Another jaw-droppingly awful video from Ella

Break out the sick buckets, folks. Abe and Ella have produced a “special” video, supposedly in honour of her younger son’s 11th birthday.

We wanted to include a clickable link to the video, but the thumbnail contains her son’s name. Instead, here’s the link: Btp2chKddpA  (Just rejoin the break between and Btp….)

The good news? It’s only four and a half minutes long. Less, if you listen at 1.5X speed.

The bad news? It’s a painfully scripted attempt to make Ella sound a bit less like an automaton and a bit more like a loving, caring mother. In doing so, it descends into the realm of the truly creepy. She looks like an alien who has practiced a few earthling facial expressions, but isn’t really sure which one she’s actually supposed to use, with the result that she grimaces instead of smiling, and looks vaguely threatening when she’s reading off her scripted birthday greeting:

Gxxxxxxx, I know that perhaps you won’t be able to watch this video, but I know you can hear me in your heart, in your soul…[bares teeth in a smile that’s more of a grimace]…happy birthday, have the most beautiful day, and know…I’m always with you. And you are always in my heart, in my mind, in my soul…I send you so much love…and courage…and strength, to both you and Axxxxx. I love you so very much…[speaks a bit in Russian]…and know that we’re together, and it’s the matter of time for us to reunite…happy birthday once again…I love you so much, Axxxxxx and Gxxxxxx.

By the end, she sounds like the stalker in a teen screamer flick: “We are meant to be together…we will be together…nothing can stop us….” Run, kids, run!!

We kept expecting to hear Abe cackling and sharpening his spoons in the background.

Incidentally, we notice that Ella and Abe have conveniently included the names and email addresses of several employees at Barnet social services, presumably in an attempt to enable some of their more deluded followers to harass them. We’ll be letting Barnet know, and would suggest that should anyone wish to report this video, they mention this in their complaint to YouTube.

We do hope all of Ella’s children are well and happy, and we expect they’ll remain so, as long as their psychopathic mother and her deranged boyfriend remain safely abroad. Or in a UK prison. That would be okay too.


61 thoughts on “Another jaw-droppingly awful video from Ella

  1. “There is obvious bias towards women, towards mothers [in the family courts]” (3’00”). Yep, that’s what Fathers for Justice say, too. Don’t know why she’s complaining when the bias is towards her. Didn’t do her any good, though, did it?

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  2. In the past few hours, Shurter has made 13 Facebook posts and two videos about us…complaining about how obsessed WE are with HIM. Couldn’t make it up, could you? 😀

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  3. Have been reporting “Free the Hampstead 2”, “Hampstead Cover Up” and “Lift the Veil” channels for showing illegal videos of the children.
    I swear the YouTube additional notes box is allowing less and less characters.

    About>Report User
    Then selecting the videos (up to 5 videos) Then pasting this, just managed to trim it down to fit selective parts. Apparently Facebook employees only have 10 seconds to decide per post flagged for review, I assume YouTube has a similar time allotment judging on the fact they never read jack shit.

    “Filmed police interviews of the children have been uploaded on to publicly accessible
    websites; so, too, intensely personal information relating to both children.”

    “a large proportion of those have a sexual interest in children.”

    “featuring children speaking about sexual activity”

    “the children speaking about sexual matters has exposed P and Q to the potential for very serious embarrassment and humiliation”

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    • Hmm. On the basis that most people read the first few words of a sentence when they’re skimming, I wonder whether we should start with, “THIS VIDEO CONTAINS ILLEGAL MATERIAL that has been banned by court order. IT IS ILLEGAL to name or depict children involved in sexual abuse allegations. Please remove immediately”. That plus the court order upload might do the trick?


  4. ‘Pizzagate’ gunman sentenced to four years

    “Prosecutors had argued that a lengthy sentence was required to “deter other people from pursuing vigilante justice based only on their YouTube feed”.
    “Beyond Pizzagate, the internet is full of wild conspiracy theories where people urge members of the public… to take action,” wrote the assistant US attorneys Demian Ahn and Sonali Patel.”

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    • To be fair, we actually have no idea where the children are, or with whom. That information is not for us to know, but we do know that they are out of the clutches of their abusers, Abraham Christie and Ella Draper.

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  5. ABE:When having a cunning plans to elicit support and cash from gullible idiots avoid using a souless,hemp soaked skeleton as a stage prop to read out your scripts.

    Better still,why not simply skip forward to the end scene where you collide head on with each other and everyone else lives happily ever after?

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  6. More Foot Bullets? LOL The 3 supporters of Abrella probably All have in common: Failed Parental Kidnapping, False Claims of Molestation and the Psych Ward. The sociopaths of this ilk can’t even Mimic true human emotion.

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  7. A sickening and unconvincing display by a cynically manipulative psychopath… Mindful of the Dunning/Kruger effect, I would add that this performance is also painfully lacking in self awareness. It’s about as convincing as a North Korean news flash.

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  8. To be fair she was probably pretty tired by the time they eventually got a take that made the cut. Still not as convincing as her multiple face yoga takes, and they were pretty rubbish. Didn’t think much of Abe’s script either.

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  9. All the usual blatant unfounded bollocks about how we “frequently hacked” Charlotte Ward’s blog and bombarded her with death threats. Funny how Angie keeps “accidentally forgetting” to post one single scrap of evidence to support those allegations, isn’t it.

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    • I’ll take your word for it as I can’t abide watching the lying scumbag. The supporters of this hoax seems to be diminishing. Now down to APD who still sees a few bucks in it for her video ramblings, Shurter who is obviously mad and the handful of usual suspects like Mad Moo.

