The ongoing fraud of “Satanic child pornography”

The headlines were spectacular, even melodramatic: “Satanic child-porn fraudster is ‘ruthless, manipulative'”; “Court to mull fate of online child-porn ring fraudster”.

No, they weren’t referring to Abraham Christie and Ella Draper (sad to say). These headlines refer to a case last year in Johannesburg, South Africa, in which a young woman named Leone Steyn was tried and found guilty of defrauding churches and an online counselling service of R592,000 (about £35,000) in a three-year-long scam.

According to the IOL news outlet, Ms Steyn was 17 years old when she began claiming to have been rescued from a satanic porn ring:

When she was just 17, Leone Steyn allegedly laid the foundations of a fictional satanic child-pornography ring.

She begged for sympathy for the non-existent children who had supposedly been saved from the ring’s evil clutches, manipulating counsellors from an online psychiatric service to solicit donations from churches and residents.

The Star reported last month how Steyn would allegedly log on to the MOBIEG counselling service using dozens of fake names, claiming to be children kept in the safe house looking for psychological guidance.

Ultimately, she allegedly created 55 profiles of fake children, using images she stole from social media.

For three years she kept up the charade, weaving tales among the counsellors at MOBIEG of suicides within the safe house, of murders and kidnappings, and begging them for assistance.

But earlier this year, she was arrested after a year-long investigation into her scheme.

From time to time, Ms Steyn would “kill off” her fictional characters via suicide, as a bid for further sympathy—and cash. Ultimately, Ms Steyn managed to dodge a long sentence despite being found guilty; instead, the magistrate opted to keep the young woman out of prison so she could work and ultimately repay the money she’d stolen.

The myth of the ‘satanic child-pornography ring’

Ms Steyn’s fraud took advantage of a widespread but wholly unsubstantiated trope: the myth that somewhere out there in the Dark Web, there is a thriving business in which children are ritually sexually abused by Satanists, who film these encounters and sell them to an eagerly waiting audience. This idea has been so widely accepted that the churches and counselling service who were duped didn’t think to question the veracity of Ms Steyn’s claims. They willingly handed over their cash, believing that they were helping young people escape from their evil sex-crazed Satanic captors.

As commenter Justin Sanity has pointed out here, the myth of the “Satanic child pornography ring” is utter fabricated nonsense:

Analysis of commercially produced and/or distributed child sexual abuse image materials, published in forensics journals, do not use “satanic” as a category nor even as a sub-category of something like “S&M”.
 And that is because there never was any! Ask Tim Tate…he actually watched all of the commercial productions (up to a certain point in time) as research for his book on the subject, so he would know.

Justin is referring to Tim Tate’s 1990 book, Child Pornography: An Investigation. The book currently sells on for the jaw-dropping sum of £233.36, so we think we’ll give it a miss. But the blurb sums it up:

An in-depth investigation into the nature, extent, production and distribution of child pornography, which is the evidence recorded in magazines, film or videotape of child molestation. It ranges from apparently innocent nude photographs to depictions of serious sexual assaults and sadistic torture. The author contends that those who buy child pornography are paedophiles. Without paedophilia there would be no child pornography, but without child pornography the myriad networks of active child abusers would collapse. Child pornography is the oil in the engine of paedophilia. The author also wrote “What’s Wrong With Your Rights?”

At the time when Mr Tate was writing the book, the 1980s–1990s Satanic panic was in full swing…and yet, there appeared to be no market for “Satanic” or “occult” child sexual abuse images.

Justin points out,


There never were any, because no one would have bought such materials.
 The belief that “Satanism” has some intrinsic relationship to child abuse is a delusional fantasy obsessively promulgated by Satan Hunter conspiranoids and paranoid evangelicals, it certainly IS NOT a doctrine of any organizations or communities that self-identify with that term.

More importantly, “satanic child abuse” IS NOT a distinct sexual paraphilia – as some folks ignorantly assume.

Many of our readers will be aware of Mr Tate’s role in promoting the fantasy of Satanic ritual abuse in the years since he wrote Child Pornography: An Investigation. We have no doubt that, had he found categories of commercial child sexual abuse images that matched up with the rest of his oeuvre, he would have reported it, loud and long.

