Sabine McNeill on trial: Day 6

Sabine McNeill’s trial on 17 charges of violating a restraining order and four charges of stalking ground to a complete halt today, for reasons completely unconnected to her transportation to and from Bronzefield Prison. 

Rather, the problem today originated with a person who has until now had almost no connection to the Hampstead SRA hoax. Some readers might remember “Eddieisok”, the would-be Tommy Robinson supporter and YouTuber whose interview with Brian Harvey last summer consisted of him nodding and saying, “Go on…”.

Well, it seems that he has taken it upon himself to “investigate” people accused of being connected to the alleged cult.

Yesterday this took the form of Eddie standing just beyond the court precinct (at the foot of the stairs outside) filming people with his iPhone as they went into and out of the court. He claimed to be looking for “trolls” who he wanted identified and investigated, and chief among those he listed was EC, who he had divined (from being in the same room but not speaking to her) is “very full of herself”. Uh-huh.

Anyway, back to the trial…

A waiting game

Outside Courtroom 11, supporters for both sides sat in the hallway…and sat…and sat…and sat. A sign on the courtroom door informed us that HHJ Sally Cahill QC was in chambers, and another hand-scrawled sign said, “Please do not come in”. 

Various officers of the court bustled in and out, with no sign of any change in the situation. We had no clue what was up, and there was much grumbling to be heard. 

The assembled groups included Belinda McKenzie; Mary Rooney; a woman we refer to affectionately as ‘Cardi Lady’ for her large and rather beautiful Kaffe Fassett cardigan; another lady named Margaret; Barbara Collier (formerly known as Babs, who has apparently decided that the gossip on the other side of the hoaxer fence is more rewarding…for now); various people unknown to us, and Eddieisok himself. 

On our relatively sparse side: a gentleman we’d never met; Postnein, and EC. 

A trip to the office

At one point late in the morning, a court guard approached Eddie and asked him whether he had been taking photos in the court precinct. Eddie denied this, but when the guard asked EC and Postnein whether we knew anything about it, we described yesterday’s videos, as well as a third one which Eddie had made earlier this morning. At this point, the guard told us to come with him to an office on the first floor, and asked us to tell the nice lady at the counter what had happened.

We did so, and the lady went off into an inner office for a bit. Eventually a court police officer came and told us that the police were already aware of Eddie’s escapades, that it was being handled, and we were free to go back upstairs. 

In the public gallery

And then it was back to waiting. At one point Neelu Berry made an appearance with Edward W. Ellis in tow; and whither Neelu goes, Lee Cant cannot be far behind. In fact, Neelu was still lingering at the other end of the hallway when the court doors opened and we were told we could come inside. Neelu remained outside the court, but Lee Cant did come in, along with Eddie and the rest. 

The public gallery was nearly full for the first time since this trial began. At 2:50 p.m. (a new record for late starts!), the court usher called the dock officer to the court. The dock officer arrived with Sabine, but the usher indicated that Sabine was not wanted at present, so she was sent back to wait. 

The waiting game explained?

The court clerk then indicated that the person they wished to deal with was Paul Rogers, aka Eddieisok. He was asked to step into the now-empty dock, which he did, seeming a bit confused.

Judge Cahill informed him that on 15 December 2017, Judge Beddoes had made an order governing this case, that no people should be named whose identification could lead to the identification of any children who might be involved. We have referred to this reporting restriction on several occasions. 

The judge said she was aware that Rogers had uploaded clips to YouTube yesterday in which he had named a witness who testified last week. She asked him to read a document he had been given, which outlined the charges against him, and stated that he had the right to immediate legal advice if he wished. 

Rogers declined this offer, and started to explain: “I was outside the court, and I did a video. I just wanted to film people identified as trolls”.

However, it appeared that the court was not interested in his filming, but in the actual content of one of his videos.

Judge Cahill stated that while it would be premature to do anything today, she was satisfied of the need to protect the integrity of Sabine’s case. Therefore, she said, Rogers would be remanded in custody overnight. 

As he was led out of the dock to the cells, Rogers called over his shoulder, “Thank you, Karen Irving”. Apparently it had not yet sunk in that this arrest had nothing to do with his filming outside the court, and everything to do with contempt of court. 

Neelu’s lucky escape

Once Rogers had been taken away, Miranda Moore QC told the judge that Neelu Berry had been spotted in the building. Indeed, she had started to come into the court with the rest of us, but had changed her mind and left. 

The judge rose whilst a search of the building was carried out, to no avail. At 3:35, Moore asked Judge Cahill to formally refer the matter to the court Attorney, which she did.

The public gallery was once again cleared, as the court needed to determine whether members of the jury might have been compromised by Rogers’ filming outside the court. 

