Is Kristie Sue Costa really behind that hilarious new blog?

So apparently Kristie Sue Costa is just a tiny bit annoyed with us. (Yes, we know, what’s new?)

She’s been ranting away on her Facebook page, claiming that we have misidentified the person who’s been writing the AllHoaxteadBloggersAreGiantStinkyPooPooHeads blog: she swears up and down that it’s not her, that it could not be her, that we are…well, a bunch of giant stinky poopoo-heads. You know how she gets.

Her arguments run as follows:

1. She DOES TOO know about trackbacks and WordPress notifications, and she is quite unhappy that we would assume that just because she possesses the reasoning skills of a sack of hammers, she would not be aware of this basic WordPress function.

All right, all right, chill! We get it: Kristie Sue is a complete WordPress whizkid. That’s why her blogs are virtually impossible to navigate without a map, compass, and Thermos of strong coffee. She made them that way on purpose, to trick non-believers into giving up and going away. Hell, it worked! We don’t think we’ve managed to make it through a single post of yours without our eyes glazing over.

2. The author or authors of AllHoaxteadBloggersAreGiantStinkyPooPooHeads might have made liberal use of posts from Kristie Sue’s own DDH and BelievetheChildrenButOnlyWhenTheySayTheyWereAbusedBySatanists blog, but that doesn’t mean she wrote the damn thing.

We’ll reserve judgement on this one. It does seem peculiar that the author of this new blog would think so highly of Kristie Sue’s work that they’d see fit to re-post her “research”, but it’s not conclusive evidence.

3. The AllHoaxteadBloggersAreGiantStinkyPooPooHeads blog contains multiple uncritical references to Angela Power-Disney and several of her friends, which Kristie Sue would never do in a million zillion years, thankyouverymuch.

Fair point. We’ll expand on this shortly, but yes, it does seem odd that there is at least one very Angie-centric post on the new blog.

4. Angela advertised the page on her own Facebook page, stating that it had been written by “American #Anon”; how, Kristie Sue asks, would Angela have known such a thing?

This one’s not much of an argument, to be honest. Angela is constantly attributing stuff to “American #Anon”. As to how she’d know the blog’s writer is North American, let’s just say we’ve been keeping a running tally of the Americanisms over there. So far, we’ve got about two pages worth.

5. Is Hoaxtead Research in collusion with Angela in an effort to discredit Kristie Sue?

Given that we hold Kristie Sue and Angela in approximately the same degree of regard, let’s just say that’s extremely unlikely.

What’s with all the Angie?

As we mentioned above, this is the one point Kristie Sue makes that we must agree with. We know the two women loathe one another, and have done for some time now. It does seem unlikely that if Kristie Sue were to bother making a new blog at all, she’d devote any of it to Angela, unless it were to slag her for her claim that Ella and Abe were members of the imaginary cult, or that Ella had participated in creating child sexual abuse videos.

(By the way, Kristie Sue, this is how it’s done. When you come across a piece of evidence that negates your earlier theory, you don’t try to revise the evidence. You revise the theory. You’re welcome.)

So…who’s in charge at the new blog? We know a few things about them:

  1. They’re definitely American (or possibly Canadian, though we thought Canadians spelled it “labour”, not “labor”).
  2. They’re fans of Angela Power-Disney, but also think it’s perfectly all right to lift blog posts from Kristie Sue.
  3. They’re inexperienced bloggers, at least on the WordPress platform.
  4. Their list of individuals we’ve “targetted” (we would call it “written about”, but let’s not split hairs) is oddly skewed toward people who’ve appeared in videos with Angela (with some obvious exceptions):
    1. Angela Power-Disney
    2. Ella Draper
    3. Mel Ve
    4. Biggi Boho
    5. Eilish de Avalon
    6. Rupert Q.
    7. Richie Allen
    8. Arthur Kaoutal
    9. Alfred Lambremont Webre (whose surname they curiously misspell as “LeBremont”)
    10. Chris Spivey
    11. Hope Girl
    12. Sandy Bergen
    13. Sabine McNeill
    14. Belinda McKenzie
    15. Alexandra Meadors
    16. Lori Gale
    17. Neelu Berry
    18. Kevin Annett

Missing from this list: Abraham Christie, Kristie Sue herself, Alan “Alanson” Boyes, Charlotte Ward, Tina Kachina Simerly, Araya Soma, Deborah Mahmoudieh; Kane Slater; John Taylor, John Paterson, Sonya Van Gelder, Tracey Morris, Wesley Hall. Kristen Elizabeth….the list goes on.

