Angela Power-Disney finds herself in hot water

For the third day running, Angela Power-Disney has live-streamed a Facebook video concerning an in camera family court case in which she has been meddling. But last night’s “#BabyH update” came with a difference. Angie opened with this:

I’ve just been served with papers, as have the parents, following papers we served this morning both in the district court and on the applicants that got the order on Baby H. So the temperature’s increasing, heating up here…I’m going to open up my documents online because it may be a cease and desist with live-streaming on the case.

Hoaxtead trolls, which are the government-paid organisation that is attempting to cover up the Hampstead case, made it their business to inform the courts in Monaghan that I had slipped up and accidentally mentioned the parents’ first names in the last couple of days’ live-streaming. So I was ordered not to disclose details of what went on in closed court and I haven’t done. And with regard to the parents’ names being accidentally mentioned, first names only, we’ve already taken legal advice and given that this case was covered extensively in mainstream media all over Northern Ireland including on television, um…er, mea culpa, you know, accidental possible contempt of court but as I say, given that the case was already in mainstream media, and that that I haven’t breached, I haven’t disclosed any details of what went on in the court.

Surprisingly, Angela actually got one thing correct: one of our team members really did report her to the court. Here’s what they wrote on Monday:

I’m writing in relation to a current case being heard at Monaghan Court, involving placement of a newborn baby, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx.

A woman named Angela Power-Disney has involved herself in this case and states that she was acting in the role of McKenzie friend at the most recent hearing. She says that she was cautioned by the judge at that time not to reveal any details of the case. However, today (7 August 2017) she publicly released a video on Facebook, in which she discusses the case in some detail. At one point she names the mother; at another, she invites the baby’s father onto the video to make a public statement. In addition, she has revealed many details of the case, both in this video and on her public Facebook page.

I would appreciate it if you could pass this information along to the judge involved in the case.

And following Angela’s second live-stream on Facebook, our colleague followed up with this on Tuesday:

I wrote yesterday to inform the court of disturbing behaviour by Angela Power-Disney, who has been acting as a McKenzie friend in the case of Xxxxxx and Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx, currently being heard in Monaghan Court. (I know the names of the individuals involved only because Ms Power-Disney has published them on her Facebook page several times, and named the mother in her first video regarding the case, which I sent you yesterday.)

Ms Power-Disney has just published another “#BabyH update” video to her Facebook page, linked here: [link redacted]

She is very clearly aware of the publication ban on the case, and yet she has both parents speaking on today’s video, and once again, she names the father. At the end of yesterday’s video, she stated that she knows she might be breaking the law and could go to prison, but she doesn’t care. “Bring it on” are her exact words.

I am acutely aware of the importance of confidentiality in cases such as this, for the protection of the child involved. I hope you will pass the information about Ms Power-Disney on to the judge involved, as I believe Ms Power-Disney is not only flouting the law and the judge’s specific instructions, but violating this family’s right to privacy.

Yesterday morning our team member told us they had received confirmation from the court that these concerns had been passed along to the appropriate authorities.

Yesterday evening’s live-stream

According to Angela, a court official warned her again yesterday against naming names on her Facebook live-streams and posts. Angie the one-time “Young Journalist of the Year” stated in last night’s live-stream,

I’m allowed to discuss contact as far as I understand, I’m just not allowed to say what goes on…in camairrr…er, whatever it’s called, in camera, in closed court. I probably won’t be their McKenzie friend this Friday.

Oddly, we don’t know too many court journalists who are unaware of the meaning, let alone the pronunciation, of “in camera”, but hey ho. Live and learn.

We do find it amusing that Fearless Angie “probably won’t be their McKenzie friend” at the next court hearing. Although she claims she’s not afraid to face the consequences of her actions, and indeed, she denies she’s done anything wrong, she’s still not keen to face the judge, who will likely not be terribly pleased with her.

