Australian blogger jailed for contempt: A lesson for our courts?

A ruling yesterday in the Supreme Court of New South Wales saw blogger Shane Dowling sentenced to four months’ imprisonment for contempt of court, following his refusal to obey a court order to remove defamatory material from his blog, Kangaroo Court of Australia.

Reading the judgement on the case, we were struck by several similarities to various Hoaxtead mobsters’ efforts—right down to the ubiquitous crowd-funding page and prominent donation buttons.

For example, Mr Dowling (who frames his defamatory practices as “fighting corruption”) “deliberately and enthusiastically disobeyed court orders” in a style reminiscent of Sabine McNeill, Neelu Berry, and Angela Power-Disney.

In yesterday’s judgement, Harrison J noted:

On 21 December 2016, Campbell J made orders, including that Mr Dowling remove the names of Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 from his 21 December 2016 article and that he not further publish certain imputations about them. Mr Dowling has been aware of these orders since 21 December 2016. In breach of the orders, Mr Dowling left the 21 December 2016 article online without removing the names of Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2. He also published further articles in breach of the orders.

Since 15 March 2017, the offending publications have all remained online, and the names of Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 have not been removed from any of them. Moreover, Mr Dowling has made further relevant publications. For present purposes, it is sufficient to refer to a publication made by him as recently as 15 July 2017 on his website, which included the following material:

“Another key issue is that the media have named the women involved in the AFL scandal immediately with their pictures and backgrounds everywhere. So why didn’t the media name the four women [Jane Doe 1], [Jane Doe 2], [Jane Doe 3] and [Jane Doe 4] who allegedly had sexual relationships with Seven CEO Tim Worner before the dodgy suppression order was taken out?”

The italicised words contained a hyperlink to an earlier article, which also named (and continues to name) Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2. Even the preliminary publication of my 15 March 2017 judgment to the parties for checking led Mr Dowling further to defy the authority of this Court, first by publishing the unredacted reasons on his website, even though they were still subject to restriction, and secondly by maintaining online links to that version even after publication of the final, more restricted version.

This has the ring of familiarity: despite restraining orders issued as a result of their online behaviour, we’ve watched as Sabine and others have blithely and deliberately breached those orders again and again; as well, they’ve failed to remove existing blog and social media posts in which they’ve named various innocent parties as “cult members”, paedophiles, murderers, and cannibals.

Referring to the importance of a timely and proportionate response to contempt of court, Harrison J stated:

“Although the primary purpose in committing a defendant who disobeys an injunction is to enforce the injunction for the benefit of the plaintiff, another purpose is to protect the effective administration of justice by demonstrating that the court’s orders will be enforced. As the authors of Borrie and Lowe’s Law of Contempt, 2nd ed (1983) say, at 3:

If a court lacked the means to enforce its orders, if its orders could be disobeyed with impunity, not only would individual litigants suffer, the whole administration of justice would be brought into disrepute.” …


It is a very serious matter where a person disobeys a Court order knowing the Court has made it. If that conduct went unpunished by the Courts, a fundamental aspect of our society would suffer. Other people would come to think that they also could disobey or flout orders that a Court had made. The rule of law would be seriously undermined were such a situation left unpunished. Justice could not be done satisfactorily if the ordinary respect that members of our society have for the authority of the Courts to resolve disputes, as a part of our system of government, came to be undermined by persons openly disobeying Court orders…

We’re reminded of Sabine and Ella’s open flouting of the court orders served upon them in February 2015, as well as of Tracey Morris’ bragging in an interview with Angela Power-Disney that the injunction she was served in August 2015, when she was ordered not to discuss the Hampstead SRA hoax in public or online, was “not worth the paper it was written on”.

Sadly, the inaction of our court system has proven Tracey absolutely correct.

