New Hampstead hoaxer films outside school

Just what the world needs: another Hampstead SRA-hoax-pusher popping out of the woodwork. Actually “popping out of the woodwork” might be a bit harsh, as we’ve run into Richard Carvath before.

Nearly two years ago, he was making claims of “a network of Satanic ritual child abusers” in relation to a case which was making headlines at the time. The basis for these extraordinary claims was unclear.

We confess we’ve paid Carvath little heed since then, but recently a reader brought him back to our attention.

Filming outside schoolyard

In this very brief video, a person appears to be directly outside the playground at a school in Hampstead, filming surreptitiously while children play. The camera focuses on the playground briefly, and children’s voices are heard. The camera is swiftly pointed away, toward the filmer’s shiny black shoes. End scene.

While it is not illegal to film outside a schoolyard, this video raises a number of troubling questions for anybody familiar with the harassment and threats which have been made toward the parents and children of that community.

In the text under the video, Carvath states,

Hampstead. It’s not a hoax. Journalist Richard Carvath says, “There are Satanists in Hampstead who have abused children in secret religious rituals. It’s a fact.”

(Carvath frequently refers to himself in the third person; he also claims to have a “team” of investigators who work clandestinely in a sort of black ops-ish way. These investigators, naturally, are invisible to the rest of us.)

On his blog, where he also shares the above video, Carvath makes the strange claim that he is in possession of a “video of an identified ‘person of interest’ (to the Hampstead Cover Up case) grooming a primary schoolgirl”.

“Why has he not turned this important piece of evidence over to the police?” you may wonder. Ah! Glad you asked. Carvath explains:

I know the police would do nothing with it, except perhaps to warn a few people of what they’d been given.  And if I were to put the video out online, the police would also do nothing, but I’d have revealed my hand to the other side.  These are some of the risks in considering how to proceed with a serious criminal investigation in which the police are part of the problem.

Riiiiiight. It’s the old “the police are in on it” argument. Why didn’t we think of that?

In another blog post, Carvath claims to have conducted a “careful investigation of the notorious Hampstead case”, and has concluded that “the key, generic allegation at the heart of the case—that of SRA child abuse by a secret group of Hampstead-based Satanists—is TRUE”.

He does not state exactly what evidence led him to this stunning conclusion, but he has shared it, he states, with “several British police detectives”. Considering that his blog also contains a segment devoted to “Met DC Jon Wedger”, this should not come as a complete surprise.

‘Cornwall Schoolgirl Porn’

Interestingly, Carvath’s blog also contains a section titled “Cornwall Schoolgirl Porn”. Yes, we were a bit startled by this too.

In a post titled “Cornwall’s Schoolgirl Porn Shame“, Carvath explains:

As part of a wide-ranging investigation into paedophilia in the South West, I found myself looking into licensed sex premises in Cornwall yesterday. 

Right, so before you get any unwholesome ideas, this was for research purposes only.

It’s the sex shop selling hardcore ‘schoolgirl’ pornography next door to the clothes shop selling uniforms to local schoolgirls.  Only in Cornwall.  You won’t find a licensed sex shop next door to a children’s shop anywhere else in Britain.

And believe us, dear readers, Carvath has inspected…er, researched every last sex shop in Britain. The man knows what he’s talking about, all right? He has done his homework. And then done it again, just in case he missed anything the first time.

Carvath notes that in addition to the usual “lingerie, fetish gear, dildos, lubes, pills and sadomasochism paraphernalia—including whips, chains, riding crops, gags, hoods and various restraining equipment”, he counted 144 R-18 DVDs. And among those, he discovered “plenty of young teenage girls content on offer”.

The “Corrupt Schoolgirls” DVD, he says, contains a whopping “109 minutes of hardcore ‘schoolgirl’ pornography”. Carvath describes the video cover:

The front cover of the DVD case shows four young females dressed in schoolgirl clothing, and four men.  The back cover shows various images from the video of the ‘schoolgirls’ being penetrated, sucking penises and with semen on their faces.

And in case we wished to know exactly what to expect from this video, in a separate blog post Carvath shares the audio portion, which he has also thoughtfully turned into a YouTube video. (We assume that in order to obtain this damning evidence of the Truro sex shop’s filthiness, he was forced to buy the video so he could record it.)

Just in case you thought he might be going into all this graphic detail out of prurient interest, however, Carvath claims to have interviewed an unnamed “pornography expert in Los Angeles” about the video. Because journalism.

This anonymous “expert” explains,

“The Corrupt Schoolgirls franchise features at least one girl believed to be owned by a gang.  She’s rented out for porn shoots and gangbangs. The girl you hear in the clip’s in harder films, yeah, like even harder than that, like, BDSM nasties, and there’s this one [film in which] she’s a virgin Christian girl and four guys rape her in a gangbang.”

The more we read of Carvath’s blog, the more concerned we became about his possible involvement in covert filming around Hampstead schools.

And we haven’t even delved into the blog post titled “Ealing Police Detain Journalist under Anti-Terrorist Law“, in which Carvath is detained by police outside a Marie Stopes Centre during one of his “lawful, peaceful and silent one-man Free Speech Protest against the imposition of the PSPO* which bans freedom of speech on Mattock Lane”.

We are not told exactly what part of a “journalist’s” job involves engaging in a “lawful, peaceful and silent one-man Free Speech Protest”, but that’s okay. We trust you get the idea. We certainly do.

*PSPO: Public Spaces Protection Order, a geographically defined version of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO).

37 thoughts on “New Hampstead hoaxer films outside school

  1. There are shops still selling porn videos?. You live and learn.
    Wait until Mr Carvath discovers the internet world. He’ll have a heart attack.

