Angela Power-Disney: Nightmare McKenzie friend

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being “shocked to your very core, may never recover”, how surprised are you that Angela Power-Disney has not just continued to violate the confidentiality and privacy of a couple currently fighting to keep their baby, but has posted photos and further details of their case?

Yes, us too.

Yesterday she posted a picture of the couple with their baby, making no attempt to disguise their identities, and she has plastered their names all over her Facebook page, along with details of their case:

Yes, that’s Angie saying that she doesn’t care what the law states; she is a law unto herself, thankyouverymuch.

Interesting, by the way, that she seems to be taking her cue as a sometime-McKenzie friend from that ultimate MKF failure, Sabine “Never won a case yet” McNeill. In fact, the article she links to is one of Sabine’s clever “outsmart the social services” attempts, penned by that “veteran of all McKenzie friends”, Ian Josephs. Make of that what you will.

The mainstream media has its uses…

Not content with doing what she could to alienate the courts and Child and Family Agency against the couple she is ostensibly “helping”, Angela not only attempted to flog their story to Irish journalist Gerry Hand, but then published the contents of her private conversation on Belinda’s Facebook page:

Gerry Hand: Is that case in Monaghan today Friday?

APD: Yes
Hospital staff on maternity ward in Cavan General Hospital writing letters of support. the mother was reported missing all over the media in Northern Ireland and police PSNI boards etc. then reported found…this is huge Gerry

Mother was reported missing heavily pregnant under maiden name Xxxxx Xxxxx.

PSNI bashed door down of father up north and knocked up a children’s rights activist in Belfast at 5:30 a.m. searching for them … the mother was actually in early labour when they fled South.

GH: Why were they so anxious to get her?

APD: A vindictive ex of the father made a rape accusation against him a year or two ago then retracted it and told him the cops told her to say it. She is totally unreliable with a serious drug habit. The mother was previously in a domestic violence relationship with 2 children from it in kinship care of her mother up north.

This couple has been married a year with no issues. Confidentially I took them in and under extreme pressure they were nothing but united and loving as confirmed by maternity staff.

GH: Keep me posted as to the outcome of the case

APD: Social Services in Lisburn planned to take the baby at birth…

You can’t make it to MONAGHAN?

The law in UK and possibly here too allows for children to be taken if a social worker deems them at risk of FUTURE emotional or physical harm as well as accusing parents of past poor relationship choices…with adoption targets and incentives as well as fostering money making industry this allows incompetent or corrupt social workers to abuse the system

So if a mother reports abuse whether domestic violence or sexual by a partner it is likely even if she leaves the abusive partner and has a healthy relationship down the line as is the case with Xxxx and Xxxxxxxx the social services can still go after the child for fostering or adoption targets.

Mr Hand quite wisely did not commit to anything; he is most likely aware, as a journalist, that attempting to cover a case like this would be a one-way ticket to a contempt of court charge.

Again, we were interested to note certain motifs that appear to have drifted over from Belinda and Sabine’s approach to the business of ensuring that parents are separated from their children: “adoption targets”, “incentives”, “corrupt social workers”, “fostering is a money-making industry”, and so forth. Also of interest: the “children’s rights activist in Belfast”, whose name may or may not be Tracey Morris. Hmm.

We don’t know enough of the details of this case to hazard a guess as to how it ought to turn out; that will be for the courts to decide, and we sincerely hope for everyone’s sake that they act with wisdom and compassion. What we do know is that choosing Angela as a “helper” in the case is a terrible mistake. Angela is interested in nothing but her own puffery and narcissistic supply; she isn’t doing this out of the goodness of her heart, but as yet another stepping stone to the fame and glory she thinks she deserves. We hope the parents realise this sooner rather than later.

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  1. Is it ok to show the parents names in the screenshots of Angie’s comments, EC? I noticed you blanked them further on in the post… just wondering.

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  2. I’m not an expert in why SS take children but in my experience they don’t do it for no reason. I knew a girl who had four children,the youngest three of which were born addicted to opiates. The babies had to stay in a care unit in hospital for a few weeks but she was allowed to keep them. She fell down the stairs on Christmas day a few years ago and died. The father died of an overdose a month later. I used to feel so sorry for her kids.

