Neelu announces plans for prison reform, urban renewal, and social cleansing

It’s been such a long time since we’ve heard from Neelu Berry—last we recall, she was snapping photos of Patrick Cullinane in his coffin, and distressing his relatives by showing them the pics and insisting that they were about to bury the wrong person. She’s popped up a few times since then, but mostly just to say things like “Yadda yadda yadda where’s my remedy blah blah”. Not much worth reporting, to be honest.

However, during Neelu’s appearance last month on Andy Peacher’s “Freedom Talk Radio” podcast, she was back and in fine fettle:

You have to scroll ahead to 1:03:08 to get to the good bit, in which Neelu rolls out her new plan for prison reform and urban renewal (not to mention social cleansing):

Is Brian still there, cos I really want to say something else to him….Um, yeah, okay. You know the, uh, remedy? When he says we’re going to lock them up, I really don’t want to lock anybody up. I would love to put them on a little island, so small that when the tide comes in it kind of…goes over. You know, and I’d just like to put them on an island, er, on different sized islands depending on how long they’re gonna take to basically earn out what they’ve been doing, before the tide comes in. And that’s what we call, you know, the immunity offer.

So we could lock ’em up for about three days, before—you know, when they start talking, we’ll put them on an island, that the tide comes maybe every…month? six months? you know, depending on how we feel compassionate enough to allow them to think about it, and then…because we really don’t want to spend our lives running these prisons, we want to knock ’em down, and build some fountains or something nice, you know, where they were.

So basically, anyone Neelu and her gang disapprove of get “the immunity offer”, in which they are put on a small island and “taken care of” by the tide. If that’s the immunity offer, we’d hate to see what a guilty verdict might bring!

And the stone churches, they need to be demolished, where they hold dark energy, and they don’t even face the sunlight, and we want to have these, I dunno, structures that we can see the sky out of when we lie at night, we can see the stars. The dome-shaped things, I guess we can leave them open at the top or something, I don’t know. But we want to think of all the things that we’ve always dreamed about, and then these guys, we’re just going to give them immunity offers, and give them the amount of time to think about it, helping us, coming out with the truth, snitching on their superiors, and then do a (fist dunk?) quickly, and then we’ll welcome them. We will welcome them.

Oh, you’ll welcome them? Imagine our relief.

And if they never had any ill intent, we cannot prosecute them anyway, we can’t charge them with treason anyway, if they’re hostages, they’re under duress, they were made to do things they didn’t want to, even if they say they didn’t want to do it, we have to give them that benefit of that doubt, because they will tell us who’s above them, who’s giving the orders, you know, if they’re genuinely hostages. They will give up the information, once they believe that we are basically not going to dishonour them. We won’t dishonour whistle-blowers who’ve been in fear, and under blackmail or death threats. We know how the system makes them hostages, it’s by luring them into crime, and then photographing, videoing those crimes and using them for blackmail….

We’ll be honest: Neelu is losing us a bit here. We get the bit about how hostages can’t be held responsible, but what if they tell who’s above them, and it turns out that those people are hostages too? What if everyone’s a hostage?

But wait, Neelu is coming to the crux of her argument (we think). She knows who the real baddies are:

And the Charities Commission, this is the thing, is the all-seeing eye: it runs the professional bodies, the educational establishment, they have this free flow of their staff in any country at any time, they escape all checks, passports, identities, so we are making assumptions that these public servants are genuine, their CVs are genuine which they’re not, their identities are genuine which they’re not. You know we’ve got to start at square one, say, “have you got an honest CV?” Most of ’em will say no. “Have you really got a degree from so-and-so place?” “No”. “Are you under your oath, to maintain God’s laws, to serve and protect God’s children?” “No, what are you talking about?”….

Wait, it’s not the Illuminati? Not the Freemasons? Not the Roman Catholic Church, the Jews, or the shape-shifting reptilians from outer space? It’s been the bleedin’ Charities Commission in control of the world all along? Wow. That is the one culprit we would not have predicted.

Oh, and by the way, no one that you see is actually real. Just FYI:

Most of those people have no ill intent. They’re actors. They’ve been told, “This is your name, this is your identity, this is your CV, now go and act this out”. They’ve got an earpiece, they’ve been told what to say, what to do. Most of these police officers doing arrests, they can’t even read out the rights. They’re reading off a piece of paper or their phone. It’s such a comedy that people actually believe that these are real police officers. They’re not. They’re not.