We probably won’t be devoting too much time to pondering this conundrum, as the new blog seems pretty inconsequential and we have much larger fish to fry. Still, it’s an interesting puzzle, and we’ll be interested in our readers’ input.

150 thoughts on “Is Kristie Sue Costa really behind that hilarious new blog?

  1. Sorry, this went up seconds before the new post appeared, so forgive me for reposting:

    It’s another classic climactic rant from Slurpy that starts building up from 50:03 😀

    I will now read your new article, EC. Pinky promise…

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    • 53:32 – “Right at this very moment I am homeless directly because of my involvement with child abuse and the things I do online.”

      Now THAT’s a Freudian slip! 😮

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    • Listening to just a little of this (all I could stand really) to this from 50:03 I’m convinced she’s really Deirdre Barlow! “Ken! Ken! Ave yer been staggering round t’ginnel wit that Zen Gardener again? Wi don’t even ave an angin baskit Ken! Ken! Ah dooownt troost thiese people Ken! ….Ken!

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      • That’s exactly what I thought, pure Deirdre. I thought this new onslaught on the fake channels was Hetty B on youtube, I know think it maybe a well known American who is helping Angela with her ummmm websites and thumbnails on her YT account. Maybe in exchange for airfare back home. Allegedly without predjudice of course. I also will state on the record I really think it is Krusty Poo as she doth protest too much and it annoys the F out of her to be accused of something she may/might not have done, how does that feel Krusty? You are used to accusing innocent people you nutjob, fruitloop, one banana short of feeding a pack of rabid monkeys, Kevin Bacon Screwloose looking man-Woman.
        Rant over.

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        • Yes, it’s always interesting to watch them when the shoe is on the other foot. It’s all fine for them to make outlandish claims based on zero evidence (such as their ludicrous assertions that RD runs this blog…) but turn that around on them, and they go all huffy on us. Funny, that.

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      • Stick with it, Alfie. She goes off on one about how she’s met the Light Being, how no one will listen to her and how she’s been “shat on and spat on”.

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    • I note that Debbie’s been supporting that antisemitic freak Tom Cahill. In fact, he was her original source for this Max Igan stuff.

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    • You would think the Light Being would have the ability to dispense prescriptions and write one for Valium for poor Debs as she badly needs a dose of Calmness.
      Can’t he (she) pull a few strings and get Debs upgraded on the council flat waiting list? If not what’s the bloody point of being the Light Being?

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  2. I must admit, the sympathy aimed at APD on that blog was niggling me but I thought it was Kris being sneaky (being sneaky myself sometimes, is what made me think it) and trying to divert us into thinking it was her.

    You’re right though. Even not knowing who it is, is not bothering me too much as it’s doing us no harm whatsoever and seems to have attracted traffic on this one.

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  3. Kristie Sue really gives herself away over her comments about the blog host using her material – which, lest we forget, she does without without crediting Kristie Sue in any way, shape or form. If there’s one thing we know about Crusty Poo, it’s that she would NOT be happy for someone to plagiarise her so flagrantly without so much as an ego-stroking nod to the original author.

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  4. EC, may I be the first to welcome Agent Angie on board. This is quite a coup and I look forward to working with her. I just hope you’ve started her on a low pay grade. Make her earn her stripes first before bumping her up or it won’t be fair on the likes of Jake Blake and Barchon Mad, who work their butts off for a pittance. Plus I hear Jake has links with the Secret Agents’ & General Spies’ union (SAGS for short), so watch it, sonny.

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    • I was told by those very high up in their Ivory Towers that Shillings are the original Bitcoin my friend.
      Apparently two shillings a day for shilling is an aquaduct reward for a Porpoise common to these waters.
      Sadly the children need new shoes and the mudhole we live in is flooding daily, so cough up.

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          • Comrades. Shoemakers/cordwainers and cobblers are two entirely different trades of course. One makes, the other ‘cobbles’ i.e. repairs. Then there are ‘cloggers’ who attach leather uppers to wooden (usually alder) soles.