She stated that “papers were served as and where they had to be served” and that “we’ve just been counter-served at my home”, though she did not specify the nature of those papers. She then turned to the envelope she received yesterday, and opened it on air.

So now….[reaches for enevelope]…it says on this, I’ll see if I’m breaching the law again…Social Services…[reads silently]…Oh! that’s interesting. They’re upset because I read snippets of the handwritten notes which the mother had asked…because there’s two social workers documenting for the two hours’ contact today, there’s two social workers documenting every sneeze, every smile, every breastfeed. Which is intrusive, and which was not court ordered. But we’ve been co-operating with that. So I’ll just go ahead and read this out.

We act on behalf of the Child and Family Agency on whose instructions we are writing to you. This letter refers to the proceedings in which you were permitted to act as a McKenzie friend for [redacted]…for Daddy P [yes, she named him again] on Friday 4 August at Monaghan District Court. The Child and Family Agency has been made aware that you are reading confidential notes and videos which are being posted on Facebook, which notes you are presumed to have obtained from Mr and Mrs Hmm-Hmm. The notes were requested from [redacted], and she provided them to Mr and Mrs Hmm-Hmm on the basis that they were private and confidential.

Unsurprisingly, Angie argues that she and the parents were not told that the notes were private and confidential. However, at the end of her first update on Monday, she made a rather large performance of stating that she knew that reading the notes out was illegal and that she could go to prison for it, but she didn’t care. “Bring it on”, she said at that time.

Now, though, she claims that reading the notes on Facebook was perfectly fine, and the child and family agency is lying when they claim the notes were meant to be private and confidential.

More from the letter from the Child and Family Agency’s legal team:

Your attention is hereby brought to the provisions of Section 31 of the Child Care Act 1991–2015. This is to request you to cease and desist publishing and broadcasting those notes on Facebook and any other forums of any nature….Your behaviour will be brought to the attention of the court Friday, and the child and family agency reserve the right to bring a prosecution against you pursuant to Section 31[3] of the said Act.

[Here’s the relevant section: 31.—(1) No matter likely to lead members of the public to identify a child who is or has been the subject of proceedings under Part III , IV or VI shall be published in a written publication available to the public or be broadcast.]

Please note that this letter and the enclosed documents relating to in camera proceedings should be shown only to a solicitor acting on your behalf.

Yes, you read that right. The legal letter which Angela so blithely read out on Facebook live-stream is clearly not intended to be shared publicly. Angela’s excuse: “I plead live broadcasting”.

We wonder how that’ll hold up in court?


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  1. Would you pay a convicted child rapist £10,000 if it meant helping many other victims?
    Should the paedophile have access to so called “sessions” that involve underage girls, as a paid informant? Why the need for payment? should they not be paying off their debt to society for their previous crimes?

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    • I’m not sure they would be willing to co-operate in return for “paying off their debt to society”, presumaoby some punishment in addition to the prison term d already served. However most people, convicted criminals or otherwise, expect £££ in return for services.

      I’m surprised (though not very much) that the century+ old practice of paying informants is taking people by surprise. Yes, it is grubby, but people with no connection with crime don’t usually make very good informants, while people with that connection do, but tend to be mercenary. To me the question is whether the price paid is worth the return, was there another way to get the evidence in a reasonable time?. If there wasn’t, are the convictions worth it? Or could they have got the evidence without him, though later, and if so, are the extra crimes that would permit a better price to pay than the £££?

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    • Sorry, I couldn’t resist taking a peak at part 1. She says that when the kids made their initial accusations, the police “should have popped round the school and arrested all the teachers and checked their genitals” 😮

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    • She’s a sneaky and blatant liar as well.
      She’s presenting a document to give the impression it’s the IPCC report when in fact it’s actually the complaint made by Ella and most of it was shot down in flames.

      Typical of this mob is that they cherry-pick organisations to believe when they think it’s to their benefit and then denigrate the same when it does not respond in exactly the manner they desire.

