Wedger to Hoaxtead Research: ‘Sod off’

In a live-streamed video last night, ex-DC Jon Wedger called this blog “cowardly and spiteful”, and stated, “I say to them, and I’ve said it before, sod off, I don’t want to know”.

The self-proclaimed whistleblower claimed that stories recently run on this blog, including two which identified Fiona Walsh as a sex trafficker in a case which he frequently cites as evidence of a cover-up, were malicious and misleading.

In the interview on “Raconteurs News”, Wedger said,

There’s a group called Hoaxtead and as soon as I ever speak out against Satanism, this lot, they come out of their rocks, and they start bellyaching about everything.

Now some idiot has put a video up, and they say they’re calling me out about a woman called Fiona Walsh, who was pimping out the girls. 

I said right from the start…that it was me and another girl that arrested her, we charged her, we put her before the court and she got a 12-year sentence.

I’ve never hid that at all, and now this group is saying that we’ve found out that Fiona Walsh has been convicted. Yes, yes, she has been convicted, because it was me that convicted her.

We were unable to verify Wedger’s latest version of his story, however.

In all the newspaper articles and videos in which Wedger has referenced “Foxy”, Walsh’s nickname, he has never once mentioned her real name, nor stated that she was tried and convicted. In fact, he has repeatedly cited this case as evidence of a deliberate cover-up of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

As for Wedger’s statement that “it was me that convicted her”, we have always been under the impression that judges and juries convict criminals in court, not police officers. However, it’s certainly possible the he was the officer in charge of her case, and that evidence he was able to provide was used to convict Walsh.

More generally, Wedger lashed out at this blog. Calling us “incredibly nefarious” and “dirty, vile, horrible people”, he said the blog was set up to protect Satanists, and accused us of blocking all dissenting comments on Facebook.

In fact, those who follow the @HoaxteadR Twitter feed might have noticed that when we tagged Wedger in a tweet and asked him to explain the Fiona Walsh/Foxy story, he promptly blocked us.

This did not come as a surprise, as various child sexual abuse survivors and activists have confirmed that when they dared to ask him questions about his activities, he blocked them, as well.

Despite his overactive blocking finger, Wedger claimed that he is open to discussion. Or possibly doorstepping, à la Tommy Robinson, we’re not sure:

Why don’t they put their names on and where they live, and I’ll pop round their house and have a chat with them.

They can come have a chat with me, it’s no secret where I am.

Mentioning ex-Kray brothers enforcer Chris Lambrianou, with whom he’s made at least one video we’re aware of, Wedger claimed that he’d had to prevent him from coming after us.

Wouldn’t it be simpler to just answer our questions?

Asked by one of his interviewers about his opinion of the Hampstead SRA hoax, Wedger stated he believes the children and not the adults. However, he did not say which part of the children’s ABE interviews he believed—the fantastical claims they were forced to make by their mother and her boyfriend, or the retractions they made as soon as they were out of their care.

Wedger did say he’d been one of the first to know about the hoax in September 2014:

I was one of the first to get it—I told a detective inspector who went on to report it at a high level. He come back to me, and he told me we’ve been asked to back off from this. So I wasn’t actually…I was off sick at the time when it came out, so, I did what I could to help on that one, but we were told there’s more to this than you know.

Why are we not surprised that Wedger would somehow manage to cram the Hampstead hoax into his already bursting-at-the-seams valise full of “this goes all the way to the top” stories?

We do credit him with exposing the fact that the hoax was a pre-planned effort by Abraham Christie and Ella Draper, but we doubt very much that this was his intent.

At 1:11:48 in the video, Wedger made the surprising allegation that this blog had been picking on his son. We were taken aback at this, as until he said it we were not aware he had a son.

Overall, we have to say that we were not surprised by Wedger’s vitriolic attack on Hoaxtead Research.

Nor are we particularly shocked that, while claiming to be open and receptive to discussion, he routinely blocks anybody who asks uncomfortable questions, while choosing to answer his critics from the safety of a video made by like-minded conspiracy believers.

