Yaohirou audio reveals Ella’s poor parenting skills

For the past several days, we’ve been doing the first full transcription of the “Jean-Clement Yaohirou audio”, which Abraham Christie’s brother-in-law recorded the night Abe, Ella, and the children returned from Morocco. During that trip, Abe and Ella had physically and mentally coerced the children to fabricate and repeat a story implicating their father, their entire school, and other Hampstead community members in a fictional “cult” which raped children, tortured and murdered babies, and ate human flesh.

In our last instalment, Abraham startled us by saying—several times—that the alleged tattoos on the “cult members” were unimportant, and could not be relied upon as evidence.

Abraham had only added the tattoo detail to the children’s story to make it more believable to a person he hoped would help publicise it: to wit, Bill Maloney. However, he didn’t want Jean-Clement looking into the issue too closely, as he was fully aware that no such tattoos existed.

In Part 5 of the transcript, Ella begins by describing the problems she had in coping with motherhood.

Ella: Now, just I wanted to come back to the question—I’m bombarding you with information—you ask me how comes I didn’t notice now. I knew something was wrong with children because the way they behave.
J-C: How?
Ella: Because they’re very aggressive to each other, they were aggressive to me…
J-C: You knew your children were aggressive to each other.
Ella: To each other. They were fighting all the time.
Child Q: I was pulling her hair.
Ella: And badly, badly, like once, I didn’t see that, but Child P took like a picture frame and throw onto Child Q’s head. To Child Q’s. She hurt him on his head.
Child Q: Yeah. She…that was the time…there was three times…I was really scared. But she was pretending to hurt me, she was pretending to hit me, but I was really scared, but then it actually happened. Because I got really scared.
Abraham: I see, yeah. What about in Glastonbury where you pulled her by the hair? And you slapped her?
Child Q: Yeah…
Abraham: And Sebastian and I witnessed it.
Child Q: Yeah…
Abraham: And we were pretty shocked.
Child Q: And you were really shocked.
Abraham: At the level of violence in you.
Child Q: Yeah, yeah, I was really violent that time. I used to do that before too, when Child P done…
Abraham: But you don’t do that any more, now do you, thankfully?
Child Q: Sometimes I make trouble, sometimes she makes trouble. Sometimes I snatch her things off her, then she fights to me, I fight back to her.
Abraham: It doesn’t happen any more.
Child Q: Nooo…
Abraham: Does it?
Child Q: Um. N-no, not really. I never pulled her hair in the holidays, never.
Abraham: Well done. I’m very happy to hear that.

Experienced parents may be wondering: what’s so unusual about two siblings fighting? Yet Abraham and Ella both seem surprised that eight- and nine-year-old children would be physically aggressive toward one another.

Note Abraham’s insistence that “it doesn’t happen any more”. Child Q is hesitant to confirm this, but Abraham guides him toward the answer he wants, and then praises him when he answers “correctly”.

Child Q: And since I was with you…like…no, since we were…when you started to live with us, Uncle Hemp, we still done it. But then after a while when we went to Morocco, we stopped to, is that right?
Abraham: I think you stopped doing it before we went on holiday.
Ella: It was before, before.

Child Q confirms with Abraham that this is indeed the answer he wanted, but Abe and Ella tell him that the change in behaviour occurred before they went on holiday.

Child Q: You told me, warned me, you said it’s really bad.
Ella: But before that, just the whole time, they were just progressively getting worse and worse. Now. Misbehaving, in the whole kind of like, it was started from when they were like, really little, so for me it was just norm that they were like misbehaving, they were throwing tantrums all the time, they were fighting, fighting with adults. And we went even for several sessions to Tavistock Centre, they do child psychology. But they were really slow, and they were not really like that helpful, you know. Just listening, you know, uh, school, you know, so I was just constantly looking for solution, I went for parenting courses. So I thought something, I thought I was doing something wrong. And also they were misbehaving at all times, whatever I would say, they would say opposite. Apparently, what they told me that he was teaching them like to, um, undermine everything I’m saying.