More Shurter nonsense

In the Comments section of yesterday’s blog, Justin pointed out that once again, David Shurter is, to put it politely, a lying sack of shit.

David Shurter officially full of shit, yet again, caught lying about the existence of “satanic ritual abuse”-themed child pornography.

There was indeed a LAWRENCE King lll, from WEST Ocean City, convicted of possessing & distributing child sexual abuse images. In 2011, he was “sentenced to 10 years in jail followed by supervised release for life for possession of child pornography”.

King’s stash of CSA images was modest in modern terms: “law enforcement officials recovered over 600 videos and images documenting the sexual abuse of children engaged in sexually explicit conduct”.
 Some of these depicted abuse on the extreme end of the scale:
 “The images included prepubescent children as well as depictions of sadistic and masochistic activity”, 
but no sources of information about this case ever suggested that these images depicted “satanism”, satanic cult members, rituals, ceremonies, or anything whatsoever of a specifically “occult” nature—nor was there any information suggesting Lawrence King lll had any personal involvement or interest in “satanism”, satanic cults, rituals, ceremonies, or anything whatsoever of a specifically “occult” nature.

The source of King’s CSA image collection was specified both in the indictments against him and in his plea agreement: 
”King admitted to downloading thousands of images of child pornography from the Internet, which he stored on his computer”. King’s CSA images WERE NOT given to him by a homeless relative of David Shurter, as he has publicly claimed.

Which brings us back to Leone Steyne and her version of the “Satanic child pornography ring”. Like David Shurter, Belinda McKenzie, Abraham Christie, Ella Draper, and others of their ilk, Ms Steyne made use of an old, tried-and-true public misconception to wring money out of people who were only too willing to believe her lies. We know she’s not the first, and she surely will not be the last to dine out on that pernicious myth.

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    • Complete and utter bollocks. Seriously, is there anyone who would believe this? At least keep your lies credible, Alanson – this one’s a stretch even by your pitiful standards.

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      • Claptrap promoted by the Religious Far Right and utter bullshit. The Safe Schools Program is little different to the Sex Education classes I had a Very Long Time ago.
        It’s just been updated to include gay, lesbian and transgender kids who have as much right to education as anyone else.


    • Al, you know it’s only a matter of time before I get you your next ban, don’t you. You never learn.

      Start the clock, folks…

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    • Jew Ghost of Sam says “so fucking what ?” to Alanson.
      And it’s Miriam Margoyles not Mariam you dickhead and you forgot she is an open Lesbian so stick in your pipe & smoke it.
      Is a “Jew Jew” twice as bad?

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      • Is a “Jew Jew” twice as bad?

        How about a catholic jew?

        And the satanist jews are sweet out of luck- cant get in upstairs or down….

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        • Well…it wouldn’t be incorrect to describe most Christians as post-messianic Jews or Yehoshuan Jews, and Muslims as Mohammedan Jews. Just because they don’t ritually cut the ends of their infant boy’s dicks off, doesn’t eliminate the inescapably, inherent Jewish-ness of their belief systems.

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          • I think followers of the Lubovitcher Rebbe might object to being called “post-Messianic Jews”, but I certainly take your point. 🙂


      • AA is clearly of the all to common mind set that as a white male hetrosexual he is naturally “superior”. Whenever any one who isn’t naturally “superior” becomes more successful than he is (and it isn’t difficult) there is something wrong that can only be due to secret nefarious doings behind closed doors.

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  1. PBS Frontline documentary by Ofra Bikel originally aired 10/24/95.
    Shows the early pioneers of recovered memory therapy implanting memories of satanic ritual abuse in their patients – then using those patients in training videos for other mental health professionals.
    ISSTD founder Bennett Braun and his colleagues Roberta Sachs,
    Corydon Hammond, and Judith Peterson are highlighted. Despite the successful lawsuits against them, their recommendations are still being passed along and used by some psychotherapists today.