      Ella could easily see her kids even if it was supervised access. All she has to do is return to the UK and face the consequences of her actions but she would rather hang out with that creep Abe who would certainly face serious jail time if he ever comes to the UK.

      She made her choices and they were the wrong ones. She places her loyalty to Christie over her own children.

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      • Also loads of crap about the Docherty case. I don’t know anything about said case but her take on it smells decidedly like another hate campaign. Someone here might no more about it.

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      • As for Shurter, the way he stayed up all night last night making posts and videos about how he’s NOT obsessed with us was irony on a whole new level. And the fact that in the next few minutes he’ll post something about this comment (he watches us 24/7) speaks volumes about him.

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        • Re. the time zone thing, I think Dave already proved that he was the idiot when he said it was 11 o’clock here even though it was in fact 12. Mind you, we are talking about someone who’s convinced the rocks in his garden are trying to kill him, so I rather suspect that intellectual debate is off the table.

          As for him claiming he went to bed at 8 – nope. He was there all night, making post after post, video after video, about how not at all obsessed he is with us (LOL). Mind you, when has Shouter ever told the truth about anything?

          Anyway, I’m not going to talk about this child-murdering corpse-raping weirdo any more – he kinda creeps me out. And as someone pointed out yesterday, he is mind-numbingly boring and repetitive.

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          • Too true, Ray. Even Fiona Barnett, Queen of the Fruitloops, has finally realised what a psycho he is and stopped talking to him! LOL

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          • The World according to Shurter: Fiona Barnett’s a man and the only possible explanation as to why she hasn’t called him today is that she’s been murdered by the lizard people. Can someone please explain to me how Dave’s mind works?

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      • Funny you say that, EC, as I’ve been thinking the same about the opening of yesterday’s video, which I think speaks volumes about her approach to investigative journalism. She really knows what she’s talking about here, doesn’t she…

        “I think it’s been an intense few days leading up to Summer Solstice and somebody on my thread just…er…shared with me that three of his friends had committed suicide since last Friday and I think…erm…that there have been 25 in a certain area…er…erm…which seemed connected to…erm…I don’t know what…ELF? Electronic waves or a cell tower or so on and so forth. And there was also an experiment done…erm…I’ve shared about this in the past. There was an experiment done where a mobile van went with some of this technology, this electronic frequency…er…technology, six weeks before an election in…erm…Labour stronghold area. I think I discussed this with Sue…erm…they parked this van with this high tech equipment on to pump out basically mind control…” [Continues ad nauseum…]

        Worth every penny, I’d say. Now where’s that GoFundMe page…?

        Incidentally, throughout that painful slice of garden fence gossip, she keeps looking up and down to the right, which she, her beloved Charlotte and other ill-informed members of the hoaxer crew have categorically stated is a sign that someone’s lying. Or does that only apply to RD? LOL

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        • So they send a van into a “Labour stronghold” do they with the hope of forcing voters to commit suicide?.
          Every electorate still has thousands of Tory or otherwise voters. What if the van inadvertently targets non-Labour voters?.

          The madness of her claims indicate she is not just a nasty cow but a seriously deranged person but one who is so easily able to appear normal.

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    • All those months of sun haven’t done her complexion any favours – and if she needs to raise money for anything at the moment it’s a trip to the hairdresser’s. Getting that strange mark on her cheek checked out by a dermatologist wouldn’t be a bad idea either, I’m sure it gets bigger every time we see her.
      I presume Ireland is having similar weather to the big island at the moment, so heating isn’t necessary; but is the top of a stove a sensible place to store a teddy bear in a frock and a bolt of cloth?

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    • Angie treats her viewer to a self possessed drone fest significantly less edifying than attendance at the dreaded neighbours holidays slides evening.

      The forthcoming Power family reunion could include some fireworks however given she appears to have done everything in her own power to alienate herself and shit on assorted members out of sheer vindictive malice.Odds on Angie will leave an assortment of fag burns on carpets and overall be welcome as diarrhoea in a spacesuit.

      Oh and since when was donning red lippo “wearing no makeup”?Never mind,hang on in there Angie it wont be long until panto season gets back into full swing.

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  10. Four and a half minutes long, with about 20 seconds actually wishing her son a happy birthday.

    Does she not think if her son did see it he might, despite everything, just want the sentiment of a heartfelt birthday wish?

    Instead the poor lad gets her telling her lies.

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  11. Just a thought re youtube and the vids containing the childrens police interviews.

    Youtube seems more concerned with copyright/ownership issues.

    Are the interviews the property of the Police/Gov?

    Could they be reported as a breach of ownership rights?


    • This is what Fiona emailed him just eight hours ago:

      But now the overly possessive twat hasn’t heard from her in a whole eight hours and is already talking about her in the past tense (in fact, he first raised the alarm after just six, lol); and naturally, he’s blaming us for her supposed murder. Oh and ‘us’ includes Charlotte Ward, apparently. Comedy gold 😀

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      • “Who I loved as a fucking sister” : she should worry as Shurter claims his relatives murder babies. Freudian slip?

        Waiting for the next celebrity or well known politician to die so they can be incorporated into the vicious Barnett claims.
        Although the current Royal Commissioners rejected Fiona Barnett’s ludicrous claims about so many famous people ( no ordinary dog catcher or postman for this nutter) I hear privately they were so scathing of her vicious falsehoods one declared she should be charged for wasting so much police and Commission time when their job is already hard enough.

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        • Too true GOS, I reckon she should be charged, and every single person she has slandered by her with her absurd claims should be allowed to make a claim against her, if she cant pay up after its proved she lied, then she should rot in jail until she does pay up lol

          The HUGE waste of time her and her ilk have cost the taxpayers shouldnt be allowed to happen uncontested or they will only continue to rack up the bills that every taxpayer ends up having to pay for

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