While Ella would later claim that it was RD who had to go to the Tavistock Centre to deal with aggression issues, here she admits that she was sent there to deal with her own inadequacy as a parent. She describes her children as constantly misbehaving and “undermining” her, apparently unaware that as a parent, her job was to provide safe limits to help her children learn to contain their aggression.

Child Q: To be aggressive. And Child P is the boss of me. If I was—
Ella: And just…
Child Q: —bigger than her, I would be the boss of her.
Ella: Totally creating troubles. Constantly creating troubles. [Child Q continues to talk over her.] I didn’t really even have a moment, like to look at it, or to put all this kind of whatever I’ve seen, together. And I never been across children who, like…I…I dunno the subject. I never known children who’ve been abused, I know one adult who has been abused, he kind of made public, he’s kind of big figure, but then um…this is it. I’ve heard there are paedophile somewhere out there, but I have no idea, you know, where it came from or how it’s happening. Or maybe it’s happening very underground, very secretly. And, um, so I had no idea about this, you know. Like, if I knew something like that I probably would spot it right away.
J-C: So you felt this is like, child-like behaviour.

Interestingly, Ella claims here that she knows “one adult who has been abused, he kind of made it public, he’s kind of big figure”…we wonder who she could be referring to?

Ella: Yeah, it was like, um…
[they all talk over one another]
Ella: …children, children…
Child Q: You remember that time? Cos Mum, whenever she went into, whenever she meditated, me and Child Q straight away touched each other.
Ella: I mean I was constantly running around. I, uh, single Mum, I was looking, I was looking after them and making food, you know this …
Child Q: And Galya wasn’t clever, our touching, we hid away from her, in a park we, um, said we would go …
J-C: Who’s that?
Child Q: Galya. Galya, my nanny.
J-C: Oh, your nanny.
Ella: No, no, but she’s…
Child Q: Yes. She, um, she, she hardly spotted us touching. ‘Cause when we went to the park, um, um, we go, um “Moi je peu rouler?” … that means ‘Can we go and have a little walk? Uh, myself, and then, um, and also we sometimes run and we like find sticks, and that time, when we run and she’s at the back of us, um, we touch each other that time. So she hardly ever spot us.

Child Q’s description makes us wonder whether he really understands what the adults mean by “touching one another”: he seems to think its an activity which can be done while running in the park ahead of their nanny.

Given that the psychiatrist who examined them during the police investigation stated that neither child had any understanding of the facts of life, it seems quite possible that Child Q is literally thinking about reaching out a hand a putting it on his sister’s arm or shoulder, for example.

Ella: At some point, I did notice they were doing something. Um, once I caught them in the bathroom.
Child Q: You caught, you caught us touching, remember?
Ella: Once I came in the, like in the second bathroom in the old flat, and, um, I saw this, I didn’t see, but I thought when I came in they were doing something. Now what happened then, later, like a couple of days later, I look my phone, in my photographs, and Child Q was filming Child P without her underpants. Really short, like maybe under one minute. And so I had a word with them, looks like they became very skillful at hiding it from me. And, you know, like finding their ways to do that. Or like distracting me, saying that, you know, I’m hungry so I’ll prepare food, they go do it. And that was like kind of one of their tricks. And they developed like signs between them. OK, whenever I’m hungry, or I need to go to the toilet, let’s do that, let’s do that.
Abraham: Let’s go and touch each other. Let’s go and oh, they’d go like this, Mum’s talking, she’s talking, they wouldn’t say a word, she’d go like…
Ella: Behind my back.

Given that Ella says she never actually witnessed any of this activity, we wonder how much of this actually happened. It seems far more like something which she and Abe “brainstormed” during the trip to Morocco.

