Angela Power-Disney in contempt of court

Well, it seems the old adage is correct: all good things really do come to an end. Take Angela Power-Disney’s recent (relative) silence on Facebook, for example. We’d grown accustomed to the sound of silence from that direction, but last week she started wheezing back to life after a month’s ban, and for the past several days she’s been spouting post after self-aggrandising post about her role in a drama that’s been playing out in the Irish courts.

It seems that Angie has thrust herself into the middle of a case involving a pregnant woman who was reported missing from a town in Northern Ireland. The court in Monaghan is hearing arguments as to whether the child—who was born late last week—ought to be removed from his parents’ custody, and Angie is right there in the thick of it, claiming to be acting as a “journalist”.

We first took note of Angela’s involvement last week, when she posted a plea for “character references”, with no explanation of what she was referring to:

She shared this to 45 people loyal troofers, most of whom live nowhere in the vicinity of the case.

Commenter Angiewatch explains:

This all took place last week; since then, Angie has posted breathlessly about how very hard she’s been working, what a heroine she is, and how many prayers will be needed. You know, the usual bollox.

Yesterday, though, she upped the ante: in addition to her usual semi-cryptic “you’ll only get this if you’re in the know” Facebook posts, she saw fit to livestream a “case update”. Here’s where things got really problematic.

In yesterday’s video, which we are not linking to for reasons we hope will be obvious, Angela claimed that she had been in the private family court case as a “journalist”, but had somehow been called upon to switch roles and act as the father’s McKenzie friend.

Aside from the laughable idea that Angela could act as a journalist—because even the rawest cub reporter knows that journos aren’t allowed into closed proceedings—the thought of her acting as a McKenzie friend is a chilling one.

In typical Angie fashion, she stated that the judge had reminded her that she would be in contempt of court if she reported on the case…and then she went ahead and reported on the case.

If merely reporting on a case which she is not supposed to be talking about weren’t enough, at one point she states the mother’s name; she then apologises to the judge, but says she cannot edit the name out. Then she has the father on to make a public statement; she speaks at length about the baby’s current status and case management details. Toward the end of the video she says that she is well aware that she’s breaking the law, and claims she’s not afraid to go to prison—”Bring it on!” she says.

Well, we’re taking her up on that offer. Yesterday we sent off an email to the court, with a link to Angie’s livestream update on the case. We’ll let you know if anything comes of it, and we’ll continue to follow this story.

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  1. I’ve got it! We should get Neelu to arrest Angela for trading illegally on the gold standard on her GoFundMe page. She should be hauled before the ITCC and charged with fraud, treason, terrorism and fuck it, let’s chuck in witchcraft and unlicensed vampirism for the sheer hell of it.

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      • Speaking of batflab- really- he couldnt find a shirt to wear for the interview???


        I’m no model, but then I dont go putting interviews of myself up on utube shirtless either

        (anyone got a bottle of that mindbleach left over from the other day??)

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    • Yeh that’s why Elon Musk and the South Australian government are spending $millions on creating a field of batteries (each one about the size of garden shed) to store solar energy.
      HopeLess Girl is a cheap scam artist preying on the vulnerable.

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  2. David Shurter officially full of shit, yet again, caught lying about the existence of “satanic ritual abuse” themed child pornography.

    There was indeed a LAWRENCE King lll, from WEST Ocean City, convicted of possessing & distributing child sexual abuse images. In 2011, he was “sentenced to 10 years in jail followed by supervised release for life for possession of child pornography”.

    King’s stash of CSA images was modest in modern terms, “law enforcement officials recovered over 600 videos and images documenting the sexual abuse of children engaged in sexually explicit conduct”.
    Some of these depicted abuse on the extreme end of the scale:
    “The images included prepubescent children as well as depictions of sadistic and masochistic activity”,
    but no sources of information about this case ever suggested that these images depicted “satanism”, satanic cult members, rituals, ceremonies, or anything whatsoever of a specifically “occult” nature – nor was there are information suggesting Lawrence King lll had any personal involvement or interest in “satanism”, satanic cults, rituals, ceremonies, or anything whatsoever of a specifically “occult” nature.