This video might not answer any of the questions we’ve posed so far, but it certainly confirms that Wedger has an agenda, from which he will not be readily swayed.

109 thoughts on “Wedger to Hoaxtead Research: ‘Sod off’

  1. Also isn’t it funny how Wedger has no qualms now in using Foxy’s real name whereas up until her name was revealed on this blog he would only refer to her as Foxy. I guess he hoped that by using the name Foxy that the real truth surrounding the case wouldn’t be able to be found out.

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  2. Wedger is a fraud. He’ll never work in this town again. His whole faux Christian thing is a total charade. He should join up with Eddieisacock because he has the same MO.

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    • Ah…Satanist shills. Are there “shill bucks” involved? If so, I’m on board 😉 Seriously, I watched a video of this Wedger individual; he seems to have some serious issues. It would be funny, if it weren’t for the reach of social media. On the bright side, doesn’t seem too many people lend credence to his hysterical outbursts.

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  3. “Mentioning ex-Kray brothers enforcer Chris Lambrianou, with whom he’s made at least one video”

    He also says he’s been working with “ex-hitman Bobby Cummings”. He sure knows how to pick ’em!

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    • Good to know he stopped the 78-year-old Lambrianou from coming after us, mind. He might have hit us with his zimmer frame.

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    • It’s been a long time since I was threatened with a “I know the Kray Twin’s gang and if you ain’t careful I’ll have a word with them”..about 40 years I think. I’m not scared anymore.
      I reckon my mobility scooter could outpace their walking frames.
      This is an even tougher threat since (name redacted) threated to sic Arthur Daley and Terry McCann from the Sarf London Mob on to us.

      Repeat : time to BLOW YOUR bloody WHISTLE Mr. Wedger.

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  4. And only goes to show why it is a good idea to keep your online activities separate from your real life- who wants a bunch of nutters turning up on your doorstep, or following you around on social media with your friends and relatives exposed to their vitriol???

    I was wondering, when did he actually first get involved with it? I haven’t found anything that suggests it was earlier than mid 2015 with Worldbeyondbelief, when he apparently denies any knowledge of it (I was going by the video description, I wasn’t going to sit through two and a half hours to find the actual quote!!!)

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  5. It would appear that the good people on Twitter are also wanting answers and more transparency from Jon Wedger.

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  6. Nice work, EC.

    I feel sorry for that interviewer – it’s gonna take him ages to wash all that Wedger poop off his nose.

    As for Wedger’s insistence that people only don’t like him because he’s an ex-copper, I’d just like to say I have a lot of respect for the police – I just don’t like him. Sorry to disappoint you, Wedgie.

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  7. If Wedgie has a problem with us using pseudonyms online, he’s welcome to take it up with “Papa Hemp”, “Guidance 2222”, “Butlincat”, “Webby” or any of his other supporters.

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  8. Wedger: “I’m not asking these people to follow me. I’m not asking them to trust me.”

    Well, that’s handy. I feel vindicated now :)

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  9. I first called out Wedger when he did that whole show thing with those almost inhumanly ugly and fat and bloated monstrosities at that ‘court’. What a shitshow that was!

    To be fair, I didn’t really call him out, more a case of ‘I think we need to use caution here, something isn’t right – I just looked these people up and it’s not a real “court”‘.

    Yeah, I got practically crucified. “Pedo-protector”.

    Something that has been lost in the hub-bub with regard to Wedger is the fact (according to him) that he has a severely handicapped child. Now, after looking after and caring for a quite incapacitated family member I know how much time and effort that takes.

    He’s always off somewhere. Sticking his head up, or rather keeping his head down, and firing like a sniper in the shadows, running away and then resulting to ad-hominem or just plain old insults.

    I think he is just out for himself. I think he messed up. I think he spotted a gap in the market and he is just ‘shearing the sheeple’ as Gurdjieff once alluded to. I’ve paraphrased. You can look him up as well and his whole MO. It’s not a million miles apart. But Gurdjieff was a master. Wedger is a rank amateur.

    Yeah, red pill phil took down the video last time I looked. There was another one up about him somewhere but he probably forgot about that. You can find it by typing “Wedger” in to phil’s search bar on his channel. Not knocking phil. I think he’s a good man trying to work it all out. But he worked out that Wedger wasn’t.