Similarly, the alleged sign language between the children sounds very much ike an adult fantasy:

Abraham: And they’d go and do sex, maybe go and do sex, or touch each other. Or she’d go like this…
Child Q: Mum, remember when you spot us …?
Abraham: Excuse me.
Child Q: Yes.
Abraham: Or she’d go like this … and then that’s another sign. What does that mean? 
Child P: That means like, say that means: Mum’s not looking, she’s away, we can touch each other.
Abraham: And what is this one? What this one means? Stick out your bum?
Child P: That means: Go to the toilet.
Abraham: Stick out the bum twice?
Child Q: And then, twice …
Abraham: And what does this one mean?
Child Q: That one means, that one means: Be careful of Mum. That one means, that one means: Be careful of Mum. The sticking out the bum TWICE means like, like: Go to the toilet and do it. Or just once, that means … put, put, uh, um, because Papa, Papa learned…
Abraham: Don’t tell me what, tell him what once means: Put poo on our food?
Child P: Yes, because Papa, Papa…
Abraham: Don’t keep talking about the other Papa, right.
Child P: He was learning us.
Abraham & Ella: Teaching us.
Child P: He was teaching us.
Child Q: Signs.
Child P: To put, uh, poo on her food, and her toothbrush.

“Putting poo on people’s toothbrushes”: is this some obscure bit of Satanic lore?

Abraham: Yeah. They took my toothbrush and they wiped it around the toilet. And I kept getting sick, I kept getting the runs and I couldn’t work out why. And then I worked it out. Then I worked it out. And then when I realized they were doing it, I didn’t make a big scene because we already had enough pressure by finding out this. So what I did I kept cool, and I moved my toothbrush from the sink where I normally kept it and I put it into my bag, to let them know I knew what you were doing, I’m not going to make a scene for Mama, do not do it any more. And guess what, they did. They continued to do it to my toothbrush. So I raised it as an issue, and I gave them licks for it. I gave them good licks for it.

By “good licks”, Abraham means that he beat them hard with a spoon, although according to the children fists and boots were also involved. Was this the incident during which Abe beat Child Q so hard on the head that he ruptured his eardrum and gave him a black eye?

Ella: Now the thing is now when I learned about it all, I started to look back and I’ve seen this and now, now I’ve seen what is going on because, for example, when Child P was like really tiny, maybe like under one years old, still in the pram, one time she was, she was like crying for, I don’t know, non-stop for maybe an hour. Like screaming, screaming, screaming … I mean she was fed, she was changed, she didn’t have anything bad to upset her stomach, but she was screaming and screaming and screaming and, um, I think this was maybe the first time he did some sexual thing to her. And, um …
Child P: And remember that time I was in this little baby bed and I was screaming there for hours, for like maybe one hour, and Marsha was there, Marsha still was with you, and then, uh, trying to calm me down, that’s what I remember.

Is Ella really unaware that infants sometimes cry for no discernible reason? Every parent has run into this at one point or another, but most don’t attribute it to their children having been abused by a cult.

Ella: So, and then, kind of like now I could, I could see what’s going on, what was going on … I could recognize it.
Abraham: In hindsight, in hindsight, now you know what’s been going on.


Ella: So I could kind of, in my memory, I could pick out this could mean, must be that, must be that. But, at the time, I had no idea. It’s like I was going to the six weeks, um…Child P: Mum couldn’t even imagine that, Mum couldn’t even imagine that, of Papa doing sex to us and we were killing babies, she couldn’t even, she couldn’t even think of that.
Child Q: And we also, when me and Child P were kicking each others’ privates, I remember…
Ella: But, there, they, they…a couple of times, I think one of them…
Child Q: You remember in Sardinia she screamed, remember in Sardinia when…
Ella: …complained about it.
Child Q: Remember in Sardinia she would say ‘Idiot! Idiot! Child Q is an idiot!’ and then I would scream back at her, ‘Idiot!’ and then I asked her what does ‘idiot’ means, and you told me really, idiot means really really stupid, really stupid. And remember she was shouting, ‘Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!’
Ella: And I remember they were fighting a lot, and provoking me all the time, so it was just constant, constant stress.
Abraham: And making it difficult for you.
Ella: From the moment they woke up, to the school, and after school it was just total stress for me.

So really, this isn’t at all about the children. It’s about how difficult they made life for Ella. Got it.

