If we really were the Illuminati…

One of the most hilarious allegations that get thrown our way by the Hoaxtead mob and their hangers-on is that those of us who oppose the Hampstead SRA hoax are working for the Illuminati—you know, those shape-shifting reptilians/freemasons/elites/aliens from the Planet Zod/general no-goodniks who allegedly control…well, pretty much everything, actually.

This line of argument has any number of flaws, starting with, “If the Illuminati really were the all-powerful entities they’re made out to be, why would they need us? Couldn’t they just mind-control everyone into subservience and call it a day?”

But let’s say the Illuminati really do need a bunch of regular shmoes to do their dirty work for them. And let’s say they were really drunk when they chose their hired help, and they accidentally chose us.

Oh, and let’s also posit that the most important thing on the Illuminati’s collective hive-mind was putting a stop to a hoax perpetrated on a bunch of children, families, and teachers in a small suburb in north London. Because, you know, that’s the centre of the known universe, and it’s critically important that no one know what’s going on there. Or something.

Just for argument’s sake, let’s assume that all the above is true.

The big question, then, is this: “Why wouldn’t they just give their loyal servants, aka us, the power to just shut down Hoaxtead, preferably before it even got off the ground?” In fact, with all their mind-control powers and spy apparatus and whatnot, wouldn’t they have thought to themselves, “That Abe Christie looks like trouble—Agent B (short for Beelzebub), go in there and take him down. To Chinatown.”

Okay, so maybe the Illuminati weren’t paying attention right at the start. Maybe they were out getting their semi-annual mani-pedi and nose-hair waxing, and Abe and Ella managed to sneak word of the nasty goings-on out via Sabine, who put them up online (and then pretended she hadn’t, just to throw the Illuminati off the scent).

No big deal, right? Just pull a string or two at YouTube—because according to the troofers, Google and YouTube and Facebook and Twitter are 100% under the thumb of the Illuminati. It should have been no trouble at all for them to simply say the word and have all the thousands of cloned videos scoured from the internet, right away quick. Et voilà! No muss, no fuss. No evidence. Gone-zo.

Oh, but wait. Maybe the Illuminati were dozing in the sun, getting a little lizardian R and R, when the videos went apeshit on YouTube and started replicating like rabbits. So the lizard people come home and discover that the whole thing has gone completely out of control, and what do they do?

Do they order the police to arrest everyone responsible? They do not.

Do they immediately cancel all the video channels, blogs, Facebook profiles, and online discussion groups associated with Hoaxtead? They do not.

Do they just have a bunch of the main perpetrators bumped off, in a show of strength? They do not.

Instead, they hang around and do pretty much nothing. Well, except that they assign a bunch of people the job of setting up a tiny, obscure blog on the free version of WordPress, with a weird name that no one will understand, and say, “Go get ’em, tigers!” Because that’s totally how the Illuminati roll. Just in case you were wondering.

Oh, and they don’t bother giving us any information briefings before we start. Not even a who’s who of perpetrators. Nada. The Illuminati think it would be much more fun to let us spend weeks trying to work out who we’re even supposed to be working against, what they’re saying, and why they’re saying it.

The Illuminati are actually kind of dicks, truth be told.

Speaking of blogs, whatever you might think of this one (and we’re pretty fond of it) you have to admit that a blog this size isn’t exactly the kind of heavy-duty weaponry that any self-respecting lizard-person would deploy to shut down something the size of Hoaxtead. Let’s face it, it’s a pretty mammoth task, and while we think we’ve accomplished a lot given our size, we are painfully aware that we’ve only really scratched the surface.

The last time we checked, there were something like 23,000 YouTube videos out there relating to Hoaxtead. If the Illuminati are actually paying us to shut this thing down, the best we can say about it is that they’re wasting their money.

So entertaining as Kristie Sue Costa’s latest ridiculous blog is, we really have to question her sanity if she thinks anyone here is being paid by (your choice of) the CIA, Mossad, GCHQ, MI5, MI6, the Illuminati, the Powers That Be, the Elites, or the Powerful Satanic Paedophile People.

Sorry to burst her bubble, but we are exactly what we say we are: a group of people who don’t like bullies and are willing to stand up to them. Not a lizard scale amongst us.