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  3. Funny how it suddenly becomes acceptable for “those evil satanic profiteering Social Services bastards” to take children away from parents if you mention Ricky Dearman’s name.

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  4. So I take it that despite AngieJourno™ posting those screenshots on Belinda’s page, even she’s given this case a wide berth? LOL, what does that tell you, Angie?

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  5. “This is Huge !!”.
    No Angie it’s just a very sad run-off-the-mill case of dysfunctional parents possibly unable to properly care for a child for any amount of reasons and it happens every day in courts all over the land.
    Things have rapidly moved on since you were the 1849 “Young Journo Of The Year” at the Ardbuckle Argus, Alabama (Pop 301) before you were deported as an Undesirable Alien.

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  6. Angela obviously thinks that there are not going to be any legal repercussions to her for disclosing all she does.

    Looks like she’s got that correct.

    I can’t see that she is helping the Mother and Father of the baby in any way.

    Interesting to note that the Mother has 2 other children that were taken in to care.

    Daft arse decision to have another child if you ask me, what was she expecting to happen?

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  7. It’s huge to Angela GOS and also to the parents of the baby but as you say happens all the time.

    I find it all very sad and there is no way Angela is helping the Parents.

    They must have been desperate to get her involved.

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  8. My guess is she pressured them, as is her wont. Did you hear how reluctant the mother was to talk in the live stream and how Angie kept pressuring her to anyway?

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  9. “Put the audio on…Anything you want to say, pet. There’s no, there’s no right thing to say in this situation. But put this on ’cause it’s dead air. You can do this…YOU HAVE TO. IT’S THE MICROPHONE. You can do this.”

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  10. It is a mystery to me why or how these parents got involved with APD. Were their names passed on to her by TM who couldn’t herself get involved because of her history with social services? They should really have checked her out on FB first & seen all her nutso posts or perhaps they were told that her nutso posts were just a cover & that she is really a well known & successful child advocate, (falling off my chair laughing)! However they got in touch with her, I believe they will rue the day.

    There seems to be many facets to this case, very serious ones, APD does not know their history, social services both in the North & now the South know. But yet she is willing to entrust an innocent baby to people she has no idea about. Neither do we, but I would err on the side of caution.

    To Angela, please show written proof that an ‘ex girlfriend’ retracted her statement! How do you know that, did the Police take you into their confidence or did the parents tell you? Do you believe everything people tell you or have you ever actually listened to the news reports of little innocent children & babies having been abused, sometimes resulting in death, do you actually know what these innocents go through, the terrible injuries the abusers inflict? I would advise you to look at them before you go spouting your nonsense about social services on your FB page. Get off your high horse & get real for a change. Your ‘radar’ is obviously faulty!

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  11. I think the prevailing theory – correct me if I’m wrong, someone – is that she was recommended to them by her BFF, the equally unhinged Tracey Morris.

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  12. Angie is one of those Christians that believes the Sabbath has to be on the last day of the week, even though Monday is the first day of the working week. Its one of those silly little details that has your more fanatical Christian outraged about.

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  13. Angela Power Disney defecating random prayers, Bible verse and Jesus… the hypocrite: the parasite that is a thief of money destined for African orphans to buy holidays and tobacco for herself; the liar who tells false stories about Ella Draper and others; the sexual predator who touches people sexually without their permission, those such as Rupert Quaintance; the beater of children, chasing them around with sticks and metal rods in order to beat them with; supporter of child abusers, making her own daughter apologise to a paedophile for abusing her, supporter of Ella Draper and Abraham Christie desiring that children be returned to those individuals to torture and kill; manipulator of weak-minded people such as Arthur, Rupert and Jake, encouraging them into illegal activities; betrayer of secrets of those who gave information in confidence to her; snake that publishes content in the hope of undermining the legal cases of people such as Rupert and Sabine McNeill.