Abraham: You were really making it difficult for Mama, because who told you to?
Child P: Papa.
Child Q: And also Papa tells Child P to do difficult in the airport, remember? Um, when, the time when…
Child P: Remember when Crystal went to London? But we stay, and we were too late for the flight?
Abraham: Crystal is the dog, Crystal is the dog.
Ella: We mixed up with flights…
Child Q: And Child P was distracting you with sweeties. ‘Can I buy this?’
Abraham: And she made us late for the flight.

So not only does RD inexplicably teach the children to put poo on people’s toothbrushes, but he somehow influences them to make the family late for a flight. Uh-huh.

Child Q: And before, Child P, Child P, Mum, before that, when we was in [inaud.], Mum was like a junkie! She buyed us Mentos, she done, she…
Ella: No! I mean…
Child P: She wasn’t a junkie, she didn’t buy us Mentos, but she bought us this chewing gum…this…
Ella: I just mean things for…
Abraham: (knowingly) Oh, yeah…
Child Q: And Mentos.
Abraham: Tell me about the Mentos, tell me about that.
Child Q: And also she buy us chewing gum.

Ella sounds guilty and evasive as the children grass her up for having bought them a pack of Mentos and some chewing gum. Fortunately, Abraham changes the subject.

J-C: Let’s…So you became aware now. You know.
Ella: Yeah.
J-C: You know about it. So what happened?
Ella: Yeah, so what happened…
J-C: Did you confront the Dad? Ask him about it?
Ella: No, no.
J-C: Why not?
Ella: We, uh…
Abraham: We didn’t know, Jean-Clement. She didn’t know then.
Ella: We only discovered two weeks ago, this whole thing.
Abraham: We only discovered this…
J-C: When you spoke to me?

Once again, the sticky topic of “when did we learn about this?” comes up. According to Jean-Clement’s court testimony, he’d heard from Abraham about the cult allegations beginning in July, but at other points during this three-hour video, the time-frame shifts from mid-August, to 2010, to during the children’s infancy.

Abraham: Jean-Clement, listen to me. We only discovered this…
Ella: Just now, just now…
Abraham: One moment—
Ella: … four weeks ago.
Abraham: I suspected this, listen I had my first suspicions about, almost two months ago, I think maybe a month, almost two months ago, when I first heard his voice on the, on the Skype.
Ella: On Skype, yeah.
Abraham: That was when I had my suspicions. I wasn’t one hundred per cent sure.
J-C: Oh, from the sound of his voice?
Abraham: Yes!
Ella: Uh-huh.

…or possibly they worked it out two months ago, when Abraham heard RD’s voice on a Skype call with the children. Who knows?

Abraham: And also because of the clues I’ve had from the children’s behavior, from them touching the dog…
Child Q: Yeah, we were touching the dog’s privates.
Abraham: And certain other clues.
Child P: Papa also hates Dogs, and he tells us to touch the privates.
Abraham: So, and certain other clues, I began to suspect heavily. And then when we got to Morocco and I realized that they were touching each other on a regular basis, I said to them: You guys are doing this regularly, how come no one’s caught you? Who is touching you? Who? I know someone else is touching you, you’ve learned this from an adult. Who is it, who is it? And then the …
J-C: That’s when they unfolded.
Abraham: Then they opened this up.
Ella: And then we realize it was their dad who did it.
J-C: That’s when it started.

Who knew that when children touch dogs’ private parts, it’s a sign of SRA?

Ella: Yeah. But I’ve knew about that touch each other. That was in the bathroom I caught them about two, two and a half years ago, and since we moved…
Child P: My grandma was with us, though.
Ella: I’d never caught them doing it. But when I came in the room I can see by their behaviour something was going on. And um, maybe twice. And um, so what happened then? Yeah, then we just discovered.
J-C: Okay.

Once again, Ella never actually saw anything happening, but in hindsight was able to infer that because she and Abe had made up a cockamamie story about a cult, the children’s behaviour when she was not looking at them proved that they were being sexually abused, and were acting this out on one another.