    The source of King’s CSA image collection was specified both in the indictments against him and in his plea agreement: 
”King admitted to downloading thousands of images of child pornography from the Internet, which he stored on his computer”. King’s CSA images WERE NOT given to him by a homeless relative of David Shurter, as he has publicly claimed.

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  3. So basically anyone can become a McKenzie friend, how ridiculous, particularly when you see APD disregarding court orders. The publicity she is generating will be not go down well on either side of the border with social services & will not help the parents in this sad case. Consensus here is, “why can’t she mind her own business”.

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    • Yep, it is true. Anyone can be a McKenzie friend.
      All that is required is that you are trusted by the Litigant in person.
      There has been an explosion in recent years, probably due to the Fretard on the land nonsense, of new McKenzie friends in court. Total amateurs that have watched a few youtube videos. They keep losing cases then blame the loss on the Illuminati, Freemasons, jews and aliens from outer space.
      Unfortunately this has tarnished the respectability of the few good McKenzie friends with vast legal knowledge that do their work for honourable reasons.


    • Raven Quest is another one again pushing the boundaries of advocating for the kids kidnapping



      Painfully close to advocating their kidnapping should their location be disclosed…

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      • And in Angie’s live stream yesterday, Angie stated that she and Tracey Morris wouldn’t hesitate to kidnap a child if they had doubts about the parents!

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        • These simpleton,malificent cretins need to spend a day or two working within a child protection team before interfering with grandiose,deluded pronouncements and sticking their noses where they dont belong.

          On second thoughts that is probably one of the worst thoughts Ive ever had.

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          • No it isn’t. I wish people were able to spend a day working with a child protection team and they’d find out that there’s no need to remove the children of good parents. There are enough crap parents out there to keep Social Services occupied. The idea that ordinary everyday social workers would remove children for profit is ludicrous in the extreme. I’m sure mistakes are made and that’s awful, but Angie and her friends are off their heads if they think Social Workers are out there predating on good-enough parents.

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          • How’s that the worst thing you’ve ever said, mate? I think you’re spot-on! 🙂


  4. Contempt of court ! Oh we can only pray she’s in front of a hanging judge. In the meantime I’ve sent a message to my friendly Chief Warder to expect a troublesome new inmate. She assures me that she’ll be brought into line quick smart.

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  5. Angie had already named these people on Facebook so it was obvious who she was talking about. I can’t believe she’ll be allowed to contnue to do this – a closed court is a closed court for a reason. Let’s hope the judge takes some action, even if it’s just to ban her from the court. You can tell from the video she’s enjoying this and I daresay if she gets a few days in prison she’ll be over the moon. She’ll have become a hero for the cause and it’ll give her something to talk about on videos because, let’s face it, she’d run out of things to say and only loons want to be interviewed by her.

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    • Pretty much any case involving children here is a closed court, and they tend to frown upon anyone who ‘leaks’ case details enough to identify the kids (in many cases even the adults names are suppressed if it leads to being able to identify the kids) eg a fairly recent case here involved a family relative abusing a kid, and his name wasnt released to the media, as it would be then trivially easy to then identify the kid involved
      I suppose you could eventually figure it out from prison records etc, but by then of course the media spotlight has moved on and they wouldnt be interested in publishing it anyway

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  6. Its not the first time that part of the Sabine McNeill and Belinda Mckenzie team have been in contempt of court for very similar things. None of them have any respect for the Court.

    The typical modus operandi is to get others to take the punishment for them.

    Its been mentioned on this blog before, to quote part of what was written then from

    “Essentially, a child was coached and led to make false allegations of sexual abuse against her innocent father. These allegations were spread via the internet, to such an extent that the court felt it necessary to break its normal rules of confidentiality in such cases, in order to clear the father’s name.

    But the Vicky Haigh case had another important link to the Hampstead satanic ritual abuse hoax: Sabine McNeill.