    Christian woman? I laugh at the idea. Since I am studying the Derveni Papyrus, I will quote from it:

    “…knowing the nature of men, that not all of them have a similar nature nor do all want the same things. When they have the power, they say anything that occurs to each one’s heart, whatever they happen to want, never the same things, through greed (or: arrogance), sometimes also through lack of understanding.”

    Angela Power Disney has no understanding of what she quotes in the Bible, nor how prayers work, nor about anything related to Jesus. Disney makes noises, puts empty words onto the internet, yet she is a dumb blind thing who has no understanding of any of these things she uses from the Christian religion.

    I quote further from the Derveni Papyrus:

    “…they neither learn, nor believe. Disbelief and lack of understanding [? are the same thing]. For if they neither understand, nor do they learn, [it is not possible that they believe] even when they see… disbelief… appears… ”

    To believe something is to know something. How can an individual like Angela Power Disney proceed with belief unless she knows that which she is associating with through understanding? As an example, the Bible and the Christian religion condemns the theif and dishonest person, and how many examples by deed has Angela Power Disney provided us of her dishonesty and theif-like nature (as I quoted above.)? So, if Disney really understood the Christian religion and its handbook, she would not be dishonest and a theif, which is to say, she has no understanding of the religion she uses, and thus she has no belief in it.

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  14. Ethel of The Aardvark Family is spot on as usual. When Ange says “Lord Have Mercy” it’s most definitely a personal plea for herself.

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  15. Yes not meaning to denigrate the hapless parents but sadly the courts are choc-a-block with citizens who find it difficult to cope in these troublesome days.
    The last thing you need in a case like this is a Dipshit like Ange. But they obviously need some sort of moral support but when the APDs & Sabines of the world move in yuo can be sure it will all end in tears.

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  16. Desperate people do desperate things, clinging to straws in the hope in their despair that some hero will save them. There are always predators waiting for the fool to come to them to be eaten, this is why Angela Power Disney and Belinda McKenzie exist, it is the desperate fools who cling to these parasites in the hope of salvation. Experience shows us that the fool ends up deprived of that which they fought for through the actions of McKenzie and Disney, and it seems to me end states always appear to be jail time, loss of reputation, loss of money, sectioning, state of becoming a fugitive from the law, and the 100% loss of the child they wanted custody of. Disney and McKenzie will of course rub their hands in delight as the client they parasited upon drowns in their own stupidity, and watches in delight as they gain a small increase in their paypal accounts from the other gullible sheep who donated to their cause.

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  17. I have no information on this case other than two parents facing loss of baby, represented by Angela Power Disney. Every individual has a right to a fair and objective hearing assisted by a wise champion, but these parents are doomed by having this right wiped out by what is a manipulative ignorant who will wipe their case out.

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  18. You’ve come across her before then, JH?

    By the way, you’re on fire today, mate – I’m getting a lot out of your very insightful comments today.

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  19. I predict that one of the motives of Angela Power Disney is money, I am sure an example will appear of Disney promoting paypal and other gift giving accounts in association with this situation.

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  20. I’ve read about the poles shifting. Apparently there’ll be floods, tidal waves etc. Mimi’s not too bothered about all the babies and older children that will be swept away then. No? Didn’t think so. Twerp!

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  21. It’s not that common for a newborn to be removed although concerns have been expressed in the news about this number rising over the past few years.

    I think I read that a quarter of the mothers in this situation (newborn babies removed) have other children in care or being looked after elsewhere.

    I feel sorry for any mum and dad going through this but the truth is we’ll never get the full picture because whatever Social Services know won’t be broadcast, which is as it should be.

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  22. Just for shits ‘n’ giggles, I translated that into Zulu and then back again. Weirdly, I think it’s improved it:

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  23. Translation of Deborah Mahmoudie paragraph by paragraph.

    Smoked Mr Dreadlocks (weed) and felt at one with my goldfish.

    Why won’t someone clean my floor, make it look like I can eat my cornflakes off of? $E^%$ Hoaxtead demanding justice and denying Angela Power Disney her desire to abuse and parasite on the desparate parents and their baby.

