BREAKING: Sabine McNeill pleads guilty

In a surprise move today, Sabine McNeill entered a plea of ‘guilty’ in her case management hearing on the charge of breaching her restraining order.

She was given a conditional discharge for 12 months, which means that the offence will be permanently registered on her criminal record. Should she re-offend within the next 12 months, she can be re-sentenced for the original offence.

We will bring further updates as they occur.

78 thoughts on “BREAKING: Sabine McNeill pleads guilty

  1. The law re Conditional Discharges has changed since I worked in the Courts. I recently found this:

    “Pursuant section 14 of the Powers of Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act 2000 [4][5] and R v Patel [2006] EWCA Crim 2689[6] the conditional discharge does not constitute a conviction unless the individual breaches the conditional discharge and is re-sentenced.”

    I’d expect that the original offence and the details of the Conditional Discharge would stay on the criminal record though and I think the change in the law means that the offender wouldn’t have to declare the Conditional Discharge if they went for a job and were asked if they had any convictions.

    I could be wrong about this and if I am then someone say so!

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    • Conditional discharges are disclosable during the period of the discharge, i.e. a year for a 1 year sentence. (s. 5 Rehab of Offenders Act). I agree with another poster that this it is not very likely that Sabine would ever be faced with the necessity of disclosure this year or any other. However criminal proceedings are exempt from the Rehab of Offenders Act, the conviction will remain on the PNC record forever.

      In the sentencing guidelines conditional discharge is outside the range for breach of restraining order which means the judge would have had to explain why the offence was so unusual as to justify sentencing outside the guidelines. My guess is that the circumstances were probably understated to the court by agreement in order to induce a guilty plea and avoid the Trial From Hell.

      One complication in the Crown Court is that prosecuting counsel (if from the independent bar) can act independently of CPS so there are more variables than just prosecution and defence.

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  2. Given the flagrancy of her offence and re-offence, this sentence is ridiculous. Another action on the part of the authorities that will only embolden hoaxers. – Why is justice being so wilfully failed?

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    • It does seem odd to me. I don’t know what the sentencing guidelines stipulate for this sort of charge when the plea is guilty, but given the pain and suffering she has caused to so many innocent people, I am very surprised at this sentence.


      • Agree with Joe the “sentence”(?) hardly sends out a clear message to those hell bent on taking the proverbial out of the justice system.Maybe the decrepit,sad old lady with the crutches act held sway, who knows?

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        • If I had to guess—and this is pure, wild speculation—I would say that her legals told her there was no way she’d escape prison if she continued with the not guilty plea. Her breaches of the RO were quite flagrant, and there would have been no question this time of having to prove intent. It was purely a ‘did she or didn’t she?’ question.

          So my guess is that she decided to plead guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence. Whether this was her idea or not is an open question.


          • Agree EC,plea bargaining exercise pretty much nailed on.She almost certainly has escaped more serious consequences by her chinny chin chin.Be interesting what words of warning if any the judge made in her general direction.

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          • This does have plea bargain written all over it. I would have liked her to face worse punishment but if she did accept a plea bargain, it is only because the court would have found her guilty anyway. Which may get across to some of the others still facing charges. That they won’t always get away with technicalities…etc. If I was one of the others, particularly our American friend, I would be quite worried about now.

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          • A guilty plea also stops her other breaches of the High Court injunction and Contempt of Court being heard which would most certainly have led to a jail sentence.
            I guess she got a very good barrister who read the riot act to her and convinced her she had no other choice as she was bang to rights.

            Early days yet..there will be more to come from this pack and yes, the law moves often at a frustratingly slow pace.
            She is also ‘on the radar’ well and truly now and will be watched closely.

            Poor thing, now unable to weep so openly in her videos but I did admire her capacity to recover so quickly. Wonder what other doomed enterprise she will latch onto now. Can’t she just say home and have cups of tea and watch Coronation Street like a good pensioner?

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    • This must be costing a fortune, Neelu, sabine etc seem to spend most of their time at the royal court of justice, one stupid case after another, surely theres a way to stop people like them from doing this? such a waste of taxpayers money.

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        • Oh yes the Main Event is to come when the Ambassador of the Galactic Federation appears in Clown Court and I expect a judge will be arrested for High Treason.

          Talk about synchronicity : did the Princess Ved anticipate the Rise of The Killer Clowns movement?.
          Surely a case for Young Journalist of The Year (popularly voted by readers of Der Stürmer 1939) to investigate. How many Killer Clowns are Jewish? ( Krusty The Clown ?…born Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski).
          Are the Killer Clowns funded by the Rothschilds? How many are Freemasons?

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      • Let alone the costs in Crystal Power. They don’t come cheap as they plaster them all over London.
        I guess those ones cunningly buried in the plant box behind the court house were duds.