To be continued…https://hoaxteadresearch.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/ella-draper-me-time-2016-03-12.jpeg

63 thoughts on “Yaohirou audio reveals Ella’s poor parenting skills

  1. Dumb and Dumber.
    It would seem to me, just guessing of course, that this phony Cult allegation was never ever meant to go further than J-C who Abe, as dumb as he is, seemed to think would have the police credentials to investigate to just the point that RD would freak out completely and think no matter what the truth he might end up in serious trouble and back right off from requesting his rightful visits and thus Abella would be completely free to do as they wished ( I’m also thinking that the habitual criminal Abe saw Ella with her £1000 a month income as a catch which would enable a reasonably easy life in Morocco).

    Instead J-C did the responsible thing and reported it to the real police and the rest is history. Abe & Ella must have completely freaked out when the Big Police were in charge and visited them. They never went near a real policeman or the court which is so telling. Of course Abe had to include the false fact that the local Plod etc were all in on the Cult & thus J-C would not report to the Real Police rather frighten the life out of RD.
    Abe is really dumb but Ella is even dumber.

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    • I think Ella and Abe are the only people truly fooled by their own stupidity. As if you can allege child molestation to a Police Officer, even a voluntary Special, and not have it looked into.

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    • Did you see this, Sam?


      Malky’s convinced* that your mate George Soros was an SS officer during the war; and the fact that Mr. Soros is a Hungarian Jew who was only born in 1930 doesn’t seem to have deterred him.

      *When I say convinced, I mean some random loon posted that it’s true, so Malky assumed it must be. Lest we forget that Malky rarely has any original thoughts of his own and never checks his facts before posting.

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      • Yes it’s on old meme about Soros and the story has been told by him and then used against him. Which is he was 13 and his dad sent him for safety to live with a friend who claimed Soros was his son. That friend was ordered by the SS to collect the possessions of one very rich Jew who had been deported ( as if you could refuse the SS) and Soros accompanied him (now being his son) but was told to hang around in the garden and do child-like things (easy at 13) so as to be inconspicuous which has now been translated into Soros was an SS officer confiscating goods.
        These people who promote these fallacies have no idea what to would be like to live under such a regime. My mother’s parents as socialists were told by someone they wouldn’t be safe in Lithuania when the Nazis came and Grandad was on a hit list so sensibly fled to the UK despite their Jewish friends saying it was nonsense, none of whom survived WW2.
        # My Grandfather told me they faced some criticism in the UK from uninformed souls as being either a spy or nasty Jews who should have stayed and fought but one pub fight on a Saturday night -my Grandfather was 6’6″ and a very good amateur boxer- when he laid out 3 of his criticizers put paid to that & everything was OK for then on !.

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  2. Most family custody disputes are handled civilly in family court. Yes, there are provisions for contempt but in general they are not too onerous. Where the law does come down like a ton of bricks is taking children abroad without consent. You are looking at 7 years in prison and, following a judgement in 2011, if the CPS applies to the DPP you could be facing kidnap which is up to life in imprisonment.

    The simple and more obvious explanation, as has underpinned most commentary on this site, is that Ella realised she wasn’t going to get consent and so cooked up a complete crock of shite so she could flit off the Morocco with loverboy and not face the consequences.

    As in most cases, Occam’s Razor provides the most likely explanation.

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    • And I think it was meant to never go near a court rather to frighten the life out of RD who would back off. While taking children as you describe is very serious now in some ME countries mothers have almost nil rights and the father always prevails as has happened to several mothers when the father has grabbed the kids and fled. But Morocco isn’t one of them and although women have equal rights they would have respected the UK courts and especially RD being the father.
      Abe is so bonkers he did not contemplate the whole shebang going off the rails. I blame over-indulgence in Marijuana !
      (I had a Hemp track suit once and is was heavy and horrible to wear. Maybe it’s improved)

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      • Ella has stated in interviews that the case was never meant to be looked at by the CPS, which backs this theory. I do think that Ella reveals the real reason for the hoax during the J-C audio, when she talks about how she had wanted to go live in the south of France and approached RD in September 2013 hoping that he would sign the papers for her, but instead he began another proceedings to a) prevent her taking the children out of the country to live, and b) increase his level of contact with the children.

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    • Tom struggles to read the small print on the new drop cards. 🙂 He apparently has 1000’s of new cards quoting Winston Churchill who according to Tom said “Men occasionally stumble over the truth but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.”

