Cannibalism is alive and well and living on YouTube

In our ‘We could not make this sh*t up’ department, we bring you this gem from Neelu:


Miss? Miss? We have some questions:

  1. Why 1,203 children? How did they decide on this, and not, say, an even 1,200?
  2. If there are 7,156 UXLA Reptilian Monsters, how did they make do with only 1,203 children? Did some of them have to go hungry? Or are they just very, very tiny?
  3. Where is Lord Ashtray when we so obviously need him?

Of course, Neelu’s good friend Barry Lyndon chimes in, noting that the nutter person who did the original video is a ‘gifted DNA reader’ (a what? is that like a dowser, only for DNA?) and that the ‘GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT…are working behind the scenes to help humanity fight the system of control by the KONTROLLERS=Illuminati/jesuits’.

Wait, the Illuminati are Jesuits now? We thought they were Satanic Masonic Sodomitic Babylonian Talmudic something-or-other.

Could someone please just settle on a definition, once and for all? We’re getting a headache. Now, where did we put that tinfoil?



35 thoughts on “Cannibalism is alive and well and living on YouTube

    • 0.168 is “important” in geometry and ratios. Looks like somone knows that and is cooking their figures accordingly.


  1. This Tory Smith chap has quite the little collection of videos. The Xmas Eve massacre is especially festive as we learn that Dick Cheney had ‘ordered’ 1200 children especially for Xmas day.
    We also learn that Tory had been terribly worried that he’d been given weapons grade anthrax but, no, panic over…he was only injected with 12 shots of ‘deadly toxic poisons’ this caused him to have a hot flush. The remedy for this terrifying threat to his life…..having a wash.
    Oh, and if your sacred light goes down to less than 51% then your doomed as you’ll be wiped off the face of the earth later this year. He describes accusing someone of an awful deed and then their sacred light fading when they disagreed with him. So they’re definitely screwed this year. Funny that.

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    • I’m glad Tory warned us all of our impending doom. I’m sure his prediction will be as reliable as the giant solar flares that were going to wipe us out on New Year’s Eve, the end of the World which was definitely going to happen on 23rd September (during the Pope’s visit to America) and the atom bomb that was 100% unquestionably going to go off at the London Olympics. I’m scared.

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      • I’m particularly worried that Tory has revealed that the CIA are all agents from Mars.

        Does Araya Soma know all this?. It puts a new perspective on her Flat Earth conspiracy which almost had me convinced.

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    • Can someone please tell Neelu, that she doesn’t understand what she is messing with, opening portals, and calling mother……..on the clouds, is causing chaotic flooding, !!! She’s like the sorcerors apprentice, thinking she can exert such influence, who picked her for this role, Tyrannical lot arn’t they 🙂

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  2. The 0.618 rang a bell with me. I have a book – not to hand and I forget the title – which explains how this number crops up in the geometry of the pyramid. The book was withdrawn just after publication. However, I did a google and found this which is interesting from a numerical and geometrical perspective and explains how the ratio crops up :

    Draw your own conclusions as to why the “number” was “chosen” to promote this drivel, I unfortunately can’t work it out but doubt it’s coincidence.

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    • i think it’s to do with the golden mean, sacred geometry which is amazing and not taught in school, tho i did find it on the disney cartoon, i read a fascinating book about pyramids, and the use of the word amen and that the cross was just a tool for measuring angles, and distance, it made alot of sense, but i am crap at quoting details…… there is alot of that mixed into the healing and alternative streams, and of course there are some money spinners, and alot that can’t keep their feet on the ground,

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