Video share: ‘Hey Angie! Let’s talk about defamation!’

Hey, kids, guess who’s back!?

Yes, it’s Angela Power-Disney, and she’s got a burr under her saddle about EC (again). She put up a video accusing EC of defaming her, and in the next breath went on to make a boatload of false allegations of her own.

She cites such erudite sources as Cat Scot and Naima Dawn Feagin, aka Hope Girl, apparently blissfully unaware that their claims are woefully bereft of, you know, evidence or other inconvenient things like that.

Something tells us she hasn’t quite worked out the gist of this whole “defamation” thing.

So EC decided to make a video to set her straight:

108 thoughts on “Video share: ‘Hey Angie! Let’s talk about defamation!’

  1. Crikey that’s telling them!.
    I’m still puzzled as to why these people have such an obsession with your physical appearance. It’s as though they have an odd sort of reverse Body Dysmorphia Disorder which of course is associated with ailments like depression, anxiety and feelings of shame. I mean they are hardly oil paintings themselves. Not one of them. Have we discovered a new aspect of the sickness where in order to suppress their own issues about their body they put it all on to someone else?. Virtually all of these fanatics from John Paterson to Ogilvy, Taylor, Scot etc spit out bizarre insults when they are simply not true as you amply demonstrated. Even if that was a real picture why would you attack a person over that?.

    Interesting about HopeGirl’s residence in Morocco. She along with Abe and Ella will have to apply for new passports at some stage. That’s when life becomes difficult. Morocco has become such a tourist destination now and the country has joined all the Med countries competing for the tourist dollar and a “sameness” is rapidly changing the place. Spain a long time ago stopped being an easy destination for those hiding from the law in their home countries. But perhaps HopeGirl has now become a citizen.

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    • GoS, I have strong reasons to suspect that what she’s after is a complete whitewashing of her business and personal life, as it is important to her future well-being to remain in Morocco.

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      • I don’t know what residency laws are in Morocco. Haven’t been for 20 years. But I had lunch a few months ago with an Italian hotelier who has lived for over 30 years and has a hotel in Marrakesh. He’s well know in that city and knows all that is happening. He was bemoaning that all the cities were become the “same” with up-market boutiques and billboards advertising ‘Cartier’ and so and mass tourism was a real boon but disappointed that the entire Mediterranean was becoming homogenized.
        He said the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ that started in Tunisia followed by the terrible terrorist attack on the beach had changed everything.
        He said the Moroccan government was becoming very strict on residency as Morocco has been stable and avoided any terrorism and it’s tourist market was essential. So it’s no longer a bolt hold for hardened crims. Of course HopeGirl & Christie are minor league in the scheme of things but..if Brexit happens Abe would have to get a new passport. He could not stay in Morocco without. And Hopey’s must run out eventually.

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    • Agreed, Sam. Angie’s childishly giggly “good face for radio” rant was weird and spiteful. Does she believe that only supermodels should be allowed to present YouTube videos?

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    • I think Karen is very pretty & attractive. Not making a move on you by the way Karen! 😄 You dress beautifully & always seem calm & collected. Whereas Angela likes little childish bows or strange head wrappings that makes one think of mutton dressed as lamb. No good Angela, ugly inside shows ugly outside I’m afraid. Epic fail on Angela’s part getting personal like that.

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  2. Ogilvy’s now admitted that photo was photoshopped (awkward eh, Angie!) – as we said from the word go. However, as is his wont, he’s twisting it to say it was us claiming it was real, not Angie, Cat and himself. Not sure whether he’s just being dim or deliberately twisting my words. He’s known for both.

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  3. The video to which EC was responding, for anyone who missed it. It’s basically half an hour of lies, slander, hypocrisy, whinging and “I can dish it out but can’t take it” bollocks:

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    • Andy Devine is starting on harassing and making false claims about Matt Taylor’s victim who he was convicted for stalking. Taylor and the lot of them don’t understand the legal concept of ‘agent’ which generally means the person is not necessarily acting on your behalf but can be someone who has been encouraged to harass via your involvement or encouragement such as in spreading lies. Hence: Andy Devine IS an “agent” for Matt Taylor and Taylor could well find himself in the dock again.