      Further agitation against Mad Moo is warranted. She perpetuates the Hoax and continues to name and falsely accuse innocents with her “lawfully suspected” claims.
      Her foot-stamping introspection and ability to blame the entire world or groups of individuals who do not even know she exists, for all her woes, indicates another sociopath who lacks empathy. They will never ever admit they were wrong or could have made a mistake even to themselves. It’s all a dastardly plot by others.

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  2. It’s really true! After immersing yourself in the rantings of Angela, Neelu, Deb, Sharter,, this classic recording seems totally coherent!

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      • And it still concerns me that God’s guidance doesn’t cover grammar. The dude creates an entire universe in six days but can’t even get his most loyal servant to put the word ‘am’ in a sentence.

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  3. APD seems determined to end up with being charged with contempt (hey the courts might as well make it official, everyone else already knows she contemptible) and mad moo is getting plain boring (well the screaming breakdowns are kinda funny, but even they grow old after a while- a kids tempy tantrum can sometimes be amusing at first too, but it gets old quick)

    I had a quick quiz at her latest, judging by the viewing figures, its me and 3 others from here viewing- and thats about it lol

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    • As Deborah’s MI5 handler, I feel compelled to inspect her videos. Last night she stated that babies are routinely taken into care as a punishment for having learning difficulties. She is also on record as stating that the Holocaust never happened, that Hitler invaded America and that a fifth of all Americans are homeless. Seriously, she is my best disinfo agent and I will be raising her salary forthwith.

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      • I have noticed that a lot of the people that do have their children taken in to care can’t spell and some do have learning difficulties.

        Is Learning Difficulties inherited?


        • It depends on what learning difficulties a child has but nurture can have as big an impact as nature in this regard, i.e. a parent with learning difficulties may find it harder to provide what is needed for a child to develop, e.g. reading with them, explaining why something is wrong, coaching them to be independent etc. This can be just as detrimental as any inherited traits.

          Parents can approach their local authorities for support and advice (and possibly funding) and it would be rare for a child to be taken into care just because a parent has learning difficulties.

          By the way, to clarify Deborah’s claim, she is saying that it is babies with learning difficulties who are taken into care, not babies of parents who have learning difficulties.

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        • In my experience, my children are terrible at spelling, courtesy of phonetic spelling taught in school rather than taught by rote as my generation was. While I can see the benefits of this, I believe the older ways of teaching, particularly in that field were the best. Of course ‘text speak’, seems to have replaced all good spelling practices now, but my kids were brought up pre-mobile phone era. My husband who is very intelligent cannot spell for the life of him either, he also learned phonetically btw. My children, despite their atrocious spelling went through college & now excel in their chosen fields, all academia. I worked in an establishment in East Midlands where I had to decipher orders by scientists, etc. To try to make sense of their spellings was nearly impossible. But I persevered & it became second nature eventually, a bit like a second language in ways.


          • My two children both have diagnosed learning disorders. One learned to spell primarily by phonetics, sounding the words out and working out the spelling. The other learned mostly by the “see-say” method, but used phonetic spelling as a back-up strategy. Both are excellent spellers now. I think problems might have arisen if their teachers had insisted that they use one method or the other exclusively. Fortunately, their teachers saw the value in combining methods, which I think is the way it’s (mostly) done now.

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    • “I had a quick quiz at her latest, judging by the viewing figures, its me and 3 others from here viewing- and thats about it lol”

      If we were to stop viewing their videos, their numbers would quickly approach zero.


      • Why not nominate one of your number to check out each video and report back – it will crush their ego if nothng else. No need for you all to watch it!

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        • Angela Power Disney uses Twitter, and I note few retweet or like what she posts there, it seems to me that most people read or visit content written by this Satan Hunter because it is controversial, or the person is like an exhibit in a freak show, it is human nature to be curious. Disney drowns in stupidity, I having little tolerance for this type of food, only look at her shit on a scanning level, hence adding to her statistics, to keep an eye on the enemy.

