Fortune-tellers a no-no, but that doesn’t stop Angie & Sabine

Now class, for today’s Bible reading we’re going to look at what God had to say about fortune-tellers. Hold onto your seats, because apparently She had some very strong opinions on the subject.

For example, in Leviticus 20:6—

And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people.

And Leviticus 20:27 had this to say:

A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood [shall be] upon them.

Deuteronomy 18:20:

But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.

Wowzas! that’s some serious stuff. So basically, anyone who tries to prophesy—that is, predict the future—without God’s express written permission, in triplicate, is making a serious life-limiting move. Got it.

But maybe the Almighty had lightened up a bit by the time She got around to the New Testament? After all, Leviticus and Deuteronomy are kind of old-school, right?


1 Chronicles 10: 13–14: So Saul died for his transgression which he committed against the LORD, [even] against the word of the LORD, which he kept not, and also for asking [counsel] of [one that had] a familiar spirit, to enquire [of it];

And enquired not of the LORD: therefore he slew him, and turned the kingdom unto David the son of Jesse.

We think the message is pretty clear. God has a lock on the fortune-telling market. If you try to work around it, the Lord will smite thee in ferocious ways, and might even take it out on your kids. So just don’t, okay?

What about Angie?

Considering that Angela Power-Disney claims her goal in life is to become a walking, talking Bible-spouter, then, we were quite surprised to read this over the weekend. It’s an email from Angie to her ex-friend Yolande:

“Angie, Sabine and Belinda should stop everything they are doing, and reflect on what they have done” ??

1. I like you Yolande, I have never met you but truth cries out from somewhere within your wounded soul. Sadly it is hugely mixed with disinfo, misinfo and conjecture but as of yet I have not felt led to follow the many who have abandoned you as a liability

2. My advice to you, since you so freely give advice to myself and others, is to STOP SEEING AND TRUSTING PSYCHICS AND MEDIUMS!! I used to be one, expertly reading tarot, runestones etc and sought after….the truth is if you seek wisdom through any vehicle except THE HOLY SPIRIT the breath of life, you can and will be misled….that is just the nature of darkness

3. As a grandmother and targetted indivicual my heart goes out to you with the current ban on seeing your beloved offspring. My daughter once kept me from my grandchildren for years which almost led me to suicide, but finally she turned up in the middle of the night asking for help in leaving her controlling and abusive partner….never give up

4. Tomorrow is the DAY OF ATONEMENT according to the true Hebrew calendar….I will indeed reflect on the past year and own up to things I may have been able to do better, and areas in which I could improve

5. It is in my opinion of NO CREDIT to you to associate yourself with the father of deposed CHILDRENS MINISTER Ed Timmons…..he has portfolios which include fostering and adoption agencies for profit and thus is diametrically opposed to your work with mothers whose children have been stolen? We cannot be blinkered and ignore evil under our nose

Kind Regards

So Angie “used to be” a fortune-teller? Fascinating! And of course you know she had to be the “expert, sought-after” kind, not just the run-of-the-mill “hey, I’ve got a deck of cards here, cross my palm with silver” kind. Because that’s how Angie rolls, as we all know.

Granted, she claims to have given all that up for a life of piety, vindictiveness, and spiteful gossip, so we suppose perhaps God has forgiven her. But still. Quite the, er, revelation. So to speak.

Yolande and Sabine, on the other hand, might still be in God’s bad books, if the following is true:

Dear Angie

What a load of garbage. What is this Hebrew stuff? Are you Jewish? ….[The question on everyone’s lips—Ed.]

Re psychics, I am psychic myself and a healer, the healing path I chose was a difficult and challenging one….

….Last year was probably the worst year of my life, where were you Angie, Sabine & Mary? I was so desperate to know that 2017 was going to be better than 2016 that I decided to see a psychic for the first time in 20 years. I did a google search and so found Anita Shean in Maidstone, I saw her on 15.12.2016 and I can say that everything she told me so far is 100% accurate, she gave me the hope that I so badly needed then. Sabine decided to consult her too, she told her that she would not go to prison? Flee the UK?

Why does it not surprise us that Sabine would also avail herself of the services of a psychic? Sounds like Ms Shean told her the kind of happy fairy-story she loves.

As to whether she’ll be going to prison, if she had a conscience we’d suggest she examine it.