    Man, those hot chillie crisps and turkish delight is giving me the runs.

    I am not cleaning this up, Angie get here and bring your steam cleaner, this stuff is burning a hole in the lino. I want some more weed.

    Wheres the toilet?

    Oh man, I got the squits again. There goes the lino.

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  24. Yes, I think at some point it will all come crashing down around her ears, and instead of understanding how she destroyed her own life, she will blame…well, us. 😀

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  25. Yes, I think the social services are in a very tough spot, as if they do nothing and a child is hurt, they will be blamed for not having intervened sooner. The tragic case of Baby P in 2007 created a climate of fear amongst social workers and the agencies they work for: these days, their default setting is “remove the child”, as no one wants to see another case like that again.

    Cutbacks in social service spending have meant that where marginally “good enough” families might have received support and education in the past, with the goal of becoming “good enough”, now they face having children removed whenever the potential for harm is detected. It’s a very broken system, and people like Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, and Angela Power-Disney are able to distort and twist a partial understanding of the system to enable them to prey on desperate parents.

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  26. No wonder her friends have all run away.

    How many times does she say ‘Fuck’ during this video? Don’t her neighbours complain when she’s being all shouty and rude?

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  27. Random observation on one of this blog’s biggest fans. If I was a radio talk show host looking at a break into the big time, I would pop over to my local town right now to cover an event making world and national headlines. This place being Charlottesville which has declared a state of emergency as right wing extremists clash with their opposite numbers over statues and flags, the violence that has caused ripples is just before the big events when large numbers of activists converge. Sucks for some being unable to leverage an opportunity, thanks to those pesky types like Angela Power Disney.

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  28. JOHN D. NORMAN – still scamming, from beyond the grave.
    [Be forewarned, this frank discussion will refer to some terrible historic tragedies including the torture and murder of teen boys]

    This page on Voat-pizzagate:

    and a similar one on Reddit, discuss a historic serial child-sex predator and self-professed ‘boy-lover’ pederast named John D Norman. The author of these pages clearly put more effort into researching and presenting (what they perceive to be) documented facts about John Norman than have some professional journalists in the past, and deserves credit for that – nevertheless these pages contain numerous errors, factually inaccurate statements, falsehoods and fantasies. This is not primarily their own (voat page authors) fault, in most cases they are just repeating incorrect police investigator pre-conceptions, sloppy journalistic research & reporting, and the deliberately deceptive falsehoods of some child sex crime perpetrators themselves. John D Norman wasn’t only a child sex crimes pervert – he was also an accomplished, compulsive liar and publicity-seeking con-artist. Many things that people believe they know about Norman’s criminal career are in fact falsehoods generated by Norman himself.

    It is of great importance to me personally, that “the public record” narrative about what happened to historic child victims should be as honest, truthful, and accurate as possible. It is profoundly dishonorable and disrespectful of those victimized persons, to manipulate or distort that narrative in service to some agenda. THAT is why I despise conspiracy theorist’s self-serving falsehoods and fantasies about child sex crimes, their victims and their perpetrators, and why I have devoted so much of my life to debunking them.

    To being with, we need to correct misinformation about DEAN CORLL and his victims.
    Here’s a summary of the facts, courtesy of Wikipedia: “Dean Arnold Corll was an American serial killer who, along with teenaged accomplices David Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley, Jr., abducted, raped, tortured, and murdered at least 28 boys in a series of killings spanning from 1970 to 1973 in Houston, Texas. The crimes came to light after Henley fatally shot Corll. Corll’s victims were typically lured to a succession of addresses in which he resided between 1970 and 1973 with an offer of a party or a lift. They would then be restrained by either force or deception, and all were killed by either strangulation or shooting with a .22-caliber pistol. Corll and his accomplices buried 17 of their victims in a rented boat shed; four other victims were buried in woodland near Lake Sam Rayburn; one further victim was buried on a beach in Jefferson County; and at least six victims were buried on a beach on the Bolivar Peninsula”.