We’ve referred in the past to the strange unwillingness of the MET to take timely and definitive action against the Hoaxtead mobsters in the early days of the hoax. Whatever the reason for that inertia, the message was sent and received, loud and clear: anybody wishing to defame or harass RD or other parents of children attending Christ Church Primary School was quite welcome to do so. They’d face no legal consequences whatsoever.

As things stand currently, Sabine pleaded guilty last October to one charge of breach of her restraining order; since then she has been interviewed by the police several times, but no further charges have been laid to our knowledge.

Tracey Morris has publicly stated her contempt for the court order served upon her, and has on several occasions been heard publicly violating its terms. However, she has not, to our knowledge, faced any legal consequences.

People like Deborah Mahmoudieh, Angela Power-Disney, and others have continued to promote the Hampstead hoax enthusiastically…and have been untouched by the law.

What are we to make of this?

In light of the Australian court’s firm handling of a case in which the internet was used as a weapon to harm the lives and reputations of several people, we have to say that our own courts’ utter lack of action, decisive or otherwise, is disheartening to say the least.

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  1. There are so many similarities with Hoaxtead that it makes one think this is a particular mindset that cannot distinguish fact from fiction or misinterprets the law which has taken decades & decades to arrive where it now is in order to avoid the Pitchfork Mob style “justice” the Hoaxteaders would hand out given half the chance.

    I started reading Dowling’s blog until I became quite sick of it but the very same ‘principals’ apply. For instance he refers to newspaper reports from 2 years ago that apparently about a secret police intelligence report that the Mafia (entrenched in Australia) may have bribed one or two Sydney judges with $2M over a decade ago.

    No charges have been laid or seem likely as unfortunately for police, although they may get knowledge they think is accurate, without evidence they cannot act upon it.

    But for Dowling it means he is unleashed upon a crusade of false accusations – writing to Chief Justices & High Court judges & demanding they all prove they are innocent & haven’t been bribed by the Mafia, or in another land, expose their genitals and prove they do not have Devil Tattoos. And then demanding a judge be brought from interstate because no NSW judge has proved their innocence.

    Judges may be tough and see the worst in people during their working day but in the end they are human and are entitled not to have their careers thrashed by an oaf like this and their names (and that of their families) besmirched. And as in Hoaxtead, it becomes a giant “VIP Pedo Ring” of establishment figures protecting each other.

    Dowling had been found in Contempt several times and this is his first jail sentence- 4 months is a pittance for the vile lies he has promoted. The law is too lenient on these hoaxers.

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    • He really does sound like an Australian version of the Hoaxtead mob, doesn’t he?

      And I agree that four months is a pittance; but it’s four months longer than anyone has served for all the damage they have done and continue to do in Hampstead.

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  2. Reading some of his stuff, I suspect he founded his style based on a former tv current affairs host here called Derryn Hinch who has also been fined multiple times (in the the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars and jailed twice over his releasing of names and is now a senator in Victoria lol)

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    • Are your senators appointed, Steve? I’ve heard some awful stories about appointed senators in places like Canada—basically political appointees put in place to do the bidding of whichever party gives them a seat.


      • No they are voted in, but theres preferences etc that often mean someone else gets your vote (and the job for 6 years) even tho you didnt actually vote for them.
        Its a pretty confusing system- if your candidate doesnt get enough votes to win outright, they can ‘pass on’ your vote to another electee- who if they dont get enough, can pass it on again- until someone gets enough to get over the hump and they get the job… at least thats how I understand it to work, but everyone has their own ideas on it, and its all pretty confusing really
        About the only thing you can count on (and not always at that) is that the major parties USUALLY wont pass on votes to or from each other; altho it has happened sometimes when they wanted to ‘kill’ a popular independents chances but they are too popular with the voters

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          • the polies of course, at least gerrymandering has stopped here (well at least in public view) that was just plain cheating imho- redrawing the electoral boundaries each time so the party in power could increase its chances of staying in power- Qld was notorious for it for years

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    • This is an interesting system. Any thoughts?

      Apologies for the Clarkson thumbnail, by the way. Don’t have nightmares.