130 thoughts on “If we really were the Illuminati…

  1. “Not a lizard scale amongst us”. Frances will be most upset with you, EC.

    Now excuse me while i get back to some Illuminati business. I’m on the night-shift tonight…

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  2. I never understand that paid shill, govenment operative angle. Surely Abe & Ella would have been arrested and never allowed to leave the country, surely they would be tracked down and in prison by now?
    Surely Angela’s youtube, gofundme, website etc would all be erased from the internet, and surely she would be in prison.

    Oh, I get it now, God is on their side, and through his divine power they can do anything even become unstoppable and get the children back according to Truth1’s shitty mentally challenged blog.
    The man in the sky is doing a pretty poor job on earth at the moment, with all the famine and war Satan doesn’t need to lift a finger, not that I believe in either of those two, but each to their own.

    The Green man chose me in the woods one day, lol. He may have looked just like a withered old tree with ivy around his trunk and a face made of leaves, but I saw him, I tells you.

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    • When the Illuminati had no problem dispatching the president JFK with a sniper it’s a mystery why they didn’t just bump off Abraham similarly ( not advocating it HQ, just speculating ). They could have sent a Cruise missile into Abe’s house and got away with it, but no what do they do? They plant potholes in roads on the chance David Shurter may drive over it and his wheel will fall off and place cheap Hong Kong made rocks in his garden to send microwaves to mess with his head.

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    • Yes their accusations of people being paid government operatives etc doesn’t really stack up but that’s what the fruitloops like to think. Why the thought never crosses their mind that there are normal members of society out there who just don’t share their views is beyond me. I guess it’s more exciting for them to believe they are fighting a private battle against government operatives or the elite lizard ruling class.

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      • Many people have commented in various debunking sites that the purveyors of the woo seem to be in need of justification of their lives- ie they are special, they know more than the other `sheeple’ around them, and that `knowledge’ is what makes them important- which is why it is so hard to dissuade them of their fantasies, by making them admit that their `information’ is wrong, you literally tear down their whole belief in their own justification for their lives

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      • Talking of lizards AP, i actually have had someone on Youtube ask me if i am a lizard and the same person also warned me that they’d beat me up if they ever saw me in the astral plane. I did offer to meet that person in the astral plane but unfortunately they didn’t show up and so left me sitting in the Astral like a lemon.

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    • I’m not gonna subject myself to watching those right thru – gaads! 🙂
      A couple of things – the toddlers in the background are hilarious, especially in URMSRA1! Go, disruptive ankle-biters – hee-hee! And the other thing is, the TODDLERS in the background. Would you discuss the most horrific human tragedies, in detail, in front of little kids? Would you talk about the holocaust in front of little kids like that? No. But if you’re only relating a fairy tale, well then…

      Which reminds me…this is NOT a partisan political comment, but…is Sean Spicer perhaps the stupidest man who ever lived?

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    • Very sad, especially for those little children. Thirty years ago she wouldn’t have had a glass eye in the corner of the room that would listen to her and provide her with validation. People would have talked and hopefully she’d have got the medical help she so obviously needs.

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      • That was my main concern, the bits I watched of part 2 she describes the children offering their stories of satanic abuse, which seems to be prompted from herself trying to recover memories that were not there to begin with.
        I think she is only really hurting herself and her children with these delusions and explanations for depression. In reality depression is real and there doesn’t need to be some therapist telling her it may be due to suppressed memories of abuse.
        Maybe she has suffered abuse, but the repressed memories and writing them down when they come back to her in a journal just isn’t helping anyone.

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        • The room where the recordings are made – a very large garage? See all the totes stacked up in the background? She sure looks healthy, well fed anyway, living in a big house I presume, she’s got lively little children…life is GOOD! She should just BE HAPPY! Why bring imaginary misery & suffering into her life, eh? Talk about First World Problems…

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          • EC “First world problems: this is an interesting point. How many reports of SRA and so forth are reported in developing countries? ”
            I suspect that many in the 3rd world countries are too busy experiencing child abuse to worry about complaining online about it (not to mention the lack of reliable infrastructure and governments tends to make internet surfing a bit uncommon)
            However in many cases its the firstworlders that tend to visit and/or stay that tend to be the abusers in the first place (ie the infamous thai and indo child sex trades, where most of the customers are from first world countries)

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          • To be perfectly honest the whole notion of the abuse of children being routinely “ritual” and/or “satanic” can be nothing but a distraction from the sordid reality. I do not doubt for a moment that there are people in this world who dress up their strange perversions in various ways. But the cold hard reality of child abuse (sexual and otherwise) is that it takes place in ordinary places at the hands of people who are nothing more than grubby little inadequates. Violent perverted criminals, no more no less. I seriously question what is going on in the heads of those who try to glamourise these filthy criminal acts by associating them with any kind of mysticism or spirituality.