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    • When I clicked on this the first three people I saw where Jacque Fresco (would-be utopia builder), Judy Wood (9/11 ‘truther’ who thinks that the twin towers were destroyed by particle beams) and Bill Ryan (unapologetic practicing Scientologist)… that in itself was nearly enough to destroy the will to live.

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    • Angie explains how she is not attached to ‘stuff’ on the internet…’stuff’ that she creates, wreaks havok with in the lives of innocent people, and then moves on, in the most cavalier fashion…time: 31 mins


      • Dont be fooled by the Duchess of delusion,behind the mask of zero integrity and self advertising idiotism lies a visionary that puts Teslas efforts to shame.Angie is clearly at the cutting edge in developing a unique method of human transportation.Dig feckin hole–>fall into it–>repeat ad nauseum.

        She has already patented a device capable of recycling and condensing gobshoite into rocket fuel and the Irish Space Agency are apparently in talks.


  3. The law moves at a frustratingly slow pace. I’ve been involved in a matter for 6 years now & similar in that the level of madness of the other side was under-estimated. I & associates have always triumphed but it’s exhausting.

    One very important point : Sabine McNeil has now pleaded guilty to a criminal offense involving the Hampstead Hoax. She is a key player & the de-facto leader of a malicious group of harassers & defamers who have set out to destroy lives.

    She and the others who have overtly co-operated with McNeil in this campaign are extremely vulnerable to civil claims against them. Some are potless and some are wealthy. It’s been a conspiracy that is not that difficult to prove. It would of course be another long and possibly debilitating case to pursue but the sooner started the sooner this bunch could be brought to justice in the only way they may understand- financially.

    It should not be under-estimated that she plead Guilty.


        • It’s good news in some respects, I think—the actual guilty plea is definitely a good thing, though it’s probably less an admission of wrongdoing than an acknowledgement that she was going to lose her case.

          I think people’s main frustration comes from the sentencing decision, which is much less than she might have got had she gone to trial with a not guilty plea.

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  4. Extremely important that she pleaded GUILTY and this should not be underestimated,
    It means the wheels have come of the Hoax Charabanc not that it will deter them…and as they go down in flames they may be at their most dangerous.

    Opens the way for civil claims against the Hoax leaders for a concerted conspiracy to harass.

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    • Once again, Mel Ve’s banging on about the Catholics and how the Vatican is to blame for every single evil in the World. Makes a change from blaming the Jews, I guess. *Sigh*

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    • Hope Girl:

      “McKenzie’s Devils…the pits of Hell!…Hi guys, ’cause I know you’re recording this live…These guys have been busy…You guys don’t know who you’re fricking dealing with…Every video here is just made to torment, torture, ruin the reputation of, take away any kind of ability to earn a living if they’re doing something. They try to ruin a person’s reputation. This is terrorism and you guys at McKenzie’s Devil are terrorists….Shame on you. There’s gonna be a time when you have to meet your maker…”

      LMAO! MKD is going to be so proud of that testimonial 😀

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      • And Hope Girl’s just come out with the old classic:

        “McKenzie’s Devils are very well paid.”

        Oh and what a surprise – now she’s shouting about how MKD and “the trolls” are just scared scared of the truth – that you can only get from CCN, of course – and how Angela Power-Disney is this great crusader who’s exposing satanic abuse.

        Yawn. Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

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    • And Mel Ve, the disgusting pig, is also banging on about how the people of Hampstead are being exposed for satanic abuse.

      “Wealthy people in Hampstead are afraid of their dirty little secret getting out…and they’ve hired – because they’ve got the money, because Hampstead is very wealthy – they’ve hired their little online trolls to discredit anyone who goes anywhere near this thing, because oh my God, they don’t want their little satanic paedophile haven interfered with. They have the power to do all this sort of thing. And the money and the resources. It’s only a few thousand bucks they need to pay out to give someone a full-time job but let’s face it, that’s small change to the average paedophile millionaire.”

      Sorry, Mel – didn’t quite catch your “proof of claim” there, you chubby-chopped piggy-eyed freak. Feel free to post it whenever you get a mo’.

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    • Ahah! You’ve looked at Hope Girl’s always just round the corner going to be working soon yes she said that five years ago pay $600 for these badly produced DVDs very long con then!

      I suppose there is a group of people who really cannot tell the difference between genuine claims and out and out fraud.

      I need to set one of these scams up. Just joking. I actually couldn’t delude people like that. These free energy con artists are unintentionally hilarious. And it is a con, for money. Let’s face it, she should be unimaginably wealthy with all that energy to sell.

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  5. I really have no evidence for this, just a strong hunch.
    There was someone in Raccoon-land comments a while ago, who apparently knew Sabine “before” – how long before I have no idea – and they were very distraught about what Sabine had gotten into and what was happening with her recently. I suspect, some old friends might have reached out to her and done their best to pull her back into their own orbit – and away from McKenzie-loony-land.

    I’m probably wrong, but optimistic that we’ve heard the last of Sabine in these regards.


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