    And I know Brian Harvey gets a pasting as well. But give the guy a break. He’s not the brightest bulb in the box. He’s put out a lot of good information, even if he is his own worst enemy. Hopefully he will just keep his head down and not interfere. He’s done his job. It’s all uphill for him now. Good luck.

    Anyway, cheeky me. First post. Second actually. Maybe this comment gets approved and put through. I talk to quite a few of you anyway on youtube and you already know me. I’m the one that gives the odd thumbs up or the odd extra view to your channel. Hell, I even listen to your hours of live feeds.

    Wedger particularly boils my piss using the same MO as Eddieisacock. And that faux Christian thing is just downright sinister. He doesn’t believe in Christ. He’s never believed in Christ. Him and Eddieisacock should try ganging up on Wavy and taking him up on his challenge when it comes to Theology. They don’t even know what the word means.

    But they won’t, because they are both scam artists. And that is putting it nicely.

    They hide behind the thin veneer of ‘Jesus’ and the ‘bible’. They are power-mongers. Seeking out the vulnerable to outright abuse in their own little way, either by donations or ego, who knows.

    I’ve been following these people a long time. But only Wedger et al up until recently. One by one they are being stripped away. And more and more they resort to doxxing and sheer malicious spite.

    I’m not part of any gang, just a third-party observer.

    Hopefully I didn’t make any spelling mistakes…

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    • We are lucky enough to have a character known as The Cunning Linguist here, that can spot a spelling mistake from a mile away. 😉

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    • Welcome, Exboy. I agree that Wedger is doing his best to take advantage of the current trend toward profiting from child sexual abuse stories, the more gory and detailed, the better. He repeated the phrase “f___ the children” a disturbing number of time in last night’s video, for example.

      Ironically, we went quite easy on him to start, as we really weren’t sure whether he was a fraud or just somewhat confused. I think he’s pretty much cleared that up by now.


      • Thanks for the welcome EC and everyone. Appreciated. It’s hard to tell friend from foe sometimes.

        As for Wedger’s particular parlance when relating to child abuse victims – I find it disgusting. Wavy was right to call it out.

        There were a few of us going back a few years now, in the IT sector as it happens who objected to the term ‘child porn’. It’s not child porn. It’s child abuse. It’s a fine hair to split for some (probably could have worded that better), but words matter, especially when you start putting them together.

        That whole ‘child prostitute’ thing also got my back up. No, it’s child abuse. Children can not be prostitutes, they have no agency.

        But one thing that really sent my alarm bells ringing was that title: MEAT RACK BOY – Roll up, Roll up, get your second hand child abuse kicks ‘ere, 5.99 and two for a tenner!

        Truly sickening.

        These alarm bells to us though are dog whistles to others. Meat rack boy? Really? Are you f’in serious? Come on.

        Wedger needs to be sent to the naughty step, not just because he’s a wrong ‘un (profiting from the misery of others), but because he keeps propagating that environment where it’s a ok for any tom dick or harry to jump on the bandwagon in the name of the ‘kids’.

        His number is up now. You’ve pretty much done him. Just like silly Billy Baloney.

        All that remains is this blog keeps going. Slowly, steadily, surely.

        A few cards and links handed out to interested parties and let them make their mind up.

        It’s reaching critical mass. We have the protons and we have the electrons – both very opposite to each other – and we also have a big enough coming together that now gravity and other fundamental laws take over. We coalesce, we group.

        I don’t think it will take long at all to really clear up the detritus, and that is when the real work can begin, but that’s for another day.

        For now there is still work to be done, but we are more than winning.

        I’ve been around this stuff a long time, but only recently have come in to your sphere. So give others time too.

        Hopefully this message gets through too.