    David Brooks, a boy who along with Wayne Henley helped lure other boys to Corll’s home, told police that he first learned Dean was killing young men and boys after he walked in on Dean sexually torturing two boys. Corll later explained the scene to Brooks by claiming that he was involved in making gay porn films, that the boys were “models”, and that he had subsequenty sent them on to California for more “work”. Later still, however, Dean confessed to Brooks that he had killed those boys and buried them locally. Corll told Wayne Henley a similar tale, that he was involved in a boy prostitution and pornography ring, to explain the disappearance of other boys that Henley knew were last seen with Corll, when Dean first tried to recruit Henley as a procurer of more victims. These claims were fantasies, stories that Corll told his young accomplices prior to their becoming full participants in his evil deeds, which successfully prevented them from suspecting the full truth about Corll until they were in so deep as co-perpetrators of his crimes that it didn’t matter any more. Neither Brooks nor Henley subsequently observed any corroborating evidence that Corll really was involved in boy porn or prostitution rings.

    Brooks and Henley repeated Corll’s “excuse” claims to police, and they were compelled to investigate them. Some investigators initially believed that Corll’s claims of involvement in prostitution & pornography were not just an excuse for boys last seen in his company going missing, but possibly reflected another secret life which he had hidden even from his accomplices. Media coverage of the Corll investigation was intense and sustained at saturation levels for a long time [I remember this very well!]. Under such pressures, some investigators made public statements about links to prostitution or pornography operations based on suppositions or theories, unsupported by any documented evidence.

    Wikipedia says: “During a routine investigation in March 1975, the Houston police discovered a cache of pornographic pictures and films depicting young boys. Of the 16 individuals depicted within the films and photos, 11 of the youths appeared to be among the 21 victims of Dean Corll who had been identified by this date. The discovery raised the disturbing possibility that the statements Corll had given to both Henley and Brooks prior to his murder that he was associated with an organization based in Dallas that “bought and sold boys”. These statements are attributed to Paul Jeffers’ book “Profiles in Evil”, pages 130-131.
    I can’t get my hands on a copy, to see where this idea was derived from, but it is unquestionably false. That pornography bust involved the notorious Texas pornographer Roy C Ames, and over 2 TONS of materials – depicting many dozens of children, not just 16 boys – were seized at that time. There is no evidence that Corll and Ames knew each other, nor that Ames ever met any of Corll’s victims. More importantly, forensic image identification technique and training have advanced considerably since 1975, and there is no evidence that what “appeared to be” to some untrained eye at the time was subsequently verified.

    In the historic newspaper articles linked on this voat page, specifically #4, you will find this statement under “Chicago is center of national child porn ring”:
    “Dallas police told Sgt Ronald Kelly, head of area 6 youth division [Chicago], they have information associating [John D.] Norman with the ring that helped transport to Texas the 27 boys murdered in Houston in 1973 in a widely publicized sex and sadism case”.
    This is an example of the false statements about the Corll case attributed to police investigators at that time, when the search for more victims was yet ongoing and some remains were still unidentified. Today, it can be definitively stated that all of Corll’s known and identified victims were residents of Texas. In fact, most victims had been residents of the same neighborhood near to downtown Houston. None of these boys were known to police as juvenile prostitutes, they were not working the strolls depicted in the video “Boys For Sale”, nor is there any evidence that any of them were involved in child pornography. They were not lured by the offer of money for sex, or money for porn ‘acting’ – they were not lured by offers of money at all! They were lured primarily through their friendship with one or the other of Corll’s young accomplices and their implicit trust in those peer friends.
    Therefore, Corll’s victims were never “transported to Texas” by any alleged call-boy ring operated by John Norman or anyone else, which means that whatever information Dallas police believed might link these poor boy victims to John Norman was incorrect & false.

