Jon Wedger bites off more than he can chew

You’ll recall that ex-Metropolitan Police officer and self-proclaimed whistle-blower Jon Wedger recently expressed his displeasure that we have been asking him awkward questions about some of his claims. As if to drive the point home, he blocked EC on Twitter for daring to question him…and then asked, “Why is Hoaxtead so mean to me?” (or reasonable facsimile), secure in the knowledge that we’d be unable to answer.

Yesterday, he went on a full-fledged hissy fit, demanding that Lucien Greaves, founder of the Temple of Satan, explain his connection with this blog.

(He doesn’t sound bitter about Greaves’ 15,000+ followers at all, does he?)

Greaves immediately sussed out the source of Wedger’s annoyance:

He followed up with a message to his Twitter followers (all 15,000+ of them):

Why, thank you! Much appreciated.

Then he explained who Wedger is:

And just in case they hadn’t worked out what Wedger was about, Greaves explained a bit further:

Well. That was…direct and to the point.

Wedger tried the old “I have no animosity towards you (even though I have just picked a Twitter fight with you because I’m feeling butt-hurt about Hoaxtead Research having caught me out in a few porkies recently”) angle:

And when that didn’t work, he went all pursed-lips and judgy:

Greaves got the last word, in response to a comment from one of Wedger’s followers (read in reverse order):

We know that all the Hampstead hoax pushers who never / rarely / sometimes read this blog will be clutching their pearls by now and gasping, “We knew it! That blog is run by Satanists!” (It’s not—EC is Anglican and Scarlet is atheist, but we don’t expect the hoax pushers will let little things like facts get in their way.)

For those of you who are not irony-impaired, however, we thought you might enjoy this look at the new film about the Satanic Temple, called “Hail Satan”, which gives a sense of what the organisation is all about.

87 thoughts on “Jon Wedger bites off more than he can chew

  1. “And just in case they hadn’t worked out what Wedger was about, Greaves explained a bit further”

    Greaves could not make it any clearer that he is offering a personal interpretation of Wedger’s antics’ so I suspect that he is safe from defamation lawyers, much as we would like to see Wedger in court.

    I was just thinking earlier, Wedger’s war on pedophila would be a little more convincing if he didn’t advertise his site as a “Sex Tourism for Dummies” guide-book with a handy list of locations.

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    • Yes, just what the world needs: a paedophile’s guide to UK child sexual abuse tourism. This is disturbing on so many levels, it’s difficult to know where to start.

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  2. As that old Greek philosopher Andious Divinous sitting on a mountain famously said : “when you’re over the target…”.
    Greaves enlightens me as I never viewed that way but yes, Jesus Christ was the victim of one of the most famous witch hunts in history.

    Speaking of libel: I’m pretty sure Wedger’s agitation for “protection” for whistle – blowers ( a status he is yet to achieve) is more about wanting the right to accuses, name and shame at will without the accused having legal recourse.

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    • Said philosopher also said “The fact removes the fiction”, another phenomenon Wedgie’s struggling to cope with.

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  3. Nice collection there, EC.

    Seems Wedger finds it much easier to dish it out and can’t handle it when people defend themselves or refute his bullshit.

    Re. Lucien Greaves, I’ve heard his name slung about by the fruitloops but have never encountered him before. Turns out – if those screenshots are anything to go by – that he’s pretty intelligent and articulate. I reckon James H is gonna love those comments if he sees them.

    Traveler Farlander seems to know what he’s talking about too.

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    • If memory serves, Lucien Greaves is one of David Shurter’s favourite bêtes noires. In fact he’s frequently stated that Lucien, Doug Mesner, Justin Sanity, Spiny Norman, Kilrush, Relayer, James Hind and others are all one and the same person 😆

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    • Seems Wedger finds it much easier to dish it out and can’t handle it when people defend themselves or refute his bullshit.

      My people have a saying that if you can’t take the heat, it is probably a mistake to set fire to the kitchen.

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    • I only came across Lucien Greaves because self confessed child rapist/murderer shurter wrote a blog post about me, saying that I worked alongside him……. (This was after I posted evidence of death threats to Australian advocates during the Royal Commission instigated by him & Fiona Barnett, on my blog. Google Sheva Burton The Real Deal). I’d never heard of Lucien, so I took a look at some of his videos & apart from gaining an understanding of why they do what they do, I listened to some of his talks and was horrified, as he described the satanic panics of the 80s, citing some UK therapists and experts that I had heard of, met or read about but I had honestly not realised the massive and terrible impact that it had, so thanks to Dave and Fiona, both recommended by Angela Power Disney, I gained a real growth in my understanding and as the UK self proclaimed experts online and off dig in to keep pushing the satanic agenda still, then I know that for the sake of children and genuine victims, it has to be opposed and stopped.
      i don’t believe myths about satanic ritual abuse, nor descriptions of satanists. Nor am I one. But it is easy for the horrible hoax pushers to point the finger and encourage people to hate anyone they label as one and feel justified to act in hateful, abusive ways……..add paedophile and voila ! You can make people feel holier than thou while you fleece or indoctrinate them, easy to make followers ignore their opposition, using prejudice.
      Satanist hate is religious hate too, fact.
      Has anyone else tried to use this on reports ?