Court is set to resume at 10:30 tomorrow morning, at which point we hope to learn of the court’s decision. 

We have to say we are less than impressed with Eddieisok’s performance today, as his conspiranoid shenanigans managed to lose this trial a full day’s worth of testimony.

Not only has he delayed matters at court, but if his goal is to assist Sabine (whom he rather comically persists in calling “Sabeel”), he has failed miserably. Instead, what he has done is drawn out an already long trial, and ensured that she will have to endure yet another round trip on the dreaded prison bus. 

Good going, mate. 

116 thoughts on “Sabine McNeill on trial: Day 6

  1. Owies, and they went looking for neelu too….
    This is starting to look like the hoaxers are all being looked at- hard….
    First apd’s video gets her noticed by the courts, then eddieisnotok… and neelu was being looked for….

    I bet there are some worried people right now out there in hoaxerland…

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      • Refreshing to hear, EC.

        A strict judge is needed. What surprises me is the sheer amount of time this stuff takes out of court time – when it is costs thousands per hour per hearing – for the tax payer. What also surprises me is that the judge did not require Eddieisok to immediately take down the offending material from youtube- it is still there.

        So grateful for your reporting and all the things that accompany that effort – the time, expense, the discomfort of the hard benches when waiting, and now the unpleasantness of being the centre of attention, vilified by the likes of Eddieisok.

        Eddieisok, when you read this, you come across as a stupid man, constantly referring to Finchley Rd which has nothing to do with the case at all.

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  2. Not only has he delayed matters at court, but if his goal is to assist Sabine (whom he rather comically persists in calling “Sabeel”), he has failed miserably. Instead, what he has done is drawn out an already long trial

    And if the goal was to convince the jury that Sabine’s witch-smelling was perfectly harmless, and did not injure people, and did not incite borderline-personality eedjits to start their own witch-smelling careers, he is not doing it right.

    In other Southwark Crown Court news: David Noakes sent down for 15 months..

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    • I don’t know the ins & outs of his case but I’m amused by Neelu’s claims that it’s “Big Pharma” trying to protect their profits as she ignores the fact Noakes had pocketed at least £5M from his dodgy therapy and has companies registered in tax havens.

      Has anyone done a study on why these people latch onto EVERY single conspiracy theory going from Flat Earth to Quack Cancer Cures, Fake Moon Landings and Satanic Baby Eating Cults in North London?. (JFK is in there somewhere as well).

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    • At least it’s not a French prison, which are the worst in the world (according to one of David Noakes’ anonymous sockpuppets) and no place for an elderly gentleman.

      Perhaps he will appeal the sentence, and create an opportunity for it to be reconsidered and extended. But it would be wrong to speculate.


  3. He was saying yesterday that the ‘trolls’ were rattled. Who’s rattled now?

    He said EC is ‘full of herself’. No mate. She’s SURE of herself which is altogether different. It’s old Eddy who is full of himself and he’s projecting….he does that a lot.

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  4. I can’t imagine how any supposed supporter or friend of Sabine can act this way. Whatever one thinks of the events which led up to this trial, she is entitled to a fair and professional hearing, which numpties like Paul Rogers seemed determined to f**k up.
    That said, many thanks for the very full and informative coverage EC.

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    • Thanks, PA. The odd thing about Rogers is that I am quite certain he’s never met Sabine, nor does he have any connection with the case. He seems to have been egged on by (surprise!) Angela, but other than that I can see very little reason for him to have been there.

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  5. I suspected something as amiss when wasn’t updating.

    it was always going to be this way. There are several sections of the law related to cases involving children but this case was very specific in the reporting restrictions being a Section 46 order, S46 is to prevent the identification of ADULTS involved in a youth case where this could result in the identification of a child. Now some of the witnesses will be professionals where it is legitimate to name them. However, a general filming of people going in an out of a court building in an attempt to identify “trolls” was always going to lead to at a minimum questioning and detention.

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    • Yes, the Section 46 order is posted on the courtroom door (twice) and there are signs noting that there is a reporting restriction on the TV screens outside the courtroom and in the lobby of the building. It’s hard to miss.

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  6. Eddie probably thought he was doing a public service braving the ‘trolls’. He was warned yesterday about filming outside court but paid no heed. Did he really think he was doing something so important that the law would applaud him for it. Plank!

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    • The funny thing is that I have never, to my knowledge, said anything about him on this blog or elsewhere. I vaguely knew who he was, but I’ve certainly never trolled him.

      So I wonder who could have given him the idea that he ought to come after me and claim I was a troll? coughAngelacough

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      • Yes, I would tend to agree. Really she would need to calm down or she will blow a gasket. I can’t imagine what her BP is!

