Belinda McKenzie convicted of contempt of court

After a false start yesterday, Belinda McKenzie was convicted this morning on charges of contempt of court, and sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for two years.

She also signed a written undertaking for life that she would not publish anything about the Hampstead matter, either online or off, and that she would remove all material currently posted online about the subject.

The charges related to an incident on 10 December 2018, during the trial of Sabine McNeill, in which Belinda published a Facebook post identifying protected witnesses in the McNeill trial. Belinda was arrested in court, following a pointed warning two days earlier by HHJ Sally Cahill QC that anybody violating the reporting restriction (Section 46 of Youth Justice & Criminal Evidence Act 1999), whether by email or other means, even if it were only to one person, would be committing contempt of court.

At that time, Belinda appeared shaken by the experience, and apologised to the court from the dock, while promising to remove the offending post immediately.

Her contempt hearing had originally been scheduled for the morning of Thursday, 10 January, but was adjourned when Belinda failed to attend, stating that she was suffering from “dangerously high blood pressure” and that she would be seeing her doctor at 11 a.m.

While they waited to hear what would happen with that day’s hearing, members of the public reported hearing Belinda’s barrister on the phone at about 10:15, telling somebody, “I’m telling you, you will never get nine years!”

Shortly thereafter, Judge Cahill stated that she would require an email or note from Belinda’s physician, verifying that she was indeed ill. Judge Cahill said she would require this by 11:30 a.m., and adjourned until then.

When court resumed at 11:30, Belinda’s counsel told the court that his client was feeling a little better, but was waiting to see her doctor.

We will update with further details on today’s proceedings as they become available.

UPDATED: 11 January, 3:55 p.m

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  3. Thank you as ever, EC. Somehow if feels like Belinda has gotten away with a slap on the wrist despite recruiting eg Charlotte Ward who if anything was worse than Sabine for a while. Belinda she has the brains to avoid getting into any trouble for the next two years so she won’t suffer for her part in all of this, unlike Sabine who will. Charlotte Ward also needs to be thought about carefully for ‘airtight’ protection from this kind of thing in the future – the online world is not only inhabited by UK residents, and, for example, Charlotte Ward has so far been untouched/able.

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  4. From Angela’s Facebook page:

    “Belinda got six months suspended….when will KAREN IRVING & Associates at HOAXTEAD RESEARCH be prosecuted for reporting on Sabine & Eddie’s cases?”

    She doesn’t get it does she?

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    • I’m told Angela reads Hoaxtead so I’ll spell it out for her:

      There are some witnesses who couldn’t be named in order to protect their children. You’re not allowed to identify them. Eddie and Belinda identified one of them – which is why they ended up in Court.

      Karen Irving and associates DID NOT identify the people on the protected list, which is why they WON’T be arrested.

      You’re not thick. Do you ‘get it’ now?

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          • That said, she posted a picture of Tower Bridge with the caption ‘London Bridge Is Falling Down’, celebrated Hanukkah three weeks late, commemorated the 20th anniversary of Dunblane on its 21st anniversary, announced Roger Moore’s death a year after he’d died and campaigned against an “upcoming Genesis documentary” that had already aired several months earlier. Let’s just say the jury’s out on that one 😆

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          • Oh and how could I forget? She also claims that Jimmy Savile was Dennis Thatcher’s secret love child, despite only being 11 years older than him!

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  5. Due to Blundina admitting it etc etc I wasn’t expecting much, I actually think the sentence for this (and only this) offence is balanced and right.

    I would however have loved to see her nailed like Sabine for this hoax. Sabine was the puppet, Blundina was pulling the strings. She’ll be very much aware of how close she came to going to jail.

    I think this is the last we will hear from Blundina.

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    • You have to remember that the sentencing can only deal with the facts of the contempt case. Previous bad behaviour would have to be a separate prosecution. I think it was fair.

      A suspended sentence is also far more trouble than it appears to most. As well as the threat of being arrested for any other offence and being put behind bars, and whilst I understand that money is not a concern for her, it does cause issues in everyday life that most are not aware off. For example, it has to be disclosed to insurers (except for motoring insurance for which only motoring convictions are relevant) which can increase thinks like house contents premiums by up to 4 times. It has to be disclosed to letting agencies and future employers. Her conviction won’t be “spent” until 11/07/2021.