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    • All my fears are coming true.
      We will have a general election here in Oz by May ( Theresa May?..join the dots) and it looks certain that Bill Shorten & the Australian Labor Party (ALP) will win. Everyone knows the ALP stands for Another Lot (of) Peedeophiles.
      The real problem here is ( I think) that Theresa May is The Victim in this case as it was she who was forced to have sex with Adrian in 1984 (1984 by George Orwell – join the dots !). My middle name is Adrian ! (join the dots) and I have a brother called John and at the moment, he’s not very “Well (s)” !!! ..JOIN THE DOTS!.
      (editor: we have arranged a bed for you in your favourite clinic)

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  4. Jon Wedger is a sad impotent old man living on his memories, in danger of becoming obsessed about Lucien Greaves like David Shurter has become.

    As far as I am aware I am the only individual from Satanism who has been involved directly fighting the Hampstead hoax, Lucien Greaves has made indirect comments on the hoax until now.

    Lucien Greaves has been heavily involved in fighting SRA hoaxes, he has debated and won debates against the best of the champions of SRA, and Jon Wedger is like Pee-wee Herman going up against Mike Tyson.

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    • Hi James, learning from both you and Lucien in different ways, I really began to think that as people are generally sanctioned for expressing either race, religious and more recently hatred towards different sexual orientations, those that howl against pc are finding that they can express all that hatred against the easy combo of satanist child molester……………hence the spread of the mantras energised massively online, UK by those that hijacked our rally, 2010.
      David Icke, Brian Gerrish (UK Column), Bill Maloney, Robert Green, Belinda McKenzie, Chris Wittwer, at the core of what has grown in different directions so that lately we find that the yellow vests have attracted followers of them, that go and infect and train others to keep repeating the same scripts. But they do make a point of attending as many various groups as possible that are considered alternative attracting disillusioned people seeking answers and ways to address problems, they mercilessly steer them down into these evil paths to becoming fearful and hateful, pretending to wrap them in non existant protection, either god, healing, political, debt or legal solutions……. If the devil was engineering stuff, it is they that are his victims, fooled and used.
      But instead it is the ones that know they are peddling bs and who get more dark and evil as they feel the effect of strong opposition from intelligent and clever folk, who are capable of creating and shedding light on them………… This is a development I didn’t see coming 🙂

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      • Now there’s a conspiracy theory I want to believe – Brexit is a hoax: if we stop believing in it, it will all go away.

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    • All I can glean from that stream is the tightwad needs to buy a half decent lighter,facts dont lie Andy. I will let him have mine,bargain at only £20k.At least the crabby old twat has provided Heather all the material she will ever need to write a Greek Tragedy so fair play he has some vaguely useful function on this Earth.

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  5. I looked at Jon Wedger’s Twitter feed and he’s quite obsessed with his critics.
    Well that’s understandable but he makes some very odd statements such as his latest where he asks for donations as he wants to publish the locations in London where he claims people abuse children.

    So..can anyone answer this?. Why does Wedger need funds to expose the locations where he says people abuse children?. Why?.
    Why not just publish them on the internet or give the information to police (he’s dreaming if he thinks all cops are bent and won’t take him seriously if he has genuine evidence).

    And why is he waiting to disclose this information if children are being bused at these locations?. Is it more important for him to raise funds than help real live children who may currently be being abused at these locations?.

    None of his claims make sense.
    And as EC disclosed- his one claim to fame is basically a fraud.
    So once again Jon Wedger : BLOW YOUR WHISTLE as to date you are all talk and no action and it’s not looking good.

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    • That is of course “abused at these locations?”.. not…’being bused at these locations?’. Although the children may very well be being bused to these locations but we’ll never know as Jon Wedger won’t tell us where they are until he has some donations.
      (Must go- MY bus to the clinic is here now and the nurses have that very comfortable jacket thingy they make me wear.)

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    • This anonymous person, who allegedly donated £500, made me chuckle: “Jon, I have just watched your presentation at AV9. You are an incredible person fighting the most important cause in the country. Keep fighting, you have more friends than enemies”.

      Gosh, just the sort of comment that should keep the £££ flowing in. Made to order, almost.

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  7. This lot (Justice4children-paedophile hunters) popped up on my fakebook feed from the comedy/common law courts, another lot of ‘pedohunters’ with the usual death threats etc etc
    They really need reeling in

    In other news, Neelus back after her ban, and she’s saying [name redacted] was up before the courts, he’s still claiming that ‘others were allowed to record in court’ and so he shouldn’t be charged for doing so, he was assaulted, neelus applying for witness protection for him etc etc

    If it sounds confused, well it is neelu we are talking about…

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    • Annoyed I missed this. I knew Neelu was up to something when she made a comment about judgement day being the 21st so I made a special effort to look through all her local courts and the RCJ listings on Courtserve. I should have twigged it was actually one of the other idiots and she would just be there to rabble rouse.