        Andy Devine’s latest video is very very disturbing & threatening towards you. There is also talk of going to court tomorrow with a knife. It’s a disgusting video! I would love to report it but it’s better left for the Police to see & listen to.

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  7. If Neelu is still of no fixed abode, the court seems like a sensible place to find her. Although wherever EWE and Lee Cant are, there will also be Neelu, and I suspect they have homes of sorts,

    I’m trying very hard to feel sorry for Eddyisok, but nope, I just can’t do it.

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      • He’ll have it spelt out to him in no uncertain terms wednesday. fun and games will be over for the dunderheaded fake journalist with no concept of reporting regulations. the man’s a knobhead.

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        • I have a mental picture of court officials with a large butterfly net chasing a giggling Neelu and Edward around the corridors of the court building.


  8. Paterson read out this entire post to Andy Devine and Angela on Devine’s livestream earlier.

    He praised you on your fine writing, EC.

    One of the sentences above is a lie. Can you guess which one? 😆

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        • I’m only 24 minutes in so far and he’s already made three separate death threats to the judge (including one to have her put through a woodchipper by gangsters)! He needs to be reported and arrested asap.

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          • I don’t think this should be ignored. Making death threats to a judge or even implying it is a very serious matter.
            Look at the dreadful things that have happened recently- we have no idea which unhinged person may seize upon this and decide to act.

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          • Making death threats to a judge or even implying it is a very serious matter.

            Making death threats to anyone is a serious matter that invites a period of her majesty’s hospitality.

            It’s also terribly unprofessional. “Oh yes,” people think, “let’s warn the client, and give him / her a sporting chance.” But that just makes more work for everyone.

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        • And he’s threatening to have you and Steve followed home by gangsters tomorrow, EC. Probably all bluster but please be careful

          Oh and he’s just said his gangster mates know where you live and told you not to go home!

          Andy’s been egging him on with these threats too; and at one point when Praterson says we’re all going to be killed, he says, “The sooner the better.”

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          • He claims to have masses of Sarf London gangsters at his beck and call, but I think this is just his not-terribly-clever way of being able to claim later, “Oh, no, yer honour, I never said I would do that…but I can’t control these imaginary friends of mine, now can I?”


          • John Patterson of Finchey Road fame’s last foray into the Sarf London gangster scene was pretty much a failure. He didn’t realise that Arfur had, well moved on to greater pastures and Terry was pretty well beyond it.
            Mind you he did pick up some gorgeous frocks at a knock down price that had fallen off the back of a truck right in front of the lock up.

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  9. I think the court officials should look into how Eddieisok managed to report on tomorrow’s proceedings at 1pm today. Witchcraft? Time machine? Crystal ball…?

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  10. Disturbing stuff. i’ll be interested to see where this behaviour leads the relevant parties. i’d certainly like to see inspector gobshite (Paterson) have his collar felt. they really don’t grasp what absolute idiots they’re being and where it leads. glad to see a judge finding out first hand exactly what an online gang of trolls masquerading as whistleblowing journalists are like, vile thugs and scumbags. i had sausages and mash with onion gravy, sprouts and carrots for my supper. burp.

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    • Grobnob, I’m not a journalist and never was, but I’m sure that I read (or heard) somewhere that bona fide journalists are advised to find 3 independent sources for a story before they “run” with it (of course in a proper newspaper an editor would hopefully weed out the more loony tunes stories*). YouTubers are their own editors so that doesn’t happen unfortunately.

      I’m not even against the media being used (both printed and online media) in genuine cases – like “The Oldie” ran the story about the insalubrious aspects of Jimmy Savile’s shenanigans.** Though that wasn’t until after he was dead.

      * Well sometimes tabloids may have printed daft things.
      ** To be honest, I never realised how screwed up said gentleman was. I thought he was weird but then I thought well he raised money for good causes but I wasn’t astute enough to suspect there might be unsavoury aspects to his character.


      • I think that we were both caught in the same loop of circular reasoning regarding Savile. I always thought he was creepy and strange – but he was allowed to work with children so you assume that meant he was alright really. Some people did know things and tried to expose him, including Anthony Burgess, but they probably didn’t have anything other than hearsay that would never be accepted in court. Savile was clever, good at ingratiating himself with the powerful and intimidating and isolating victims and witnesses. Looking at it in the clear light of day I don’t think he was guilty of many of the bizarre things claimed in the tabloids since his death, but he certainly seems to have been a prolific abuser of children and women who got away with it for a long time.
        I was going to say “was allowed to get away with it”, but that would suggest someone somewhere was capable of stopping him and actively chose not to.


  11. I posted a comment under eddieisok’s video (sans my usual thigh-slapping humour) that he could be seen to be intimidating potential witnesses and that in his video he had named one victim which was a contempt.
    He removed the comment.
    I assume he regarded me as one of the “Hamstead trolls who are losing their minds and attacking him furiously”.
    Serves him right for not respecting the court process.