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    • A “historic court case was held online” – trying to be objective here, Mr X is saying that HE believes JW to be the legitimate monarch – well, as long as he realised 99% or maybe more of the population DON’T accept JW as the king. I mean aren’t they all supposed to be about freedom or freemen – if most of the men and women in the country don’t want King Crusty why should we have him foisted on us.

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  4. Well, where do I start? I have been laughing so hard I may need a Gonad Reattachment Procedure soon! Andy et al watching their house of straw blow away strand by strand, Teddy, The Pavement Taster and King John all being assessed for functioning brain cells ( if what Andy says is true ) Neelu pooping blue bricks in case she is next and Andy squirming like a slug with salt on its back wondering how it all could go so wrong when all he was trying to do was bring us all sweetness and enlightenment! As one who dobbed King John in to the UK Border Force AND the NZ Pension Authorities I take great pride in doing my patriotic duty. Mind you the toothless usurper is now getting three squares a day, a comfy warm bed and free internet the conniving old bastard. Gets bloody cold in Auckland about now. Wonder if his name is in capital letters on his hospital wrist band? The Pavement Taster should have no worries though as no doubt the “Sarf London Mob ” are making arrangements to have him sprung ASAP.Never mind Andy, keep smiling eh? Just a thought, I wonder if the Greek Mental Health Authorities are having any thoughts on the matter…..?

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    • I sent Arfur Daley an email and asked him to get Terry McCann on the job but no reply as yet. Probably boozing down at the Windsor Club.

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    • @UK Callum, I can understand your anger & frustration, I wouldn’t blame you one but, she is an evil bitch.

      She did the same to a retired G.P. in Oldcastle & an old man from the countryside whose daughter said her Dad was absolutely heartbroken at accusations such as that, oh & implied that the local GAA team (Gaelic football team) was hiding secrets about someone on it & a barber. Angie’s MO seems to be, someone upsets her & she makes up the most horrendous lies which can harm their reputation, if anyone believed her of course & my source said to look at her likes, not one of them are from people where she lives, they are only from the crazies online.

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    • I hadn’t seen this blog back in 2017 so I didn’t know about that. I think (probably have said this before) I had probably heard of the matter when it was in the news in 2015 but I thought it had disappeared (which it should have done). I was surprised to learn there were still people who were promoting the hoax as late as 2018 (when I saw this blog). What that lady said was appalling UKC* but I have noticed that some of the oh-so-holy people who believe (or claim to so believe) the hoax to be true say persons who have a differing opinion say things like if one doesn’t believe what the children said before it came out that they’d (the children) been coached that one is a paedophile enabler or even worse a paedophile. Horrible, horrible thing to be said by people who are claiming to be Christian. * I didn’t realise you were Spiny, UKC.

      King Crusty’s scam seems to be disappearing without any assistance from anybody connected with the Hoaxtead blog.


      • Yeah, I don’t know how long the last remaining fruitloops are gonna keep trying to re-ignite the Hampstead thing but to put it into perspective, there’s a handful of numbskulls still trying to push the Hollie Greig hoax 7 years on!

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  5. Comments on one of Andy’s videos says “Hoaxtead are frantic” and there are over 18,000 posts on here. Talk about out of touch with reality. No need to be frantic just sit back and watch as Lord Wanoa and Andy’s deck of cards keeps collapsing.

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  6. …this is what i watch right now. It is an interesting plot unfolding, to say the least…
    …ye old woodchipper is lecturing the shrink and brainwashed Kaley is cheering him on…

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    • An act in one part where a psychiatrist suddenly realises that there are thousands of nutters like John out there. He rubs his hands together with glee. He’s going to need a bigger budget!

      “I’m not aware that he’s a white supremacist.” Where should we send the documentation to again?

      And he’s been to prison for malicious broadcasting? What did I miss?

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      • Straight out of a Franz Kafka novel. The psychiatrist is yet undecided if he should change to another profession or stay at it and order a Yacht.

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      • Also i find it very interesting that they are publishing the shrinks email right now on at least two youtube channels, along with the illegal recording. He will get a crash-course in FOTL-MOTU bullshit in his Inbox that along with the mandatory death threats, conspiracy proofs and the stuff Matt Taylor sends will make even the most hardened shrink order a new supply of straightjackets and tear gas.