          Disney has lost all objectivity, she being stupid and irrational, so she stumbles along bashing into things, which will only end in harm for her and those she claims to champion. The authorities will become antagonised and thus will place all manner of obstructions in the way, also the major illegality of activities by Disney only has one outcome, probably prosecution, worst end state jail time.

          Let the ego of Angela Power Disney run wild, thinking she has wings and can fly above the sun, her hubris, her doom. Disney is not as influential as she thinks, I am glad that she has finally moved into a position that will destroy her. I have waited for this moment for so long, now all we do is wait for events to move, and she will crash out of the window of her own making, smash into the ground legs first, and will be destroyed.

          Anna Raccoon – you have my thanks for being the person who caused me to go looking for a witty quote by Heraclitus, which then caused me to find the Derveni Papyrus. The Derveni was so important that it has caused multiple paradigm shifts in my thinking, the equivalent of a tsunami. The translation of the papyrus is found here:


  4. “the government-paid organisation that is attempting to cover up the Hampstead case”. Good grief, government paid?. Even my position now as Head Tea Lady at GCHQ is voluntary.
    I asked my section manager Mr George Soros (noted billionaire) if he had heard of the Hampstead case and he replied “go away silly woman I’m far to busy manipulating the next World War between North Korea and the USA”.

    So the “Young Journalist of The Year” (1882 Kikapoo Gazette, Kansas Pop: 217) pretends she does not know all communications and hearings in a Family Court are strictly confidential?. I call bullshit on that one.

    If she faces a court for Contempt, perhaps she can call upon Jesus to be her McKenzie Friend.

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    • Agent S – your patience, resolve and dedication have not gone unnoticed. As a reward for your loyalty, I am hereby increasing your salary to 900 ghost biscuits a month and promoting you to field agent. I feel you have a great future as a spook.

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    • Jesus saw through her long ago: “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.”

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      • SJ, question for you if I may: I’ve been wondering how Angela insinuated herself into the court in the first place, as she claims she was “up-front with the judge about being a journalist”. Would she have been permitted into a closed family court proceeding as a journalist (quibbles about her actual journalistic qualifications aside)? My suspicion is that she was blocked from entering as a journo, did a quick about-face, and presto-chango, became a “McKenzie friend”, but I don’t know whether my starting supposition is correct.

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  5. Today, on Game of Hoaxes.
    Is this the beginning of the end of Angela Power Disney, as Mr Hubris knocks on her door?
    David Shurter posts more startling revelations about Satanists.
    Will Neelu Berry survive the Banking Leviathan, or will it be a night in a tent on Hampstead Heath?

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  6. Yeah Angie, that must be it. The authorities are so terrified of you and your patented “truth-telling” that they’ve bribed Facebook to mess with your page (which they inexplicably allow to remain in operation). And it has nothing whatsoever to do with your privacy settings.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go bang my head against a wall.

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  7. I note that Angie is still insisting that this case was covered extensively in the mainstream national and regional news last week. I’ve searched and searched under both parents’ names (including the mother’s maiden name, under which I gather she was reported missing) and there appears to have been nothing in the Irish national newspapers (Irish Times and Irish Sun) or the parents’ local rags (Cavan Journal and Northern Sound). More Angie bullshit, I proffer. Besides, if it had been all over the news, wouldn’t she have been the first to post it all over her Facebook page?

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    • It was in the newspapers but mum was under a different last name. I only saw mum’s name mentioned. She was on the run and the police were looking for her.

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    • It was reported in some online media in Ulster & one other county that is not part of the North but is in Ulster, hope that makes sense. It was also on a certain PSNI Facebook page, perhaps a few, I only checked one as APD pointed out the town involved.