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  3. Yes the Illuminati are absolute shit at what they do and must be run be incompetents. They’ve had 100s of years now working on their plot for World Domination and the Rothschilds have spread their seed everywhere via 1000s of cloned family folk, Adolf, Winston, Brenda in Buck House etc and they still can’t silence Kristy Sue or even Princess Neelu for that matter.

    Maybe Mark (Rockefeller) Zuckerberg doesn’t get the memos.
    # wouldn’t you think the Illuminati would have kept Zuckerberg’s “father-in-law” David Rockefeller who died recently at age 101 (being that old in itself is suspicious) out of the WW2 front line where he fought with distinction and was at risk of being killed by a bullet sent by his “relative” Adolf?

    It’s a case of making the “evidence” fit a pre-conceived belief and it must play havoc with their minds. Thus a win in the courts is hailed a proof of their crusade while a loss is a sure sign those pesky Illuminati have nobbled the judge.
    I’m surprised they don’t win in the courts more often seeing Neelu has a lynch mob ready to see off every magistrate and court clerk. You would think ISIL might invite her to join where she can hang folk at her leisure.

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    • I made my way to the pamphlet in question. I’m very confused now, it seems to relate to quite a troubled place.

      “Illuminati theory helps oppressed people to explain our experiences in the hood. Society throws horrible stuff in our faces: our family members get locked up for bullshit. Our friends kill each other over beefs, money or turf. Our future is full of dead-end jobs that don’t pay shit.”

      So, there seems to be some dispute between a local Gardener who is trying to grow turf and a farmer who wishes to graze his Cattle (Beefs) on the same land? So serious is this unrest that murder is the result! Additionally, fertiliser appears to be in short supply, mainly because it has been wasted through weaponisation (being thrown in people’s faces etc.). So acute is this shortage that you may be falsely imprisoned in order that the illuminati might steal the (highly potent) manure your Bull produces. Meanwhile those in hooded garb (some sort of religious order I assume) are also upset because their modest occupation does not pay them in fertiliser but cash; and with fertiliser being in such short supply it is, one assumes, too expensive to purchase?

      It lapses into something approaching a dialect of English on the next page, thankfully. If the target audience for this are in such a semi-literate state they need to be addressed in some sort of “Chimpanese Patois”, what hope have they of understanding the rest of the leaflet? On the other hand, if they are capable of understanding the information presented, it is surely quite patronising to address them in the first instance as if they were a bunch of Throwbacks?

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      • Ok…. I’ve taken the time to download and read this pamphlet. It turns out its a promotional item for some sort of Communist group, one that seems to be targetting certain poor neighbourhoods in urban America. A lot of what it says in terms of the history is reasonably accurate. But actually it is in itself quite clumsy political claptrap; I find the way it clumsily tries to appropriate some unified middle class interpretation of what they think is a working class dialect really rather offensive, patronising and ultimately unhelpful. It simply seeks to replace one “opiate” (of the people) with another. Not good.

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        • Worthy comments, thank you!
          I’m still somewhat sympathetic to middle class anarcho-communist analysis of the causes & solutions to impoverishment, myself, since that was my teen-aged tribal ethos many decades ago. 🙂
          Fortunately, I never went off the deep end like the activists in their 20’s who had giant pictures of Stalin on their living room walls, or the local Trotsky-ist couple who refused to participate in protests against neo-nazi violence “until & unless” the entire local proletariat could be incited to join in…

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  4. “Most conspiracy theories about sinister forces at work in the shadows imagine a hyper-competent enemy, which has the near mystical ability to predict and defeat any attempt to reveal them or to thwart their dastardly plot. The notion of a shadow organisation of bungling incompetents who have tried and failed to achieve their goals literally for centuries like some weird mashup of Hydra and Wile E Coyote is absolutely hilarious.”