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      • Thanks Scarlet, seems weird how wordpress chooses random comments to spit out, that one that disappeared didn’t have any links in it or anything. Often seems to happen when there are other glitches too (pictures in other peoples posts are sometimes there, other times just a ‘G’ google sign, sometimes the various posters icons disappear and it’s been super slow since I logged on, other sites are just fine on their speed though…


    • Steve, I think the problem may be that in the past we have had to block certain IP addresses, but the block function is a bit over-zealous and will catch partial numeric combinations, meaning that if a person is using a dynamic IP which (sometimes but not always) includes any of the blocked combos, those messages get held. I’ll take a look at this and see if I can fix it.


  10. 1:29:18 – “El Coyote and that other idiot Flo Destroyer can go to Hell”

    Don’t take that personally, guys. You only get enemy fire when you’re over the target.

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  11. Tries again???
    And only goes to show why it is a good idea to keep your online activities separate from your real life- who wants a bunch of nutters turning up on your doorstep, or following you around on social media with your friends and relatives exposed to their vitriol???

    I was wondering, when did he actually first get involved with it? I haven’t found anything that suggests it was earlier than mid 2015 with Worldbeyondbelief, when he apparently denies any knowledge of it (I was going by the video description, I wasn’t going to sit through two and a half hours to find the actual quote!!!)

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    • Wow, go careful there Tinribs. Kristen obviously knows what she is talking about as she has been researching it since yesterday morning. That is some serious dedication she has shown there.

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      • With a bit of luck they will be able to pay their University fees by suing some of richer members of the Mob who spread their names and photographs all over the internet.

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  12. The same guy had John Wanoa and Andy Devine on back in November. He was also supposed to have [name redacted – mate of Devine’s] on in another one but I skipped through it all and he didn’t seem to show up.

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  13. As the most momentous day in English history approaches on the 28th March, when King John and Prince Andy and their invading forces assisted by the UK Army and Navy (and according to Prince Andy, the US Military as well ) overthrow the Monarchy has anyone given any thought as to what this pair of prats are going to say when they fall flat on their arses? Answers on a post card please. ( That’s if King John is even allowed to enter the country and Prince Andy even turns up ) What a pair of snot gobbling twats! Actually make that a trio, I forgot Matt Taylor.

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      • Where the hell did Fag Ash Lil Disney find 20 million from? Old Matt must have literally charmed the pants off her. It must be her, Disney Studios would kick his arse all the way back to Brighton. This bullshite gets thicker and more ludicrous by the minute. This dickhead just refuses to see that the whole world is laughing at him, he never gets a comment on his fantasy filled blog and comes across as a reject from the Three Stooges in his videos. He makes Walter Mitty seem quite honest and sane!
        I’m sorry but GCHQ are just not paying me enough to put up with this for much longer. I gonna look for another posting at the Alien Communications Receiving Center. God Knows I have had enough training in it in my current position trying to make sense of Mr X’s shit.

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        • He’s like that annoying kid in Year 4 who keeps giving stupid answers on purpose so the class will laugh at him. What he doesn’t realise is that they aren’t applauding his wit, but mocking his stupidity.

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        • Reminds me of a boy I was at school with who claimed his dad had a car like the one in “Knight Rider”. Apparently if you went to his house to see it, he had a cassette recorder with a tape of himself saying “Yes Michael .. No Michael” sellotaped under the dashboard. He did at least have the excuse of being in his preteens.

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        • $20M to build studios near Brighton (why bother?) and make 3 epics about King Arthur (already done to death) which would require much special effects input?. All negotiated after he fled to Hollywood (but he didn’t actually) after his court case late last year when even one film usually takes at least 3 years to develop?.
          Try $200M and the rest. The guys an idiot.

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  14. Comment on Jon Wedger and Satanists.

    I am a Satanist, and I can assure Mr Wedger we have no need for protection from the Hoaxtead blog. To the contrary, Satan Hunters such as Mr Wedger have been protected from Satanists by the Hoaxtead blog because it has moderated our Satanic impulse to go after you. If you had been harming real Satanists, our families and children with false allegations and targetted harrassment, we won’t be nice, be thankful that your fictions did not hit real Satanists.

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  15. What we are seeing from Wedger here is that his claims don’t stand up to the slightest scrutiny and he fears his funding is under threat, hence the lashing out.