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  29. [continued]
    So what about John D Norman’s alleged “operation” in Dallas, which he supposedly called: “The Odyssey Foundation” – ?
    Norman liked to associate with boy prostitutes. He liked to exploit them for sex himself and he liked to act as a pimp for them, setting them up with “respectable” pederasts of his acquaintance who could not risk being seen talking to boys on streets infamous as boy hooker pickup strips.
    Norman also liked to invite teen boys over to his dwelling, give them beer or drugs, and sexually assault them when they were too intoxicated to resist. If possible, he especially liked to combine these perverted hobbies – sexually seduce young friends through drinking & pornography viewing parties, tell them they could make good money letting his friends sexually service them or take pictures of them naked, then start pimping them out.
    John Norman was ‘plugged in’ with the informal networks of self-professed ‘boy-lover’ pederasts, that had been communicating with and sometimes meeting each other through newsletter/journal style publications, for as long as those had been in circulation in the US. Through advertisements in such newsletters and in more mainstream Gay community publications, he could contact and meet other child-sex perverts, order pornographic materials, contact boys making themselves available as prostitutes or porn models who did not “work the strolls”, or boys being made available as prostitutes or porn models – for rent or swap – by their adult “boyfriends”. He had the knowledge and the contacts, from the 1960’s on, to set up and run such a publication based contact network himself – and he repeatedly claimed that he did, or had in the past, under a variety of names.

    But the fact is John D Norman was a dishonest, untrustworthy, lying con-artist, and the primary victims of his cons were his fellow pederast perverts. There is very little concrete evidence that any of John Norman’s “project” schemes were composed of much more than the ads he placed in Gay community or boy-lover publications to promote them. Norman understood exactly what other men like himself WANTED, what they fantasized about participating in, or having made available to them. He also had some understanding about the kinds of schemes that really were being carried out by pederast conspiracies, in various communities throughout the US and internationally. John Norman was happy to OFFER any/all of these things to his subscribers and wealthier “sponsors”, happy to promise a clone of some existing “service”, happy to promise utopian fantasies that could never come true – he just didn’t want to do the work involved in actually delivering on his promises.

    While living in Texas, Norman supposedly ran something called “Odyssey Foundation”, probably so named in imitation of Judianne Densen-Gerbers drug treatment communities for young (mostly female) heroin addicts. We can guess, based on that, Norman might have been claiming to run a ‘community’ for young male prostitute addicts. Perhaps a chain of them, all over the US, even. He might have been soliciting donations for such imaginary treatment programs, from potentially sympathetic “mainstream” persons/organizations with no pedophilic inclinations at all, and adding their names and addresses to his index card collection. He might have been simultaneously promising loyal subscribers to a one-page monthly newsletter, (whose names and addresses would e carefully recorded on yet another index card) the opportunity to visit his community for an overnight or weekend orgy with the young residents – if they could pass a screening questionnaire that would never arrive no matter how many times the sucker requested one along with a generous donation.
    Who knows? I don’t. No one else does either. Because all we know for certain, is that Norman was arrested in Texas in 1973, in the company of a group of boys that he had been supplying illicit drugs to. And that he subsequently skipped bail and fled to the Chicago area, specifically to the Homewood suburb.

    And there, he stayed with a wealthy “sponsor” of one of his scams, and “supplied” that man “with a 16-year-old Missouri boy whom the sponsor took on a vacation to Europe. Note that the newspaper report about this implies Norman somehow “trafficked” the boy out of Missouri, to Chicago, just to service his wealthy “client”. In reality, runaway boys from all over the US had been flocking to major centers like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc., for many years if not decades, and subsequently surviving on the streets through prostitution. It would not have been unusual to find a teen boy from any state, on the busy boy hooker strolls of Chicago, and Norman would surely know exactly where to find them. There would be no need to “recruit” a boy out of Missouri and have a complex criminal trafficking organization bring them to Chicago, for Norman to have “supplied” the man with one.

