Have Abe and Ella split up?

Readers may recall Abraham Christie’s abortive attempt to start up a Twitter account in September. Tweeting the usual gibberish as @papahemp2, and using a hilariously awful photo of himself clad in traditional Bedouin garb, sitting in front of a symbol representing Bedouin pride, he was gazing intently at the pages of an out-of-date first-year-uni text on biochemistry.

Abraham Christie 2018-09-15 'PapaHemp'

Portrait of a Poser

Apparently we were meant to believe he was reading it.

Abe managed to keep that account open for a whole three days before Twitter give him the old heave-ho.

Instagram Abe

A few days ago, a commenter brought Abraham Christie’s Instagram page to our attention. He started the account on 1 December 2017:Abraham Christie 2018-10-26 Instagram first post.png

Glancing through his account, we were unsurprised to see the usual shots of raw hemp, Abe juicing raw hemp, interspersed with recycled Hampstead hoax-promoting videos (yes, including RD’s children) and the occasional shot of the newly reconstructed “Bedouin Abe” cavorting in Morocco with his “Rawhempstarz” pals. (Becuz thingz iz alwayz cooler when spelt with a z.)

Abraham Christie 2018-10-25 Instagram 1.png

Abe, you look like a tool. Just saying. 

Abraham Christie 2018-10-26 Instagram 3

Abe tries to recapture his long-lost youth. Also, he misspells Joni Mitchell and thinks Woodstock was in 1960.

Abraham Christie 2018-10-25 Instagram 2

Kids…run, do not walk away from “Papa Hemp”. 

Abraham Christie 2018-10-26 Instagram 4

Would you buy a used camel from this man?

Where’s Ella?

Anyhoo…the one thing missing from Abe’s 11 months on Instagram is his partner in crime, Ella Gareeva Draper.

It seems that Abraham has decided to go his own way, off surfing the dudes…er, dunes, and pretending to be young, whilst spouting his usual pseudomystical bananapants theories about the the “rite of sodomy” and the amazing power of raw hemp to magically cure victims of “trauma-based mind control”, yadda yadda yadda.

His Instagram page is full of drivel like this, accompanying one of his friends’ puerile videos about the Hampstead hoax:


Satanism and other occult aspects of the Crown and State Sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control, TBMC Programs are employed to hide the significance of the “Rite of sodomy” the central tenet of TBMC, popularised & promoted by self proclaimed PEDOSODOMITE Aleister Crowley, whereby victims are sodomised using dildos and other implements in order to manually stimulate nerve endings at the base of the spine which in turn activates the pineal gland, giving the victim flashes of cosmic consciousness, “illumination”; also known as the “third eye”and 👁considered to be a portal or”star-gate” to other dimensions, also known as the “seat of the soul”. Repeated manual stimulation causes the victim to become dependent upon exogenous manual stimulation of the Third Eye and thereby become “bound and controlled”. This act is performed before the child is three years of age in order to securely “bind and control”.
Satanism & other occult practices; virtual reality, magick, drugs, alcohol etc. also serve to illicit non credible disclosures should anyone somehow break the trauma based fear conditioning. #hampsteadcoverup
Sattvic/Spiritual practices i.e. Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Qui Gong and certain other “Martial Arts,” prayer and raw vegan, cannabis nutrition etc. are demonised due to their ability to assist the practitioner in endogenous third eye activation.
The pineal gland governs and controls the Endogenous Cannabinoid or Endocannabinoid system, eCS, which is the most important physiological system concerned with establishing and maintaining human health/homeostasis.
The ideal source of the “Essential Nutrients” required to re-establish and maintain functional pineal glands and Endocannabinoid Systems eCS’s is fresh raw Cannabis incorporating the leaves, seeds and flowers in a colloidal* liquid, oil and protein emulsion (milk), as the base of an “Ideal plant based blood transfusion liquid”.#hampsteadjustice

Yes, seriously. Apparently someone does not really grasp the concept of Instagram.

We note he has adopted the Tom Dumb hashtag “#hampsteadjustice”, presumably unaware that opponents of the hoax hijacked it weeks ago…hey ho. Typical Abe, a day late and a pound short.