    Judges: what they have to put up with at times. I can now imagine the judge in this case will be the victim of vicious and nasty claims. Thank God they are generally not intimidated by social media.

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    • Yes, if he was unaware that naming a witness in this trial was a very poor idea, then it’s only because he didn’t bother to read the signage all over the place. This has nothing to do with him taking pictures; it’s to do with him naming a witness when he wasn’t supposed to. He and his dim-witted friends should give their heads a wobble.

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  12. I for one, welcome all of the self grave digging bullshit, threats and bile that is spewing out from all of the nutcases listed above. This case will in my opinion, prove to be the catalyst that brings about the demise of the whole lot of them. There will be many a knock on various doors and invitations to pop down the station for an interview before much longer. Evidence lockers will be bursting at the seams with laptops, tablets and mobile phones and hard drives!! APD probably has a bag packed and stashed near her door.
    Remember, even Spivey and La Verite ( in her former guise ) wouldn’t touch this subject with a bargepole and they are two of the biggest loonies on the planet. That must speak volumes about these other dickheads.
    Big thanks to EC for keeping us so well informed. We should all be very grateful.

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    • “Parents differently than most”…oh, is that what they call it now? I didn’t know there was a name for letting your boyfriend batter your children to force them to tell lies.

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    • I wonder if they will speak out when they are older?.
      If they criticise these hoaxers and say what a nightmare it’s all been they’ll just be accused of joining the (imaginary) Cult and having been brainwashed.
      My guess is they will have to change their names and by the time they are 20 years old they would be unrecognizable as to who they were.
      Or they may well become warriors against the on-line false accusers.

      But it’s so unfair.

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    • “Parent[ing] differently” is not generally an acceptable synonym for starving and abusing one’s children, nor for allowing a partner to abuse those children.

      Lie detector tests are unreliable and easy to fool. APD is so desperate to be relevant that she posts lies; c’est la vie.


  13. Let’s hope that Eddie’s crime will not take up the whole day, that Neelu does not play hide & seek in the courthouse again, that Praterson gets arrested for his violent threats & Sabine’s case can get on it’s way again.

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  14. Top notch reporting, El C! Thank you for keeping everyone up to date – the twists and turns of this whole tale would be impossible for a bestselling author of fiction to imagine! Thank you, and above all, please stay safe out there.

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  16. I won’t post it here for obvious reasons but I see Angle has done yet another contemptuous, slanderous, self-incriminating interview, this time with creepy Thomas Dunn 🙄

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    • She illegally names the protected witness numerous times, and launches a really vicious attack on him in the last 15 minutes.

      There are also calls from Dunny the Dunce for people to storm the court! He also lays into and names the witness.


    • Thanks, Tinribs. Watching it now. Angela has been in total overdrive these past 2 weeks, she just can’t shut up.

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      • Never mind naming witnesses which may lead to the children bring identified, they are both quite happy to name the children too. They really do not give a flying fuck about these particular children, do they? These so called ‘campaigners’. They also twist everything including about why someone was charged with contempt of court. Anything to keep pushing the money spinning ‘the whole world is against us’ theme.

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  17. That creepy bloke in Kincorth has posted a death threat to EC too tonight. He can’t be arsed to attend court himself of course – or doesn’t have the bottle to – but has called for her to be killed from the comfort of his grubby little hovel.


  18. Sorry pressed send by mistake!

    Yeah Rebecca, stop with your wittering, allegedly there was a problem with counterfeit €50 notes at one stage……stop licking Angela’s derrière, she is dangerous to get mixed up with & you could end up in Carrick — ——- court or further afield where she could be heading. If you have previous, it won’t do you a lot of good either.


  19. Devine was going on about Praterson being attacked, says Praterson is going to be on that Sean bloke’s show tonight.


  20. I believe in the internet age there needs to be a new law of Criminal Libel (there is in one Australian state- South Australia and a few people have been jailed).

    While reluctant to have any new restrictive law defamation on the net is a quite vicious new way of permanently harming people ie: as in Hampstead, Sandy Hook parents and about 100,000 other examples.

    Libel actions really are for the rich but what about the average citizen?. They are denied justice because of the lack of funds and the notion of suing a “man/woman of straw” could be financially ruinous. 20 years ago a newspaper defamation was published and may have been forgotten a month later. Today we have dreadful lies repeated ad infinitum on the net echo chamber. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be the victim of campaign and even when folk like Cliff Richard are found innocent it doesn’t stop the trolls.

    Lord Leveson recommended a Libel Tribunal be set up for all citizens to access but that was ignored.
    Caddington Village News blogger sued for libel over fraud claims


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