    As we mentioned last time, Vicky Haigh was assisted by an ‘investigator’, Elizabeth Watson, who was sentenced to 9 months in prison for contempt of court related to the case. Elizabeth was sentenced on 22 August, 2011.

    However, it seems prison life did not agree with her, and she immediately applied to be let out. Basically, she said she was really really really sorry, she’d been very naughty, and she wouldn’t do it again.

    On 1 September, 2011, Sir Nicholas Wall issued his judgement on Elizabeth’s application to purge the contempt: he suspended her sentence, saying, “I would be entitled, if I wished, to keep her in prison until such time as the blog to which I have been referred and which is the one outstanding matter has been investigated and those responsible for it have been given the opportunity to remove the e-mail. I have considered that option very carefully. I have decided, however, in the end not to do it. I am satisfied that Ms. Watson has had a very unpleasant experience in prison. I am willing to accept her undertaking – which has the force of a court order – to use her best endeavours to remove the offending e-mail from the blog and I am satisfied that to keep her imprisoned would serve no real purpose as far as she is concerned”.

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  7. David Semen aka potential Koresh clone gets his beak onto Alex Jones Channel having a bleat about assorted paranoias with Owen Shroyer. The good news is the comments section is not exactly overwhelmed.

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  8. FYI! Wow! Maybe APD can be KSC’s “soursez” Mackenzie Friend? But wait, they are not allowed in Court stateside, especially Family Court. Aww too bad. Maybe APD could have helped KSC’s “soursez” make better FALSE molestation allegations against a Dad who simply told the Fat one Not to hit his kids anymore like she hit “little soursz” her whole life! Maybe their armed kidnapping attempt would have ended in Prison instead of just the Psych ward they ran to and alleged the staff was throwing caustic liquids on them? Fatty was a FAILED Psych nurse and knew the drill. A gun in a “no-gun zone E.R.? My client was attacked because because she would not allow her now deceased Father to FUND their little Federal Crime escapade as he had cut Fatty off several bank accounts and had discovered her frauds. By protecting her Father from these criminals and pointing out their outrageous LIES, she was wrongfully kept from his Death Bed. They are now squatting in a house obtained from a Fraudulent Conveyance. Null and Void. Maybe KSC can help them get out of THAT one? Has KSC ever researched THEIR criminal records? The timing of KSC’s “revelations” are Very suspect considering the pre-planned timing and location of my client’s Father’s demise. Fatty isolated him from his children by taking away his phone. No landline, no medic alert and outrageous lies. Insults to ANYONE who tried to visit him. She then left him alone at 90 to fall in the night and fall again. However, the story of where she was is ever changing. Investigation still open as to the exact circumstances of his Death. Thanks Krusted Poo Woo. I hope you burn for the Monster supporter that you surely are. Fuck You!
    P.S. Excellent run of stories E.C. and Scarlett! Abe’sKFCBucket, you are hysterical! Let’s hope these lying scum get what coming to them. The sooner, the better.
    P.S.S. Hey Krusted Shit Stick, check out your sourzes’ criminal history in Pasco County FL. Ask her about her warts and two sex offender boyfriends while you are at it degenerate pedo protector. Ask her what her removed tat signified……LMAO! Ask her why her Dad put dog shit in the shoes of her scummy BF’s plowing her loudly in his house. She should learn to sex Squeal louder like Momma Fatty for “the whole neighborhood” to hear it! LOL Tell her to get a job the lazy freeloader!
    Who is this vile person KSC trusts so much? Next thing ya know she will be marrying Abraham Jemal Christie and perpetuating another hoax using her own small children she failed to kidnap the first time!! Did they give you money KSC? It wouldn’t be the 1st time…..FFS!

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    • Lesson #1 for Kristie Sue: before quoting sources in an attempt to smear someone’s name online, it’s a good plan to check out those sources and find out how credible they really are. You’re welcome.

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      • It’s what these nutters say to make themselves sound more legit. Even though none of them really gives a toss about the law, claiming that something is “lawful” is their way of making it sound real.


      • It’s similar to Angie saying ‘high-level’. It makes it all sound legitimate and a bit posh when actually it’s drivel.