Meanwhile, over on YouTube, Abe has opened an account called “Papa Hemp” (as opposed to the two accounts he ran with Ella): Abraham Christie 2018-10-26 Papa Hemp YouTube

He seems to be (once again) attempting to revive the Hampstead SRA hoax, only now that Ella is nowhere to be seen, he is free to use the hoax for his own purposes: to sell hemp as a cure for “State-Sponsored Trauma-Based Mind Control”.

We heard it through the grapevine…

We heard rumours last spring that Abe and Ella had split, and we did wonder when Ella released the ill-fated polygraph video, where she’d stashed Abe.

looking at Abe’s current lifestyle, we’d find it difficult to imagine Ella surfing the sand dunes of the Sahara, or adopting the traditional garb or lifestyle of a Bedouin woman:

The roles in a Bedouin marriage are clearly defined. The husband works to bring money for the family to live. The wife cleans, keeps the house and garden tidy, looks after the animals, cooks, brings up the children and makes sure there is always a welcoming fire for guests. She works very hard to make sure that she does a good job for her family….

Bedouin women cover their bodies with long traditional dresses called galabaya. These are usually brightly coloured and patterned. They also cover their hair (and sometimes their face) with a headscarf. This is because of our Islamic faith and also in our culture no man should look to any part of a woman’s body, out of respect. The only man who should see her body is her husband. 

Let’s face it: does this sound like Ella? Yeah, we didn’t think so either.

So where is she, if she’s not in Morocco livin’ the dream with Abe? Our bet is that she’s still sulking around the village in the south of Spain where the two of them fled in 2015, but we’re open to being proven wrong on that. Guesses, anybody?Ella Gareeva 2018-05-04 polygraph copy

95 thoughts on “Have Abe and Ella split up?

  1. fresh raw Cannabis incorporating the leaves, seeds and flowers in a colloidal* liquid, oil and protein emulsion (milk), as the base of an “Ideal plant based blood transfusion liquid”

    I would pay good money many shiny milk-bottle-tops to watch Mr Christie demonstrating the use of this milk-&-marijuana blood replacement on himself.

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    • It’s a nice thought, but I think that when the law catches up with Ella, as it inevitably will, we will discover that she and Abe were equally culpable in this criminal hoax.

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    • Abe’s location and new activities alongside Terri Stewart’s comments do seem to indicate the duo have now parted. Good.

      Ella will try to land herself some man who will rescue her financially, although if she still gets the £1000 a month from Mr Draper, ex banker husband, plus top ups from mum and dad in Russia, she’ll scrape by. I agree at some point she will claim she was also under the control of a violent man and say she had mental health problems if she wants to come back to the UK.

      Abe, on the other hand will try to make a living out of cannabis – the strong variety – while using hemp as a cover. As ever.

      I do fear for the next targettable single woman with children he will want to latch onto for a home and security.

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      • I doubt that Ella is getting any financial support from her ex husband, anymore, what for ?
        Honestly though, if she has any hope of redemption, then she needs to take the steps towards it………….like; returning and owning up to her wrongdoings and then throwing herself on the mercy and temperance of the courts, justice and then, to face whether her children choose to see her at all, which would be the decider if courts are involved in any possible future contact, given their ages now.

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    • If she has cleared her mind, from the control exerted by Abe, realised how she was governed by greed and other ugly motivations above her childrens’ welfare……………….maybe.
      Truth is, tho, there would probably be financial gain for her too…………… imagine the media interest and possible payments for her story, the real story, now that might be more likely to bring her back ! imo…. given what we’ve witnessed, so far.

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      • I really hope she does not come back, for her children’s sake. Let them get on with their lives without the
        stress of her presence resurfacing. I really really really doubt they would entertain her. In any case she is under a gagging order – so she would not be able to milk the case for profit here.

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      • No don’t say that!! No No! If Ella Gareeva could possibly profit financially or benefit somehow as in being forgiven or excused for her terrible treatment of the father of her children I would die!

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        • No I said that ! Look it won’t be up to us, our opinions won’t matter. I’m saying, that even if jailed, if the children wanted to see her, if…… then it might, might, happen. But I don’t know….
          The other day the case was brought up of Sammy Woodhouse, wanting it to be made impossible for a father of a rape victims child to ever be able to have contact, I’m with Sammy, but it is being accomodated and looked into by the local authority………. it was mentioned by some that the childs feelings should be considered too, but anyway, I’m just saying that the way the system works, is that even the worst parents can regain contact if they do the right things, but it does seem more likely for prisoners than for parents whose children are taken into care.
          Ella would have to be brave and I don’t see it in her.
          It’s not a black and white subject, at all.