    Degrees to which you know you’ve lost. Use of:
    (3) Shill
    (2) Paid shill
    (1) MI5/MI6/GCHQ/Mossad

    With the top trump of Satan and all his little demons if none of those work. YAWN it’s getting boring.

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  17. So, boggle eyed Wedgie has been caught out.

    I imagine he’s going to say that the actual cover up is that Foxy got the same magistrate all the time who let her off, and who was also a sex offender. Wonder why he trusts a sex-offender and whether he actually checked out what Foxy said. I hardly think this is the most earth shattering whistle blowing. Did the boggle eyed blagger even try to find out who heard Foxt’s previous cases? Or, did the police officer who talks like their conversation is pre scripted from the Sweeny turn up?

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      • IKR, his face isn’t stuck like that! The critter is cuter.

        Wonder how he graded his intel report. I imagine it would be UNTESTED at best. Later, perhaps it was regraded to UNRELIABLE. I really cannot believe he is basing all this on Foxy’s evidence.

        Some people will believe anything, even a so obvious pile of old pants. I am fed up with this attitude that if people make third hand allegations about sex offences, they must be telling the truth.

        Also, was Wedger ever a detective posted to Scotland Yard? I thought he worked on borough teams?

        If the case was the woman was convicted but important avenues were not explored, why not say that in the first place?

        Nice to have it confirmed he was in contact with Gerrish when he was on sick leave and did try to involve himself in a police investigation, on sick leave, and that Gerrish is a reporter of sorts, and that he then discussed what he claims police told him about an ongoing investigation into sex offences with a reporter, without the children knowing. Makes me want to 🤢 Who the fuck does he think he is?

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  18. Reblogged this with some additional details:

    Wedger actually claimed to the ITNJ that his operation regarding Foxy was shutdown. He made the same claims to the Alternative View 9 conference for conspiracy theorists. Wedger also lifted certain material from other coppers regarding “Meat Rack” which he and Brees have been heavily promoting recently because of Mike Tarraga’s “Meat Rack Boy” book.

    Or maybe it’s just his memory is the work of … *whispers* Satan.

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    • From Cathy’s transcript of the ITNJ wibble [thanks, Trollexposure, for the link]:

      A lot of them were known to the police for being missing persons and everything else, and all of them were addicted to crack cocaine and heroin, and were all being pimped out, as the term goes, by one person which was a female prostitute who was very well known to the Met Police and this woman had alleged connections with high ranked officers, also a local magistrate and someone who was high up… executive status in the BBC. This woman seemed to act with impunity for many years and when looking into it, this actual racket had been going on for a long, long time. What I did was, I exposed my findings. I committed them to paper in what was just a basic intelligence report and I took it to a senior officer and… what I must say is that this isn’t the first time that I had been shut down for exposing child abuse offences

      If smack had been involved (or whatever you young people are calling it now), it would have come up in Fiona / Foxy’s trial. It didn’t. Wedger just can’t stop himself from further embroidering his stories.

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      • Yes, that’s right. And he has claimed multiple times that his bosses did credible impersonations of J. Jonah Jamieson, frothing at the mouth and screaming that he’d gone too far and didn’t know what he was messing with.

        When he claims to have been shut down, I suspect this was more along the lines of, “You are making a royal bollocks of this, please go back to your corner and let the big boys handle it”.

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        • Speaking of J. Jonah Jamieson: someone is not taking the Wkackyweedia very seriously.


      • No worries @Smut Clyde.

        There is also a video of Wedger at the Alternative View AV9 conference where he almost word for word repeats the same ITNJ bollocks which effectively proves he’s working from a pre-arranged script and not talking off the cuff.

        IMO HE needs to be investigated by the police for what he’s doing, what he’s encouraging, how he may have been involved (whilst still a police officer) in the whole Exaro shambles and how he’s raising money potentially under false pretences.

        It doesn’t require money to heighten Facebook profiles, it doesn’t require money to do social media posts, it does require time and effort though. The fact he needs Brees and others to do this for him demonstrates a level of organisation behind all his efforts too, making it less about whistleblowing in my opinion and more about money.