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      • Towards the end, Shurter starts ranting about people who believe in weird stuff and he dismisses their beliefs as “fairy dust”. I think you can guess where I’m going with this 😀

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      • Tested out the tent last night, it was a full moon, and the garden wildlife was crazier than normal: fox fell off the fence and made a scene reminding me of Sabine McNeill in one of her dramatic poses after being arrested; two hedgehogs were noisily mating; a frog was sitting on top of a hose pipe, looking at me as if to say “whats your problem?”

        David Shurter needs to get out more, something like knock on Kris Costa’s door at the cabin in the woods, drop his pants and knickers, then give her a good rogering, like God did to his mum. Nothing is going to happen of any major significance on 21 August, Hoaxtead will still be here to make fun and laugh at David Shurter and the other Satan Hunting clowns. A jelly baby anyone?

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        • Prediction: some things will happen on 21st August. A couple of people will probably damage their eyesight by not following advice on how to view a solar eclipse safely. Otherwise nothing that happens will be a as a direct result of an astronomical event that has occurred millions of time in Earth’s long history.

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  9. @AbesKFCBucket

    Do you have a link to your excellent mash-up vid with Dave Shouter talking about how he likes to sleep with his dogs and give them love? He’s denying he ever said it and I can’t find your video anywhere, or the channel it was on, or Shurter’s original source video, or the comments about it on here, so I’m doing well 😀

    Thanks in advance

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      • Thanks, mate. The first one is very helpful. At 0:56 he says:

        “I’m gonna just do what I love best and lay in bed with my dogs and if I die, I’ve died doing something that, you know, was was my favourite thing to do.”

        I’ve now also found the one I was looking for (actually from the same date as the one above), so I have two links for him now:

        6:36 – “The reason why I went to bed is because I figured if they were gonna kill me, at least I would die doing what I love most – and that was sleeping with my dogs and getting love from them.”

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        • Cool I knew it wasnt wuite the one I remember but that it must be around there, he also talks about building a faraday cage around his bed and dogs in one. Glad you found it, he has so many videos and so many of them are basically the same lol.

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    • My name as James Hind and I am a Satanist. Deborah Mahmoudie is a child abuser, and should be arrested. Mahmoudie has done enough illegal activity to get a criminal record. The police are on the side of Hoaxtead, and they won’t arrest me for eating jelly babies. David Shurter is now in charge of Hell, and nobody is going to burn, because I lawfully and without prejudice believe the anal donkey has lost the keys and locked himself out of the burning kingdom. God is not speaking to David either, something to do with being gay, nothing wrong with that, but daddy disapproves. Just wondering if Deborah Mahmoudie is still plotting to kidnap anyone? If you have any notions of doing this, please contact the Daily Mail, who will give you free publicity for your cause. I just ate a green jelly baby, yum yum.

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  10. What’s your best strategy if you’re deep in the shit and about to be arrested for contempt of court? Why, commit it again of course and dig yourself even deeper in the doodoo! Angie has today interviewed the mother from the case she’s not allowed to talk about and has once again interviewed the father. I’d better not link the video but here’s a teasing follow-up comment from Fag-Ash Lil herself:

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  11. Christ, I can’t keep up with these lying fruitloops today! Here’s another one from Dave Slanderer – sorry – Shurter:

    ‘Could Michael Aquino Have Something to Do with the Fires in Delta and Surry BC?’

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  13. This claim of Snuff Movies has been going on for about 50 years although the ‘fact’ it invokes child pornography / abuse is fairly recent and only about 10/15 years old.
    It wouldn’t surprise me that real snuff movies exists and are traded for a lot of money between some really sick people.

    It’s always been one of the Urban Legends which may be based on fact. But now we are in the internet age wherever anything and everything gets an airing. There are Snuff Movies: ISIL and their atrocities can easily be found on the net (I avoid them) and I get a bit disturbed that some pals actually seek them out.

    But even on the Dark Web no-one has yet offered real pedophile snuff films for sale although obviously child abuse images & films are available.


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