  2. Abraham has decided to go his own way, off surfing the dudes…er, dunes, and pretending to be young, whilst spouting his usual pseudomystical bananapants theories about the the “rite of sodomy” and the amazing power of raw hemp to magically cure victims of “trauma-based mind control”, yadda yadda yadda.

    Following a well-trod trail.

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  3. Nice digging, EC. The plot thickens!

    And thanks to Grobbers for finding that Instagram page and bringing it to our attention

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  4. By the way, you’re right about Woodstock, EC – as any fule kno, it took place in 1969 – but also, he thinks Joni Mitchell played it?

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    • LOL Hard to say whether he was merely taking the name of the song in vain, or actually trying to claim that in 1960 someone named Joanie Mitchell went to some other event, probably reachable only via wrinkles in the time/space continuum, where she penned the words to a song which would, 10 years later, become the other Joni MItchell’s song about the music festival which Abe was not cool enough to attend.

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  5. Posted by Terri Stewart on 13th September:

    The plot thickens (assuming she’s not talking bollocks, as is her wont)

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    • Just had a quick look at Vunky’s YT page. She’s been posting the children’s names and faces with gay abandon, I see. Oh and after all this time she still thinks that Christ Church is a Catholic church. Gotta love these people’s research skills 🙄

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  6. These comments are all from a ‘paedo-hunter’ video being promoted by Malcolm Ogilvy. The phrase ‘guilty until proven guilty’ springs to mind. And I should point out that these comments were posted while the live ‘sting’ was being broadcast, so many aren’t just psychos venting – they’re actual pleas/suggestions/requests to the ‘hunters’ who’d surrounded the ‘suspect’ in question. I can’t confirm whether they were holding flaming torches at the time…


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  7. Don’t forget to stock up on popcorn this weekend. Based on her attendance last week, I suspect Neelu may be there to heckle.

    In the County Court at Central London, Thomas More Building, Royal Courts of Justice, COURT 60, 9th Floor
    Monday 29 October 2018, 2:00 PM
    Before His Honour Judge Monty QC


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  8. So what’s tonight gonna be about ?
    We have a van dwelling bomber, a synagogue shooting and a helicopter crash. Must be a SevenGate three for one special to stop Bendy Wendy getting her Billions and Trillions owed to her by the entire media industry.
    Maybe more tape transcriptions, if someone’s ears aren’t getting RSI from all the BS.
    Perhaps a guide to the small print in mortgages, about what happens when you default ?
    Oh there’s so much going on in Idiotland right now.

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    • Then there’s Wedgie and his ‘staunch SRA supporter’ Wesley Hall producing the limpest death threat ever seen with the assistance of ex BBC presenter Anna Brees, who is the 9 years since the BBC let her go has amassed a YouTube following of 62 subscribers and models herself as able to train people to film news on their phones. Word from the wise, phones shoot video using solid state digital technology, only film cameras, that take film, can actually film. TV news crews haven’t shot anything on film in decades, even Hollywood is almost entirely digital. Some journalist she must have been, research skills of a jellyfish.

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  9. I can’t stand Neelu….I’ve seen enough of her telling horrific lies regarding Hampstead to know she’s a pathological liar and the rest.

    My father was a pharmacist and quite honestly he was super intelligent but as a pharmacist, he was in the service of others, what was important to him was taking care of others…as a father and husband he honestly used to plead with us, his children, to be kind, considerate and humane…he had zero business savvy, that was my mother’s domain but we children were encouraged to be kind and obviously be good salespeople in his shop, if we let my father down by being judgemental of his customers…he would be very pissed off…. sometimes he’d pick up on something he disliked about our behaviour which he felt was not conducive to good customer relations and be really annoyed…he would literally have a fit if we failed him, he couldn’t bear it if we weren’t kind and considerate…..anyway, I just know neelu is a total fake, her pretence at being a super intelligent pharmacist …No!

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