Abe still trying to court Brian Harvey

It’s been a few weeks since we last checked in on Abraham Christie’s hilarious Instagram page, and we weren’t really expecting to find much of interest, other than the smarmy little bully’s usual Desert Cosplay routine. 

We were pleasantly surprised, then, to discover that Abe has been busy on the one social media channel that’ll still have him. 

Remember kids, if this man asks if he can show you his wares, run and tell a grown-up. 

Brian Harvey, won’t you please come play?

We noted with some amusement that Abe is still waving madly in hopes of grabbing the attention of Brian Harvey, apparently unaware that that ship left the harbour months ago. Still, as we all know, Abraham has never allowed mundane things such as “facts” or “reality” to stand in the way of his deranged fantasies. 

“I know, I’ll make him think I sympathise with his persecution…that’ll win him over for sure!”

Abe is still clinging desperately to his “Leon Brittan tattoos” narrative, apparently unaware that when he inserted “tattoos” into the story he forced his girlfriend’s children to repeat, he was sending up a red flag which scared Bill Maloney off for good.

Maloney, as we know, was the one who embroidered upon Andrew Ash’s description of Brittan’s alleged birthmark. So seeing his own lie bouncing back to him via the Hampstead SRA hoax was all the signal that Maloney needed to exit, stage left. 

Nonetheless, Abe just can’t seem to stop harping on his fantasy, presumably in hops of winning Brian Harvey over to his side: 

Excellent investigative job by BRIAN HARVEY.
SHILLS Bill Maloney; BRIAN ‘U.K.Column GEERISH; Chris”Snuff movies🎥”Fay; IAN ‘Madam Butterfly’ 🦋 “I know lots of ‘BENT’ Masonic policemen & Talmudic crypto jews” Pedosodomite PUDDICK; Sunday EXPRESS Newspaper reporter James Fielding; AND ‘Longest ever serving’ CHILD ABUSE UNIT ‘Police’Officer JoNathan ‘Numnuts’ sic.WEDGER and others, CONSPIRE TO PERVERT THE COURSE OF “JUSTICE” by ‘manipulating/bullying/pressuring crédible yet vulnerable,( after a life-time of sexual enslavement ) ‘Operation Fernbridge’ ‘LEON BRITTAN TATTOO’ witness/survivor Andrew Ashworth in the “ATTEMPTED” COVER UP OF LEON BRITTAN’S HAMPSTEAD DEVIL GROIN TATTOO! 
Hey Presto👁 #Abracadabraham 💥 [ ] It’s NOW a birthmark)⁉️ 🎯.HOAXTED ‘THE CULT’ have spent an inordinate amount oof time & energy ‘attempting’ to COVER UP “Imaginary” TATTOOS. 👁 Thanks for BLABBING about LEON BRITTAN’S ‘DEVIL, TATTOO on his “groin”/genitalia SHILL BILL! We couldn’t have worked it out without YOU! MALONEY, GERRISH & WEDGER Also SAT on the HAMPSTEAD TATTOO evidence for months before GERRISH was compelled to cover the case.🐢 NUMNUTS JoNathan Wedger still maintains his innocence; although he’s been plugging the LEON BRITTAN BAPHOMET GROIN TATTOO LEAK since the late 1970’s till early 1990’s North Wales Child Abuse & ELM GUEST HOUSE Scandals
….<#hampsteadcoverupuncovered#hampsteadcoverup see Andrew’ s Express interview on Brian Harvey’s YouTube Channel 👁Please note Andrew’s apprehension as FAY moves around the table to sit beside him, on MALONEY’S whispered instructions AND note Andrew’s “Trauma Based Mind Controlled” #pedosodomitedeathcult ‘glitch’ after he tells the LIE about a ‘birthmark’ which pertains to another politician way back in the 1970’s in Amsterdam#jimmysaville #jimmysavile @super_____m @ian_puddick @justice4brianharvey #pedosodomitedeathcult💥

Yes, it’s a shambolic mess. You expected maybe Shakespeare?