      For avoiding doubt in the case of Sabine, the length of her sentence puts her in the category that her conviction will never be spent.

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        • And it really didn’t have to be that way at all. Had she kept her bail conditions she wouldn’t be in such an awful position.

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          • Yes, I think this is really important: she was told over and over again that if she kept going on the same road she would come to grief, but she knew better. Or thought she did.

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        • I would add to the kitty for EC to be compensated for all her hard and dedicated work.


      • Indeed SV. Karens work on this case has been truly remarkable.The mob thought they had carte blanche to spew their collective,loathsome bile regardless of an absence of any evidence whatsoever.

        Along with numerous other decent folk who have stood firm against this disgraceful idiocy they certainly did not reckon on someone with Karens qualities raining all over their obnoxious parade.

        The bounty on Abe and Ellas heads will have gone through the roof!

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        • That’s very kind, Prince. I think everyone who reads and comments here deserves kudos for continuing to resist the conspiranoids, trauma merchants, and fraudsters.

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        • We really got lucky with EC! And let’s not forget everyone else, Scarlett who started it all and was just as funny. The others, eg Office Tapir, really, a great bunch, all commenters.

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  6. It surprised me Belinda McKenzie was so easily caught out by her own hubris. McKenzie is known as a teflon personality for a reason. I personally think Belinda’s old age is impacting her mental cognition, early signs of dementia? She is not the person she was back in 2014.

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    • She’s not. If she was she’d have found another alien skull by now or be outside Courts with her megaphone shouting the name of some poor innocent sod she doesn’t know from Adam.
      We’re onto you Belinda – we got your number mate!

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    • I think McKenzie is a manipulator of folk albeit mostly those with a predisposition to believe any old shite. She’s always there in the background pulling the strings whilst the useful idiots go front of house.

      That said, she didn’t get sent down, similar outcome to that barm-pot Eddie, fair enough. Sentenced after all to just the one contempt and cards well and truly marked. Hubris indeed.

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      • Like a lot of others, Belinda is successful when she is the cleverest person in the room, and she chooses to surround herself with people who are gullible and/or of low intellect. It’s not a strategy that works in court when you are surrounded by clever lawyers and judges.

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  7. Some of the most successful outcomes I’ve seen in 30+ years of debunking this nonsense!
    I’m so happy for everyone involved 🙂
    And feeling like I could maybe hang up my hat now, with respect to these issues. “Retirement” would be a welcome relief.

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    • Note that in the Metro article ritual abuse promoter Rainer Kurz posts a comment full of bizarre claims of murder and if you check his Facebook page he claims he visited Sabine twice in jail.
      I’m glad the judge (and jury) saw through McNeil’s attempts to claim a faulty memory when confronted with the facts. Her faux concern over the effects on the victims (after being at the core of the case for 4 years) and her complete lack of contrition even while pretending was her downfall.

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          • The Parcelsus Trust is familiar to everyone with an in depth knowledge of Sinason and her elite centre of quackery the Clinic for Dissociative Studies.

            Of particular interest to me in the Mental Health Matters link was the inclusion of Mike Fisher. I have written about him here before. He has a long term involvement with some extremely dodgy linked organisations namely The Willows Centre and Harnhill Centre of Christian Healing, which combined constitute a Christian cult. He also has longterm involvement with an associated SRA / DID promoting organisation, the Trauma and Abuse Group (TAG). Another Christian cult, Deep Release is also linked to the groups. Deep Release has an interesting history.

            I have spoken to the people who run these groups in person, while doing a bit of mystery shopping for a counsellor. They openly stated to me that they practice regression therapy (including back to life in the womb – possibly linked to their anti-abortion stance) and “deliverances (exorcisms) if the client requests them”.

            They are also very keen on body psychotherapy (surprise surprise) and the vile sexual predator Vanessa Clark was involved with them before she was jailed for sexually abusing vulnerable female clients by regressing them back to early childhood and then coercing them to suck her nipples. Clark was also a promoter of SRA narratives as one would expect.


            This cluster of nasty, abusive organisations promoting quackery, exorcisms and SRA narratives had at one times wormed their way into the Royal College of Psychiatrists special interest group on spirituality, a group worthy of intense scrutiny – I believe Private Eye has done a good job of exposing some of the quackery promoted there over the years.

