Kristie Sue the Defective Detective: Guilt by association

We’ve noted before that Kristie Sue Costa, the sole remaining spokes-thingy for the Hoaxtead mob, has a nasty habit of drawing unwarranted conclusions from cherry-picked evidence. Her idea of “in-depth investigation” generally consists of skimming through hastily Googled material, scooping out the bits that confirm her existing biases (of which she has many), and then throwing together “exposés” for her drooling cabal of mentally deficient followers.

Let us just say that she is not gifted in the art of deduction, and her inferences are generally so off-target that we might think them hilarious…if they weren’t also damaging to real people.

Take, for example, this recent discussion from her Facebook page:

First, can we just point out that Aangirfan (spelt correctly, you’re welcome) is not what anyone could call a “credible source”? Now granted, in this instance they are merely quoting from a review online, but if that’s where Kristie Sue chose to start her “investigation” into the music recorded at Christ Church Hampstead, she’s poisoned the well from the outset.

In typical sheep-like troofer fashion, her followers pick up the thread, vying to see who can be nastiest:Whoa, we think we detected an actual fact in amongst all the drivel: “Castration Movie”, part of a series of films by “THEE TEMPLE OV PSYCHICK YOUTH” (TOPY) that goes under the heading “FIRST TRANSMISSION”, is actually a very disturbing bit of film, though it is not, as many claim, a “snuff film”. Nor is it really about castration—it’s about penis removal. A critic on IMDb notes that “it basically shows some ‘doctor’ who is experimenting on seemingly willing young adults (I hope for legalities sake that they’re adults…) by attaching some weird electrodes to them. This whole thing culminates with the last boy – where the doctor removes his penis on film, sews it up, and then attaches electrodes to it”.

Yes, it’s weird. It might also be illegal, if as the reviewer suggests the “patient” is below the age of legal consent. Whether the “surgery” is what it appears to be and not simulated, it’s certainly not something many people would enjoy watching. Overall, “FIRST TRANSMISSION” is clearly an attempt to shock, and by all accounts it succeeds.

Does it have anything to do with an imaginary cult based in Christ Church? Not even a little bit. So why mention it?

Oh, you know. Guilt by illogical inference and all that. The usual.

Oh, now Kristie Sue is showing off her astonishing knowledge of “chaos magic”:

Readers might be interested to know that Genesis P-Orridge was not only involved with Psychic TV and the industrial band Throbbing Gristle, but s/he was the founder of the aforementioned “Temple ov Psychic Youth” (whose idiosyncratic spellings seem to have been adopted by Kristie Sue’s mate and fellow Hoaxtead mobster Tina Kachina, just by the bye).

In 1992, P-Orridge and family were in Kathmandu, Nepal, when they received a telegram informing them that their home had been raided by police, investigating allegations that P-Orridge was the leader of a Satanic cult. P-Orridge was alleged to have been chaining women in the basement of his/her basement home in Brighton, impregnating them, aborting the foetuses, and forcing them to eat them. This despite the fact that the Brighton house didn’t actually have a basement, but never let facts stand in the way of a good witch-hunt. P-Orridge was cleared of all charges, but left for the United States, dissolving the TOPY in the process. It had been an experimental attempt, and P-Orridge believed it had had its day.

All of the aforementioned, however, is merely the lead-up to Kristie Sue’s brilliant punch-line:

“So we have chaos magicians recording in Hampstead Christ Church (sic) and we have chaos magicians defending Hoaxtead..what are the odds???”

Well, that might be a pretty amazing coincidence, if it were true.

But keep in mind that Kristie Sue is basing the second part of this statement on her own erroneous conclusions which she has based partially on information fed to her by habitual truth-twister Nathaniel Harris, and partially on her own brilliant deduction that there is only one person on the entire internet using the name of Greek deities as an online avatar, thus proving that Hoaxtead Research’s occasional commenter Athena Pallas is really Nikky Wyrd, which conclusively proves that this blog is really run by Julian Vayne, Nathaniel Harris’ arch-nemesis whom he sees round every corner.

Did you follow all that? We know, neither did we.

So basically: because some music was recorded in Christ Church Hampstead in 1983 by an experimental avant-garde musical group with a bent toward the shocking (and strange spelling), and because Kristie Sue can’t reason her way out of a wet paper bag in a rainstorm, we may now consider the case proven: Abe Christie and Ella Draper’s “cult” is actually a thing, and we can all go home now.

Any questions?

43 thoughts on “Kristie Sue the Defective Detective: Guilt by association

  1. Made Valerie Sinason all moist, so the legend goes…
    Torture porn? Perhaps. Not at all on a par with tape KL7, however. (Reference Hames in “The Dirty Squad” if you really want to know…but trust me, you don’t)

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  2. All that was needed after Kristie’s ‘false piety’ comment was Jake C chiming in with his “love healing light” or whatever he usually spouts.

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  3. Yet again these cretins can’t distinguish art from real life. And they so behind the bloody times. I wonder when they will catch up to Ausssie performance artist Leigh Bowery who cut quite a swathe through London for a few short years before dying. His bizarre birth giving performances on stage were quite funny and shocked many.
    They’re done The Beatles and now they’re only up to punk and Genesis P-Orridge but they still have the rather androgynous New Romantics to accuse of manner of evils.
    A few generations ago Frank Sinatra and then Elvis Presley were accused of almost Satanist corrupting sinful activities. God she’s a hick (and that goes for that APD character as well)

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  4. Heroin user eh?.
    For all their moralizing they don’t seem to give a flying toss about the 1000s of people murdered every year so these scumbags can consume illicit drugs.
    Another creepy hypocrite who seem oblivious to how young girls are kidnapped in Mexico and now Afghanistan and made to work in brothels servicing drug dealers and manufacturers, often being murdered horribly when they get too old.

