Tracey Morris’ daughter found dead

Yesterday we received the very sad news that the body of Tracey Morris’ daughter, Corrina Rice, was discovered Sunday, 9 April 2017, in a wooded area of Poleglass, an area of West Belfast.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Ms Rice was in her 20s, and mother of two small children:

Tributes have been paid to a young mother who died suddenly in Belfast yesterday.

It is understood the west Belfast woman, who has been named locally as Corrina Rice, was found in Poleglass.

Heartfelt tributes have been paid to the mother-of-two, who was in her 20s.

The alarm was raised around 5pm yesterday.

A police helicopter was spotted in the area at the time.

Friends of Ms Rice posted messages on social media in memory of the woman, who had a daughter and son under the age of 10.

One said: “She had a heart of gold. Fly high princess. Look over your babies, you were a brilliant mummy. Love you chick.”

Brian Heading, SDLP councillor for the area, described it as a “very tragic event”.

“We don’t know or understand the pressures that our friends or neighbours are under or what they are enduring as part of their lives,” he said.

Ms Rice was the daughter of Tracey Morris and the late Francis “Rico” Rice:According to Tracey’s friends, her daughter died as a result of suicide:

While we have long disagreed with Tracey’s words and actions when it comes to the Hampstead SRA hoax, a loss this profound requires that we put aside our differences.

We would like to extend to Tracey and her family our sincerest condolences on the tragic and untimely loss of her daughter. The death of a child is, we believe, one of the most excruciating and devastating experiences a parent can endure. We wish Tracey strength in this very difficult time.


17 thoughts on “Tracey Morris’ daughter found dead

  1. Very sad to hear. This lady is innocent of anything her mother may have said or done.
    I doubt that TM will want this blog covering her daughter though, if she still believes about the SRA case.

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  2. I think it’s important that we acknowledge this sad death as it would be hypocritical not to seeing we have had much to say about Tracey. Above all I’m sure everyone here can separate what we see as an unfair campaign that is being waged and the distress this poor woman must feel at such a terrible event.

    I know from personal experience from when my brother died many years ago and how distressed my own mother was at what people always say is the breech in the “natural order” in which a child dies before the parent.

    Tracey should be assured that many who have not met her and who contribute on here have absolute sympathy for her at this time and will be saying a prayer for her and her family and for her daughter’s children.

    This also tragically highlights the terrible scourge of mental illness and depression.

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  3. Suicide is very difficult to deal with for remaining family members. The disbelief, the heartbreak, the anger and finally, the acceptance, can take some time.
    Very sad news, indeed.

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  4. Yes we send our prayers and well wishes.

    A thought though, are these sick people going to be shouting from their roof tops that this is a fake death? Are these nutters going to be going to the funeral to say it is not her, and she has been kidnapped by aliens etc?

    They think it is fine, without a thought for anyone to go and make other peoples lives a living hell… just shows how mad and crazy these people are.

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    • Deaths are very real when it comes to them in a personal circumstance.
      They don’t give consideration to other families though. Patrick Cullinane and Max Spiers are prime examples of their nasty thoughts and accusations.

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      • Yes, when it comes to deaths, non family or those that were no part of the deceased’s life, should not get involved at the death.

        Neelu, Andy Peacher, John Paterson et al’s behaviour when Patrick Cullinane died was absolutely disgraceful and Angela no Power tried to benefit from Max Spiers death, again absolutely disgraceful.

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