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    • It seems they targeted those with a high value level of medical insurance, gave them a MPD diagnosis, inserted false personalities for them to teach the other victims, kept them extremely highly medicated.
      Tell them they are part of a multi-generational cult, tell them they are guilty of abusing children and are still part of a fictional cult and dangerous to the group. It only stopped when the medication was reduced and the victims were no longer seeing these scumbag counsellors. A child grabbing scam to boot, costing the victims a lot of insurance money to get their children back and even listed innocents as registered child abusers.

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      • I hadnt seen that particular one before- and it shows a pretty damming indictment of the medical people and the (usually) mothers both
        When it is found that 80% or more cases are found to be false in the end, then imho heads should have rolled- punishments for both the parent and the medical people involved in every false case found…

        I know from bitter personal experience just how far parents can go in divorce cases, I’m lucky my mother didnt try it on, she tried every other trick in the book even tho she had full custody, just to reduce my fathers visitation rights to zero- even to having the mail delivered to a post box and intercepting christmas and birthday cards from my dad to us kids, telling us he didnt even care for us enough to even bother sending us cards
        My sister for many years refused to talk to my father, believing her story, until the day when us kids were talking (I had by this stage got to live with dad as soon as the courts allowed) and I talked to my sister about why she wouldnt talk to him- it came out that ‘he never even bothered to send me a single card over the years’
        I told her that wasnt true- as I had actually posted the last birthday card from him myself, and it had a hundred dollars in it- as every xmas and birthday card had since he had left…..

        THEN the brown smelly stuff hit the fan as you might imagine….

        Our family has made up, but it took many many years before we trusted her again

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        • That’s heartbreaking, Steve. Kudos to you for all making up, though. I can’t imagine how hard and painful that was.

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          • I was into my thirties before we started talking again, like I said it was a very long process to begin to trust again
            So in a way it was a spectacular failure for her, instead of making my father appear less attractive to us kids, she ended up being the one who was ostracized and ended up the one missing out on us growing up

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        • How awful for everyone in your family, Steve. People have trouble believing that spouses scorned could go to such lengths, but bitterness and rage are potent motivators.


  2. “You sound strong when you tell them to fuck off.”
    I have no idea why that made me laugh but it did 😀

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      • Wonder how Mad Moo would react to thousands of lunatics online calling her a paedophile for a couple of years, based on a hoax promoted by the disenfranchised, the mentally ill, junkies and paedophile protectors?
        Personally I wouldn’t have been able to deal with that if I had faced such accusations, I certainly would not be online reading about Hampstead, let alone posting on here.
        The main thing the hoaxers and conspiraloons cannot get their head round is that people who are not Satanists, not even religious, not involved, never met anyone involved with this case or any other, would actually stand together against the bullshit they promote, just because it is the right thing to do.

        People without an agenda, not wanting any financial compensation for their time, just those who dislike stupidity and falsehoods that actual harm genuine cases of child abuse and prevent people taking victims seriously, and preventing real victims coming forward, in case some creep posts their private police interviews online for perverts to see.

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        • Yes, they seem unable to grasp the idea that a group of strangers could coalesce around this issue for the simple reason that the Hampstead hoax is wrong, it’s hurt a lot of children and their parents, teachers, and community, and it must be opposed and ultimately stopped.

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        • Re above. Let me get this straight. The state is corrupt from top to bottom but whenever I’ve got a problem I’ll go to the police. Erm…..

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  3. Nice work, Avon Lady:

    You should share these on the blog more often, mate. This is the sort of thing Shurter says then later denies having said. It’s useful to have an archive of his own words that can be thrown back in his face when he lies, wriggles and back-tracks.

    Also, Richie Allen is a raving antisemite, Holocaust-denier and self-professed Hitler-loving Nazi, so it’s very interesting to see that Shurter is happy to work with such people.

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  4. Tim Tate. Ah. Sigh. For new readers, Tim Tate learned his trade under Roger Cook, not a badge of quality or reliability to those of us who work in broadcast journalism, for all the ballyhoo. And Tim Tate had one of his books withdrawn by the courts, maybe even that one I forget (this would explain the high price on Amazon). That was because his book was wrong, and sufficiently wrong that he was ordered to have it pulped.

