James B. Gilmore: The fraudster diaries

Yesterday we discussed the so-called “International Tribunal for Natural Justice” (ITNJ), which plans to run a “Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse” in London next month. We noted that delving into this organisation was like taking a nose-dive down a never-ending rabbit-hole of crazy—which it is—and hinted that the ITNJ, its parent organisation “Humanitad”, and its puppet-master Sacha Stone seem to have been involved in some rather shady dealings.

The many lives of James B. Gilmore

Today we’re going to take a look at one of Sacha’s many associates, the late “Ambassodor-at-Large for the Republic of Liberia” (no, that’s not a typo, bear with), who also happened to hold the distinguished title of “Chairman of the Global Monetary Authority”, an august organisation which has long existed only notionally in the minds of a few economists.

As in, “We need a global monetary authority, too bad we don’t actually have one”.James Bernard Gilmore LinkedIn 2018-03-27

Mr Ambassodor, for so he styled himself on his Facebook page, apparently popped his clogs last autumn, much to the distress of Sacha and his friends.

Here he is in happier days, at Hurlingham (which for those not in the know is a rather spiffy private club in London):

Ambassodor James Gilmore 2018-03-27 FBAnd here he is with Sacha, the Queen of Hawaii, and friends, at the rather opulent-looking Humanitad HQ in London, aka Sacha’s flat:

Sacha Stone + James Gilmore 2018-03-27Yes. The Queen of Hawaii. Who knew?

We found this bio of Mr Ambassodor on Before It’s News (or BIN, as we like to call it):

James Bernard Gilmore was born in 1932, in Monrovia, Liberia, of missionary parents from Tennessee in the United States of America.  His father died shortly thereafter of Malaria, which resulted in his mother moving back to Tennessee with her newborn son. Once back in America his mother registered James as a US citizen in the state of Tennessee.

Ambassador Gilmore has lived in many places from Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Zurich, Geneva (Switzerland), Freetown (Sierra Leone), West Germany during the “cold-war” and London.  From 1996 until 2001, he was a diplomatic representative to the Republic of Sierra Leone as official Trade Negotiator.

Since December 2005, Ambassador Gilmore has represented the Republic of Liberia as Ambassador-at-Large for and on behalf of the Republic, with the remit to seek out commercial relationships and opportunities.

Gilmore’s profession from the 1990s was based in both finance and economics. He has worked with clients of varying definitions to include Royalty, politicians, MI5, MI6, Mossad, and the CIA.  He was granted a Top Secret clearance by the U.S. Army in his position as deputy head of M-3 (intelligence) of the world’s first Atomic Artillery organization.

It goes on (and on) but you get the idea.

Despite living such a demonstrably full and busy life, apparently Mr Ambassodor somehow managed to squeeze out time to write a five-volume series of books, titled The Bankster Diaries, comprising a prolonged treatise on all that is wrong with the modern banking system…with side trips into things like U.S. President Eisenhower’s alleged treaty with aliens (don’t ask).

And Mr Ambassodor would have good reason to bear a bit of a grudge against the financial and securities system, given some of his past dealings.

If it sounds too good to be true…

In 1992, the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission had its beady eye on James B. Gilmore, who along with Sam S. Brown Jr had been running a complex and highly profitable multi-layered investment fraud based in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Bloomberg at the time, “thousands of gullible U.S. investors have been conned by one of the most outlandish scams in the history of get-rich-quick schemes”:

[T]he scheme was hatched early in 1989. That’s when Sam S. Brown Jr., a onetime oil promoter, met in Luxembourg with Leslie W. Chorlton, a British businessman. In Atlanta, Brown formed SBC Chorco Inc. and allegedly solicited funds from investors to finance Chorlton’s efforts to free up an $800 billion fortune that Chorlton purportedly had amassed by facilitating the trading of commercial paper among European banks.

Mr Brown raised an estimated $1.2 million from investors. He also attempted to raise money fraudulently so that he could pay a $75 billion bribe to a nonexistent “Swiss Banking Commission” which he claimed would enable him to gain access to the Chorlton fortune.


James B. Gilmore began trying to convince many of Brown’s original investors that Chorlton and Brown had engineered a secret side deal to cut them out. Gilmore raised more than $2 million to fund a European investigation by selling unregistered securities, dubbed “war chest receipts,” to more than 1,000 new and existing investors, said the SEC. The investors, many of whom were recruited at fundamentalist churches, were dazzled by promises of $25 million for each $1,000 invested. 

Things got even nastier, though, when Mr Chorlton and his wife were found strangled to death in July 1991, in what the police described as “mob-style killings”. This served to cement the paranoia which Mr Gilmore had been fomenting.

As if that weren’t enough,

Gilmore then told his investors, who may have become impatient, that he had located the Chorlton estate’s fortune–which he said now totaled $1.5 trillion–and that he had obtained a court order requiring the banks holding the funds to disburse them to Gilmore. In fact, the SEC said, the Scottish lawyer who conducted the investigation for Gilmore found that the estate was worth no more than $350,000.

On top of all this, Mr Gilmore began selling unregistered shares in International Trading Inc. (ITI), described in literature he produced as a Liberian gold and diamond trading firm. [Must be how he got the ambassodor-ship—Ed.] He priced the original shares at US$100, and would be redeemable the following April for US$200,000…once the Chorlton funds were obtained.