            The above traditionally belong to different unions and the ‘masters’ of the craft (shoemakers) have much higher status than either of the others.

            You know, I’m feeling so much better since I imparted that bit of information. Pedantry anyone?

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          • Next you’ll be telling us that chickens don’t cross roads and that a bloke would walk into a bar room, not a bar. LOL

            Incidentally, if you look at my gag a little more closely, you will see that it in fact hinges on the fact that shoemakers and cobblers are two different things 🙂

            See you at the next Hair-Splitters Anonymous convention. They’re doing a two-hour lecture on the dffference between terms and conditions this week and I can’t wait 😀

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        • I’m Partial to hush puppies myself, I just Lurve the velcro fastenings, just a shame all those DHL shipped in Labrador, Andrex puppies they have to skin, cook and eat to make them. So chuffin sad.

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          • Ooh, I say. You old rogue, Barchy.

            My wife has a lovely pair of puppies too. She wants a bigger pair for Christmas, though.

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      • “Apparently two shillings a day for shilling is an aquaduct reward for a Porpoise common to these waters.”


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  5. Great post, EC. Kristie Sue always (unintentionally) makes me chuckle.

    And speaking of Bible-thumping maniacs, Jesus must be so pleased to have people like this representing them:

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      • worst scammer on youtube. She fears for her life because of a maybe/not really/could be/okay not really cult her parents were in are after her, so please fund her trip to America to safety. Bandwagon Pizzagator hopper for coin. Funny that she is so scared of this cult she is willing to have a large online prescence and show her face, when in reality a women’s safehouse or organisation would offer her support, strange that eh? But no the powers that be control everything and the only place she is safe is pimping her child abuse stories online.

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          • Haha thanks mate for all your work. Sometimes I just get far too emotional or annoyed to read these creeps. Maybe it might be down to being a kid and listening to my sister crying herself to sleep for months on end and her having to sleep in my parents bed with them. Maybe it is due to being on the bus going to school having the older kids call her a slag and people in my tutor group asking me why she went from the so called “fittest girl in the year” to being a weird hippy and an anorexic.
            Yeah that kind of touches a fucking sore spot when these twats make a mockery of what I know to be fucking horrific. so yes, they can all piss off. Rant over.

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          • Sorry for making this about my own issues, I feel like APD now.
            Just annoys the hell out of me with these emotionless zombies talking about abuse that ruins lives, I know this to be more than true from personal experiences of the after effects.
            Again sorry for hijacking.

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    • She is partly correct.
      Wednesday is very special to me as it’s half-price cinema day followed by cut-price dinner on Pensioner Wednesday at the local club.

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  6. The ‘Listen To The Children’ website has a map to show how cunningly close Hampstead is to the Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust which clearly London’s Town Planners in 1667 after the Great Fire purposely placed within a few miles of each other. It Must Mean Something.

    But I’ve fixed it for them to show how close Hampstead is to Broadmoor High Security Psychiatric Hospital so patients who promote the Hampstead Hoax know just where the Hampstead McDonald’s is (some tricky round-abouts on the way there)

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    • `shocked’

      notice also Paddington is nearby, Paddington as in Paddington Bear, childrens story, children- that must mean something

      Madame Tussauds- filled with shockingly horrific murders like Jack the Ripper- is also closeby- coincidence??? I think not!!!

      Nearby Hampstead is Finchley Rd, finch, a small bird, females were commonly called birds, small female is a girl- see it all points to the same thing!!

      And to prove it, London Zoo is the same distance from Tavistock (well known for their brainwashing, all the conspiracy sites say so) as Tavistock is from Hampstead, and what do they have at zoos??? Animals

      like finches!!

      see it all fits together!!!!

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  7. I’ve got it! Kristie Sue IS the author of both blogs, but she is unaware of that fact! Here’s why…

    After the Illuminati caused a mind-controlled Donald Trump clone to order the use of MOAB in Afghanistan, that massive explosion triggered a disruptive rippling of the space-time continuum. One of these sub-quantum ripples caused Kristie Sue to split into two physically separate persons (one writing “Believe” blog, and the other writing “Poopypants” blog) totally unaware of each other’s existence, and both occupying the same physical space but slightly out of synch to each other in time – effectively, occupying exact duplicate parallel dimensions.
    These sub-quantum ripples are moving backward in time from our perspective, so the Kristie Sue (1), Kristie Sue (2) separation actually took place some time BEFORE the MOAB explosion on our timeline. The ripple will continue to carry this KS separation backward, so that it will occur earlier & earlier in her life and eventually she will ALWAYS have been two separate, identical persons who can never be in the same place at the same time.