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  5. Today in Game of Hoaxes:
    Will Neelu Berry lose her castle to the Zionist Freemasonic Luciferian Reptilian Paper Currency Leviathon?
    Will David Shurter declare to the world his engagement to his dogs?
    Will Angela Power Disney interview Baby H live on Facebook?
    Will Kris Costa get her nipple piercings and Satanic tattoo on her left buttock she always wanted?

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  6. So let me get this straight: when we so much as humorously hint at Shurter – who admits to sleeping with his dogs – having inappropriate relations with them, it’s conclusive proof that we’re a bunch of sick, demented perverts:

    Yet it’s perfectly fine for him to repeatedly state that we all “fuck kids”. That somehow doesn’t make him a sick, demented pervert. How does that work exactly?

    The second screenshot, by the way, is his response to being asked for “a link to one single comment in which one single Hoaxtead Research associate has defended one single paedohphile”. Naturally, he was unable to do so.

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    • It’s spelled “Surrey”, just as it is here. (Hint: British Columbia, like other parts of Canada, was once a British colony.)

      And the B.C. wildfires are a direct result of ultra-dry, hot conditions sparked by lightning strikes. They had the same problem last year, and the situation will likely not improve until some of the effects of global climate change are at least mitigated.

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  7. Great research, Coyote! 🙂
    Here’s a footnote:

    As strange as it might sound, there has been extensive research conducted into male & female sexual fantasies as well. Much of this research has been of a ‘popular’ type – not following strict scientific protocols, and intended for mass publication rather than for academic journals, but not all of it.

    Nancy Friday was one very famous researcher and author on the subject of sexual fantasies. She solicited readers of sex-related popular publications like Playboy to send her accounts of their personal sex fantasy history. It’s quite astonishing what people are willing to confess to, if they can remain anonymous (LOL !) and she quite fearlessly published excerpts from these accounts that describe every conceivable sexual fetish and paraphilia. From both females and males.

    Not one word, in all of her publications on sexual fantasies, about satan, Satanism or “occult practices”.

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    • If someone was to do a modern survey they would only have to look at Shurter’s perversions and the YouTube comments for degenerates Satanic sex fantasies. Some of what they come out with is pure filth.

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      • @KFC bucket – Yes.
        We’ve discussed this, in great detail in the past, so I won’t revist all the theoretical ins & outs.
        It seems that the only people who really do derive sexual thrills from SRA fantasies, are “false moralists”. These are people who obviously spend a lot of time contemplating such fantasies, but simultaneously profess to be outraged & disgusted by them. Its possible that they might experience strong emotional responses of disgust or anger as sexually stimulating – the emotions, rather than whatever has provoked them.
        There is powerful circumstantial evidence that the man who invented the term “satanic ritual abuse” – Dr Lawrence Pazder – really did use his fantasies about satanic cult abuse of small children as masturbation and sexual role-play material.

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  8. Part 3 of Angie’s ‘Please Arrest Me for Contempt of Court’ series is currently airing live.

    Sample quote: “I haven’t discussed anything that was said in court.”

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    • Oh my God, I need to hear this from the start. It seems that Angie has been served a cease-and-desist order and told to stop publishing and broadcasting the court notes on Facebook!

      Oh and she’s also acknowledged that “Hoaxtead reported me” 😀

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    • LOL, she’s just read out the entire order, including the bit that states that she’s not allowed to share the contents of the order with anyone other than her solicitor!

      HEY, ANGIE…

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    • The mum must be over the Moon with her. Seriously, Angela, do you have a pathological need to destroy everything and everyone you come into contact with, you interfering old tart?

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      • Angela is one f..king bitch.

        If she had any decency, she’d keep her big nose out of this couple’s lives.

        She is not helping them in the slightest.

        It is all about Angela as bloody usual.


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    • She’s insisting that she was never told the court notes were confidential but it was her who repeatedly stated that they were and that she could go to prison if she published them! In fact, the only reason we knew they were confidential was because she told us!!!

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  9. only 7 1/2 min before the first fag…
    Wonder how she manages it in court???
    (no smoking allowed)
    that alone I thought would have been a major factor in not appearing, angie going more than 10 min without a fag???

    (and the smirking at the end about Oh should have opened the papers first, oh well)

    Its like she’s daring them to haul her into court….

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    • If she doesn’t think she’s doing anything illegal why isn’t she going to Court on Friday?

