Wedger & Wong: The SRA agenda

Last week’s Coup that Wasn’t not only provided some much-needed hilarity here at Hoaxtead Research, but took up a great deal of airtime, with the result that we gave short shrift (all right, no shrift at all) to a story which deserved our attention.

We refer, of course, to the budding comedy duo of Wedger & Wong.

Their solemn declarations of belief in Satanic ritual abuse, and their mutual loathing of this blog (and anybody else who disagrees with them) were delivered from behind what looked like an altar covered by a rug, with the two comedians somehow managing to keep straight faces throughout their 1.5-hour long skit.

We’ve mentioned Wilfred Wong here on numerous occasions.

He has been actively promoting SRA for a couple of decades—we’ve noted in particular his involvement in the 2002 private meeting at Westminster chaired by Lord Alton and featuring Valerie Sinason as keynote speaker. We’ve also talked about Wong’s participation in the 2018 “Satanic Ritual and Extreme Abuse” event in London, his promotion of an SRA twist on the Hollie Greig hoax, and his recent meeting with Thomas Dunn during his trip to the Dundee SRA conference last year.

While Wong’s background—a non-practising barrister, former parliamentary officer and researcher, writer for the English Churchman— might seem to point to a respectable religious person with an idée fixe regarding SRA, his affiliations with people like Icke, conspiranoid bingo-caller Brian Gerrish, and Holliehoax promoter Robert Green place him firmly in the conspiracy milieu.

Ex-cop and wannabe whistleblower Jon Wedger, meanwhile, has been doing his very best to ingratiate himself amongst the conspiracy set, and how better to accomplish this than via a cosy video chat with Wong, whose apparent respectability blended with batshit crazy ideas strike just the right chord?

Richard Bartholomew of BarthsNotes, meanwhile, makes the interesting suggestion that Wedger’s recent claims to have unearthed new complainants against Edward Heath—who Wong claims was a Satanist, because of course he does—might have something to do with his claims that he and ex-Chief Constable Mike Veale are “in contact”:

Wedger, it seems to me, hopes that by continuing to highlight allegations against Heath he will in due course ingratiate himself with Mike Veale, the former Chief Constable responsible for the Operation Conifer fiasco (Wedger claims to be in contact with Veale, but nothing in the public domain shows that Veale has responded to his overtures).

In a recent internet radio interview with Lou Collins, Wedger expressed sympathy for Veale, stating that Veale had been pressured out of his job by MI5, and that “this is what the Establishment does to all us brave whistleblowers”. (Hint to Jon: in general, it’s best to let your fans call you “brave”—giving yourself that appellation smacks just a bit of desperation.)

Whatever the case, for Wedger it appears that networking at the nexus of conspiracy theory and SRA is his current modus operandi.

As we’ve mentioned before, his attempt to climb the ladder of internet fame appears to have very little to do with actually helping real children, and a great deal more to do with establishing himself as a credible voice within the conspiracy crowd, and thus attracting willing donors to his Jon Wedger Foundation. This “Foundation”, much like Belinda McKenzie’s Knight Foundation, is neither a foundation nor a charity, and to our knowledge it has turned over only £2,000, a small fraction of its earnings over the past year, to any endeavour which helps children.

In their video, Wedger & Wong manage to trot out various SRA tropes. Referring to his former police career, Wedger says, “I was even warned, you know, speak about anything but you talk about SRA you’re in a world of trouble. And I did speak about SRA because in what I’m doing and in my previous work it would crop up”.

Funnily enough, as commenter Big Earl pointed out yesterday, Wedger has long regaled us with stories of his police days, but somehow managed to avoid mentioning SRA in that context. Sex trafficking? Sure. Paedophiles on canal boats? Mos’ def. But SRA?

We did hear him mention it during a conversation with Bill Maloney, en route to crash the police whistleblowers’ gathering in Manchester last year:

Bill: It’s also the subject itself, Jon. People are frightened of that subject. And something that we, both you and I believe goes on, well we actually know it goes on, is something called S R A. Satanic Ritual Abuse. And it goes on, Jon…

Jon: Well, it’s the elephant in the room. Any act of sexual (fondness?) of a child has got a big Satanic element to it, you know, and it’s one of those things that the more you look into it, the more it crops up, y’know, and there is an organised element to it. Now initially, I didn’t really come across it, but then it did start cropping up. And the more we look into it now, the more it’s [inaudible]. And you’ve got to look at, why are these people clamping down on this? And these are people in positions of privilege and power. One of the things that really sort of changed it was when there was a list that was compiled that we class as the RAINS list.

Bill: Oh! You said the name! [both laugh]

Jon: It’s an acronym. It stands for Ritual Abuse or something like that, I can’t remember. And it was such a comprehensive list, it was so well put together…

Bill: What kind of people were on it, Jon?

