The demented world of Anthony G. Pike

If you’re ever bored and looking for a hit of fruitloopery of the most deranged variety, there’s always the Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike’s Blog of Bizarreness.

There you will find the (literal) cave-dwelling knuckle-dragger dispensing nuggets of wit and wisdom to troofers who subscribe to his extensive email list, like some sort of delusional, homophobic, sexist agony aunt. Er, uncle.

Over the past few days, the Reverend Doctor (is he really either? we hae our doots) has been focusing on Ella’s recent polygraph video:

Pike re Ella video 2018-05-06 .png“World-renown polygraph expert”…yes, he really says that. And then he advises his readers to thwart Abe and Ella’s obvious money-making scheme by putting the video up on YouTube, in order to bypass Amazon’s annoying requests for “moolah”.

However, Deborah Mahmoudieh steps up to let Pike know that “Proceeds from the video are paying for legal fees to fight the case in court”.Mahmoudieh to Pike 2018-05-06Debs doesn’t bother to explain how Ella plans to “fight the case in court”, given that the last time she tried that she was denied leave to appeal, so there is no case to fight. However, we know that reality is not Debs’ strong suit, so perhaps somewhere in the farthest reaches of her mind that makes sense.

Next up is our old friend the differently sane Penny Pullen, who appears to be having a worse day than usual.

Penny to Pike 2018-05-06 2She offers to send the judge in Pike’s upcoming court case (about which we’d like to know more, if anyone feels like doing a bit of digging) a “big heart blast” which “could help change his dark energy into light”, because she is just that powerful. Pike to Penny 2018-05-06We’re not sure where either Penny or Pike dredged up the story about RD’s religious views; perhaps Penny dowsed it?

However, Pike expresses some consternation regarding Jake Clarke’s upcoming court appearance this Friday, Sabine’s failure to get bail last week, and the reappearance of Arfur Kaoutal (who has already had at least three Facebook strikes since his return, bless him).

And finally, Pike breaks the bad news to Ella:

Pike 2018-05-06 1Too bad about the fundraising attempt, Ella owes it to the whole world, not just those who can afford Amazon Prime, to share the amazingness of her three-question monosyllabic polygraph test as widely as possible. We’re sure she and Abe will be delighted at this news.

And then, irony of ironies, Pike directs his readers to the copy of the video which we put up…and tries to claim that we are “getting frantic as more and more people are getting to know about the vid”. Sure, Tone, whatever you say.

He says we’re “trying to ridicule the whole thing as just a bogus money spinner for Ella & Abe”…which Deborah Mahmoudieh has stated quite clearly is, in fact, the case!

And then he follows up with some lovely death threats, which could at least partially explain why he’s no longer welcome in this country, and has been attempting to seek asylum in places like Ecuador once he’s deported from India, a fate which he appears to believe is inevitable:

Pike Asylum Ecuador 2018-05-06 .pngBest of British luck on that one, Tony. And do let us know how that trial thingy comes out. We’re all ears! CW_fruitcake

31 thoughts on “The demented world of Anthony G. Pike

  1. Asylum Inquiry

    April 14, 2018


    To: ecuembdlh (
    Date: Sat, 14 April 2018 08:44:30 +0530

    Dear Ambassador Villagomez, This is a preliminary enquiry concerning the possibility of seeking sanctuary in your beloved Lorenzo Ponce Hospital

    Fixed that for you Tony…
    “The Hospital Psiquiatrico Lorenzo Ponce is a psychiatric hospital in Guayaquil, which is the largest and most populous city in Ecuador”

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  2. Very handy that the Rev Pike to put all his prejudices and insanity online for Ecuadorian immigration officials to access as they reach for the “rejected” stamp.

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    • I’m not sure being unable to afford to re-new your British passport is classed by the UN & Ecuador as a good reason for asylum. Just what one the country needs: a potless unemployable scrounger with a limited IQ.

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    • I’m sure the Indian authorities will be overjoyed with his comments too, especially when his trial comes up.

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  3. This Pike creep isn’t the jovial innocent he likes to portray himself as. A cursory glance of his website shows he is a nasty racist. I shall sending the judge a “big heart blast” as well to alert him to Pike’s vile racist comments about Pakistani born people. The judge may like to hear that this visitor to their country which has religious freedom and about 127 followers of Islam thinks “in a demo(n)cracy Muslims breed like rabbits,”.