      “Please note that this letter and the enclosed documents relate to in camera proceedings and should be shown only to a solicitor acting on your behalf.”

      I’m not sure if you can charge someone with being a twerp but if you could this would be an ideal case.

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  10. Operation Sanctuary: Newcastle child sex network convicted

    Eighteen people have been convicted of abusing girls in Newcastle who were plied with alcohol and drugs before being forced to have sex.
    The vulnerable victims, some as young as 14, were exploited by a “cynical organisation”, a court heard.
    The 17 men and one woman were convicted of rape, supplying drugs and conspiracy to incite prostitution.
    Over the course of four trials, 20 young women gave evidence covering a period from 2011 to 2014.
    These trials involved 26 defendants, who were mostly Asian, facing a total of more than 100 charges and 22 victims.
    Those prosecuted were from the Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish communities and mainly British-born, with most living in the West End of Newcastle.
    Of the 26, three people have been jailed. The rest will be sentenced next month.
    It also emerged during the court process that police paid a convicted child rapist £10,000 as an informant.
    Reaction after 18 people convicted over abuse
    “Vile crimes committed by evil men”
    The victims were at first flattered by the attention of the men who apparently befriended them, but were then lured to parties, known as “sessions”, by the promise of alcohol and drugs – often mephedrone (or M-Kat), Newcastle Crown Court heard.
    Bags of M-Kat were left on coffee tables for the girls to help themselves.
    The parties took place at premises around the West End, including the top floor of tower block Todd’s Nook, where one teenager said she was raped three times.
    The prosecution said they became the “vulnerable victims of an organised, cynical, systematic organisation in which they were passed between their abusers.”


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    • Yeah, I saw that. Really shocking stuff. It’ll be interesting to see local boy Alanson’s take on it.

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    • At 22:58 Deborah claims that the two children’s hair samples were sent off for forensic tests and were “lost”!

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          • Yep. Towards the end she says that babies are routinely removed from their parents just for having learning difficulties. I’m not joking – she actually says that.

            Still, at least we get a classic hysterical Mad Moo meltdown at 44:59 😀

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    • Well, Listened to that all the way through, I don’t really bother nowadays, there is only so many times you can hear the same flawed arguments from the cult believers.

      Easy to mock her I know, but she truly believes in Abe/Ella and their cult fiction. Listening to that and the state she gets herself into, I can’t help but worry about the state of her mental health.

      She clearly reads this blog, it might be a good idea for her to take a break from the computer and speak with someone about how she is feeling.

      I wasn’t aware that a transcript of the court hearing had been made public?


    • The Mad Mad World of Mad Moo.
      Poor Moo is all over the place with writers John Pilger and Noam Chomsky who she would (magnanimously) “forgive” if they only acknowledged her version of 9/11. Chomsky is famous (infamous ?) for stating very soon after 9/11 that America can’t seem to comprehend the idea of “blowback”..that if you continue to attack and kill those you perceive as enemies for decades, don’t be surprised that they might strike back in a terrible and frightening manner.

      For the likes of Moo this is not enough- 9/11 MUST be an inside job by the VIP Illuminati conspirators specifically targeting ‘truth-tellers’ like her. They surf the web to a 1000 Truther websites that cobble together so many perceived anomalies even though in many cases these things have been debunked (the so-called Architects for 9/11 being one) or not a shred of proof has ever been found including the 1000 of US citizens who would have to be involved in such a dastardly plot.

      These conspirators are amazingly ignorant the way they blithely ignore how the US has created such turmoil in the Middle East either via incompetence and foolhardy incursions.

      The 100,000s of dead in these adventures are never mentioned by the Mad Moos of the world. They are incidental to the main reasons for the plots which is really an attack on Moo.

      But there is light at the end of the tunnel. She chose not to pursue a career path and 100s of patients are breathing a sigh of relief.

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      • She frequently rants that 9/11 has been proven to have been a controlled demolition because the standard story “defies the laws of physics”. It hasn’t and it doesn’t.

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        • It only defies the laws of physics if by “laws of physics” you mean “dreamt up but some conspiracy nutter who erroneously thinks he or she knows the first thing about science”.

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