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  8. I’m getting a bit confused with all the fake You Tube channels and blogs lately.

    I’ve never given Kristie Sue too much attention, as she seems to be a bit of an empty head, who is trying to get on the bandwagon of something, she hasn’t got a clue about.

    From my recollection, she used to be a good “fb mate” of Angela No Power and of course the inevitable happened, as it always does with No Power Disney and they fell out.

    My money is on Kristie’s mate Sonia Van whatever, the pair of them don’t seem to have fallen out with each other and isn’t she American?

    I doubt it’s RQ as I would imagine the last person he wants to communicate with is Angela Power Disney and she can wait until the cows come home if she really thinks he’s going to come back to her, considering he was never with her in the first place.

    Could be Heifer but I think she has enough on her plate with her fake You Tube Channel/s and she is probably working on some more videos (or not preferably) which I hope are better than her “Original” offerings.

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    • Sonya van Whatsis is actually in Australia, and probably hates APD even more than Kristie Sue does, but I agree probably not Heifer.


      • LOL, I did say I didn’t take much notice of Kristie Sue, I should have added, even less of Sonya Van Whatsis, though Sonya is definitely brighter (not exactly difficult to be against Kristie Sue and to her credit did put No Power in her place with that fake fb account…

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          • I’m not sure that person in the photo isn’t a man.

            The hips look really narrow.

            The face is very reminiscent of Angela No Power though above is certainly a lot slimmer.

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          • I’m not convinced that isn’t Angie in her younger days and there is a look of the drag queen about her. Was she once a man? No problem if she was (I abhor her, man OR woman !). She should come of the closet if she was. I found a snap of Angie around the time was declared Young Journalist of The Year at the Broadmoor Bugle (in-house mag for Broadmoor Maximum Security Hospital). Compare them- they both look alike.

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          • GOS that photo does indeed look like Angela No Power, though I would say the person in it is slightly better looking than No Power, nicer eyes!

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          • I think I remember now, wasn’t Melissa in a video wearing a bikini and a sheet as a Hijab or am I confused with some other nuttah!?

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          • Sorry, Fanny, but that’s not Melissa – that’s Arfur’s “warrior woman” Teresa van Lineshout you’re thinking of.

            Sample quote: “I’m a western woman and I still have my clitoris.”


  9. OK, listen up (no pun intended) – if you support this blog, you are one of two things: either you’re a nonce or you have family members who are nonces. They’re the only two possible explanations. Apparently. At least that’s the verdict of Professor Rebecca Kane (after hours of thorough research, fact-checking and evidence-gathering, I’m sure – cough cough)…

    So come on – which one are you…? 😀

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    • To answer the first bit of her stupid rambling which does imho expose herself to be a complete hoaxer where any child abuse is concerned, is that the whole thing is a hoax.
      A victim of child abuse would know that in a second of seeing the first video Abe and Ella made of the children in public, which is exactly why I paid it no attention until years later when I started looking into Pizzagate and people were trying to link the Hampers Hoax to their little sick child sex fantasies.
      That is how I found this blog and so chuffin glad I did for many reasons.
      Becky “doesn’t” Kare is a fraud and I will stand by that.

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    • We are hugely relieved no children have been abused, raped and murdered unlike ‘Becky Kare’ who so desperately wants it to be true like all the hoax promoters. They want children raped by dozens of perps with babies murdered and eaten and they want it to happen every Wednesday as they sit at their PCs and do sod all imaging the murder and mayhem.

      Tell me- who are the weird ones here with a strange obsession?

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    • These people believe in Abe’s bullshit for ideological reasons, they are the same type of people that lap up David Icke and Kevin Annetts bullshit. I haven’t met one person in real life that hasn’t just rolled their eyes or laughed when they heard the absurd details of Abe’s fantasy. Abe’s supporters are a mixture of Icke idiots and care in the community types, they’re a fucking joke. And Sharter, I’m looking at you! Now that you aint dying you’re fair game again.