      It would not be reported in The Irish Times, The Irish Examiner or the tabloids, (spit – The Sun), excuse me. The parents local papers are not The Anglo Celt, (Cavan paper) & quite a good paper imho & Northern Sound radio station is local to counties below the border, not the six counties. Their local papers would be in the six counties though, the media I mentioned above would only be local to APD, the screwball that muscles her way into anything. 😒


      • Thanks for the clarification, YOG. I got thrown because Wiki says that Cavan is “in Ulster, near the border with Northern Ireland”. I’d always thought that Ulster and Northern Ireland were the same thing but apparently there are two separate definitions of ‘Ulster’.

        Anyhoo, it’s still hard to find much about the case either way. Angela said it was “all over the mainstream media”.

        I also think it’s very out of character that she didn’t post – and still hasn’t posted – any of those articles/links on her Farcebook page.

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        • You’re very welcome, yes it is indeed quite confusing & I can see why, my friends could never quite grasp my explanations & I really do not have the art of explaining things simply. 😂

          You are absolutely correct, it was definitely not all over mainstream media as she maintains, nobody knew about it until she started her incoherent posts on FB. Perhaps she didn’t post the links because she knew she was hiding people from the PSNI, who had an active investigation going & a very serious one in that both mother & baby may have been in danger, I don’t know if that constitutes a crime. I’m sure a legal minded person would know about that. We all know cases where someone has gone missing & it ended up in tragedy. Instead of reassuring family of the people involved by getting in touch with authorities, APD creates a conspiracy. Withholding evidence I would think?

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  8. Also, Angie is claiming that she only released the names of the parents. So it must be a different Angela Power-Disney who announced her first live stream about the case with the baby’s name (blanked out in this screenshot by me):

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    • Angela can’t remember her lies.

      I haven’t taken that much interest in this case as I find it all very sad and know that the Bitch Angela is only making matters worse for the parents and not better.

      I can tell you that the surname of the couple is the name of a River though.

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  9. Although there are a great many charlatans out there, I seriously doubt if there is anyone out there who has legitimate training in any aspect of media that does not understand the meaning of the expression “in camera” and would ever fumble over it. The reason being that even those who train in support roles, such as photographers, designers or the like, need to pass a ‘media law’ module.

    A study of the law will be a core part of studies in journalism… And is central to the skillset.

    It seems not ever to occur to these people that to learn any skill and take on a professional title of any kind requires years of learning and education. – That there is a very good reason why college and university courses take two, three or four years of full-time study; and even then there are decades of lifelong learning ahead if one is to move through the ranks.

    It does amaze me… The ease with which complete frauds such as Angela Power-Disney will don mantles they have no entitlement to with the ease a child wears a costume from a dressing-up box. Of course, she and those like her never progress (emotionally or educationally) much from childhood. And the fundamental mistake they make is that the rest of the world is just as stupid and wilfully non-educated as they are!

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    • Well said, Sir Henry. And if Angie’s watching, this video may come in very useful for her next illegal broadcast:

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    • Sir Henry, the thing about Angie’s “Young Journalist of the Year” award is that the year her parents gave it to her, she was the only “young journalist” invited to apply.

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      • I seriously doubt if Angie has ever applied herself to anything of merit or note… Which is why she is what she is today; a worthless, workshy waster, pretending to be what she never could. She is a disgusting excuse for a woman.

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  10. Question for any legal experts out there (YdychyncachuTracey?): Angie says that the parents already have a solicitor representing them, so why would they also need a McKenzie friend? Is that common practice?

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    • A McKenzie friend isn’t there to represent you in court, but to support you through the process, help you with your paperwork etc.

      From what I’ve read a McKenzie friend is there to:
       Provide moral support.
      Take notes with the permission of the judge;
       Help with case papers;
       Quietly give advice on any aspect of the conduct of the case which is being heard.