Nevertheless, here are a few highlights: 

  • Abe seems to have read our post in which we identified Jon Wedger; prior to this, Abe had no clue who he was, and referred to him as “notorious police informant” Nathan Wedger. Aby, you could at least credit your sources, old man. 
  • Funny how Abraham accuses this blog (“the cult”, LOL) of attempting to cover up the tattoo issue. Perhaps Abe has forgotten his conversation with Jean-Clement Yaohirou, in which he stated, “It doesn’t prove anything….It doesn’t prove anything. I can put that on my private parts. It doesn’t prove anything. Tattoo doesn’t prove anything, Jean-Clement….what I’m telling you is that as evidence, it proves nothing…. That’s what I’m saying. It proves nothing. Gosh, those pesky audio recordings. Who knew they might come back to bite Abe in his scrawny wrinkled arse one day?
  • Trying to convince Brian Harvey that Andrew meant “tattoos” and not “birthmarks” is unlikely to work. Abraham forgets that Harvey was present during that interview. He saw what happened, and he’s not a stupid man—he already knows that Abe, like so many others, is trying to use his celebrity status to push his own sleazy agenda. 

As for the emoticons and demented hashtags littering Abe’s weak attempt, all we can say is “old man + new iPhone = sad little noob”. 

Oh, and while we’re on the subject…

We speculated a while ago that Ella had finally realised that Abraham was a liability, and had dumped him. Turns out we were right…which somehow makes Abe’s bleating about “pedosodomite death cults” and another man’s children all the more pathetic:

44 thoughts on “Abe still trying to court Brian Harvey

  1. Thanks, JB! I’ve added your find to the post. Abe reminds me of a snake with his head lopped off—still twitching and squirming, but all to no avail, since he cannot even claim that he’s working to “save” his girlfriend’s children now.

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  2. I’ve noticed his attempt to latch onto our friend Dunn, as well.

    Wonder how Dunny would feel if he knew that Scripture-spewing Abe is also play-acting at being a devout Muslim these days? Whoops.

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  3. “News has reached the American public”?. Just because the members of Nutcase Central have finally twigged to the hoax does not necessarily mean the vast US public will rise up in arms.

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  4. Reblogged this on Flo Destroyer and commented:
    Like a rat up a drain pipe, Abe Christie in desperate mode trying to latch on to anyone who has uttered his name, recently Eddie Isok has also been in direct contact with Abe and also he has been pinning his hopes on the self proclaimed Satan fighter Thomas Dunn to push his narrative and fulfill his need to continue abusing children who have already escaped his clutches once. The man with a history of abusing children can’t seem to help himself. What’s worse is this abuse by proxy and his sick indulgence in his own fantasy is being willingly and gleefully carried out by the likes of Dunn and Isok, helping to satisfy this deeply disturbed, repugnant abuser’s sinister and evil needs.

    This article highlights the desperation of an abuser desperate to continue his abuse by proxy.

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  5. Abe is cosplaying Dune, hence the desert-chic outfit. Now Ella’s dumped him, what’s he got left? He can’t control any of it now, so best attach himself to anyone who seems to be better resourced and keep himself in the game. Any bets on how long it’s going to be before Ella turns on him and accuses him of brainwashing her?

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  6. So the period ages ago when Free The Hampstead 2 and various other Abe accounts went silent for months is when they split then. Thought that would be the case. They literally dropped off social media until Ella’s bogus lie detector video recently cropped up.

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  7. I wonder how Ella put it to him….(lay me down easy), because he thinks he is so smart lol, yet again she (the mother), has used someone for her own means.

    Love is Blindness…this goes out to you abegollum……

    😉 enjoy

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  8. I’m always amazed that the many worldwide members of The Mob fall so easily for internet claptrap. It seems Facebook have been deliberately encouraging the demonization of George Soros by hiring a PR firm to do exactly that.
    I think this is big and will explode into a full blown scandal and In the long run it may lead to better policing of Facebook and the way they allow blatant libels to flourish.

    “Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis”

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  9. Oh, if/when Ella is arrested, I expect that to be her first line of defence. Won’t wash, as everybody has seen how caring and concerned she’s been about her children since they were removed from her care.


  10. Yes, I think the first clue was that Abe didn’t play a starring role in that video. I think by then Ella had twigged that he was a serious albatross around her neck, and dumped him post-haste.

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  11. What is funnier is that most of those 299 views have been from people who read this site and/or Quatloos forum members!