    It seems to be a common theme amongst the conspiracy folk- the illuminati are both at the same time horribly efficient and yet totally incompetent, depending on what the conspiracy supporter needs at the time….

    And sometimes both at the same time

    (or of course the real option ie they don’t exist and the kooks make it all up as they go along)

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  5. “Maybe Mark (Rockefeller) Zuckerberg doesn’t get the memos.”

    Jeez GOS

    Don’t you ever read the memos?? No wonder you never get your paypackets!!

    Kyoon/`DEFIANTELY NOT’ mat marriot/The last prohet spilled the beans all over the internet ages ago about Capt Picard taking over the helm…….

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    • It’s a lie ! I do get paid.
      2/6pence every month is deposited in my account personally by Baron Rothschild so he must think very highly of me and value my services.

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  6. Check out “The voice of treason” page on fb” run by Wesley Hall.

    It might explain why he has been quiet of late.

    He is stating as fact that Sheva runs this blog!

    He is also sharing a link which shows the faces of the 2 children.

    Breaking the law…

    He reckons he is ill…

    Oh and he’s going to sue some would be Tory Councillor and going to the local Police station today to report the man who has alleged that Wesley is so thin because Wesley is on hard drugs. It’s the 1st time Wesley has voluntarily decided to speak to the Police.

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    • Says it’s run by the “Pendle Conservatives”. What a phony he is. It’s not a police matter if he thinks a local politician has defamed him.
      Seeing he has a criminal record and an extremely dodgy one at that he will have a hard time claiming his reputation has been damaged.

      What a creep : ” he can’t just fabricate lies and use them to harass people” which is exactly what he is doing claiming Hoaxtead is real and therefore defames a father and his children and all the other innocent Hampstead residents let alone defaming Sheva by claiming she ‘harasses” abuse victims which is a vile lie.
      It’s Sheva who should be going to Nelson Police Station to report Hall seeing he has a history of violence and is making false claims about her.

      I’m with Tory councilor Yasser Rauf and hope he gives this heap of lying shit everything he deserves.
      Yet another with an extremely suspect background who thinks they can become some sort of campaigner to expunge their past.

      By the way Wesley Hall : you say you didn’t read the Sun newspaper article & you obviously read this website so here’s what you missed: they call you a “racist footie yob” and “The Sun can reveal Hall has a string of convictions for football violence, carried out a racially motivated assault on a taxi driver and viciously attacked his girlfriend.”
      If you didn’t bother suing The Sun in 2015 over those claims you have Buckley’s Chance with suing the local Conservative Party you great plonker.

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  7. Personally I’m quite willing to accept that greed and corruption rule the world. -That Politicians are by their vary nature as bent as four-pound-notes and that there are many in power who live life with debauchery at its centre. big dogs in a dog eat dog world that is as sick and twisted as it’s been at any point in history. Not, I stress, that there is very much by way of cohesiveness in all this, it’s just another form of “organised” crime in any way that matters. But then so was (for example) the Roman Empire. The notion that all this has to to with Devils and Demons, Gods and Space Aliens rituals and spells is a distraction that works on two levels. -On the one hand, its a puerile fairy story that keeps the insane and the downright stupid distracted. On the other, in this increasingly secular and somewhat world, it keeps sane people’s eye off the ball. Upon the slightest sign of being unearthed, all a corrupt Politician now has to do is point to the window-lickers (or should that be webcam-lickers these days? – Yes, I think it should!) and rope anyone who might actually call them to account in with them.

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    • …Sorry, that was gibberish, my computer’s broken and I’m typing on a tiny old laptop thing with rubber keys and a screen I can hardly see.

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    • Of course much of the world is run by ghastly people who rip off entire countries & don’t give a stuff about their citizens but the problem for the conspiraloons is that they are all in competition with each other. The very idea they could form some sort of Illuminati to advance the One World Order is a fantasy. Haven’t they noticed dictators and the powerful fall or are toppled all the time?

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      • And getting the leaders of the world to cooperate on even the most inane things has always gone superbly well. Not.

        I agree that there are powers beyond our control, but as Alfred says, this seems to have much more to do with the realm of gigantic corporations, greed, and corruption than it does with anyone actually sitting at the helm and issuing orders.