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      • He spent three weeks in Lewes Prison for mal comms a couple of years ago, and apparently it left quite an impression, as he brings it up frequently. Proof of how hard he is that he survived such an ordeal, don’tcha know.

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        • Within three weeks he managed to become an honorary member of the Sahf London mob. So much so that they’ve offered to commit mass murder on his behalf free of charge 🙄

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      • “Reprimanded against his will”. “We want to get to know John better”. Oh dear. That doctor is being incredibly clever and dragging so much out of this silly woman. She’s basically confirming every nutty story Paterson is telling him. I reckon Kaley just got John definitely held over for quite a while as he now realises there is a circle of them all promoting the same claptrap.
        Is she talking about Hoaxtead? Umbrella Grape? Sour grapes is more like it . What a thicko.

        Uhh?. Hoaxtead is going to petrol bomb Ray Savage’s house?.
        Can someone point out where we said Paterson murdered his wife?. Can someone point out where we sent the police to Sour Grape’s house?

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      • from the sane mind of JP.
        “On the Hoaxtead website there”s a hitlist. I’m on it and so is “Sargeant” Ray Savage, they’re gonna petrol bomb his house”.
        “This Hoaxtead research is very powerful and I know who’s behind it. Because Karen Irving is a Jewess, my ex-wife was a Jewess. I’m not the anti-semite they’re making out…..They sent one of their thugs to assault me. CCTV, interviews and they released him. So these powerful people who have literally destroyed countries with their phoney wars ‘cos they back both sides. I tell you where I was expecting the attack to come from. From the ADL….

        But its all OK because Kaley tells him that he is a sovereign living man and I am not dead at sea. That removes you from being subject to their acts and statutes.

        I could go on but really, fucking hell.

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        • “….my ex-wife was a Jewess. I’m not the anti-semite they’re making out.”

          This is akin to the man who says “How can I be a misogynist, I’m married to a woman” or “I’m not racist because I have black friends.”

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      • I think the the psychiatric charge nurse (NOT psychiatrist) is somewhat naive, as well as having a rather cavalier attitude to the Data Protection Act and patient confidentiality.

        He sings like a bird to a perfect stranger who rings up and admits she only knows JP from the internet, and that John won’t know her under the name she’s given him. He tells her that JP has been sectioned (section 2 – 28 days), they’ve done blood tests, brain scan etc. Obviously he wasn’t to know that she was recording him to put on YouTube, but he makes no real enquiry alt al of her bona fides. The staff in the NZ hospital treating John Wanoa were much more cautious when Andy Devine rang up.

        Mental Health Act section 2: Admission for assessment. Summary: can be detaied for up to 28 days. There’s no renewal. At the end the patient must either be released or sectioned under section 3 (admission for treatment). That’s 6 month, renewable. Grounds for a s. 2 must be agreed by 2 psychiatrists and are:

        (a) he is suffering from mental disorder of a nature or degree which warrants the detention of the patient in a hospital for assessment (or for assessment followed by medical treatment) for at least a limited period; and

        (b) he ought to be so detained in the interests of his own health or safety or with a view to the protection of other persons.

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      • Stopped listening- they’re both too annoyingly thick.
        Paterson says there is a “handwritten” letter in Ellis’ files to The Queen at Balmoral and she & Prince Philip are aware of Ellis and Paterson because his name is mentioned.
        That’s the same Queen of England Paterson was going to, on orders from Wanoa takeover the Navy and remove last week- now they’re bosom buddies. ( surprised he didn’t say “google my name and Finchley Road his usual retort to anyone who looks blank at him.

        Do you think that his “malicious broadcasting” is about issuing death threats to all & sundry?. Wanoa, Paterson and Devine have now been ramping up an atmosphere of hatred towards the Royal Family and politicians and various other people (us included). They have claimed that we’ll be murdered and fed into a wood chipper or eventually be hanging from lampposts. Now this Katey dill says there’s 30 of them
        They ARE dangerous. They all need to be spoken to. We have no idea who they may inspire to take action.
        Together along with the already proven convicted stalker Matt Taylor they issue threats to EC. They attract nutcases to them. The entire Hoaxtead matter has been driven by these people when it could have done and dusted years ago after the court cases. Never forget how an idiot went to that Washington pizza parlour with a loaded rifle while families were there.

