Time for Neelu to pay the piper?

Some time ago, we noted that the bank had foreclosed the mortgage on Neelu Berry’s house in Ilford. Although Neelu has had a couple of run-ins with bailiffs over the summer, they were there for her vehicles, not her house, and we’d begun to wonder whether (miracle of miracles, wonder of wonders) she’d actually managed to come to an agreement with the bank, as a sensible person might.

We should have known better.

On Friday, it seems a bailiff was photographed skulking about Neelu’s soon-to-be-ex-property, trying the doors and checking things out. Frankly, although we have no great love for bailiffs, we can sympathise with those who have to deal with people like Neelu.

She hasn’t been known to resort to violence, but some freeman on the land types have: we’re thinking in particular of Sabine’s friend Norman Scarth, who lay in wait for the bailiffs who were about to repossess his house, and attacked them with a chainsaw. And then there’s Tom Crawford, whose supporters stormed a police barricade in protest against the bailiffs’ turning up at his house unannounced. In short, FOTLers can be a dangerous and unpredictable lot.

Here’s her post from Friday: (And so on and so forth for about 100 more lines which we will spare you here….)

The gentleman in question

Neelu got on her high horse about this, claiming, “The man is seen violently pushing the door handle down and tugging it to push the door open – he sticks his hand in the letterbox and violently tries pushes the door open – he is also seen peering in through the curtains, taking photographs – this is evidence of Treason”.

Of course it’s Treason with a capital T, dear. Of course it is. Also, if we’re not mistaken in our FOTL woo, it’s dishonouring your family, and will no doubt result in a £20 trillion gazillion lien on him, his heirs and descendants, and everyone he has ever known in his entire life.

Here’s the video evidence of the aforementioned violent attempts at entry:

We’ll be keeping an eye on this story, which looks as though it could develop over the next several days. Should be interesting….

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  1. Hopelessly off-topic 🙂
    See the WW2 tank in this story, the man has it parked outside his house…

    Years ago when I was doing opinion-polling phone work for extra cash on weekends, I sometimes spoke with little old ladies in American states like North Carolina, who were so far to the right in their opinions as to believe that George Bush jr. must be a “caw-moo-nist!” I always envisioned them living in a dilapidated log cabin with one of those tanks parked on their front lawn 🙂

    I need help to identify a weapon I’ve seen police carrying. I think it’s a gun…I’m quite ignorant about guns though. It’s about the size & shape of a hand-held harp, and it looks like an old-fashioned radiant heater. Anyone with expertise can help? With pics of possible items?


  2. These FOTL types really get on my nerves!

    “I’m not driving, I’m travelling”, “I have no legal name”, “I don’t have to pay my blah blah blah” and so on..

    As for Neelu, not answering the door, being seen as at home and filming him, that’ll simply go down on his Report and make matters worse for her probably.

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    • My guess is that she knew he was coming; she has known for some time that her house was going to be repossessed so she couldn’t have been terribly surprised to see him.

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  3. I love the way Neelu calls herself VULNERABLE.

    Puh! I find her frightening, she’d make people vulnerable.

    Anyway, all this hassle because she probably chose not to pay her Mortgage from the sounds of things.

    If she’d only paid the parking fines or whatever caused her to have to give a wad of cash to previous bailiffs, then perhaps this repossession would never be happening.

    I hope she’s packed up all her belongings. I bet she’s got masses.

    I pity the people she’s going to meet wherever she next lives.

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  4. Shootings in Las Vegas, heartbreaking listening to people there. 2 dead, 24 wounded, 12 critically. 1 shooter confirmed down. Waiting to hear from a friend there.

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      • There are already idiots posting random photos on Twitter saying that this is a missing relative – and others claiming the shooter was a militant Islamist or AntiFa. They can’t leave any tragedy alone.

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        • What I find amusing are all the imbeciles who started claiming “false flag!” within moments of it being reported. They seem not to realise that “false flag” means “a real thing that happened, orchestrated to distract public attention away from some other thing”. I believe the word they’re searching for is “faked” but they are all such knee-jerk sheep that they leap on the first stupid accusation they can think of. And I use the term “think” in the loosest possible way.