    • That made perfect sense to me mate. Corruption is real and you don’t get to the top of business or politics and stay there by being the nicest person in the world, people have to be cut off and thrown under the bus sometimes, shoes have to be stepped on and only the most ambitious and determined by any means necessary make it in that world.
      I imagine by that time many morals have been sacrificed bit by bit along the way.
      To give orders or make policies that will affect millions of peoples lives, send the troops to Iraq, afghanistan or launch bombing raids that will inevitabley have many civillian casulties including the murder of innocent men, women and children, then be able to sleep at night, takes a certain detached mindset.

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      • Maybe I’m getting too cynical, but I seem to see it at every level. From unaccountable local councils right up to the clowns at Westminster and the Whitehouse. It’s the same with businesses too, look at the social media companies -it’s ‘traffic at all costs’ even to the point they facilitate children being abused (as is the case with the Hampstead kids) defamation, blackmail, etc. Or even try complaining to a utility company about bad service -the main strategy nowadays is to have a “customer service” system so obstructive you are frustrated into dropping your complaint. Phoney Ombudsmen, shoddy goods, rip-offs right left and centre, no organisation will take responsibility for its failings, the police wont do their jobs the courts serve only the interests of those who can afford them and all we get from our public servants are more and greater methods of fleecing us…… No wonder the very simple idea of it being one big conspiracy gains traction.

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  8. If your opinion differs to another person then you are labelled a paid shill, a great way of silencing or discrediting anothers opinion. This was done a heck of a lot during the election campaigns in America.
    Both sides backed heavily by investors that had much to lose by their candidate failing to become president, mainly large corporations, multi-national conglomerates who I imagine along with the banking system are the closest thing to the Illuminati, no lizard men or aliens need to be involved, money talks.
    “money, power, respect”. The online campaigns were just huge echo chambers, with places like r/politics being completely pro-Hillary and r/Donald Pro Tump, and slight or negative comments against either favoured candidate were instantly removed. Correct the Record/Media Matters I’m sure played a part on behalf of Hillary and Trumps propaganda machine on the other side, with a large foreign interest in the outcome of the elections, including Wikileaks.
    Interesting site: http://www.opensecrets.org/dark-money
    More details: http://www.fec.gov/disclosurep/pnational.do

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    • Follow the money seems to always be good advice. -And that stands whether we’re thinking about political crooks or common-or-garden tricksters.

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      • If your not some Abraham Christie-esque pervert who sees child abuse everywhere you go, and don’t believe in McMartin, Gunderson, Pedogate, Hampers Hoax, Satanic Ritual Abuse or Mind Control, this now seems to mean you are a pro-pedophile nonce.

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  9. This struck a cord as in my weekly trawl of the online narcissistic conspiracy theorists I read Maurice Kirk saying that he has proof that in 2009 South Wales police (who are in a conspiracy with just about everyone to do Maurice down) planned to assassinate him. Why he’s alive to tell us this in 2017 is not explained. My first NCT was Maurice Kellett, who claimed the same thing, he used to go onto random on-line fora to declare Northumbria police had sent an armed assassination squad against him, prompting questions as to how you post from beyond the grave. Spivey also declared the plan was to sentence him to imprisonment and then kill him in prison. And then he got a suspended sentence.

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    • LOL yes! I remember Spivey going on about how he was “dead man walking” because of all the bad things the Powers That Be were planning for him once he was stitched up and sent down. And then…well, nothing. I’m sure it came as a great disappointment to him.

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        • LOL Sadly, I think this is another of Kristie Sue’s tragic efforts. The logo matches the logo on her new blog (which we’re not supposed to be looking at, even though the sad bint made it public…). Good thing she knows piss-all about SEO and keywords. She’s sending us tonnes of visitors, LOL.

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          • The videos just seem to be token efforts to slander anyone here because whether its Krusty Pooh or Hetty Brown Pants they both are avid readers of this blog and viewers of MKD and MKULRA666.

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          • It’s their research which is so woefully tragic. I didn’t see one thing on that shitty blog which was actually true. All the videos on that channel are just shots of the blog, so the videos are equally laughable.

            ..and since when did Sheva ever have the same ip as this blog? LMAO!

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          • Yeah, that’s KSC’s hallmark: eye-wateringly awful attempts at “research”, which start with the wrong information and conclude with “They are all Romulans” or some damn thing. If she weren’t such a vindictive person, it would be funny.