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  12. Maybe Abe wasn’t happy about Ella’s clanger she dropped while speaking to Nathan Stolpman. He went really quiet after that.

    She blew her and Abe’s lies apart by telling Nathan that her ex-husband wasn’t in the “Cult” and stated she must have said that under duress. However, she must have forgotten the fact the children had said to the Police that he was, meaning they must have been coached to say that!

    Perhaps Abe dumped Ella.

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  13. 7 long years and nobody wants the “Whistleblower Pharmacist” reinstated, yet she still doesn’t get the message… sigh.

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  14. Yes, Abe reiterates that lie in the Jean-Clement audio as well. He must have been fuming when she let slip that they’d been lying, and had forced the kids to lie too! 🤥


  15. This seems significant.
    The Hampstead matter has now been heard twice in the UK High Court and RD has been declared innocent and the ghastly affair a nasty hoax. Yet people still try and seek funds from the gullible public to “investigate” which is tantamount to fraud. There are probably complicated laws at play here but is there little difference between Hoaxtead and this case?.

    Bearing in mind Paypal recently banned “Tommy Robinson” from receiving donations from it’s platform. I do have a long time pal who is very high up in Paypal and I asked her why this happened. Although she wouldn’t go into to details she said there are a whole host of possible problems connected with someone like Robinson using Paypal especially in litigious USA: some factors- despite claims his “freedom of speech” was being curtailed Paypal lawyers worried that if Robinson and supporters were making spurious claims about all manner of innocent people and the public was urged to donate money to him via Paypal they could be implicated in a fraud and be liable to not just criminal laws but lawsuits from an aggrieved member of the public. And the biggie which is a killer in the USA : wire fraud which entraps so many scammers. ( RICO laws are another).

    I can see little difference with Thomas Dunn selling t-shirts in the USA on the back of Hampstead. We know his ignorance is astounding given he thinks the Savile affair was ignored by the British media.

    Recall Bellender came to grief with a charity raising funds for an alleged fugitive ( I can imagine a certain Irish lady who begs donations & then flits off to Spain for holidays being in the frame).
    I’ve always thought that RD’s kids have a huge compensation case awaiting and platforms that know money is being transferred to the hoaxers could be legally liable: which is why RD or any public member should always write to them so they cannot deny they were not alerted.
    ( My Adelaide friend who won a long case against Google is suing them again because links to the original libel keep popping up and the judge recently dismissed Google’s claim they did not know as she was able to show she had alerted them many times which they ignored)

    “Shameless GoFundMe couple and homeless veteran who scammed well wishers out of $400,000”


  16. How much of Neelu’s moaning is due to a mental health problem or just blatant fibs?. She claims Melanie Shaw is being transferred to a secure criminal mental health facility & reckons Shaw has served two terms for starting a “garden” fire. Garden shed attached to a house is more like- a house with a family sleeping in it. A blatant distortion of the facts.

    If Mr Orphanides, pal of APD thinks Neelu will help aid Aliens stage an invasion on behalf of The Elites he shouldn’t worry. She’ll probably direct them to the wrong planet or solar system.


  17. Angie: your prayer is important to us and will be answered as soon as an operative who gives a flying fuck about anything you have to say becomes available…

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  18. To be fair, a lot of the troofers have been saying about Melanie being transferred to a mental health facility this week. I can’t swear it’s true but it’s not just Neelu saying it.

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  19. “RD has been declared innocent”

    Well said, Sam. That was made very clear by the High Court fact-fining report. If only the fruitloops could grasp that very simple concept but I guess they’re too busy watching porn on X Hamster and dressing up as their mothers on Facebook. I’m not thinking of anyone in particular there, those are just random examples.

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  20. “Wernher von Braun did say, shortly before his death in 1976, that the elites would do this as a final play.”

    This led me down an entertaining little rabbit-hole. The source turns out to be a crazy lady called Carol Rosin, who claims to have been von Braun’s spokeswoman in the mid-70s, when he mentored her and warned her about False Flag operations that would be used to justify the militarisation of space. Because in her world, von Braun was only ever interested in peace. She only remembered his warnings recently. He never bothered to record them elsewhere.

    Rosin is a colleague of our old friend Alfred Lambremont Webre: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Alfred_Webre#Institute_for_Cooperation_in_Space_.282001-2011.29

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