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      • Actually, I kinda like it
        Like top business execs, its been shown that psychopaths tend to reach top positions of power, so really, anyone who wants the job should automatically be ineligible for it….

        I like the idea of a random drawn shown on telly as they put it- ‘And the minister of education is… Joe in Cornwall’
        ‘oh shite’


        I like it a lot


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  3. Yes, the authorities have often proved to be embarrassingly impotent over the Hoaxtead harassers. However, before we get too despondent, here’s a list of hoaxer twunts who’ve been subject to some kind of legal action – be it arrest, caution, sectioning, injunction, court order, fine, deportation or restraining order – so far:

    Alan Alanson
    Neelu Berry
    Happy Brewer
    Lee Cant
    Jake Clarke
    John Duane
    Desmond During
    Arthur Kaoutal
    Belinda McKenzie
    Helen McMenamin
    James McMenamin
    Tracey Morris
    Dawn Moses
    Sabine McNeill
    Rupert Quaintance
    Christine Ann Sands

    And lest we forget that it’s often been the hard work of you wonderful people (and one coyote) that has led to these arrests etc. And even though they have indeed sometimes only resulted in a pathetic rap on the knuckles, savour those little victories – they all count in the fight to stop the lunatics taking over the asylum.

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    • You’re right, of course, and I don’t want to be too negative about it. It does gall me that so many of them seem to break the laws and violate court orders with complete impunity, though.

      By the way, here’s a question for the nutters: If we’re MI5 (or other government agency of your choice), why aren’t you in prison?

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      • “Why aren’t you in prison?”

        We are, Mr. Coyote. We’re in a prison of the soul, trapped by the bars of our conscience, locked in by our tears. At least I think we are but we’re all too lacking in self-awareness and too busy slandering and threatening people and conning the gullible on GoFundMe to notice.

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    • How true Ethel, and we have to remember the ‘benefits’ of having even a minor criminal conviction on your record.
      Mind you, some of these people have been in court that much, they should start paying rent there….

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    • Always like the name Ethel but never met an Ardvark named one but..I like your style Eth. It’s pleasing to read that list.
      It’s still early days yet were the law and the internet is concerned but I think the US election, whatever the truth, has shown how powerfully deceptive the internet can be.

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      • Never met any Ethels
        The only time Ive ever heard it (and no offence to our Ardvark) was in the song ‘the streak’ and I must admit every time I see her post, I hear that bit ‘ DONT look Ethel’


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          • Oh, the quantity surveying is just a hobby. My main profession is kumquat-flinging. But was the publishing world interested in my follow-up tome ‘Ethel the Aardvark Goes to Kathmandu to Lob Kumquats’? Were they bunnies! I even offered to change it to mangosteens but nothing. Too busy wasting their time on stories about bloody wizards and biographies of Katie Hopkins no doubt.

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          • Yes, I used to have a best of Ray Stevens album as a kid. It always used to crack my sister and me up. ‘The Streak’ was one of our favourites, along with ‘Bridget the Midget’. ‘Gitarzan’ and ‘Along Came Jones’ were good’uns too 🙂

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        • The book shop & the cheese shop have always been my fave Python sketches 🙂

          “C: Camembert, perhaps?
          O: Ah! We have Camembert, yessir.

          C: (suprised) You do! Excellent.
          O: Yessir. It’s ah… it’s a bit runny.

          C: Oh, I like it runny.
          O: Well,.. It’s very runny, actually, sir.

          C: No matter. Fetch hither the fromage de la Belle France! Mmmwah!
          O: I…think it’s a bit runnier than you’ll like it, sir.

          C: I don’t care how fucking runny it is. Hand it over with all speed.
          O: Oooooooooohhh……..! (pause)

          C: What now?
          O: The cat’s eaten it”.

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          • You have excellent taste, Justin. ‘The Cheese Shop Sketch’ is one of my favourites too. And one of John Cleese’s favourites too, as it happens. It was only “fucking runny” when they did it live, though, at ‘The Secret Policeman’s Ball’.

