Video share: Police Investigation Part 2–The Medical Reports

On our YouTube channel, we’ve been looking back at the genesis of the Hampstead SRA hoax. Our most recent video examines one of the most controversial aspects of the police investigation: the medical examinations performed by Dr Deborah Hodes.

Why was Mrs Justice Pauffley so critical of Dr Hodes’ evidence? And what about the evidence from other medical professionals, such as the psychiatrist who heard that the children hated Abraham and wanted nothing to do with their mother until he was out of her life?

On the Hoaxtead Research YouTube channel, we’re building a library of videos that answer your questions about the Hampstead SRA hoax. Follow us for the evidence you won’t find elsewhere.

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22 thoughts on “Video share: Police Investigation Part 2–The Medical Reports

  1. I recently posted about Rose Leedy and the fact that she’d put up a rather nasty Hampstead video on You Tube which includes all the video of the kids, photos of kids from other schools and the names (and some photos) of the falsely accused. I’ve made a few complaints but You Tube are ignoring them.

    I couldn’t figure out whether Rose was just a bit on the deluded side or was scamming or maybe a bit of both.

    Rose is now in a You Tube argument with Jengirl B. Jengirl says she sent money several times to Rose and that Rose lied about having cancer. Jengirl says she contacted Rose’s brother and sister in law who both confirmed that Rose doesn’t have cancer. Rose also apparently blagged money from Jengirl for gas to get to the hospital to see her father who she said was in intensive care. He is a sick man but according to Jengirl she found out he was home and not in the hospital.

    Anyway, Jengirl mentioned Rose was on a TV show called ‘Southern Justice’ and guess what I found!

    Go to 35:29

    Rose has apparently reformed and found religion. 🙂 This didn’t stop her from recently posting a video where her speech was slurred and she was talking nonsense. She took it down before I could get a copy of it.

    Rose’s pattern seems to be to come up with some crisis (recently it was her daughter’s birthday), make a begging video where she cries, get donations and then take the video down.

    Given all of the above I think it’s likely the Hampstead video she made is about posting a sensational story to get donations and nothing more. I think we can safely say it has nothing to do with caring for children.

    As Jengirl B said “Making You Tube videos is not work” and “Get a job.” Spot on Jengirl!

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    • She doesn’t get many views so I expect donations are at a minimum.
      I just don’t get these people. She’s an avid Trump supporter but Trump hasn’t or will ever deliver her and her ilk and benefit whatsoever.
      I mean even Hitler had policies that millions of Germans liked and actually supported and he implemented many which worked until he decided to takeover the world and it all went haywire.
      Trump has never delivered a single benefit for the likes of rednecks like Rose Leedy and never will. Scary to think 50 million Yanks voted for him.
      These are the people who used to write begging letters in the past. I have an acquaintance that won some good money on The Pools (certainly not the top prize) in the 80s and he got dozens of begging letters with really odd reasons why they needed money. He couldn’t even work out how they got his address. Without the internet they would be writing letters saying they need cash to ‘expose’ Hampstead.

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      • True that she doesn’t get many views but she has taken money from Jengirl who was going to fund her cancer treatment so I expect she was getting into big money there. She’s also talked about getting donations from elsewhere. It just irks me that she’s used photos of English kids (from various schools) as a means of scamming. She got trolled in relation to something else a while ago and was bleating about her own kids being targeted (very wrong imo) but at the same time doesn’t seem to be bothered about exploiting other people’s children.

        I see her as a good example of how scammers operate by getting the sympathy of nice people. Watch and learn folks….

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    • Is Rose featured all through the video or can you recommend a timestamp to find her, MC/



    Stop covering up for paedos you sick bastards.


    • Wrong. Read the report. RAD found in one child on second examination only. Other minor scarring attributable to a number of possible factors. Children given enemas from very early childhood. Please try to keep up.


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