    All so scumbags like Graham Clifford Watkeys can stick a needle in his arm, get high, probably shoplift to pay inflated drug prices brought to them by mules- the ones that get through (others end up doing 15 years) and then moralize about imaginary Satanists in Hampstead.

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  5. Just been on Mr. Jake Clarke’s fb page and he’s posted up an ol video of Ella, the title of which has the name of the young boy in the Hampstead hoax.

    Wtf is wrong with Jake, he is totally capable of knowing he is committing a criminal offence by naming the child.

    How defiant he is, shocking.

    Thankfully there is no acknowledgement of his sharing your fb profile info Sheva.

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  6. Yes KSC`s dot joining prowess has always been seriously restricted by an unfortunate insistence on joining objectively verifyable dots to ones she has conjured up somewhere in the cesspit of her head.

    To be fair she has developed this uniquely pointless lifes work and in more recent times has made the radical leap of excluding real world dots altogether so that only she has any clue at all what the fuck she is on about.

    A shame really because the likes of Nintendo may have been interested in some of her earlier works if she had any ability to create anything that was of any actual use to anybody,ever.

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  7. Yeah, I did read Hames’ book a few years ago. I remember the men appealed a couple of times as they said it was between consenting adults but the convictions were upheld.

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  8. Thanks Babs, I saw that he posted that too….. Reported, No one is taking notice of them much anymore, but instead of realising their mistake these clingons are still desperately seeking traction …..


  9. The economics of illegal drug use are mind-boggling, and I’m including the Hoaxtead mobsters’ favourite, cannabis. In the UK, young teens are often trafficked from countries like Vietnam and used as slaves to tend giant indoor grow-ops. They live in horrendous and often dangerous conditions, completely isolated and unable to ask for help, for as long as they are useful to the growers and distributors. They are often beaten, deprived of food, and/or sexually abused to ensure their compliance. These children are considered “disposable”, like the young girls you mention, GoS.

    Yet oddly, we don’t see Kristie Sue or any of her lot screaming about this very real child trafficking issue which is part of the “supply chain” for a drug most of them happily use and advocate to others.

    No, they’d far rather whisper excitedly about an avant-garde musician and sometime occultist who used a church—once, more than 35 years ago—to record some music that was specifically intended to shock people out of their complacency.

    Because that’s far more fun. And it doesn’t require any actual effort on the troofers’ part, does it?

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  10. Well said EC, and great article as always 😀
    I don’t think i’ve ever heard of a troofer who doesn’t promote Cannabis, David Seaman even smokes joints and vapes Cannabis oil on his livestreams.
    Notice how similiar The words Cannabis and Cannabals are? Makes you think, eh?

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  11. Could you just imagine Kris having a intellectual chat with Genesis? A man who counted Robert Anton Wilson and William s Burroughs as personal friends.

    Dear lordy!

    I’m a huge fan of psychic TV as well as throbbing gristle. Too young to remember the to-do with him eventually being driven out of the UK, but read about the whole affair. I have actually seen first transmission and it isn’t for the faint hearted. But, anyone who would believe it to real has to have their head examined. There was a good website a good while back that had rare industrial dvds and occult type books and interviews as torrents. I think it had to do with grey lodge. Can’t recall.

    People all too often miss the point of what industrial music was about, as they did with heavy metal. I suppose it goes back to the parents who though Elvis and his shaking hips were demonic. Also to the days when black artists such as Sammy Davis Jr could perform at a venue, but not be allowed to stay.

    It’s hilarious to see how these people think!

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  12. I’m starting to think he is A.I and doesn’t really exist. He used the term love a lot. That’s about it!

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  13. If they ever hear of “Whitehouse” i would expect instant heart attacks!


  14. Sorry about earlier, I was rushing about & got the link wrong that I was posting. There was to be a March in Belfast this evening because Jayda Fransen from Britain First was arrested in Bromey yesterday & taken to Belfast by members of the PSNI. She has been let go now. I thought it would be something TM would stick her nose into, if she is not already in prison.

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  15. Arse backwards Kristie Sue, as usual – Genesis was actually a victim of the “satanic panic”. I knew several people who knew her and her then partner quite well. Despite their rather outre and challenging music and happenings, there was never the slightest suggestion that they weren’t good parents. Their children are now adults and seem to be both happy and fulfilled in their lives. You might try taking a leaf from their book.

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  16. If you have a Facebook account please report this disgusting and peverse page, and any offensive content, it has to be close to getting removed.

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  17. Andy thinks 74 scientists were killed in the plane & helicopter crash over the Rothschild estate and the BBC won’t cover it.
    They just soak up any bit of nonsense from the internet. So weird.
    They are also “concerned” that Jacob Rothschild is “missing” (all part of some imaginary plot) but are oblivious to the fact that he doesn’t actually live on the estate which is really just a big family country retreat.
    If they had ever bothered to watch Grand Designs they would have seen Rothschild’s beautiful modern house being built elsewhere. It has one of those grassed roofs so they can play about with that and join some dots.

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  18. I thought Wesley Hall was someone who supposedly helps the homeless but see he is talking about the Hampstead hoax on a post he has shared with APD & 88 others, has he nothing better to do with his life! Belinda chimes in near the end

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  19. I’d love to see KSC have a conversation with Genesis too. Despite the bad sound on this video, I thought this was a good one where Gen’ states from 17:04..

    “The concept of any kind of hurt being done to children offends me and any kind of hurt being done to women by men, or to men by men – rape, violence.. basically violence, in all forms.”

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