        How many genuine whistleblowers require a media team? Or maybe it’s only those who fight “satanism” who require such? 😉

        Wedger and, more recently at the IICSA, Don Hale are a couple of individuals who should take a long hard look at their own output and the number of contradictions, inconsistences etc in them before opening their mouths or posting on social media again. Both in my view have ridden the shirt tails of more genuine concerned police officers and used their material to bolster Wedger and Hale’s own output. If true then that’s not whistleblowing that’s simply opportunistic and potentially designed to confuse more than actually solve anything. Their stories don’t stand up to close scrutiny and the way they react to anyone questioning their stories is very revealing in itself.

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        • Belinda McKenzie used to work from a script, if you asked her a question that wasn’t in the script, she used to change the subject completely. It seems to be a trend that these lying scammers use.

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      • Oh it’s a magistrate now, not a judge? Shock of breaking news – magistrates sit in threes with a legal adviser, so quite impossible for one of them to repeatedly give an unlawful sentence to a favoured defendant as he states. As well as the problem, noted before, that they can’t insist on sitting on a particular case. This is pure fantasy bolted onto a real case. And this is I think why the “whistleblower” had never blown the whistle – he’s got nothing to say which would stand scrutiny for a minute.

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  19. Andy Pandy is doing a You Tube live right now. Crying his eyes out because all other avenues are blocked and he cannot block negative comments now.

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  20. Managed to get three comments up before he found out he can moderate or block comments He got APD to act as his mod. Hilarious. Made my day.

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  21. Tracey Blackwell & Fighting For Justice are live from the Attorney General’s Office, a lot of the yellow vesters in there occuping the corridors & Police are present.
    I have great sympathy for the three families who lost their children so tragically but they are making a show of themselves, accusing a Policeman of having blood on his hands, shouting about Melanie Shaw, shouting out that all children taken from parents be returned. Honestly, what the hell do they think they are demanding, all kids that have been abused by their caregivers be returned to their abusers? I have lost patience with this crew, telling the Police they are paying their wages corrupt prosecutor etc. Too many people have gotten into the grieving parents heads, it would be better for them to grieve for their lads properly!

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  22. I keep coming back to that basic bit of logic.

    If there’s a large group of wealthy, extremely important Satanists running everything and acting like the Mafia and you come out against them and make a lot of fuss…..why are you still breathing? Do you really think they’re sitting around in their offices going ‘Oh shit, we’ve been rumbled and I’m frightened?’. Psychopaths don’t think like that.

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    • If there is any sort of cover up going on it is the spreading of disinformation by those with things to hide. The Hoax Mob contains a lot of people with histories of sexual crime and people who are friends of those who have.

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  23. I listened to the ITNJ video below. All you need to do is listen to it up to 6:40. Jon Wedger doesn’t tell the ITNJ that the Foxy case went to court. Why not? He says
    “…..I exposed my findings. I committed them to paper in what was just a basic
    intelligence report and I took it to a senior officer and while I might say this isn’t the first time
    I’ve been shut down for exposing child abuse offences…..

    I’ve also listened to a few of his video interviews today. I have some sympathy with what he’s describing having met many people who grew up in care, were abused and ‘pimped out’ (hate that phrase). But the Foxy thing needs explaining. I have to say that his account of what happened to him sounds confused in the interviews I’ve listened to. Perhaps he’s really not well?


  24. I’m loving your scathing commentary on the risible non – whistle-blower Wedger. The great Richard Bartholomew has been on his case for a long time.

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    • Yep thanks, saw that. Tbh it’s about time the mainstream media paid some attention to exposing these people.


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  26. Two weeks ago I was TARGETTED by a strange conspiracy theorist with an interest in CSA who goes under the twitter ID of @butlincat who lives in Bournemouth and is very well known to the Dorset police who have told me a little about him.

    His real name is John Graham and he has claimed to me that he has worked with Wedger. He began paranoidly implying that I was hired to gangstalk him by the police. I had been chatting with so asked him about bustling at. wedges told me several times that he had never heard of John Graham and had never worked with him. I then researched Graham and discovered this


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