      I’ve only been to family court a few times but I can see how useful a McKenzie friend would be, in addition to a solicitor or barrister. People can be distressed in a court setting and it’s helpful to have someone with a cool head who will go over it with you afterwards and can spend more time with you than your legal team.

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      • Absolutely!
        I’ve been a witness several times and even that is a daunting task and one can feel so intimidated but I believe a court should carry a lot of weight and make people think twice before they enter the witness box.
        The whole atmosphere is almost designed to force people to tell the truth because it’s almost impossible (unless you are an expert) to lie seeing a barrister or prosecutor can so easily catch you out.

        I can see the value of a genuine McKenzie Friend to support anyone through the process.

        My prediction: Angela Power-Disney, so infused with her arrogance and eagerly hoping she will become a star in the Witness Box would crumble very easily.

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  11. I want there to be a final Angie live stream during which we become aware of a blue flashing light playing across her face, after which two Garda enter the room, grab her under the arms and haul her off. I would watch that at half speed, instead of double as I usually do. Bye bye Angie! Just a fag end slowly smouldering away in an ashtray on camera before the last Euro drops to the bottom of the meter and the lights go out for good.

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    • Angie being arrested live on air has indeed long been considered the holy grail of Hoaxtead (rivalled only by Abe being put in the stocks for a day in Hampstead Square).

      By the way, your highly eloquent description of her live arrest has only served to quicken my palpitations, so thanks for that.

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  12. Angie laughs her way through this video. She’s enjoying the attention. She’s basically run out of things to say and only loons want to be interviewed by her. This case has revived things.

    Angie has been served with ‘cease and desist’ letters. At the end of the video she says ‘It just got real’. This tells us a lot about how she thinks about the case. ‘It just got real’ because it’s now affecting her. However, it’s been ‘real’ for the mother since she had her baby removed! It doesn’t just become ‘real’ because now it affects YOU Angie. It’s not about YOU, it’s about the baby and parents and has been ‘real’ for them since day one.

    In my opinion this is not about the family who are in Court at all. It’s her way of getting narcissistic supply.

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  13. M’thinks APD in her ‘Journo/McKenzie’ role should have read up on the law before spouting off on FB.


    Privacy of the Children Court
    TheDistrict Court (Children) Rules 2006 places restriction on people entitled to attend a sitting of the Children Court. This is commonly known as the in camera rule. This rule basically prohibits the holding of proceedings in the Children Court in public. If any matter is published or broadcast in breach of these prohibitions the person responsible shall be guilty of an offence.
    The following are a list of persons entitled to attend:
    Officers of the court
    The parties and their legal representatives,
    An adult relative of the child or other adult who attends the court in accordance with Section 91 (6) of the 2001 Act
    Such other persons (if any) as the Court may at its discretion permit to remain.
    The order or decision of the Court (if any) in any such proceedings are announced in public.

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    • Thanks for that very useful info’, JD. That stuff surely should be basic knowledge for a court journalist and also for a McKenzie friend. So Angie, who claims to be both, has absolutely no excuse!

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  14. An interesting case in Australia where a Sydney blogger has just been jailed for 4 months for Contempt.
    Shane Dowling is a loathsome creature who publishes a website called ‘Kangaroo Court of Australia” where he routinely defames and falsely accuses all & sundry of vile crimes.

    This is so reminiscent of all of the Hoaxtead mob and most especially APD and I found these two passages in the Judgement fascinating as they pertain to asking for donations:

    1. A feature of Mr Dowling’s publications is that they include prominent and regular appeals for financial contributions from the public. That is apparent from several references to ways in which readers can support his site by clicking on a button to donate via PayPal or by going to the donation page “for other options”. In Mr Dowling’s third article he reflects upon the amount of media attention he receives, including in the context of breaching Campbell J’s orders, and appeals for support by way of donations.
    2. It is an available inference that Mr Dowling seeks to benefit from the publication of the plaintiffs’ names by attracting public interest to his website and by soliciting financial support. It is a further available conclusion that he seeks to draw attention to his defiance of the Court orders, as a way to gain sympathy and notoriety or simply public attention, which he apparently perceives as being a benefit to him, perhaps because he considers it will increase his public profile.