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    • As well as praising the rise of a new Hitler like priest in Poland while lamenting that “Hitler” is banned from visiting the UK to attack Muslims. Pike is an equal opportunity racist as Jews come in for the same malicious comments. He may think he’s a Christian but JC had words to say about hypocrites like him who take his name in vain.
      # must stop slipping down Pike’s rabbit hole of nastiness.

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    • His nasty comments about Pakistanis and Muslims will endear him to his mate Deborah Mahmoudieh, I’m sure. I just hope his flak jacket’s in good nick.

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  4. Hilarious!

    Thanks for sharing, EC.

    By the way, if Pikey’s so enamoured by the Ella video and so convinced of its validity, I wonder why he’s inserted the words ‘con job’ into the audio link.

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    • Actually it turns out that the link he’s provided is invalid anyway:

      By the way, I’ve tried it with both a lower case ‘L’ and an upper case ‘i’ in between the ‘G’ and the ‘B’:

      And I’ve tried it without the ‘s’ in the ‘https’:

      So there are four possibilities as far as I can tell:

      1. He’s moved the file.
      2. He’s deleted it.
      3. He’s just inserted the ‘conjob’ thing into the link for shits and giggles (ho ho ho, Ant, you’re too funny – yawn). But no – if you take it out, you still get an error message.
      4. He’s completely made up the URL, and by implication the existence of said file in his drive.

      But whichever one of those it is, he seems blissfully unaware that it results in the people he’s supposedly sharing the file with being unable to access it. D’oh! Ella must be so pleased to have this genius fighting her corner for her 🙂

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      • “…he seems blissfully unaware that it results in the people he’s supposedly sharing the file with being unable to access it.”

        Or does he? Maybe that’s the point, especially if he believes the video to be a “con job”. Those “alphabet agencies” pay their deep state undercover shills well, you know 😉

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          • His blog is extreme and bizarre, I do wonder if he is actually some sort of super troll. He seems determined to throw spanners into everyone’s works.


          • If he’s a super troll, he’s very determined, he’s been sprouting the exact same stuff since about 2008 that I’ve found….


          • I think he goes back far further than 2008 Steved.

            This is from 1991:
            I was told that the famous astronomer, Patrick Moore, was warned by MI5 that if he wanted to get on in life he better keep quiet about the alien bases he’s seen on the moon. I was also informed that there are 1000’s of live aliens among us on the earth; & that the aliens are divided up into 5 groups, ie. the human-looking ones, the 12 ft. Giants, small cat-eyes (or vertical-slit pupiled reptilian-eyed beings such as the saurian greys – Branton), wiry aliens & gnome-type aliens. Many of the aliens, however, are living in vast underground bases… Some of the more evil types, such as the ’Greys’ are also working hand in glove with the US Government on advanced genetics & mind control. This Secret Government is seeking to control & manipulate the human race for its own end.


            It is a long page. you’ll have to search for his name. It does include his old address, which is in South Harrow (I won’t reproduce it here in case someone else lives there now).


  5. Speaking of psychiatric hospitals, Debs has nobly announced she won’t be profiting off her supernatural encounters. Perhaps she has been inspired by Princess Neelu who seems to be going down the financial drain the closer Planet Nibiru gets to Earth.

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  6. “And then he follows up with some lovely death threats…”

    …Which, as per their wont, the fruitloops will pretend didn’t happen, will never comment on and will certainly never condemn, whilst all the while ranting and raving about our non-existent death threats to them (without ever providing a single link or screenshot to any of them). It’s the Hamphoaxer way. Bless ’em

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  7. Do you reckon Deborah’s getting her info’ from Ella’s sooper-seekrit Farcebook group, EC?


  8. Judging by several remarks she’s made in her recent videos, Anthony’s fellow fruitcake Neelu won’t exactly be overjoyed with his comments about India!

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  9. For some reason Anthony Pike reminds me of Kane Slater. I think they have much in common.


  10. Since the first time that name was mentioned here I have had the feeling that I have come across it before.

    I am going back 15 plus years, but I believe Rev Pike may have been a resident of Cornwall. He had his own imaginary church. He liked to write letters of complaint to certain organisations one of which I was the manager. The fact that he is a racist adds more weight to the above.

    What a strange and small world we live in.

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