        • It disgusts me this mindset. People who boast gratefully that they know these events are fake and no on ever gets hurt, although the logic is flawed to the max. I see someone post that being so high up, no one could aim that well? Aim? Its not like this sick bastard was aiming at anyone in general, it was a mass, a huge crowd of people. I read that there are laser-pens that can aim the lights at Airplanes, so with that in mind can a weapon in what was used kill so many from that range? YES.

          Also, why they feel that an organistaion can stage a so called fake event is flawed. How can so many people, who are at such event be silenced to not speak out if such an event was staged? Thats more than highly unlikely. Its just truther cult mentality, perhaps to be seen as what they call “awake” which is on par with any state of cult mind, like Scientology’s clear. Its despicable to the victims of these events, to those who have lost ones and those recovering from todays events. Its also a tragedy for common sense.

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    • LOL Whose whistle did Angela blow?

      She is such an attention seeker.

      As if any of her “fb friends” give a flying f… about Angela’s fantasy world.

      She does tell some tall tales.

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      • @babs – I believe that, in facilities run by the Congregation of Christian Brothers, it was called “blowing Gabriel’s Horn” 🙂

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    • Most of us, if inclined to post something nice for our mother’s birthday, might simply have said ‘happy birthday mum’, followed by a little genuine sentiment.
      This lowlife on the other hand shamelessly seizes any opportunity to self aggrandise and pursue her own nefarious agenda. She really is a nasty piece of work.

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    • Author Rev Patrick Woulfe
      Date 1923
      Source Irish Names and Surnames
      de PAOR—XII—Poer, Poor, Power; Norman ‘le Pover,’ ‘le Pouer,’ ‘le Power,’ ‘le Poer,’ ‘le Poor,’ i.e., the poor (Old French ‘povre, paure,’ Latin pauper), a sobriquet hardly bestowed because of ordinary poverty, which must always have been too common to be a mark of distinction, but probably, as Bardsley suggests, of poverty consequent on a vow. The ancestor of this family came to Ireland with Strongbow, from whom he obtained a grant of the territory of Waterford. In 1535, Sir Richard le Poer was created Baron of Curraghmore, but through failure of the male line, at the beginning of the 18th century, the estates of Curraghmore passed by marriage into the family of Beresford. The name is now very common and widespread, especially in Munster and Leinster.


  5. I was waiting to see her calling her usual false flag about Las Vegas (20 dead now, thoughts are with all the families & of those injured), but she was probably so busy concocting her rubbish post to her poor old Mum that she hasn’t gotten around to it yet.

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  6. Freedom of the Land idiots are called The Land League in Ireland. Proper idiots, they tried to save a solicitor from being evicted from his mansion a few years ago. He was only €81 million in debt! They make you laugh really because they think they are above the law with their inflated egos, he invested too heavily in property then the bubble burst, as it did for many, but the law prevailed & his Land League buddies didn’t help him in the end.

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  7. Angela’s daddy in happier times, i.e. before Angela completely changed her mind about him because he refused to buy her a pony give her Rainbow Farm, which was forensic proof that he was a child-abusing MK Ultra-trained demon who murdered her sister. Or something.

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      • Belinda @ 3:37 – “I don’t know, we don’t know, because we couldn’t go into the court this morning, because it’s a closed court. Family proceedings and even the judgment day was a closed hearing. So we haven’t actually heard what she’s said this morning and we probably won’t know ’til later on in the day at the earliest what is actually in her judgement…”

        Really, Belinda? Really…?

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      • It’s so bizarre looking back and being reminded of the sheer Hell that these nutters put the innocent Hampstead parents, teachers etc. through when this crap first went viral.

        Take Frances Inglis at 19:33, for instance…

        “In any case of rape or murder, the police would call in the suspects to eliminate them from their inquiries. It would have been so simple to have eliminated the people that were named by the children. The police could have taken them in, checked out the birthmarks and the tattoos and eliminated them from their inquiries if they were innocent…

        [Cut to poster: ‘WE DAMAND HAMPSTEAD ALLEGED ABUSERS BE EXAMINED,’ accompanied by photo of 5 police officers armed with machine guns]

        …Now, this speaks volumes, because that didn’t happen and anyone [sic] accused me of paedophilia, I would demand that I was eliminated from the inquiries if I was innocent. These people are, strike me, they must be guilty, because they’ve kept their heads down, kept quiet, not a peep out of them. They’ve all got Facebook pages. Not a single word about it. This is unnatural behaviour from ‘innocent’ people. And again, the suspicion has got to be why? Why are these ‘innocent’ people all keeping quiet, hiding their birthmarks? We need answers…I’m just so grateful that there are like-minded people that feel strong enough to actually want to do something.”