            In the original TV sketch is was “excrementally runny”, which is also funny in its own way 😀

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    • I see that Australia is saying it’ll support the US in any military strike against North Korea.


      • Yes screw Malcolm Turnbull for jumping in so quickly instead if urging caution. I wonder if Kim Jong Un has a missile that can reach Perth?
        Maybe a good idea to take that long planned trip to the country-say Uluhru.


        • Yup the libs just cant wait to get us into another fake war- look how good little johnnies escapades turned out…
          For what we have paid to date, we could have repaved every road in Oz, including paving all the gravel roads, updated every hospital and school in the nation and still have change left over….

          Instead we had the war of lies, a tax burden that will take decades to pay off, and ended up less secure than ever..

          ‘Good job libs’…



        • Hey, keep up with the Apocolypse chic, daddio! The Tom Hardy look is all the rage now. And a little butterfly tells me that Spiny has already bought himself a rather fetching Charlize Theron costume.

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          • uggh just watched fury road for the first time only recently (its on tv again tonight- and no I wont be bothered watching it again)- what a travesty….

            If they cant do it right, just leave it alone

            I scored it a -10% (my neighbour loved it, but he liked sharkneido too)


    • Hee-hee!

      After weeks of escalating international tensions, the nuclear missiles really do start to fly – first from North Korea, seconds later the US, then China, Russia, Pakistan…”we’re all doomed! its the end of the world!” everyone cries.
      But no, the missiles ALL fall to earth as duds and don’t explode…”what the fuck?” humanity exclaims in amazement.
      The sky grows dark all over the planet simultaneously, as though the sun had ‘gone out’. Suddenly, volcanoes erupt, earthquakes split entire nations, hurricanes & tsunamis swamp entire coastlines, tornadoes flatten entire cities, and then…a face as big and bright as a full moon over Hawaii hovers over the earth….

      “I…said…I’M the one calling the End Of The World shots!” booms the voice of David Shurter. “Who’s laughing NOW, motherf*ckers?”

      That would be SO funny, I wouldn’t even mind having been wrong. 🙂

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      • Read (and lost the link) a scientific article debunking poor Dave’s End of World scenario re the upcoming full eclipse (no they didn’t mention you personally Shurter).
        You could almost see the NASA scientist doubled-up with laughter as he explained there is no such celestial body as Nibiru which is a blow to Neelu as I think she thinks that upon it’s arrival all her $$Billion liens will all be paid at once.

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  4. The Star aptly reported ANOTHER case which involved Sabine McNeil. That case saw one of her helpers in jail.

    From the article;

    “The so-called ‘investigator’ who breached an order preventing reporting of a High Court case involving the care of a South Yorkshire child has been given a nine-month jail term by a senior judge after being found to be in contempt of court.

    Elizabeth Watson had sent ‘aggressive, intimidating’ emails to council staff involved in the case which had found their way on to websites and ‘compromised the well-being’ of a child, said Sir Nicholas Wall, President of the High Court Family Division. Sir Nicholas, sitting at a High Court hearing in London, said Watson had defaced copies of court orders with ‘childish scribblings’, ‘knew precisely what she was doing’ and ‘thought herself above the law’. He jailed Watson – who gave her name as ‘Elizabeth of the Watson Family’ and described herself as an ‘investigator’ who was a ‘Montessori-trained teacher’ with a background in ‘child psychology’ – after revealing details of the custody battle over the child, who cannot be named for legal reasons. Watson, from Bournemouth, Dorset, told the court that she was ‘most sorry’ and suggested she had been ‘badly advised’ and ‘misguided’ after being asked to help with the custody case by the child’s mother, Victoria Haigh.