Jon: It was a mix. I mean there were names I never heard of…

Bill: I don’t mind so much about the names, I mean what they’ve done, where they come from, were they…there was politicians on there now…

Jon: Politicians, police officers…

Bill: Lords…

Jon: There were lords, there were members of the clergy, there were drug addicts, there were just normal standard people, a lot of the people come from the care system…

Wedger doesn’t make any claims about what these alleged Satanic paedophiles might have actually done; it seems enough for him that the RAINS list exists.

Wong, meanwhile, is equally vague in his discussion with Wedger:

Unfortunately as one SRA survivor pointed out at a meeting I organised in 2001, she said that in her view every town and village and city in the UK has a Satanist coven and unfortunately she’s probably right because in my experience I’m getting reports of SRA occurring all across the country and it’s not getting any smaller, it’s getting bigger, it’s growing, it’s being helped to grow by the general environment of denial of SRA….

Later, he says,

There is this problem of SRA locations across the country. Some of the open SRA locations, the open air SRA locations—parts of the country which are regarded as being very beautiful, scenic but as they often do the Satanist abusers take what is beautiful and scenic and they try and turn it to something dark and ugly and evil and we’re going to see more of this unless we do something about SRA but some of our most scenic parts of our country are being destroyed by these people going out there at night to do their rituals…..

So…Satanists are everywhere, fouling nature’s beauty with their horrific acts, but Wong never names a community or even a general location which could presumably be investigated. Rather, like Wedger with the RAINS list, it seems sufficient for him to state with conviction that such things are out there…[cue X-Files music].

Of course, Wedger and Wong also share a mutual hatred of this blog—at one point Wong makes the tired claim that anybody who does not agree that SRA is real must obviously be practising it themselves, and he suggests that everybody involved with this blog ought to be compelled to take a polygraph test.

We wonder: would his proposed interrogation begin with, “Are you now or have you ever been…”?

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  1. Wedger’s recent claims to have unearthed new complainants against Edward Heath

    Heath is fair game at the moment because of his central role in the entry of the UK into what was then the EEC. To attack Heath for invented Satanic-Sacrifice activities is one way of forwarding the cause of Brexit. Or to put it another way, with the prospect of leaving the EU undermining Heath’s legacy, it is safer for gutless grifters to make up stuff about him.

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        • Objection! I have personal grooming issues myself, due to mental illness. Oh wait…

          (The above is true, except that this commenter was brought up with a healthy sense of skepticism and would never fall for any form of woo – Ed.)

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          • Many years ago whilst at an airport, I saw the ex-footballer Ian Wright standing next to Wilfred Wong and so I pointed this out to my friend. Unfortunately, my friend had heard of neither of them and so he didn’t know Wright from Wong.

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          • I hear Wilfred’s brother was with him when they spotted Ian, so two Wongs made a Wright.


    • One thing that’s tickled me is that Wanoa got chatting to some tramp who lives around Hong Kong Airport and calls himself Peter Pan… and Devine has decided that it was Peter Chan the film director and that he’s about to offer Wanoa a multi-million-pound movie deal 😆

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      • I saw that. But are two buts here though:
        1. Peter Pan looks nothing like Peter Chan (I know Devine may think “they all look the same to me”) and
        2. There is zilch evidence that producer Peter Chan is “investigating child abuse” and as he’s one of China’s most successful and prolific producer /directors it’s difficult to know when he would get time to.
        (Mr Chan also has his own private jet much converted by Wanoa which he owns with actor Jackie Chan so there’s no need for him to hang around airports)

        Still a 5 minute meeting with Peter Pan was enough to get him appointed as Ambassador to Wanoa’s Land of Woo but I’m not sure Mr Pan realises that means he must purchase numerous shares in Wanao Wind (sadly many passengers on QA2 to Auckland the other day involuntarily received free samples of Wanoa Wind heavily influenced by a 6 day diet of Big Macs- they claimed they now believe in Chem Trails).
        These are The Facts.

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  2. EC, some people are going to be very upset with you for calling Robert Green a hoaxer. He has a small team of arselickers who are going to be very cross that you’ve dared to doubt his sincerity.

    So thank you 😀

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  3. “He suggests that everybody involved with this blog ought to be compelled to take a polygraph test”

    …and claims that they’re “99% accurate” 🤣

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      • Oh, I didn’t mean that as a correction, EC. Just expressing my amusement at the farcical nature of this pair of muppet’s jaw-dropping idiocy 😀

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      • There is a major point here: the Hampstead matter has been proved to be a fraud in the courts. Why do Wedger and Wong infer the court process was corrupted ?. And why do these two men continue a campaign of harassment and denigration of 2 innocent children and try and burden them with a claim they have not only been repeatedly raped but participated in the murder of babies ?. Cannot they put aside their self agrandisment for one frigging minute and spare a thought for those kids as they now go into those difficult teenage years ?. And if Wong knows so much about these alleged SRA cults why doesn’t he expose them ?. These 2 are all talk and accusations but cannot back any claim up with evidence. And as usual Wedger – you still haven’t blown your whistle. It all seems to be about you and it’s looks rather sick as you use child abuse to promote yourself.

        And as a famous but nameless Royal Courtier once said : these are the facts and not the fiction.