      According to Quote Investigator:

      ” The earliest published evidence located by QI for a similar quote appeared in Reader’s Digest magazine in 1942, and the words were ascribed to Winston Churchill. Interestingly, the saying was about an individual unnamed man and not about men in general or people in general:

      Occasionally he stumbled over the truth but he always picked himself up and hurried on as if nothing had happened. (Winston Churchill)”

      “An important reference work “Irrepressible Churchill: A Treasury of Winston Churchill’s Wit” was published by Kay Halle in 1966. Halle knew the leader well, and she interviewed him and many of his friends while creating the compendium. Halle stated that the quote was aimed at Churchill’s political adversary Stanley Baldwin who was Prime Minister between 1935 and 1937. The wording given in the reference differed slightly from the version in the Reader’s Digest:

      Occasionally he stumbled over the truth, but hastily picked himself up and hurried on as if nothing had happened.”


      Hence, Tom is now sending out cards with a not entirely accurate quotation ascribed to Churchill and the original quote is more than a bit sarcastic – and guest what? Tom missed the wit. Are we surprised! 🙂

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    • I can only say that when we’re not looking up his nose we’re looking at his bald patch. He needs to go on Anna Brees’ ‘how to be a TV presenter (or something) course’.

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    • “Send money…please buy some of this shit, it’s taking up half my basement and I paid a lot for it…no, seriously, please send me money…Gahd loves us and approves of what we’re doing, so SEND MONEY…”

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      • I well remember my scriptures.
        “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth. And don’t forget to pick up your meek tee-shirts at the merchandising table at the back of the Mount.”

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          • LOL… for those of half of a whit, not 5/8ths of a whit, not 3/5ths of a whit, not even those of 5/16ths of a whit but only those possessing a true measure of half of a whit shall have the scales falling from their eyes

            They shall not recognise the subtlety of the one true religion.. Monty Python…

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          • I don’t know if the Greek will inherit the Earth but he’s certainly taken a step in the right direction by unfriending and blocking the Scotsman Who Shan’t Be Named 😁

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  3. Excellent post EC

    From reading your very helpful transcription of the audio a number of things strike me.

    Firstly we know that there is a pattern of Abe and Ella shirking responsibility for their own criminal behaviour while they both accuse completely innocent people of terrible crimes.

    We know that the crimes in their false allegations include crimes that they are guilty of themselves, e.g. torturing children, administering drugs to children, brainwashing (mind control) of children and using children as shills / assets in complex long cons. Also arguably, given the enemas imposed upon the children by Ella, the possible sexual and / or ritual abuse of children.

    Much of Abe’s violent behaviour has heavily ritualised elements and also elements that one finds in abusive cults. Abe’s use and threats of using a spoon (a symbol of domesticity and nourishment) as a weapon, a phallic extension is symbolically interesting. The spoon becomes a fetishised expression of Abe’s sadism and perversion of nurturing and parenting. The use of repetitive chanting by the children about killing babies and the other usual themes reflects the repetitive chanting commonly experienced in abusive cults, that can leave people in a highly suggestible state and vulnerable to all kinds of undue influence including false memories. The children being forced / coerced to meditate for prolonged periods is also a common feature of abusive cults as if can also leave people in a highly suggestible / vulnerable state.

    The truly astonishing thing is that after enduring many hours of attempted brainwashing and torture at the hands of Ella and Abe these two children are actually a lot tougher and more resilient than most adults. After only a brief period of engagement with police and social services the children quickly recant their false allegations and describe the abuse they endured from Abe and Ella. They are two tough kids and I have immense respect for them. One of their parents at least must have given them some good secure parenting at some point in their early lives. Somehow I don’t think it was Ella.

    Now some other things strike me.

    Abe is anxious to get the kids to talk to J-C about how they allegedly violently assaulted one another. What was Abe’s motivation for this?