      Thursday, 21st March 2019
      Not before half past 10
      ATC19/0102 HM Attorney General v [name redacted]

      Still none the wiser as to what it was about as the Attorney General is named as the plaintiff, and it is he who determines whether certain types of contempt proceedings are brought. All her reporting makes it appear that it was [name redacted] who brought the case, but I think this was a hearing to determine whether he would be facing a contempt trial. Hopefully someone else will have more details, as I’m lost!


      • There’s a fairly full note on the Quatloos Forum (where you will see the fat feathery one posting) under the magnificently named thread “Neelu Berry Opens My Eyes”.

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        • That what I was referring to when I said: “All her reporting makes it appear…”. There are words. There was very little context!

          However, what it now looks like is that the AG has committed him to trial for contempt (which explains the Application for Committal ATC prefix for the case) for using a recording device in court during April 2017.

          It would therefore appear that the hearing last Thursday was an attempt to introduce a defence of the Police/GCHQ/Mossad/BBC/MI5/MI6/Uncle Tom Cobbly/And All are out to get him and he requies witness protection status and to be represented by the charlatan Edward Ellis. All chucked out and court date still set for 14th May.

          I’ll have to dig to see what court case he was recording. I must have not been paying attention!


          • Curious and curiouser. April 2017 was around the time of Robert Q’s bail hearings at Southwark. That was way before I started posting here. I think I had only got as far as following HATJ’s TDA fraud and laughing at Freemen of the Land getting their car windows smashed. Ah, simpler times!

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  8. Will Yolande’s post & Danny Royce’s posts on his GoFundMe stop other’s from throwing their money away I wonder it might at least make them hesitate.

    Devine & Frank must have been on for at least 3 hours last night, I fell asleep listening, woke up two hours later & they were still blethering away, Frank had sobered up at that stage.

    I wonder how would all the neighbours in the area where Devine is staying feel if they knew he is compicit in a plan to overthrow the Monarchy, in particular, to “hang the Queen” & agreeing with & sharing posts from a complete nutter from N.Z. who travels the world on other’s pennies while repeatedly calling the Queen, “bitch Queen” & more.

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    • Did you see his missus in the comments? She kept trying to say hello and he just completely ignored her 😆

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    • Apparantly he is off to indoctrinate his neighbours today & believes the whole village will get behind him ! So desperate to get more onboard………..he and angie are really acting like Multi Level Marketing sales sharks & direct sales of the crook kind.
      He’d make a useless spy too, like Angie n John, as someone else noted.
      Angie is there encouraging Andy to throw caution to the wind of course, as she does, cheering him on from Ireland, pretending that her investigation isn’t probably quite deep and serious, given the time taken, just as Sabines took so long, too…….. But she did say she was taken everyone down with her and it does look as though she is, whilst seeming to delude herself as well as everyone else that her investigation isn’t happening, or doesn’t matter and anyway it adds content to their myth given that it’s cos all the Irish police are linked to the UK pedophiles of course. Plus, you know who…………

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      • God help the neighbours! I wonder how long they take to zone out, probably 2 mins is enough. He said he refused to go through the metal detector/x-ray (confused as to which) at the airport & produced his ‘live life claim’. 😕.

        Poor top supporter CM is MIA, seems she was using a fake name on FB, silly woman telling everyone. 😂 Oh & Angie tells Devine that he just needs to bless tap water for it to be safe to drink, I swear one outdoes the other with their crap.

        Wonder why she is not asking Wedger about Brian H…….oh I forgot, he told her to take a hike!

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    • Only 2 comments that are hardly ringing endorsements.
      Again Jon Wedger: exposing child abuse is a worthy cause but why do you need money to do that? And how does having 1000s of views on FB or YT (and even buying adverts) help expose child abuse?.
      This guy is pissing me off. He’s just not real. It’s all about HIM.

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  9. Last month she said that Satanists control everything and the month before that she said it was the Jews…

    I wonder who’ll control everything next month. Have the Nation of Yahweh had a go yet?

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  10. Recent additions to the Hoaxtead Book of Fruitcake Quotes:

    “Home economics should be compulsive in schools”

    “I spent over half an hour deleting comments from my lice stream”

    “If something’s too good to be true, it’s either gonna be true or it’s not”

    “The word of the day is ‘parental alienation’ ”

    “Eleanor Roosevelt was the first woman in America”

    “Andy I’ve massaged you”

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  11. Oh Christ. Bang head here. Angie interviewing Christine Sands. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry 🙄

    Just listening now. Will only link it if it doesn’t contain the names of any children, parents or protected witnesses.


    • Doesn’t this gobshite have anything better to do? Has she run out of family members she can talk into slow painful suicide-by-cancer-denial?

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