    While in Chicago, Norman yet again is arrested for luring boys with beer and then assaulting them. Police confiscated his child porn collection, (no evidence he was involved in producing it, or that it wasn’t simply commercial products readily available in major cities of the US), and supposedly a collection of index cards with names & addresses on them.
    There is intense interest in these index cards, or lists, with many thousands of names on them. The assumption is that these were all pedophile pervert “clients” of some national boy trafficking ring that Norman almost certainly claimed to be the mastermind of. He would very much have liked everyone, even the police, to believe he was such an accomplished criminal genius and major player in the pederast underground. Just how badly he wanted someone, anyone, to believe these things about him, is evidenced y the fact of his actually doing an interview – from jail – with the Chicago Tribune – in which he baldly brags this claim to them.
    However, that is only an assumption. Norman could have compiled such a trove of names and addresses by any, or many, means – none of which would REQUIRE that the person had “bought a boy’s sexual services” from Norman. Almost certainly, very few if any, of the names Norman collected were obtained through some other circumstance – most probably by the means there was actual physical evidence for, the person had written him a letter answering some kind of ad Norman placed in his own or someone else’s publication.

    While Norman was imprisoned in the Cook County jail, he managed to commandeer the prison print shop and print another one-page newsletter which was smuggled out to his partner-in-crime Phil Paske.
    Paske was a very dangerous, violent man, and highly accomplished pimp of both runaway boys and girls. He once worked for John Wayne Gacy and may have supplied Gacy with some of his victims. (Unlike Corll, it is an unquestioned fact that some of Gacy’s victims were known to be involved in prostitution, and that Gacy was known to patronize young male hookers). Norman was very pleased with himself about the smuggled news-sheet, and bragged about that to the Tribune as well. Such a powerful arch-criminal eh? Or not.
    This newsletter was titled: “The John Norman Newsletter”. That is documented in the testimony of the undercover officer in Chicago who tried to join Norman’s mythical “Delta Project”, before the Illinois legislature. It was NOT, the boylover publication titled “Hermes”. Everything the Tribune reported about the publication “Hermes” was correct, except for the major blunder of claiming “Hermes” was John Norman’s publication. It wasn’t. The identities of the persons who owned and ran “Hermes” are documented, and Norman wasn’t one of them. They were two, separate, newsletter publication operations – unrelated to each other except by the confusion of reporters and some police spokespeople. Someone actually combines them and call them “Hermes Delta Project” – hilarious, but not helpful for understanding what was really going on.

    In his newsletter, John Norman proposed a new scheme – “Delta Project”. Now, imagine actually being a dedicated child sex pervert going to a lot of effort and expense to create a secret network of some kind to gain access to & facilitate the serial sexual abuse of young boys or girls. Would you give this effort, a stupid quasi-military title and publicly refer to it that way? Would you publish a newsletter, whether intended for a closed private audience or not, in which you detail exactly how you are going to go about accomplishing this goal? John Norman did that. And subsequently bragged about all of this, not just to his pervert friends, but to the police and even the press! Why did anyone take this seriously?
    And here’s the details…you’re a pervert pederast, subscribing to The John Norman Newsletter. You contact Norman or Paski, and say “I want to be a “don” to some cute young “cadets” – please send me three boys”.
    Then, Delta Project headquarters picks up 3 prettyboy teens, who are experienced in pleasuring men because they’ve been making $150 a night or more as a boy hooker, and bring them to you WHEREVER you might be in the world. Anywhere in the US at least, for sure. You rent them for $50 a month, each…ROFL ! Fifty dollars a month, for a beautiful young sex slave of your very own who will live in your own home and do whatever you say – including servicing your friends, or even random pervert johns that you recruit who are paying YOU $100 a night. Or $200 maybe. Wow! And you don’t have to pay the boy anything at all, so he goes from making at least $1200/month (if he was a weekend warrior hooker boy) to maybe a $20/week allowance with you – wouldn’t he be so happy and content? Certainly wouldn’t run away, like he probably did many times before.
    Sure, John Norman. I believe you, this pervert utopia sounds completely plausible – NOT in a million years!
    No wonder Norman turned himself in and went back to jail, before the undercover police detective posing as a new Delta ‘don’ recruit could be introduced to his horny young cadets, at a “meet, greet & f*ck” party…

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    Classic 🙂

    PS: if you listen at half speed, she sounds even more drunk.