        And if that’s not bad enough, her piggy-eyed mate (sorry, don’t know her name) then says, at 21:28…

        “Definitely 100% I believe these children to be telling the truth and they have no reason to lie about such allegations. And these people have to be held accountable, named and shamed in front of TV media, for everyone to know who they are. And if they say that they didn’t do this, then come on and tell the people that they’re telling lies. We believe the children and children don’t lie in these circumstances.”

        Oh and of course, no video rant about Hampstead would be complete without rent-a-gob Kevin Weaver, who says at 22:09…

        “There’s a great big organisation of us now and…er…there’s quite a lot of people – of powerful people – involved, and we’re gonna get to the bottom of all this cannibalistic, ritualistic, sodomising stuff and…er…satanic ritual abuse. Not even abuse, ’cause abuse is…er…too good for these people. They’re actually Satanists.”

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        • You know, I have a Facebook page, on which I post things I think my friends will be interested in. Links to concerts I am involved in, pictures of places they might want to visit. I can not imagine under any circumstances posting a message to say “Got accused of paedophilia today, but it’s all right now because I popped round to the local Police Station and showed them my willy.”

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          • This is why Belinda & Co in constructing their hoaxes, know that no matter what, they can use any thing that happens as fodder for their herd of harrassing harpies …… Disabling, disempowering innocent targets of theirs….. they thought. No wonder they all howl about Hoaxtead.

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            • Yes, this was to have been their “big case”, the one that would establish them as the leaders of the pack and ensure they’d be in the money till they died. Sadly for them, they ran up against people who could see through them.

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    • Mad Moo is very keen to scream and shout that under EU child protection directives, the onus is on the accused to prove their innocence in ALL instances where children have alleged abuse. So come on, Abe – whenever you’re ready, old son…

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  8. I accidentally came across this song the other day and think it’s a perfect anthem for Neelu.

    Bring down the government, bring it to its heel
    Sure is a hoot when they prosecute you for doing what you feel
    Bring down the government, bring it to its knees
    If you want your rights, gonna have to fight
    So bring down the government please

    Bring down the government, bring it down for fun
    God only knows they’ve had their time, it’s about time it was done
    So bring down your governments, get them on the run
    We’ll bake their heads into ginger bread
    And eat them one by one

    Bring down the government, do it now for love
    Do it for your mother and your sister too and do it for God above
    So roll on my brothers, we can find out how
    To walk hand in hand to the promised land
    If we bring down the government now
    Bring down the government now
    Bring down the government now
    Bring down the government now

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    • I felt sorry for Neelu, at first but after hearing her gloating and talking about her uncle? or mentors book that inspired her, I really think she intends to subvert & pervert our system as much as possible and not for any good reason.

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  9. So given that most of the UK people still intent on promoting this hoax have cited the restraining order, in their own words giving evidence that they are knowingly breaching it…….. When is whatever is needed to trigger it to protect innocent victims of these vile viralisers ? What is needed to enforce the restraining order ?

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      • Seriously?
        I know we have 3 police helicopters- in the entire state…
        Nearest thing to that monstrosity is the riot police bus- which is just a standard long distance coach with mesh on its windows.
        Oh and they got two old ex bushfire fighters isuzus with the remote controlled water cannons on them- I think, they say they bought them a couple of years ago, but noone has actually seen them in public

        I seriously wouldnt live in a city that thinks it ‘needs’ one of those

        Does the Edmonton PD need to upgrade their helicopters too??

        Heres the perfect aircraft for catching those pesky speeders that do 2kmh over the limit

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        • Yup. Odds are heavily weighted in favor of law & order, up North here 🙂
          That’s what flipped the suspect’s van. A tank. Har-dee-har-har!

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  10. Well, wadda ya know?? The INSIGNIFICANT scammer Angela #Power-Disney, who helped orchestrate the #HampsteadHoax, is RETARDED!!

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