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    • Am I being really dim here? What gives this psychiatrist the right to discuss Praterson’s mental health with some random nutjob phoning him? 🤔

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      • Yes I thought it was strange however- I really feel he got so much information out of her and he had no idea it would be recorded and broadcast. This silly woman confirmed all Paterson’s nutty claims and the doctor now knows there is a group of them re-enforcing each other in their beliefs.
        He gave nothing away about Paterson except expressing a concern about his alleged punch in the head (dangerous if true).

        I would say this dumb woman has sealed Paterson’s fate and he won’t be out of hospital any day soon.

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        • The psychiatrist did imply that he was minded to make a report that JP wasn’t mentally ill and he would see the charges dropped. What is unclear is why he was detained in the first place. I mean, he’s been making batshit crazy threats for months now, so what’s changed?

          I’d like to think he was being cunning, but it sounded more like he was out of his depth when faced with such FOTLer nonsense, it being a reasonable position to take people at face value, If his email has been given out, a link to his starring role in a You Tube video might shake him out of his naivety!

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          • The man, Oliver, who Kaley was speaking with, introduced himself as the psychiatric charge nurse. I think GOS is correct in saying that Oliver was trying to extract as much information out of Kaley as possible so he could understand John’s story.

            Kaley, not being a close friend or family member of John’s didn’t pick up on the cues the charge nurse gave her…I mean she is not concerned for him like someone closer might be. One cue was describing John as a man who seemed to have a heavy weight on his shoulders and likening him to Atlas…now someone who loves John would have said something like: “Yes, I’ve been terribly worried about him, I’ve noticed he seemed agitated recently, that he’s been restless etc. etc.” A real friend would have found themselves telling the nurse these concerns…but Kaley’s just pleased that Oliver has tapped into John so well and is apparently open-minded about the stuff John’s clearly already told him!

            I did feel for John as he attempted to stifle his sobs when the reality dawned on him that he’s there, in Woodlands, to stay for a while.

            I think the Charge Nurse was being kind and caring toward John realising that it must be a very frightening experience for him, I don’t think he was being unprofessional in trying to get information about John from Kaley but she’s a fucking eejit alright.

            I think sectioning the trolls is a bloody marvelous idea.

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          • When i try to anticipate what could happen next, all paths lead to madness. Let us say the shrink (or the psychiatric nurse) who talked so soothingly and very professional with Paterson and Kaley on the phone is dilligent enough to go online and for example check out Kaleys Facebook-Profile. There he will see her profile picture with a tin foil cap on her head looking as bright and sane as she really is. He must assume this is either “Candid Camera” or some other joke. You cannot make this up.

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          • I will be more than happy to be proved wrong and I hope I am. But I remain cynical that this intervention will have any lasting effect. The whole Zionism/David Irving spiel and “I’ve heard enough from him to know that he’s not a white supremacist/anti-Semite” did not fill me with confidence.

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      • I do not know about the laws in the UK, but recording and then publishing this very sensitive content sure would be an offense around here. Notwithstanding the legal situation, it is clearly wrong and extremely evil from an ethics point of view. Wrong towards Paterson and wrong towards the shrink who now can spend the next 2 years of his professional career sifting through his inbox and learning about every conspiracy theory under the sun, interspersed with the writings of Ellis, Neelu and the videos of Taylor. He will likely need psychiatric help himself after that.

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    • You’ve all bought Kaley’s story that she talked to a psychiatrist. The man she spoke to identified himself as a psychiatric charge nurse.

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        • Yes, I was a little late too….they had it all figured out in the comments section of the video on youtube which were very funny.

          I was listening to the video when I was doing my shopping….nearly embarrassed myself a few times walking around trying to find bargains because the video itself is so comical, tragic…but incredibly absurd when you consider the circumstances.

          Was he at the RCJ when he was taken by the police?