            Quite how much misery these deluded charlatans have inflicted on vulnerable people and their families over the decades it is impossible to say. Some of the people involved should be in the dock facing criminal charges in my opinion, but unless they actually sexually assault people who are sufficiently mentally resilient to give evidence against them they are likely to carry on as they always have.

            Unfortunately it is not a crime in the UK to be a counselling / psychotherapy quack who alienates vulnerable people from their families. Nor is it a crime to use quackery to generate false memories. Our legislation regarding religious freedoms is misused by cults who use it to deflect criticism. Serious consideration needs to be given to legislative change to criminalise certain kinds of predatory behaviour where cults and quacks abuse vulnerable people.


    • It was in the Times too (the Times online can only be viewed via paid subscription, so thanks to EC for this photo):

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      • I think you can sign up with an email address and read a free article a week. No personal details required.


  8. Why have Abe and Ella never been arrested? Seems so obvious they were the people who really damaged the children by forcing them to make the allegations.

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    • I guess no-one has been brave enough to break the good news to Neelu that Sabine isn’t on remand any more!!!

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    • I would tell her the PM doesn’t have the power to overturn the verdicts of the courts and the police don’t keep bail money but I’ve only got one fake Facebook account that she hasn’t banned from viewing her drivel. I really must stock up.

      Mind you… Telling the delusional old bat anything is a waste of time as the little mouse inside her head working the levers stop listening years ago.

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    • I reckon it’s worth a story in itself : Finchley Road.

      I’ve been asking the promoters of Finchley Road who keep making ever increasingly bizarre claims about Finchley Road (judges & even EC are now connected) to post their evidence online for all the world to see. It’s one thing to waive bundles of files outside the BBC and make these extravagant claims but we never ever see actual evidence.

      This is what whistle-blowers do. They take huge risks. While I disagree with many things Edward Snowden, Assange and Chelsea Manning may have done, I admire their sheer bravery when they know they face dire consequences. Others like the group of journalists who collected the evidence known as the Panama Papers worked diligently for over 2 years and then published their findings ON-LINE (after selecting various news outlets for maximum effect). Once on-line it becomes impossible to refute. Assange etc have done the same.

      But Devine, Gordon Bowden are just all mouth. Like Jon Wedger they make numerous claims but never actually produce anything. Wedger arrogantly takes on the mantle “whistle-blower” but what has he ever whistle blown? Sod all. These people really annoy because they devalue the term “whistle-blower” and try and co-opt all the glory with none of the risks. All they do is make claims but never back them up by showing the evidence. I think they need to be badgered to come up with the goods.
      ## Is it just me or is Andy Devine becoming the most annoying of this mob because of his quiet smugnss?.

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    • “Winston Smith”, supposed taxi driver, thinks Finchley Road is in the City.

      “I said, drive me to Elbow Lane; this is Arse Crescent!”

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      • Well this is quite awkward….
        I watched the taxidriver’s video in the link above.
        He is basically quoting a guy called Gordon Bowden who is the one really pushing the concept of Finchley Road especially the fact that there are several thousand companies linked to the one address.

        Gordon Bowden formed a company called Pandoras Box Investigations Ltd.

        So I ‘followed the money’ (as he puts it)

        One of his other directors happens also to be a director of a company called Notebox Ltd.
        Notebox Ltd was formed with two directors: Swift Incorporations Ltd and Instant Companies Ltd.
        Swift Incorporations Ltd is linked to 99000 companies and Instant Companies is linked to 44000 companies.

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        • Sorry if this has been answered before – I am relatively new here as I’ve said before. Is the address in Finchley Road one of those places that deals in ready-made company names. I’ve worked in a few legal offices (not ones that dealt with defamation though; hence my lack of knowledge on that area of law) – doing secretarial/admin work, not working as a lawyer or paralegal. When I worked in conveyancing (real estate) we sometimes made contact with firms that dealt with that kind of company – for names for residents’ membership companies in new developments of flats, that type of thing.


  9. A guy who just weeks ago described black people as “African jungle apes” suddenly cares about Aborigines and Native Americans? 🤔


    • Teresa van Lieshout is another raving fruitloop. Massive Islamophobe, yells a lot, was struck off from teaching. Arfur Kaoutal’s a big fan as I recall.


      • Looks rather cool where she is but not sure the rushing water is conducive to recording but..sorry Teresa, when I’m next at a parking meter I won’t be thinking of you, rather my pitiful pension.


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