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    • Oh Gawd: “they” are going to take over the world by cloning people who are: (a) mostly insane and bonkers and (2) incredibly boring who will talk us to death or submission.
      Oh dear- a terrible thought- what if they start cloning Andy Devine or John Wanoa !

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    • Oh crumbs, one loony tune channel goes down and another springs up in its place. I didn’t know of this lady. I knew of HeatherGotredPilled (thinks most famous people are secretly transgender) [Canadian] and Mary40 [Australian – says similar things to HGRP] and Hans who thinks things are fake [dalmatian dogs have their spots painted on – that kind of thing] but he could be a parody channel. And we’re even getting some English ones now (Phony Persephone and Trans Investigator – but he may have been shut down). But as I say there are so many conspiracy channels now. I spent some time on the loonier side of YouTube a couple of years ago when I was convalescing.

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      • I knew of HeatherGotredPilled (thinks most famous people are secretly transgender) [Canadian] and Mary40 [Australian – says similar things to HGRP]

        Ian Crane is pandering to that particular thought disorder now. Claims that Jacinda Adern is a bloke in drag.

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        • This conspiracy of famous people being secretly transgender all started off with Jamie Lee Curtis being the first person accused of being secretly transgender as far as I can remember.

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  4. Challenge to Wilfred Wong.

    I’m an environmentalist at heart. If the countryside is being spoiled I want to know where and who’s doing it.

    So tell us where these spoiled parts of England are. I will go there with a camera and publish the photos. If you’re right then I will apologize for being such a fool.

    Wilfred – make one post on here with the locations of beauty spots ruined by Satanists or others doing rituals. Be specific so I can get there. I will ask El Coyote to prevent people making comments on a post that gives us this information. Or you could write privately to El Coyote with the information and she will pass it on.

    If there’s evidence out there I will find it and it will be to your benefit.

    If you can’t name locations then we have to assume you made this up.

    The ball is in your court.

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  5. I see Devine’s been on again. He’s on his way back to Greece, it seems. I bet the locals there can hardly wait… 🙄

    I can’t link it, by the way, as the nasty little shit names a protected witness and compares him to Jimmy Savile. (MKD’s very kindly sorting out an edited version as we speak.)

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    • 15:05 – “I haven’t seen any Dragons or, erm… I’ve not seen no Hoaxtead Research or any Jo-Ann Sollises around, waiting in the midst to come out and take me out. But I know they’re all out there. I know they love me. I know they really love me really…” 🙄

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    • 28:14 – “But just remember this, yeah – you’re working with Hoaxtead. You’re working working with satanic ritual abuse people that torture children. Yes!”

      Lying cunt.

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    • He really lays into Charmaine Mulligan, Diana Heyward (?) and Jo-Ann Sollis. They must be over the target 🤭

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    • Oh God, I thought it couldn’t get worse than his piss-taking Jamaican accent… but he’s just done a Chinese one. Wincing here 😫

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      • Yeah, he went in the wrong lane at one stage whilst reading comments, very dangerous. He is on his way back to Burton-upon-Trent now, a 3 hour drive and was driving whilst on a live again, but said that he couldn’t read the comments as that would be dangerous even though the road is clear, then missed where he was supposed to go because he was talking over the Sat Nav. He really is a danger on the road.

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        • Aha, so that’s what he meant by on his way home. Apologies – I thought he mean he was fucking off back to Greece.

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    • MKD’s edited version is now up, with RD’s name redacted:

      Will re-share this on the new blog post.


  6. Melanie Shaw given hospital order and will stay in Rampton to be treated

    Melanie Shaw, the woman who was one of the first people to report historic sex abuse at Beechwood children’s home, has been given a hospital order and will stay in Rampton to be treated.

    The 48-year-old was sentenced today, Tuesday April 2, after setting fire to the bedding in her prison cell because she felt her human rights were being abused.

    At Leeds Crown Court, she was given a section 37 hospital order, which means that she will be sent to hospital for treatment, rather than to prison.

    But she was also given a section 41 restriction order, which can be added to a hospital order if the court feels the person is a risk to the public – and which has no fixed time limit.

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    • No doubt that the fruitloops will claim the information about Melanie Shaw is all disinformation and is just a way for the powers that be to stop her from being able to speak out about all the government breaking stories that she has to share.

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      • Look, setting fire to public buildings full of people (and to houses that have sleeping children inside) is a fundamental cornerstone of free speech and is protected under the Geneva Convention.

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        • Once again I feel I should spring to the defence of Melanie Shaw. She had a terrible childhood and suffers from a serious mental illness, neither of which are her fault. How far she’s to blame for her various offences is a matter of debate given that background. But she has sensibly condemned the people who are trying to make capital out of her and asked them to stop. The true respect they hold for this poor woman is shown by they way they’re completely ignored her reasonable request. While she must bear some responsibility for her offences, she bears none for the way she’s been exploited and her life story misrepresented.

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          • I think that’s a fair and balanced approach. Like many people, she has been exploited and her life has been mined by people like Gerrish et al.


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