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    • And if he has what he claims- someone attempting to groom a schoolchild he has a responsibility to go to police no matter what thinks. The police need to be informed so they can interview him. You don’t have a choice If you know a crime has been committed.
      This bloke looks like a bizarre fantasist in his camouflage gear and claims to be a “journalist” – yet another word these amateurs misuse as in “whistle- blower”.

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  2. That bloke sounds like someone that could be a danger, does he not know about the recent court case or is he just a dirty fecker getting his kicks!

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  3. I didn’t mean to sound flippant, I was distracted by a tv programme.

    The parents & children have been through enough, they don’t need another fruitloop going around filming, especially as his ‘hobby’ for want of a better word, is so dubious. Let’s hope the Police have a word or ten with him.

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    • Indeed. I had an awful feeling that the crack down on some of the main instigators meant others would try to fill the void.

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  4. This just demonstrates to me that most if not all of these hoaxers are perverted in one way or another. What a great excuse for haunting Adult Sex Shops…Research FFS! I wonder if he uses a Gabardine Mac as camouflage when he does his research!

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    • His website includes all the horrors including interviews with Jon Wedger – the “whistle-blower” who is yet to blow his whistle on anything, other busted hoaxes and claims he is a master detective who seems to have a fixation on prostitution & pornography.
      One matter he delves into is the bust in Manchester of a group running a series of brothels called ‘Sandy’s Superstars”.

      This is when an amateur fantasist like this can cause untold problems for police as he claims he reported them to the cops and they ignored him.
      For a dill to think the police are not aware of illegal brothels operating in any area is bizarre but gathering evidence in those cases which will stick in court is an entirely different matter and police generally bide their time as their are usually a whole host of crimes being committed in a large operation from possible human trafficking to money laundering which they will investigate. They do like to lay on as many charges as possible.

      For a plonker like Richard Carvath who thinks he discovered the matter (how does he think the 100s of clients find out about them ?) they can blow an important investigation by posting on their stupid blogs and alert the criminals.

      # I’ll eat my large picture hat with the Cabbage Roses on it (I wear it to the races) if I’m proved wrong and the 788-790 Finchley Road Pandora’s Box is eventually investigated by the BBC and found to be the biggest criminal financial fraud ever exposed on the planet and which makes Bernie Madoff look like a rank amateur.

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  5. Gawd I looked at that video on his website- 4 seconds long. It’s incredibly creepy. What is the purpose of it?. To show he can film a school playground?. How do we know he didn’t film kids at the school for a much longer period?.
    Nice shiny shoes though but that seems to imply he really does think he’s a professional when he says about himself : “for skilled, experienced operators”.
    And: ” I have to weigh up how to proceed: what to do, what not to do, how and when”. Police need to speak to this chap and to ascertain what he thinks he’s up to.

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  6. He seems to be an evangelical Christian who is shocked, but also fascinated, by anything that is outside the norms of his own little world. I think he probably hasn’t got the self awareness to realise he is actually titillated by the pornography and like many evangelicals is desperate to find evidence of real Satanic abuse in order to justify his world view.

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  7. It’s strange but not surprising how many people who have previous history for physically or sexually abusing children who have become attached to this hoax, much like the so called paedophile hunters it seems to be their way to look at and gather information on child sex abuse for self gratification while using the cover of research. While I know they can’t just go on a fishing expedition it would be prudent for police to examine each and every one of their electronic devices to see what they are really at.

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    • He is rather like “Rev” Pike in his writing style, he likes to give give people epithets and reference their ages, e.g. Homosexual Joe Bloggs (29). He gets very excited by reading other peoples Facebook pages in search of “dirt”. It’s a sort of super priggishness mixed with prurience.

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    • In the election he got 384 votes , or 0.9% of all votes. The Conservative he attacked came 3rd with 8,497.
      Interesting sign this use of the 3rd person. Brian Pead (sex offender to whom Sabine offered her support – a picture of him was at the top of one of her websites) does it as well. It’s a common sign of querulant paranoia – the condition which mostly affects middle aged men with conspiracy theories which are all about them.


  8. I agree that people at that school deserve peace now. And after 4 going on 5 years (since the start of the hoax) there will be children attending the school now who weren’t there in 2014 who don’t deserve to be bothered.

    BTW I’ve never typed on any of the hoaxers’ channels even under an alias. I did learn the hard way that you can’t argue with a conspiracy theorist. I did try saying that I thought some of the people who aver that most famous people are secretly transgender were wrong. If they are feeling rancid they call people who disagree a ‘shill’ or a ‘troll’ – or if they are slightly kinder you get a ‘Wake up sheeple’. I didn’t know some conspiracy theorists have spyware – that ratchets everything up a notch or several notches. (Thinking about yesterday’s post).

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  9. Reading this, I am glad I am a Satanist and not a Christian. I bet self-righteous Christian Richard Carvath hides a few naughty secrets he would rather the world does not know about, most of his type usually do.

    What is it about us Satanists and our religion that excites these people so much? I mean if you meet me in some coffee shop in Hampstead you are more likely to get a cappuccino and a chocolate hobnob than a ritual dance around baby skulls, I am that boring.

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  10. Wtf it all sounds a bit Pervy to me standing outside school gates filming. As per normal no evidence on the basis of his claim of a satanic ring operating in Hampstead.

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  11. The motivation of many of these SRA theorists is of concern. What kind of mind automatically delves into it’s darkest areas of fantasy to come up with impulsively deviant reasoning. Perhaps those who secretly desire to be part of such perverse and diabolical activities. It is a theory worth considering when looking at these idiots.

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