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          • Got to say “x1 pair of industrial strength big girl pants” is going from strength to strength and I’m missing when he doesn’t do a new video. Mc Kenzies Devils also a big favourite of mine. Love the comments to those videos.

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          • “Their videos certainly are way below anything that’s been produced by MKD, x1 pair of Industrial Strength Big Girl Pants and MK Ultra666.”

            …And others 😀


  10. Interesting, someone mentioned this a few posts back, and I just noticed it again…

    Today’s most viewed posts

    ‘Violent yob’ Wesley Hall: Another Hoaxtead mobster revealed
    Tracey Morris’ daughter found dead
    If we really were the Illuminati…
    Watching the defectives
    UPDATE: Rupert Quaintance bail variation denied…sort of?

    Why is that `violent yob’ post of such interest???- who is repeatedly looking at it enough that its constantly being bumped to the top of the list- even above the current posts….

    Seems weird

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    • That’s interesting, is the most viewed based on unique views or just someone refreshing their browser?
      I also want to know why anyone would be so interested in a Methodist Church in the North of England?

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    • There have been days when I’ve been digging thru the blog’s archives, hunting fruitlessly for some tidbit (I know better now – just ask EC!) and probably made the “most viewed” meter look pretty bonkers 🙂

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    • Its weird in that its like that pretty much day after day, ever since I first saw the post about it, it has always been at no.1, the order below it changes, but its at the top..

      Like I said… weird…

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      • Well it certainly has something to do with that post lol

        But the volume of views to keep it at no.1??
        Seems its either a robot (but why the need for so many refreshes)
        or its a direct link to their blog somewhere and they are leeching bandwidth

        Actually, come to think of it, that might be worth investigating S.N.
        is it from one IP (leeching) or many ( a link that a lot of people are viewing (unlikely))
        Actually, it could still be leeching even with many IPs, each of those IPs would be viewing the blog or website concerned and if its got a direct link back to that thread in there, each person viewing it could be a hit on that thread

        I dont know the bandwidth and data limits for wordpress, but it could possibly push this blog over them if there are any

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        • S.N.????

          I meant E.C. of course

          (hey its early here and just had the `pleasure’ of the local railway station alarm going off- its loud enough to be heard over the ceiling fan even when I closed the windows- and its 6 blocks away)

          and its been going off for the last hour…

          (people closer must be ready to start ripping wires out by now)

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          • There is no railway station alarm. You’re being targeted.. Shurter style. Now get outdoors, look for a rock which will be near your front door (Max is telling me this from the Astral Plane) pour gasoline on it and let it burn. You’re welcome. 😀

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          • YAY it finally been turned off
            what made it worse was it apparently uses the pa system they use to announce the trains, but at full volume…
            (you could hear the `important announcement dingdong’ before each siren blast)

            It could literally (and I mean that literally) be heard echoing back from the distance after the siren stopped- you could hear an echo stop about 2 seconds later

            `ding dong drwwwup drwwwwup drwwwwup’…………. ding dong etc etc etc
            around an hour at 1 in the morning… grrr

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        • Oh God, please don’t tell me Weaselly is trying another of his lame-o hack attacks! Last time it took me a week to recover. My throat hurt from laughing so much. Maybe this is his brilliant idea of a DDOS? Sadly, you can’t really DDOS WordPress.com blogs, because we’re all sub-domains and the main domain is set up to repel all invaders.


  11. Twatus is back at it again, a video not worth watching at all, unless you want to see late night footage of a conspiratard walking round a street then staring at a building and mumbling bollocks.
    “Titus Visits Pegasus Museum aka Possible “Kill Room” – Late Night Stroll”

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  12. Dear Hoaxtead blog, I am writing to let you know that I didn’t receive my cheques this month. As a shill and troll I usually get two payments directly from the Illuminati (at the Bank of Bavaria), but nothing this month. Can you intercede for me with George Soros or Jacob Rothschild? I know they’re busy being billionaires and secretly running the entire planet, but without the little folk like myself, their nefarious plans would never be successful. Many thanks in advance 😉

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  13. I have been waiting for over 24 hours to remove a song from my last video that made it blocked on youtube and then to just blur a 5 second section, so in the meantime a funny one.

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