Video share: The police investigation, Part 1

The allegations made by the two Hampstead children were investigated by police in September 2014. Those who believe a Satanic cult operates out of a church and several schools in Hampstead claim the police investigation was a sham, that evidence was ignored, and the testimony of the children swept aside.

It’s time to hold these claims up to scrutiny: what did the police really do, and why did they do it? Did they really bury evidence or fail to arrest the guilty? What mistakes did they make? We used the CRIS report, the IPPC report, and court proceedings for the real story.

On the Hoaxtead Research YouTube channel, we’re building a library of videos that answer your questions about the Hampstead SRA hoax, and give you access to evidence you won’t find elsewhere.

Got a suggestion for a video you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments here or on our YouTube page.

11 thoughts on “Video share: The police investigation, Part 1

  1. It’s commendable of this blog to support the children & families of this terrible hoax & to have to put up with death threats is abominable.

    For the people still spreading it & thus still endangering innocent children & families, look at the evidence in it’s entirety, do not follow blindly along someone like Andrew Devine who does not like to be disagreed with, if you disagree with anything he states, you will be classed as: pedo, troll, Mason, GCHQ, etc. Please recognise that as cult like behaviour.

    Don’t be afraid of disagreeing with him, get him out of your head space. He is not thinking of you personally, he is thinking of the power which he has over everyone, he thinks he is superior to you all & with John Wanoa, he has made you believe you will have untold wealth, power to rule the Police, Army & Navy & the most hideous & cruel promise he has made is that everyone will get their children back from fostering or adoption.

    Ask yourself how would that work, if you know in your heart & soul that children have been cruelly abused, love them from afar & be thankful that they are safe.

    A bit of comedy now………There is a new claim for King of England & John Wanoa was spitting mad on Devine’s live last night lol. I’m not quite sure if Devine mentioned the children so I won’t link it, but it had me in fits of laughter lol. John Wanoa can now see his £25 share from 2 million+ vets going down the drain, not that they seemed to be supportive anyway.

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    • Well said, Lucca! Things have been quiet here of late, which I take as a good sign, but you are so right about not letting people like Devine into one’s head. He is delusional and seems convinced of his own invincibility and moral superiority, which can draw in the gullible, but I’d like to hope that most people are stronger and more thoughtful than that.

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      • Thank you EC. I so hate how he is taking advantage of people & how they are hanging on his every word, waiting for him to notice them. Sadly, they remind me if groupies, not sure if they exist anymore. 😁

        When they, the groupies I will call them, go on a live feed of his & Wanoa & they’re all saying, “hello King John”, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The fact that they believe the Queen is a fake, has run of with all monies, is married to ‘Nazi’, is utterly ridiculous. I am not a Royalist but neither do I have anything against them, nor would I wish any harm upon the Queen.

        There are lots of people who are not Royalists but more because of the financial side of things, I have never heard anyone wishing harm on her, the groupies are nasty & vile about her.

        The saga went on tonight with Wanoa having a hissy fit about Greg Hallet claiming he is the King of England, I thought Wanoa was going to pass out with rage!

        Devine Intervention, please come & give us your links again, you do do neat & tidy!

        I am quite concerned that the forum has gone quiet now, I always enjoyed the fun & banter of everyone amongst the seriousness lol.

        That humour is missing, perhaps people feel they cannot post like we used to anymore or are afraid it would be inappropriate. Help! 🤷

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        • It’s okay, Lucca, we go through quiet spells like this from time to time. I know it’s a bit lonely here right now, but in a way that’s a good thing, as it means that those who promote the hoax are (perhaps) off doing more productive things with their lives.

          Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a change of pace from Devine, I’ve just added another video to the YouTube page, this time about the (much-debated) medical reports. 🙂

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      • Andy is becoming tiresome with his “act” as it never progresses from a set of statements (the facts not the fiction) interspersed with pseudo Freeman of The Land nonsense.
        All he does is rearrange the sentences each day but the message is always the same as he proclaims the entire edifice is about to come crashing down because he says it is.

        One day veterans of the Armed Services demonstrate and despite never previously being mentioned they are included into the mix because one just happens to talk to Andy and that becomes an absolutely ridiculous claim that “the military will lay down their arms” when this mysterious coup organized by John Wanoa sweeps into town.

        It’s a good indication of his bizarre arrogance and his patronizing hogwash to what looks like a dwindling
        handful of listeners (one who keeps apologizing because she always “out of it” on medication- probably a blessing).
        He seems to have a mental illness which can often exaggerate people’s personalities if it’s not treated. Andy really is an insufferable bore and he’s getting worse.

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  2. Satanists and I will be attending a private event and celebration this evening where children will burn an effigy of Angela Power Disney in a ritual to clear and expel the twisted sickness that Disney and the other Satan Hunters cast over the innocent families and children of Hampstead.


  3. SV I know you’re ‘havin’ a larf’ but there will be some folk who could interpret that maliciously – though how anybody could think SV would belong to a clique in Hampstead, England when he lives in Australia (which is a big continent) eludes me. Still people still burn effigies of Guy Fawkes here in the UK in November because he plotted to blow up Parliament – people who have nothing to do with satanism.

    Lucca makes some valid points. I know there are people in dire straits financially (who really are the last people who should waste their scant pennies on ‘The King’ and Andrew D) and part of me is sorry for them. Somebody (sorry other poster if I forget your ID) on this website pointed out that the cult are, as far as we can tell, adults, so they ought to be able to think rationally and the other part of me thinks, well that’s true, you don’t have to be a genius to apply common sense.

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    • I was brought up to treat November the 5th as national Catholic burning day. Looking into the family history I have a pretty good idea why! We celebrated Halloween more.


  4. I wish I had more time…thanks for all your hard work. I think the videos you have made are such a great addition to the existing material on here, for people who prefer not to read, ie the target audience.

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  5. These kids were not “forced” by their mother to come up with tales of things Ella had never even heard of previously. Funny how the children gave explicit details of specific body markings, piercings & private areas that were never investigated. This reeks of the Jimmy Savile, with everyone on in power trying to discredit the victims & accuse them of making up stories with zero evidence to support this finding. The proper investigation would reveal the truth so it continues to be covered up just like all the other major pedo rings, like Franklin cover up & the washington DC, also not ever investigated despite child porn on the server & many Savile style antics. I suppose we will have to wait til they are all dead before the truth comes out.


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