66 thoughts on “Fortune-tellers a no-no, but that doesn’t stop Angie & Sabine

  1. Interesting to see that our friend Yolande (Keward/Gorden/Lindridge) has also managed to get a general restraint order to add to her collection

    Along with being designated an “unreasonable or unreasonably persistent complainant” by the local council. The clock must be ticking before another ASBO is added to her 2009 conviction.

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  2. It seems Angela was looking for a cause in 2012 to latch on to:

    This is awesome, an puts me to shame with my cigarettes and wine………….nonetheless. PLEASE INBOX ME ANYONE WHO HAS FIRST HAND MEMORIES OF THE OCCULT SCANDAL IN OLDCASTLE THAT BROUGHT THE NATIONAL NEWSPAPERS TO TOWN………….ouija board, seances, most people involved died untimely deaths since etc. I used to love the occult but hate it now and believe there is a leftover curse on this town which needs BREAKING


    That obviously didn’t work out for her!

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  3. Hilarious! The ad currently sitting directly below your article (for me, anyways) is; “Free Tarot Reading” from LOL!

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  4. Hi guys do you know why Belinda has gone quiet? Is she scared? LoL. Has she got a court case coming up, I forget? I think someone said she does. I hope she’s quaking and shaking in her boots, thinking “will I be the Topdog’s bitch?”
    Unless there is a new child satanic abuse ritual she’s conjuring up and rallying all the nutters to get behind and beg for money to fight paedo elite scum. LoL. Atleast HoaxteadResearch you will be busy detailing and monitoring her latest scam. LoL

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    • Rumour had it some time back she was in court this month, October but maybe that’s just to sit and watch Sabine who also is meant to be due in court.

      I lose track with who’s supposedly doing what.

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    • Isn’t it funny guys how Belinda is leaving it all to Sabine to dig herself further in the grave while Belinda keeps silent and lets Sabine and Neelu drum on about Hoaxtead. Why doesn’t Sabine wonder why Belinda doesn’t speak up and fight for the children, the victims of satanic abuse. I think they will all turn on each other sooner or later. I can’t wait for Belinda to stand trial, she will bury the likes of Angie, Neelu and Sabine before she goes down and will tell any judge its all her friends fault and she was just offering support. Sooner or later the whole story and how it all began with Evil perverts Ella and Abe will all come out. I think Abe and Ella was helped by maybe Sabine to make up the nonesense as you guys know she was in some European parliament screaming Britain was raping kids. How they let her in, in the first place is beyond me and disgusting and brings their whole institute into disrepute! Sorry I had to rant!

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  5. “My daughter once kept me from my grandchildren for years”

    Interesting! There’s been a lot of speculation in the past about Angie’s daughter being wary of Mummy/Nana; and Angela has always vehemently denied it. So it’s nice to catch her with her guard down and finally see her admitting what we’ve always suspected. Good spot, EC.

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    • I hope I’m not reading too much between the lines but I wonder whether Angie’s claim that not being allowed to see her grandkids made her suicidal was something she also used as emotional blackmail to persuade Gabi to relent.

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  6. “What is this Hebrew stuff? Are you Jewish?”

    I’ve noticed Yolande’s FB posts becoming more and more antisemitic lately. Pretty much every post and comment she puts up screams about how much she hates this person, that person and how she’s going to sue them for this, that and the other blah blah yadda yadda. Nothing new there – she appears to be addicted to hate or confrontation or both. But more and more, she’s been sneaking in comments about one of her myriad reasons for resenting this person, that person is their supposed links with prominent Jews.

    I find the whole Jew-hating rhetoric so sad, ignorant and backward but as I’ve said before, it’s the one thing that the ever-bickering members of the troofer community seem top agree on. Bless ’em.

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    • Some sample quotes from Yolande just from the last week or so:

      “What is this Hebrew stuff? Are you Jewish?”

      “Trinity Mirror on 8.9.2017 (also the 18th anniversary of Operation Ore) makes a bid for the Jewish-owned Daily Express.”

      “Welby is a Jewish hypocrite…”

      “The hateful attacks on me are driven by the Daily Mail/KM supported by the Jewish owners of Facebook. Facebook is about supporting Jews worldwide.”

      “Interesting. Why has the Daily Mail changed from being anti-Jews to pro-Jews?”