    Sir Nicholas said Ms Haigh, with Watson’s ‘misguided assistance’, had then breached court orders by putting ‘unwarranted and scandalous’ allegations into the public domain via email and the internet. Watson had sent emails which identified parties in the case and criticised social workers and police. She had referred to ‘social disservices’ and ‘abductees’ who ‘snatched children’ and ‘tortured innocent parents’ and written about ‘nationwide child snatching reaching epidemic proportions’. “You have seriously breached an order and seriously compromised the well-being of a child,” said the judge. “There is no question of ‘misunderstood’. You knew exactly what you were doing – writing the most aggressive, intimidating emails calling everyone in sight ‘corrupt’. You wrote on the court orders you were sent. That is not someone who misunderstood.” “She knew precisely what she was doing and thought herself above the law. That will not be tolerated.” Ms Haigh, who was not facing contempt proceedings watched proceedings from the public gallery. The judge said Watson had argued that Doncaster Council, which has organised a care plan for the seven-year-old child, who now lives with her father – was not entitled to launch contempt proceedings. He said she had described local authority staff as ‘deceptive’ and made a reference to the ‘worst form of terrorism’. Sir Nicholas described her arguments as ‘simply wrong’ and ‘absolute nonsense’ and said Doncaster Council had been entitled to bring contempt proceedings if it felt a court order had been breached.

    He said he had considered an option of ruling that Watson was ‘mentally ill’ but had decided against that and concluded that he had ‘no alternative’ but to jail her”.

    Read more at:

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  5. Another post accompanied by a large picture of the parents, again showing the mother breastfeeding.

    Christ, just leave them the feck alone, Angela! Sigh

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        • El Coyote
          August 11, 2017 at 6:30 pm

          Yes, I was thinking the same.


          El Coyote
          August 11, 2017 at 6:29 pm

          No, you’re not.


          oh oh, looks like we finally broke our pet coyote…….

          (pats on head)
          there there


          • Steve, I think His Howlness was responding to that nice Mr. Rawlinson’s question – “Am I alone in finding that image really very creepy?” – when he said “No, you’re not”.


          • 🙂

            yeah but it just looks so funny like that lol
            (wordpress often does that, sticking an answer in the wrong place from where its intended, often with humourous results like his howlinesses apparent multiple personalities fighting with each other in public



          • No, it’s not in the wrong place. If you look, replies are slightly to the right of the comment they’re responding to. So if you reply to a comment then someone replies to an earlier comment, it looks all wonkified at first but it is logical. Confusing but logical.


    • 12:06 – “Someone said that there is no such thing as space. I won’t argue, I won’t argue with that, because I’ve never been there and I can’t prove it. So it most definitely could just be the firmament.”

      Oh and they’ve found a statue of a Trojan soldier on Mars. Yup.

      How long d’you reckon it’ll be before JournoAngie™ collars this pair of spacecakes for an interview? Start the clock…

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  6. A hard dose of reality juice will be required medicine for Angela Power Disney and others like her. The judges, police and other authority types are too soft, slow and stupid. allowing these subhuman bananas to inflict huge expense on the taxpayer and misery on the targets of their activities. Over the next two days two Satan Hunters come up before judges, and I will only be satisfied with jail for them, if they are found guilty. As to Angela Power Disney, she is in contempt of court, so the judge if they have any belief in the strength of the laws in the Irish lands, must throw her into jail. As to Neelu Berry, I would like to see her homeless on the street, an example of what happens to those who refuse to live in the real world.

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  7. All Satan Hunters live in la la land, they have no understanding how a real disaster or a personal arrest, jail or sectioning might be like for them. For me, Angela Power Disney and David Shurter, supported by the lack of action by the legal authorities, makes me keen that a major war does happen as a result of the situation in North Korea. I feel when the ugly consequencies of a major war hits these social parasites and the useless legal authorities where it hurts, for instance loss of internet, a food and money crisis, then if wakes them up, a major war will be worth it. I have written about the North Korea crisis:

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    • She’s still chatting on Farcebook, so either she’s not in the courtroom or she’s smuggled her phone in.