So there you have it: we’re going to drown all the evil-doers after offering them immunity, on special islands where the tides only flow on a monthly or semi-annual basis (we’re going to assume that these islands exist on the Planet Zod, because they sure as hell aren’t anywhere on Earth.) We’re going to tear down the prisons and the churches and put up fountains and dome thingies so we can all camp out under the stars. We’re going to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, except the ones we don’t. And everything that’s wrong in the world is the fault of the Charities Commission.

You heard it here first.

Neelu flying saucer yoga

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  1. Hey Neelu, I remember you! Chelmsford, 1644. Remember our little rendez-vous, cheeky girl? Anyhoo, loving your ideas. Perhaps we could develop your island idea by tying up the suspected perps on the beach, then when the tide comes in, if they drown they’re innocent…and if they live they’re guilty and we hang the fuckers for treason, witchcraft, dishonour, vampire-batism and drowning without a licence. Bish bosh – Robert’s yer farver’s bruvver. Messenger! Take this note to Lady Amber-Rudd immediately!

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  3. Nicely done, EC. And thank you for taking the time to compose all those transcripts.

    By the way, did anyone manage to last the whole of Peacher’s inane ramble after the Neelu bit?

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  4. Kristie Sue’s two-year quest has finally paid off – she’s managed to get a screenshot of one of us calling someone a muppet in response to a death threat. This isn’t a joke, by the way – she has actually posted that to her Farcebook page as evidence of harassment 😀 😀 😀

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  5. Among all the usual dung about the global elite and imaginary death threats is quite an interesting comment here:

    Nice to know it was Sonya who exposed Angela and Kevin “Arnett”, by the way, and not us and McKenzie’s Devils respectively.

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  6. Ooh, ‘allo!
    CCN’s back with its latest broadcast guide (two days late and a week since their last video):

    There was a ‘Wax Lyrical’ last night, it seems. Let’s keep our eyes open for that one. It may offer up some juicy insights into the eerie silence and the spat with Hopeless Girl and ADP.

    Apparently, there was also a ‘Wax Lyrical’ show on 31st January, which appears not to have been uploaded to either CCN’s YouTube channel or their own website. Intriguingly, this is what Mel wrote at the time:

    “The unfortunate part of doing what we do, is being faced with the many damaged people who have not been able to overcome the negative programming and traumas of the past sufficiently enough, that they are unable to be fully functional in society, or even in media… but that does not stop them from trying. In many cases, a lot of these people are just looking for attention and validation, the kind they never got in life, and they think that media will give it to them. When the shocking reality hits them that nothing will save them except taking responsibility for their own actions, they immediately lash out and blame others, especially those who tried to help them, or dared to believe in them.

    Media does not change who you are. It may paper over the cracks by creating a pseudo veneer or false external locus of identity, an image you want the world to believe in, but it does not change who you are inside. The ones that last in FREE & INDEPENDENT MEDIA are the ones who are genuine. The way they survive is by drawing on the light of truth for strength, and for standing in their truth and being accountable for their words and actions. Those that weave a tangled web of lies and deceit all to often come unstuck when they are no longer able to keep up pretences about who they want others to believe they are.

    I have seen some amazing people come through our network, many of whom have overcome the most astonishing odds. It is these people who inspire me with strength every single day.

    Sadly, there are also those who use their victimhood as a reason to be completely nasty and abusive to other people, and if we do anything or react in any way, it triggers an even bigger explosion or drama. It gets to a point eventually where one becomes afraid or hesitant to communicate with these types for the fear of their reaction… and then when they don’t get the response they want, they lash out demanding the attention of anybody foolish enough to be ensnared in their vile, anger fuelled energetic vamping. Such volatile behaviour is nothing but damaging to those who are subjected to it, and even more damaging on the moral of a team involved in strenuous projects.

    Ultimately, we may not be responsible for the negative programming we are subjected to at the hands of a very broken and corrupt society, but as mature adults, we can absolutely decide how we let this programming affect as we grow up. Learning not to project my hatred, anger and pain of my own past circumstances, onto other people, has been the biggest lesson in growth that I have achieved from running such a dynamic project. I thank Conscious Consumer Network, the greater collective that it is, for healing my soul and giving me strength.