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  31. Mad Moo is doing a lot of damage control and deflecting away from the convictions in the Newcastle paedophile case, instead choosing to promote “white men” the police, social services as the real abusers.
    Using the hoax promoters own logic, this maybe a case of he knowing these individuals or having some personal invested interest. Maybe some of the MI5 agents that she thinks are here could look into her connections to the convicted parties in the Rotherham, Rochdale and Newcastle case.
    Allegedly without predjudice of course. Anyone sticking up for convicted paedophiles should be looked into, especially when they are still promoting hoaxes to cover them up.

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  32. Deflecting, protecting, and covering up for convicted paedophiles again eh Debs?
    Promoting a hoax like Hampstead, maybe to cover up some invested interest she may have.
    Is Debs connected to the paedophile rings?

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  33. Yes, as with all the cases adopted by these nutters, we only hear one extremely biased side of the story, because the other side is bound by laws of confidentiality.

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  34. I expect that’s right, Ethel. I think the main clue is that the police went knocking on Tracey’s door while looking for the mum on the run; they wouldn’t have just randomly picked Tracey’s name out of a hat. No doubt Tracey told the parents to book it for Angie’s place, in hopes that they’d be out of range of the Northern Ireland social services and police. Not sure that was the wisest plan, tbh.

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  35. Let’s put it this way: she’s deeply connected to Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill, who have some very “lawfully soospect” friends. Actually, scratch that. They have some “lawfully convicted paedophile” friends. Even worse, I should think.


  36. I wish Mr. Dearman would report some of these people who persistently slander and threaten him online, if he hasn’t already.


  37. Sometimes the exploitation of historic CSA crimes to promote an agenda makes me SO upset, I either have to vent it all out or freakin’ fall apart.
    Bless you all, for your patient tolerance of my need to do this.

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  38. He could teach them a thing or two about race relations too. It’s a little known fact that our George was a raving anti-racist 🙂

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  39. Always good to hear, as I imagine that was not a popular sentiment at the time. I have great memories of listening to George in my Grandads car going on days out.
    I’m not sure this one would pass the test lol.

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  40. LOL, that’s a cracker! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Check out the story that starts at 33:15 – it’ll bring a tear to your eye:

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  41. I remember watching that when it was on tv, he couldn’t really play the Ukelele properly iirc, but a good strummer, lol.
    Will watch thanks. 🙂


  42. Sorry, I meant no disrespect to sufferers of mental illness. I just found it fascinating. I realise now that the smiley was a little insensitive. Apologies.


  43. On pilgrimage seeking the ultimate gif. Currently being held hostage by a lost tribe of ancient golfers somewhere in Snowdonia.My Sherpa guide remains lost in translation somewhere in the 19th hole and hope for him fading fast. Planning to make good escape with help of Kirk aviation mountain rescue services so could be a while until base camp.🚁⛺

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  44. “Angela not only attempted to flog their story to Irish journalist Gerry Hand,” Nowhere in any of origional article or the corresponding comments and replies was there any evidence that this said woman stand to gain any profit from her engagement with the said journalist.


  45. ‘Flog’ in the example given does not necessarily imply a transaction for money; but the verb ‘flogging’ could be used describe the act of ‘giving’, or of ‘sharing’. A desire to spread the story via any means necessary with the intent to create….numbers. Interest in, and exposure to the story. Within a large number of readers, some will generate money for cunning people like Angie, somewhere down the line…


  46. Thanks for the explanation Justin Sanity. APD and her crowd of Woo Wishers can GTH! “Miriam Pimson” is obviously a $cilon as she is spouting “Source”(L.Ron Hubbard) who dictated “as a religious precept”(LMAO!) that children are only “Thetans in a small body” and should be treated as such. The abuse of kids in that cherch is rampant. Note: Leah Remini and the Aftermath debuts tonight for it’s second season. Tonight’s show is about said child abuse. The show received the Television Critics Award and is up for an Emmy. Those twats should tune in and see what a real child advocate looks like….Leah’s AMA on Reddit is now concluding. 9 PM EST on A&E


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