses” and offering “counselling” [my opinion].

    They are interfering AGAIN in justice in that specific criminal trial by the very timing of the “protest”, in my opinion and are likely heading towards some more serious charges if they are not more careful. Which would be a pity… 😉

    Re Shellie’s videos – many of them expose Archer’s other behaviour and inconsistencies/lies in her stories and are fantastic work.

    There is also possibly a clue in the last 2-3 minutes of Wedger’s “testimony” video as to where all of this is leading… “the end days”. Cult-like behaviour.

    In fact, what Archer etc are doing is nothing short of a cult, ironically the very thing that they claim to be against.

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    • Speaking of Wong and protests our old friend Richard Carvath is outside Berwyn prison according to his minimal twitter comments, he’s in the middle of a 40 day protest that started on the 26th of April, the highlight so far being a little sticker with something about Wong written on it put on the huge Welcome to Berwyn Prison sign, he seems to be completely alone and I don’t know where he’s staying but I’ve got visions in my head of him sleeping in a crappy little tent next to the sign dreaming dreams of unrequited love of Sam Baldwin.

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      • The list of those likely to face trial in the Wong case is dwindling. First there were six, one sadly died in custody, three of the women pleaded guilty (late last and early this year which leave just two to bat it out. If all of you are in convoy driving away from the scene with the child in one of the cars and you’ve all acted in concert, the “bad character” of those admitting guilt will do nothing for your defence.

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  4. Well, all I did was mention Shellie’s channel and to be fair Amin was already aware of it. It’s Shellie and her helpers (she’s mentioned there are some) who have done the hard work.

    Regarding trollexposure’s point about the proximity of the ‘protest’ vote to WW’s trial, it could backfire on them. I expect it will be covered in the mainstream news – I just hope reporters stick to the facts and stay neutral at least until the trial is over.

    I noticed that in Shellie’s right to reply video she mentioned being an abuse survivor herself but not of satanic abuse. Shellie won’t be the first GENUINE survivor to have been criticised by rogues and charlatans.

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    • It should backfire on them in a big way, however that’s also my point: it should backfire on them before it becomes a reactive issue to what they have planned. Prevention is better than cure. Especially where court case integrity is concerned.

      By attempting to put out a “version” of events surrounding “SRA” or even directly referring to the Wong case itself so close to the trial they are, in my opinion, attempting to influence mindsets.

      For all they know a jury member or the judge in the case could be in London that day… that is the “fire” they are playing with.

      Whether Wong [and others] is guilty or innocent is up to the courts, until the verdict he [and others] has a presumption of innocence, however that does not permit people to attempt to warp/influence outcomes.

      Archer is VERY clearly connected to Wong … ergo… would you trust her, Baldwin etc NOT to mention Wong case on the 26th June? Especially considering the existing conviction Archer has related to the case? I wouldn’t and it’s a gamble that shouldn’t be allowed to take place. If they want to protest about SRA wait until AFTER the court case but that wouldn’t suit the purpose. The timing is key.

      MSM reporters will have to stick to the facts, it’s the likes of Mark Watts, Sonia Poulton etc that should be a concern because they most likely won’t and have “form” already for misrepresenting court cases [Watts re Carl Beech being a really good example of biased live tweeting and reporting]. Re: GENUINE survivors – yes you’re spot on and also targeted by fakes on a mission to discredit their stories, some fakes with both direct and indirect connections to Wedger etc too. I have utmost sympathy for GENUINE survivors, I have no sympathy for frauds and fakes as they bring the criticism they get onto themselves. Shellie comes across as sincere.

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  5. On the possibility that Archer was a hospice volunteer (or employee)…

    Interesting from Shelley, she uses “hospices” plural:
    “So Jeanette Archer was in a good position of being in hospices”.
    And archer, besides her blasé attitude which indicates familiarity with people dying, uses the phrase “one of my peeps” (as in clients) and, rather than a visit as such, she seems to be doing shifts.
    “I’ve spent the last few days in a hospice, erm, with a lady called Sam Benn, who is one of my peeps”.
    If she were an employee/volunteer with a palliative care charity or an agency then that might have got around the covid restrictions. I get the impression she’s treating it like work from how she talks.
    If she was doing this work it has presumably now ended with her criminal conviction…

    Thanks for the transcript EC, it’s very useful.

    Religious fanatic Lowe meanwhile seems to have got sucked into Archer’s gang via being a Baldwin groupie, judging by what’s visible on her FB. Into the “family courts injustice” angle and then the Q-adjacent & covidiot stuff.
    She looks pretty mean & self-obsessed with loads of photos mostly of herself. It’ll be popcorn all round when her and Archer fall out as they inevitably will 🙂

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  6. It’s like they have all bases covered that little growing group between wedge,Nikki,Sam, Baldwin & others who I can’t be bothered to name you all know.
    Sam to attract males & females from young to old, Baldwin the wronged mother, wedger the copper for officialdom, Nikki for all the folk who are shady should I say etc… Now we see there are many anonymous folk in the background doing nefarious things to raise money on behalf of this group of charlatan SRA grifters.
    As always when there are wrong uns & money concerned there will be conflict & blame. Patience pays dividends is this the beginning?

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  7. I know it’s not much to do with these comments but just incase some people haven’t heard it seems Baron David Ward has popped his cloggs…..get ready for the APD video where it’s all about her.

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    • My observation of a pattern over the many years I have watched Angela Power Disney is that anyone who comes into contact with her is arrested, sectioned or dies. APD is a walking jinx.

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  8. Jeanette Archer is part of a new wave of Satan Hunter that are in my opinion more dangerous than the ones faced in the Hampstead SRA Hoax. These types will abduct children and will burn down your house rather than just talk about it.

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    • If I remember rightly some of the classmates of P and Q had to be careful about folk trying to ‘rescue’ them and there was the lady who answered the phone to someone with unwholesome feeling about children who asked an unpleasant question regarding her daughter. WW is innocent until proven guilty I suppose. For the avoidance of doubt, even though I’m Catholic, I deplore the way people like Shaun Twittwood have given a platform to folk like Icke, WW, Bumbling Brees and Wedgehog and let’s not forget Ms Archer (and that’s not an exhaustive list) who tell their gory tales to frighten people. That said I assume that people who watch such channels are adults so they ought to have enough common sense not to believe woo-woo. SV is correct that things MAY be ratcheted up a notch – or several notches – especially since discernment seems to have suffered during the pandemic and its inherent quarantines.

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  9. For some reason I can’t upload twitter today (I don’t have a twitter account personally but I can usually load it to read threads if I so wish) but looking at the hoaxteadr thread at the side of this webpage it looks like Eyebrows might be doing damage control talking about the lady who left the amount of money. It would be interesting to know if Eyebrows has suckered money out of dying people on other occasions.

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