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  10. Off topic, but does anyone know what happened to Matt “Fruitloop” Taylor? Has he finally been sectioned?


  11. I do not rule out Heather Brown. Do we have any of her writing style anywhere to compare? Remember Angie took her on at the end of her last video with her, as her ‘assistant’, and she has not surfaced since. Perhaps she has been busy.

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  12. There are times when society is much the better that I don’t actually have access to a horse whip, a bucket of tar and bag of feathers.
    I wandered near the ghastly anti-Semitic Sabine Kurjo McNeil’s “Whistleblowerkids”website and finally read the medical report for the first time.
    The allegations of abuse are very sketchy and as we know, have been recanted by the kids once they were safely away from Ella & Abe.
    But how do these Hoax promoters explain away the majority of the report which deals with the abuse dealt out by Abe with Ella’s consent?
    And I thought Sabine was restrained from promoting this nonsense yet she continues in so many covert ways whilst moaning non-stop about herself.
    Her VidMe website sails close to the mark and breaches the site’s code of conduct but as we know, the bloody Yanks are a nightmare when it comes to ethics.

    “Police continue to mis-interpret and mis-represent what I am publishing – to enjoy their sadistic nature it seems – keeping me on ‘Police Bail’ for over a year and arresting me six times altogether”
    She STILL has videos of the children on her website.
    # I didn’t realise the ghastly Christine Sands got a 12 month suspended prison sentence. Sabine acts as though poor Christine was just there protesting but whatever side of the fence you are on screaming at the top of your lungs outside a church in a residential street that “your kids are being fucked” – why was her bloody sentence suspended?.

    Sabine says she had a prophetic dream that she was facing 2 doors and one would lead to her future. As one of the main instigators of so much hurt to innocent people I hope that door is at Holloway.

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      • I dont know about that GOS
        First time I was in Perth, got to (nearly) watch the sun rise with a cute little brunette on the beach after an all night party (um coming from the east coast, we sat watching for the sun to rise over the ocean… its getting brighter….its getting brighter….the sky is nearly blue….DOH, its behind us- I blame copious amounts of bundy rum for that)
        Second time I was asleep at a motel and we all had to get evacuated- water main burst and smashed in windows on the first 2 floors and they were worried the building might collapse as it was eating through the walls

        Neither time could be called boring….


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        • Yeah, I spent hours talking to a dusky maiden in Perth once, she didn’t have much to say for herself though.

          I don’t think they’ll bomb there either; definitely too boring!

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      • Great choice!

        And if I may, I’d like to throw this one into the ring too:

        We should all get together for a singsong soon. It’ll make the inevitable buildup to nuclear Armageddon that much more bearable. Just don’t let Araya or Angie join in, though – their singing would just make us want the end of the World to come even sooner.

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      • Tom Lehrer! Hooray!
        My respect for you has reached the 99+ percentiles now 🙂
        At the end of this comment thread, I’ll post a particularly creepy version of an old American war melody…

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  13. Nor’Easter, Crustie the Used Clown Car Sales Rep.’s Timing & “research and critical thinking” skillz aka bloody claws are all over it E.C.! IMHO, ya ain’t Nobody w/o a hate site, ask Leah Remini!! Is it me or are there a few $cilons behind “hoax” Meme. I mean, Vivian Kubrick and Alex Jones? Also the $cilon Shrink-haters Front Group “ABLEChild” and Newtown Tragedy. I’ll bet the Asshat who put up that blog believes, “Nobody died at S.H.”….Dumb Ass met other Dumb Ass, Oh but wait, you have meet before innit? lol


  14. Sorry about Our Head Yanks wantin to KILL Everyone ALL the Time. Only the “hoaxer/hater” Yanks agree with THAT after 50 plus years of the Same! Very Rude of them I must say! However, Our NSC makes these decisions not that Orange Circus Barking Clown! Lots of Impeachment talk cuz He can’t “hang” properly and his chosen peeps are Morons…MOAB, eh? I’m sure Scamgela can misconstrue a walking Scat for that one too, the Scoflawed. I wonder if her cowed kid has seen HER kids’ faces posted for retribution exploitation yet? Gabby probably was blocked on that one….omg…wth?


  15. For Coyote –
    Ok. They aren’t ALL as white as fresh snow…and there’s no sign of cyanide-laced kool-aid in the video itself…


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