    Given that Abe has a long history of violent assaults, including on his own son, I have a provisional hypothesis that Abe violently assaulted the children at various times and left marks that others might see and was attempting to establish a trail of false accounts that would implicate the children in assaulting each other, thus taking the heat off Abe. It has been reported that Abe has sometimes left marks and bruises on children when he abused them. If Abe and Ella were feeling the heat from social services about the abuse and neglect of the children it would make sense for Abe to attempt to cover up his misdeeds by accusing someone innocent, as is his default mode.

    Secondly, it is important to notice that Ella claimed that she found a short video of a very young child’s private parts on her phone.

    “Ella: Once I came in the, like in the second bathroom in the old flat, and, um, I saw this, I didn’t see, but I thought when I came in they were doing something. Now what happened then, later, like a couple of days later, I look my phone, in my photographs, and Child Q was filming Child P without her underpants. Really short, like maybe under one minute. And so I had a word with them, looks like they became very skilful at hiding it from me.”

    It is entirely possible that it is all a complete lie and that no such footage exists, however given Abe and Ella’s MO I believe that we should hold in our minds the possibility that such a clip existed at some point and that, as is the usual strategy, Ella is blaming the children for a crime committed by someone else.

    We should be mindful that the vile criminal networks that Ella has been involved with via her Man-Eater Academy solicit “compromat”, not just once but over the time that the person is involved with them. To have attained the dizzying heights of being an admin for such a group Ella would have had to submitted some very compromising material.

    We should be mindful that multiple indicators and circumstantial evidence are not proof. However speculative theories should be held in the mind as possibilities and used in the development of provisional hypotheses subject to further data being obtained and analysed.

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    • “Ella: Once I came in the, like in the second bathroom in the old flat, and, um, I saw this, I didn’t see, but I thought when I came in they were doing something. Now what happened then, later, like a couple of days later, I look my phone, in my photographs, and Child Q was filming Child P without her underpants. Really short, like maybe under one minute. And so I had a word with them, looks like they became very skilful at hiding it from me.”

      I would be interested to know how long ago Ella lived at “the old flat”

      Also, for clarification, my provisional hypothesis is that Ella may be providing the above account as a way of deflecting blame and culpability regarding any illegal / compromising material that could hypothetically be on her I-phone.

      I do not know exactly what kind of material it might be, or the identity of any child who might feature in it but I notice with interest the narrative we are invited to believe which goes something like; “Those damned kids and their obviously satanic tendency of creating indecent films / photos of other children!”

      Which frankly I do not buy for one millisecond.

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    • I have a provisional hypothesis that Abe violently assaulted the children at various times and left marks that others might see and was attempting to establish a trail of false accounts that would implicate the children in assaulting each other, thus taking the heat off Abe.

      The one issue I would have with this is that Abe was quite insistent that the children tell J-C that they stopped this “aggressive behaviour” once he came on the scene. I think he wanted to establish his position as saviour of the family, the guy who was able to come in and take control of the unruly and “aggressive” children, and get them to disclose their participation in/victimisation by the alleged cult.

      However, this meant that the bruises, cuts, and contusions which are obvious on the children’s faces during the interviews they made en route back from Morocco could only have come from Abe or Ella. Bit of a double bind he got himself into, there.


      • EC, I understand that Abe claimed to have stopped the children violently assaulting each other. Yes, he obviously desires to portray himself as the saviour of the children and of countless babies.

        This is irrelevant in relation to my hypothesis because Abe is a liar who contradicts himself all the time, as all your recent, excellent hard work on the audio recordings demonstrates quite clearly.

        It is quite evident that Abe is a violent, controlling, sadistic psychopath who projects his own depraved and perverted theories onto innocent people including the children at the centre of the hoax.

        It is also very clear that he loves to plot and scheme and to develop complex narratives by which he aims to elevate his own persona and denigrate that of others. It is also obvious that Abe’s aspirations are not matched by his intellect as he makes repeated mistakes and his plots and schemes only implicate him further and are evidence of his crimes.

        We know from reading the court documents that Abe and Ella tortured the children. We know that teachers were very concerned that the children were malnourished and scavenged food from bins.