Once the SEC was onto him, Mr Gilmore wasted no time in trundling off to Europe, from whence he began redistributing some of his ill-gotten gains.

Gilmore money 2018-03-27 1Gilmore money 2018-03-27 2

Like father, like daughter?

Five years later, Mr Gilmore’s daughter Mary was convicted in Wyoming, along with five others, for her role in “an investment pool similar to the Chorco scheme”, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

The six convicted in Wyoming each face up to 25 years in prison for conspiracy to engage in money laundering. James Gilmore, indicted on money laundering charges last February, could be extradited to Wyoming from the United Kingdom in 1997 to face similar charges. …

By the time the scheme spread West, the $1.5 trillion fortune originally pledged to Atlanta investors had ballooned to a $157 trillion windfall pledged to about 66 Wyoming investors. During a seven-week trial in December, prosecutors brought in Federal Reserve experts to explain that all the money in the world wouldn’t add up to $157 trillion.

“The scam just kept finding its way west, popping up all over the place,” said L. Robert Murray, an assistant U.S. attorney who prosecuted the case. “As the story went on, the payoff had to get better and better to keep attracting victims.”

Originally orchestrated in Atlanta, the bizarre European treasure hunt was the buzz of Atlanta’s real estate and banking communities in the early 1990s. James Gilmore and other fund-raisers convinced convention hall crowds to pool their money in a bid to unlock a fortune amassed by former SBC Chorco Chairman and British businessman Leslie Chorlton.

Since 1981, about 3,000 unsuspecting investors across the country have not collected any returns. James Gilmore and his associates promised them returns as hefty as $25 million for just a $1,000 investment, according to federal authorities. The Chorlton fortune — purportedly linked to funds held by the CIA, the Mafia and the Vatican — has not been released.

So while Dad was off in Europe living off his ill-gotten gains, Mary took the heat.

It would appear that the author of The Bankster Diaries, described as “a definitive exposé on the sheer criminality of our global governance” has a rather unique perspective on criminality, at least.

James Gilmore The Bankster Diaries with Aliens

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  1. For some reason I thought the ITNJ conference was being run in Bali. Mind must be slipping. That’s what happens when you spend too much time whirling around with the ladies at the local Darby & Joan Club of an afternoon.

    Surprised Princess Neelu is not a part of this organisation. It seems “Sir Edward” has a colourful past as well.
    Scam merchants the lot of them. Ripping off the naive.

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  2. I’ve got $’s. Plenty of them, who wants to invest!

    Very informative post EC. I have now found my calling in life & intend to open a Ministry called, ‘Swindle My Way Through Life’.

    Free to join. Thereafter $£€ undisclosed amount per month. Join now to uncover this special offer. Available until end of business 01/04/2018.

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    • I might say that too – and don’t I know it; but in my case I genuine believed I had been helping a humanitarian cause in Iran – until they started demanding more.
      The various investors were obviously greedy and very gullible if they believed they could make returns of millions on an investment of $100; but that is no excuse for defrauding them.

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  3. In this brave new world that Sacha plans does everyone get to have a title?

    I’d actually thought that the way to a more egalitarian future was to dispense with all the ‘title’ nonsense. In this case it looks like we all get to be queen or knighted or something.

    I’d like to be known as the Grand Fubar in future. I’ll buy a big hat.

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    • I knew there must be something of the sort going on. I expect she’s the one who knighted Sir Edward Wotsis, then. It’s all falling into place, now.


  4. Let me get this straight. A bunch of people, some of whom have dodgy connections and some who use fake titles, and some who believe in alien abduction/hybridisation are going to hold a kind of panel meeting to discuss how the world can be improved? And they’re going to have the common good in mind and make logical decisions? And they’re going to make logical comments about what happened or didn’t happen in Hampstead?

    I’ll be back later. I have to go and feed my unicorn.

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      • I wanted to give my apologies for being unable to attend the meeting, my pet dragon got loose and I need to find him before eats another postman.


  5. More info on the murdered guy Leslie Chorlton & his wife.

    Some details (sorry for rough translation from French)
    Like mummies, their heads are wrapped with bandages. Wearing bermudas and tank tops, the victims were strangled with a lace or leather strap.

    French investigators’ work crossed with that of Scotland Yard. The hidden side of Leslie Chorlton stunned them. He started working as a tailor at the age of 15, and was said to have belonged to the famous Special Air Service, the equivalent of special forces in England. False rumour. One of the locations of his misdeeds (Hereford) was confused with the SAS base which it shelters.

    In his youth, on the other hand, he married the rich heiress of Lyons teas, with whom he had a child, before suddenly leaving that life and a newborn to flee to the Netherlands. In the United Kingdom, he is wanted for a fraud of 200 MF (30 million euros), following his mismanagement of a golf course in Wales. Scotland Yard even suspects him of having been involved in the “robbery of the century”, in 1983, at a London airport.

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  6. Great work you’ve done on these con-artist stories! Genuine expose! 🙂

    [New Kitten had his neutering surgery on Monday. He’s fine, but we’re spending the week together as consolation for his ‘wound’]

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