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    • Neelu’s obligatory bonkers phone call to the hospital at 1:08. After ranting at the member of staff she gets John Paterson back and tells him to tell the hospital that she is Neelu Chaudhuri a specialist mental health pharmacist.
      Around 2:0:0 he starts reading a solicitor’s email to someone called John Hoath who,they allege, is replicating Matt Taylor’s harassment of Sussex PCC.
      John Paterson sensibly told Kaley-Grape NOT to get lots of people to ring the hospital. Nonetheless Andy tells people that they should, and some followers proudly report they’ve rung 20-30 times.


  7. MacDumb

    ACT V SCENE I Room in the hospital

    [Enter a Doctor of Psychiatry and waiting on the line a Gentlewoman]

    Gentlewoman Hello. You don’t know me but I’m a friend of JP MacDUMB. I’d like you to break all ethics and tell me all about your patient.

    Doctor I have two nights watched, but can perceive no truth in the reports. When was it he last walked?

    Gentlewoman Since his majesty King Wanoa went into the field, I have seen MacDUMB rise from his bed, throw his night-gown upon himself, unlock his laptop, open gmail, write upon’t, read it, afterwards send it to the Queen and Theresa May demanding remedy, and again return to bed; yet all this while in a most fast sleep.

    Doctor A great perturbation in nature, to receive at once the benefit of sleep, and do the effects of watching! In this slumbery agitation, besides his walking and other actual performances, what, at any time, have you heard him say?

    Gentlewoman That, sir, which I will not report after him because he’d be bang to rights.

    Doctor You may to me: and ’tis most meet you should.

    Gentlewoman Neither to you nor any one; because then you will think to keep him off the streets for the sake of the innocent.

    [Enter JP MACDUMB, with a taper]

    Lo you, here he comes! This is his very guise; and, upon my life, fast asleep. Observe him; stand close.

    JP MACDUMB Yet here’s a spot.

    Doctor Hark! he speaks: I will set down what comes from him, to satisfy my remembrance the more strongly.

    JP MACDUMB Out, damned spot! out, I say!–One: two: why, then, ’tis time to do’t.–Hell is murky!–Fie, my lord, fie! a soldier, and afeard? What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our power to account?–Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him from going through the wood chipper.

    Doctor Do you mark that?

    JP MACDUMB What, will these hands ne’er be clean?

    [Exit pursued by yet another bear]

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  8. Kaley’s latest calls to the hospital were met with the phone being hung up on her & her shouting expletives at the computer. I listened a few times, comedy gold!

    John Wanoa was told off for live streaming from the hospital in NZ, someone went into his room, medical staff I presume & asked if he was livestreaming on FB, he denied it at first, groggily, he looks doped up, but then told her he was talking to his managers but she didn’t hold with that & told him sternly to stop. He reckons he is going to court tomorrow with his daughter Tracey & should get home then, her home. I hope not though, she is all into the illusion/delusion also.

    Siouxie, I really enjoyed your comments on one of Devine’s videos, you were hilarious, it may have been last night’s when he was slurring his words so much. He reckons he doesn’t drink alcohol anymore, maybe it’s the collodial silver doing it! 👀

    I did feel a bit sorry for Paterson too, despite all the threats and hate filled posts he makes, especially when Andy Devine said that he told him he was scared. I think he was at the RJC filing more files of done type or another, brave soldier Lee Cant was talking about going there today to recover the files.

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    • Oh yes, that was great craic for me – I love winding people up…those kinds of people up. I think I hit the live chat at the right moment when least expected…future live-streams seem to have been armed with overzealous moderators given strict instructions to screenshot before deleting ‘the trolls’.

      Andy was certainly under the influence of something that night and it also occurred to me that people like Neelu who were active in the chat really thrive on attention in a very child-like way. It was surreal.

      I think it’s going to be good for John the Schnozz to undergo some enforced calm and to also experience people who will tell him the truth or who will question what he is saying and ask “Now, now John….do you really believe that is true because if you do we can’t sign your certificate of sanity…what do you say John?”

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      • He says he’s getting the mods to screenshot our comments so he can report us to the police for hate speech. And he can’t do it himself because he still “can’t work out how to do screenshots” 😆

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