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    • Blimey, that couldn’t be more similar to Angela! Thanks for sharing, Agent S. This alone justifies your promotion. I hope Angela sees this – it might touch a gigantic nerve with her and make her question her own motives and ethics. At least it would if she had a modicum of self-awareness.

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    • I know I’m being pedantic, but I wince every time I see it – there is no ‘e’ in the middle of judgment when you are referring to a court judgment. ‘Judgement of the Lord’ has an ‘e’. ‘The court’s judgment’ has no ‘e’in the middle!
      A damn good way of telling whether someone knows anything about the law or not…Ms Angie Power-Disney.


    • I have met one of Sinead O’Conner’s friends and there was a slight prickle in the air when I mentioned her name. I think her friends and family do do a lot to protect her. Unfortunately she has tome serious mental health problems, and I don’t know how much she is helping herself by going on YouTube. Beyond a certain point medical intervention is the only option.

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      • A friend took over her management last year for a brief unhappy period. He described her as a lovable person but one with quite severe bi-polar disorder that made it very difficult for her to cope both personally and professionally.
        On tour she became quite upset that she wasn’t receiving much of the takings after production costs, a complex situation not aided by the fact she would not sing her most famous song which left audiences somewhat disgruntled.

        Failed marriages and messy financial affairs – not helped by her depression where she refused to face matters, talk to an accountant and so on and with her feeling she had now become the breadwinner for a dozen people she no longer lived with just added to her woes.
        The last person in the world you need to get medical advice from is Mad Moo. Sinead is in hospital and some long time show biz pals have rallied round to support her financially and personally. It’s often the case those with extreme bi-polar just stop taking their medication when they are feeling on top of the world and then crash.
        Her video has probably saved her life.
        Screw Moo. Everything relates back to her. Everyone elses pain is actually her pain and the world is at fault for allowing others to visit the world’s woes upon Moo. She has her own problems which she seems to refuse to deal with, rather she makes Youtube videos lashing out at innocents.

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  15. I really, really hope that Angela Disney doesn’t get these parents into even more difficulties. They must have enough to contend with having social services involved and court hearings. I am glad that at least they do have a solicitor.

    A pox on incompetent McKenzie friends.

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    • She has already messed up the situation with the daily ‘notes’. As a result of her reading them on Facebook the parents won’t get them everyday now and have to wait till Friday. If she’d held off with that until after the Court case they’d still be getting their notes. I’m appalled at this kind of interference tbh.

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        • She’s stated that she won’t be the McKenzie friend in future. I think she said she won’t be going. She knows if she does she’s at least going to get told off by the Judge. At worst (best?) she could get charged.

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          • Angela obviously thinks it’s ok to share the baby photos now she’s not a McKenzie friend.

            I thought these Family Court hearings were meant to be private, so surely she is still in contempt of court by allowing those baby photos identifying the baby on her fb page.

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          • Harry, she was already sharing the photos (including a large one of the mother breastfeeding) when she was still a McKenzie friend and knowingly under legal restrictions 😦

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    • Sadly, in the case of a celebrity they will have a resale value to one of the American tabloids like National Enquirer……..the price of fame……


      • Abe was Ella’s “ex-partner” for about five minutes in late 2014, when she thought that if it looked as though she’d ditched him the courts might give her the children back. However, like the proverbial bad penny, he turned up again as soon as it became clear that the tide was turning against them in court.

        So I think I might understand what Deb’s problem is: she’s living in a time warp. It would explain so much!

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  16. I don’t like to be unkind but, well fuck it. Talk about mutton dressed as lamb. Angie proving she is hip by using words like AWESOME !
    No shame, no decorum, no sense and a hide like Jesse the Elephant.

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