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  8. Mad Moo working overtime to protect the paedophiles involved in the Newcastle scandal, the same way she promoted Hampstead to cover up for the paedophiles in the Rotherham case.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if she was connected to Rotherham, Rochdale and Newcastle child grooming gangs.

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    • Yeah, I saw this. She’s got this thing about Muslims being above reproach. I agree that it’s wrong to stereotype the Islamic community as paedophiles, as the BNP, the EDL and Britain First have often done, but she flies off the handle if there is any focus on Muslim paedophiles whatsoever.

      That said, I thought it was wrong of BBC Radio 2 to announce this news as “A predominantly Asian paedophile gang has been convicted…”

      Fristly, it contravenes press regulations to state a perpetrator’s race or ethnic group, unless for purposes of identification if there’s a manhunt on. Newspapers have been fined for this in the past, including the Telegraph, who stated that a lorry driver who’d been convicted of a hit-and-run was black. They tried to defend it by saying they were just presenting the facts for people to make up their own minds but the Press Complaints Commission pointed out that they wouldn’t have pointed out the driver’s skin colour if he’d been white. And it’s unlikely that the BBC in this instance would have pointed out that the grooming gang were all white and British if that had been the case. And to put that in their headline as if it were one of the main facts of the case was a little off, imho.

      Secondly, in my own personal opinion – and I know people may disagree with me on this – I think it was ignorant to use the term ‘Asian’ to refer to the men, as if that’s some specific ethnic group. It may be a handy category for equal ops monitoring forms etc. (and even they tend to differentiate between Western Asian and Oriental) but to shove them all into one group on a news item just seemed wrong. Asia boasts an astonishingly diverse range of ethnic groups and cultures from Kazakhstan to Nepal to Japan and I just found that a little crude. Would they have referred to the men as “European” in the same way? Not a major point but a wee bugbear of mine.

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      • I agree it’s wrong to label a group of a variety of ethnic backgrounds predominantly “Asian”, many it’s also wrong to refer to them as predominantly men as well. It’s wrong of Mad moo to use the term “mostly white professionals” as well.
        There does seem to be some sort of issue on how certain groups of men view women, whether it’s cultural or a social problem, I don’t really know.
        Mad Moo seems to only care about promoting an agenda of those in social services, places of authority, so called elites etc as paedophiles, regardless of facts. So any case whe will ignore child abuse by minorities or lower classes in favour of promoting her anti-zionist, anti-establishment agenda.
        In that case she is a paedophile protector.

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        • Yes, I noticed that Mad Moo was moaning about white men again.

          Also, she has this thing about “professionals”. She mentions them above and she’s also ranted about them in loads of her recent videos too, in particular teachers, social workers and “academics” annoy her. There just seem to be certain groups of people that get her goat and whom she seems happy to wantonly stereotype. A lot of personal grudges going way back, I suspect. Mind you, let’s be thankful for small mercies – at least she hasn’t started on “Northerners” 😀

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    • On a completely unrelated point, I know you’re a hip hop fan and I wondered whether you’d had a go at Google’s interactive hip hop tutorial that comes up on today’s Google homepage logo. It’s loads of fun.

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      • I had seen it was the 44th Anniversary of Hip Hip, not sure how accurate that is, as I guess it is somewhat debateable. I will have a look so thanks 🙂


    • “ALL UK local authorities harbour CSA rings.”

      “Those B*ds of power think they can hide behind the Asian pedo’s (who served them so well for so long)”

      “Suspects are from varied ethnicity and social background, mostly, White-professionals ”

      She really does know no shame, does she?

      Proof for these extraordinary claims please, Debs.

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  9. Fiasco update (again accompanied by a photo of the parents and baby despite the case still being ongoing):


    • “Court over for 21 days until we appeal which will be on Monday.”

      Er…how does that work?


  10. By the way, I’m still confused as to what she means by this seemingly oxymoronic comment:



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