      “Please watch 36 minutes from the end about Russian Jew child abuser Eugene Lukjanenko”

      “Facebook yesterday disciplined me for standing up to the hate crimes on facebook against me and Justice for All after Russian Jewess, Irina Maya Birdwood-Hedger living in Hythe in Kent made a complaint to Facebook about me…”

      “…when I dare to stand up to one of the organised crime network – who happens to be a Russian Jew – they come down on me like a ton of bricks…Jews stick together…Is Facebook protecting Jewish interests worldwide?”

      “Ann Widdecombe, Grand Rank Female Mason on the payroll of Russia, aided by an introduction from Eugene Lukjanenko, a Russian Jew member of England Take Back Control?”

      “…whilst my Brexit challenge was stuffed to protect the reputations of freemason Tutu and his Jewish mate the Archbishop of Canterbury…”

      “RT meddling with the Tory Kent Messenger’s England Take Back Control, promoting the Jewish-run Church of England…”

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  7. I’m not too surprised to see Angie dipping into the fortune-telling racket, as she has oft boasted about her lifelong study of eschatology/endtimes and her supposed ability to predict the end of the World (even though she gets it wrong every time, haha).

    By the way, other witchy, occulty, unbiblical pursuits include water dowsing, crystal planting, shamanism, Wicca, casting spells, spirit-channeling and the teachings of the Glactic Federation of Light. Not that any of these God-fearing witch-hunting Satanist-bothering Hamphoaxers would ever indulge in any of that nonsense, of course 😀

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    • You’ve clearly doctored that screenshot, Liza – I swear it didn’t have that red line in it when I posted it.

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      • LOL you’re worried about a RED LINE!

        Are you for f…..g real?

        Don’t bother answering, you’re as FAKE as they come.

        How is Rupert?

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        • Babs, I should clarify that that was me taking the piss, not the real APD. It was a reference to the fact that earlier this year she actually did make that hilarious accusation about our screenshots, saying that the red lines were proof that her comments had been edited! It was our sharing of this vile death threat to RD that prompted the allegation:

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          • Yeah I wasn’t 100% convinced it was the ahem “lady” herself.

            But as she checks in here she’ll see the comments so it’s all good!

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    • How did crazy chain smoking Angie know RD and the kids where in Philippines because that’s worrying. And alerted gangs? What an evil witch!


      • She didn’t know anything of the kind. She made it up out of whole cloth, and made the ludicrous claim that one of the children had been shot by a gang member! As if something like that wouldn’t make the news here, LOL.


        • Angie seems to get away with all sorts. Normally blames her sources, rather than fact checking before making the most vile claims. It doesn’t matter to her, same as all conspiracy types, they just move onto the next bit of bullshit they can spread. Her research consists of watching videos on Youtube, reading conspiracy trash, and networking with other equally pathetic morons that all do the same.
          The Fact she still thinks Abe was the fall guy, says a hell of a lot, which is why she is very dangerous.

          I don’t think I will ever forget the arrogance of her interview with Rupert where she tells him she want’s to know the whereabouts of the children, and even have regualr contact. In what capacity? She has no rights or professional reasons.

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          • Speaking of videos, does anyone happen to remember one (I think when Sabine was in jail for the weekend in August 2016) in which Rupert says RD’s name several times in a row, then something like “I just wanted to put that out there”?


          • Is it the one where he says “Coz you know that goofy son of a bitch is listening”? That was from that weekend (6th August 2016).

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          • Goodness gracious, Rupert is such a spaz (is that word allowed?), if he came to Ireland in an attempt to run riot and had pretended he was some kind of threat on the basis he suspected people of whatever sin he conjured up in his mind or was encouraged to imagine…I bet the Garda Siochana would have had a great laugh at his expense. I can picture it now, the hilarity…but really, most Irish people are super sceptical and have a healthy disregard for gullible Americans…we can’t understand for the life of us why they don’t get sarcasm and other examples of refined humour…we smother them with blarney and set them on their way with some kind of crazy fairy tale..thank God the tourist season isn’t actually year round.

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    • The “pattern behind these mass shootings…” is easy access to military grade firearms combined with mental health issues and the yanks obsession with firearms.

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    • Yes. It is despicable.
      It’s not new though. The old CNN site’s comment threads were always filled with partisan political exploitation, from both the right and the left, even when the subject was gardening or fashion. There are political trolls who specialize in twisting whatever subject into “so-and-so political figure is a monster and has to go”.
      It can gut-wrenching when the object of their conscience-less exploitation is YOU or your loved ones, or innocents like murdered children or terror victims. That was the only time anyone seemed to take note of this, in the past.