        In the audio recordings Abe repeatedly tells J-C that the female child especially needs to be controlled and monitored closely as she is likely to do all kinds of terrible things if left to her own devices. This suggests that, even though he may claim that the children’s alleged violence stopped when he arrived, he is keeping to door open to make further claims of the children violently assaulting one another. He claims that they eat babies, so what is a little punching, slapping and hair-pulling on top of the baby eating?

        We know that Abe tortured the Hampstead children and that he has a long history of violent assaults on others, including his own son. We know that he leaves marks and that he has concerns about the marks being seen.

        In the piece, in progress, I shared with you comparing the treatment of the Hampstead children to that of children accused of kindoki, we were able to see many similarities between the abuse of those children, especially Victoria Climbié, and the abuses inflicted on the Hampstead children.

        The work you have done on the audio recordings, in my opinion, makes these comparisons even more stark and tangible.

        I think the narrative we have here is one of a neglectful, abusive mother and her violent psychopathic boyfriend and their torture of innocent children under the veneer of a religious battle against the forces of satanic evil.

        It is a narrative as old as the hills unfortunately and not uncommon. All over the world innocent people, most of them children and frail elderly women, are tortured and even murdered by deranged mobs who believe them to be witches or in league with the devil. It happens every day, really it does.

        What makes this case different is that the abusers are white (at least I think so. Abe keeps referring to himself as black, but this sounds very Ali G to me), live in a developed country and have new age rather than pentecostal / evangelical / syncretic African / Christian beliefs.

        Of course racists love to claim that it is only in Africa and other developing continents that black and brown people torture, lynch and burn innocent people alive because of accusations of witchcraft / satanism.

        The truth, as evidenced by the Hampstead hoax, is that skin colour and race bear no relation to the potential for frenzied mobs of people to grab the nearest noose or pitchfork and go a witch hunting.

        Burning innocent people as witches for imaginary crimes has a long and inglorious history in Europe and many genocides, including the Holocaust, used the imagery of the “other” drinking the blood of babies in order to rouse the masses into a murderous rage.

        I survived terrible abuse as a child and I have to say that reading the transcriptions of Abe’s behaviour, bullying and accusations brought back memories of my own childhood and I found it extremely distressing to read.

        Abe is just a common or garden, violent perverted child abuser who gets a lovely warm feeling in his tummy (and no doubt other regions also) from inflicting pain and misery on those who cannot defend themselves.

        Both Ella and Abe deserve very long jail sentences as do the various entrepreneurs who are circling, like vultures, around the hoax and attempting to monetise it while inflicting further abuse and pain on two completely innocent children and their long suffering father.


    • “Nicole Kidman’s a paedo…Tom Cruise is a paedo…Richard Branson’s a paedo…Billy Graham was a paedo…The Queen of England is sacrificing children…Let’s talk about these fake bombs…Wherever George Soros is, there is human trafficking…He was a Nazi…”

      Christ, this is painful.

      Plus is it just me or is Krappy on something?

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    • Such a professional broadcast, especially considering the sensitive nature of the subject matter. Krappy spends the entire show cutting Fiona off, talking over her and rambling like a buffoon; they both repeatedly commit libel (without an ‘allegedly’ in sight); and at 33:55 Fiona nips off mid-sentence for a piss. Richard and Judy eat your hearts out!

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      • And from 36:54 they decide to film themselves sideways for no apparent reason. Good to see them taking the topic of child abuse so seriously.

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      • Why would they use the word “alledgedly” when no one is gonna sue them? Fact is they can slander and libel anyone they please and get away with it. Until someone takes them to court (which will cost a lot of money) they will continue to do this. These people all have the same personality defects in that they are extreme narcissists who believe they are extremely talented actors, artists and musicians. This is the only way they can get the recognition they feel they deserve. Why some rich person doesn’t drag them into court i do not understand.

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    • OMG, Barnett & Kappy. What a duo. This obsession that everyone is a pedo is just bizarre. Is it because they are such ordinary and uninteresting people that they feel threatened by anyone who has become a star?.

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      • I knew you’d get a kick out of this one, Sam, not to mention a few eye rolls (and I’m putting that mildly, I bet). LOL


  4. I reckon George Greek Trucker has the right idea for once and I propose copying him. Who’s with me?

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