      The founder of 4Chan sold it not long ago for a pile of money. The current owners are unlikely to exert any control over their kiddie-citizens. Hacking them would be pointless – they’d enjoy the challenge of fending you off with their own very competent hacking crews. But the code infrastucture that makes 4chan possible is sitting on servers somewhere, guarded by little more than parking lot style security guards. The plug can always be pulled, nothing internet related is invulnerable to that.

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  8. The only spirits Angie could summon up are by opening another bottle of wine and she may well be sought after by the fraud squad.
    Wouldn’t be surprised though if she tried to pass herself off as a Petulengro crystal ball reader before hightailing out of town before the customers asked for their money back.

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    • “666 things you didn’t know about London”

      Sooo, does the fact that there are only 45 things on the list not dampen her ardour at all?

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      • And does whoever made up that list realise that even if their numbers are correct, which I sincerely doubt, the metric system didn’t come into use until long after most of those buildings, monuments, etc., were already quite elderly?

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    • “Home of British Prime Minister Tony Blair”
      Another one with her finger on the pulse – only three PMs since then!

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    • The comments underneath that post are even more wince-inducing.

      Firstly, Katerina tells us about her thorough research and fact-checking ethos (and apparently really impresses her friends in the process):

      “I skim read most of it and then decided to post it immediately…I’m still in the learning process and not very good with numbers. My eyes just glaze over with maths etc. I see some of the patterns but even if I don’t understand it fully, I realise that it’s the truth and choose to share so others can benefit from it etc”

      Then her mate Stephen puts a bit of a spanner in the works. Weren’t all these buildings constructed long before we had the metric system? D’oh:

      “Yeah i had a meme with all that in it, posted it a few times … and then a friend pointed something out .. it’s metric , lol.”

      Then her buddy Craig decides that the most sensible, level-headed solution to this ‘problem’ is to…er…kill everyone. Or something:

      “The only way is to dismantle and outright destroy this cult, and we would need a large standing army willing to kill every family member and arsehole even hinting at ongoing support of this global death cult”

      That awesome intellectual debate in full:

      (Jonathan continues for a further 1,029 words. Yup.)

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      • These funny people, like the new agers who want some form of revolution against the “establishment” and the west don’t have to look very far now. See, if they look close to modern terrorism, Isis is the answer to all their prayers. Isis is hell bent on the destruction of the west. So, whilst they all chat in confidence about what a loving and charming man Mr Hitler was, well. Their dreams have come true. Isis is the answer.

        However, they wont admit it, most say Isis aren’t real or that events are being played out by western government. Deep down they should realise that Isis is what they want.

        Of course any sane person knows how destructive and evil this organisation is, but they continue to defend them in saying they don’t exist, or that the west is terrorising itself, or that Isis really is the jews, who they love to blame for everything. Deep down, if they take a good look at themselves, they are advocating the hatred that Isis represent.

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        • A certain American arsehole (and his army of women who all seem to have the initials KB) is now claiming that ISIS are a front for the CIA.

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      • Vatican to a point near the Coliseum counting out exactly 666 metres = 666 metres.
        Bat-shit crazy lunacy of the type of Bible mis-quoting out of context favored by faux Christians like Power-Disney,?. The claim “666” referred to whatever Roman emperor was in power as the ‘beast’ who oppressed it’s many conquered lands.

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    • At the risk of sounding daft, isn’t there always gonna be something 666 metres away from something else? What exactly do Katerina and her mates expect to be 666 metres away from a building in a heavily built-up city like London? A fucking matterless void where time and space cease to exist? Fuck’s sake.

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      • Yes, I think it’s safe to say that there is always something near to something else. But there isn’t always something on top of something else, a fact that some of us find very worrying indeed. Honestly, we’re going to Gehenna in a gurney.

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        • @porpoise – I agree, this is a serious problem. I often lie awake at night worrying that there are some things without other things on top of them.
          Also, that I don’t know where to find those little things with the sort of raffia work base that has an attachment.
          Very troubling…

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    • Can I just point out that St. Paul’s Cathedral is 69 metres away form the Paternoster Chop House? This is irrefutable proof that Sir Christopher Wren was a sex-obsessed pervert. Hang the bloody lot of ’em, I say.

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  9. Remember Eve? Nathan’s caller with a room where you can see the sea from the top window?
    The one who was flirty and said “love you” when she hung up. Typical LTV fan.

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