    I have also learned a great deal about being tolerant and compassionate with people’s pain and suffering. I have realised that when people act out with actions or words that are meant to be hurtful or damaging, the way to react is not to be hurtful or damaging back, rather to try and understand where that hurt and anger is coming from, and to show compassion and empathy for the suffering of others….

    That being said, there is a boundary of respect that needs to be adhered to, and if people are continually abusive and destructive, then one needs to have enough self respect to take control of the situation by sorting it out, or walking away. At no point should anybody be compassionate to the point of being an emotional punching bag. Being compassionate also means having compassion for yourself, and not allowing yourself to be abused or traumatised by other people. After all, we can’t always determine what other people say or do, but we can absolutely determine how we let it affect us.

    Peace Love Unity Respect

    Mel Ve”

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  7. I wonder if Neelu’s hatred of the Charity commission was influenced in any way by Belinda’s TROUBLE with them and the Iranian charity?

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  8. I have always thought many of the hoax mob like Neelu have simply missed their vocation in life.Their gnashings and wailings merely the end product of being abandoned in a sea of angsted futility and general pointlessness.

    Surely its now time for Teresa May to pull her finger out time and ease the plight of these long suffering vacuous nullities and embark on a massive program of erecting a shedload of ancient gothic cathedrals and stuff all over the shop.That way the demand for gargoyles will go through the roof and these sacks of shit can get get back to work being ugly miserable bastards will seagulls shitting on them.

    (Other architectural graffiti jobs like desperate scratching with fingernails in dungeons would also receive a much needed boost).

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  9. @coyote – thanks for retweeting the link to
    It didn’t really explain how the lady lawyer “cleans up the mess” from commercial porn exploitation, but was interesting anyway. She seems more involved in recent “revenge porn” concerns than the kinds of issues more historic CSA image victims might have.

    There was a point in time not long ago, when it was looking to me like the (defunct) ‘fake CSA news’ site Exaro and their European & Astralian fake news allies were contemplating a “documentary” “expose”, in which they would claim that historic commercial CSA images depicted their fraudulent CSA Survivor ‘celebrities’ – such as Darren, Nick or Richard – and constituted ‘proof’ for their bullshit CSA victim narratives. Marcel Vervloesem, a pedophile falsely portraying himself to be an anti-pedo crusader, had “leaked” a massive trove of historic CSA images to European press agencies back around 2000, and French & German ‘journalists’ had previously publicly exploited these images for their own purposes. I assumed they would be using images taken from that material.

    I pre-emptively posted a rant obliquely referring to this, in a comment thread on David Hencke’s blog – a warning that recent legal precedents could make lawsuits by the real victims, against anyone exploiting images of their abuse – FOR ANY PURPOSE – a very profitable pursuit.
    I really was in contact with American ‘trial lawyers’, making initial inquiries about their interest in representing members of my historic CSA image victims network, if that became necessary.
    If, for example, 60 Minutes Aus. was to broadcast images taken from the 1970’s commercial CSA video “mike and eddie and billy”, claiming one of the boys was actually their “Nick”, we could have lawyers representing the real Mike sue them for damages on the basis of each indiidual viewer of the program. Say, $50,000 times 2 million viewers? Equals = you’re frickin’ bankrupted, arseholes!
    It would have been worth doing, just to establish whether that would really work for us, or not.

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  10. Neelu wants to put people she doesn’t like on an island and let them drown when the tide comes in. Where did she get an idea like that? Reminds me rather of the expulsion of the Jews from England in 1290:

    “The Jews of London started their long journey to the coast “under the custody of the Lord King,” bearing the Scrolls of the Law, “una cum libris suis” (at one with their book). On board ship, at Queenborough, at the mouth of the Thames, ship’s anchor was cast at ebb-tide and the ship grounded on a sandbank. The ship’s Master then invited his passengers to stretch their legs. When the tide reversed direction so did the Master, climbing back on board while telling the helpless Jews that they “ought to cry unto Moses, by whose conduct their fathers passed through the Red Sea.” The Jews all drowned but the Master also met a bad end. He was hanged when the pious Edward learned of his mockery and manslaughter.”

    Could there be a bit of dog-whistle antisemitism going on? (The good news is that most historians now think the above story is apocryphal.)

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  11. Does anyone listen to Neelu?

    I take very little notice of her, she is wasting her time trying to achieve her aims.


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  12. What a charming story! Sometimes it’s the apocryphal ones that reveal the most about a society’s state of mind, and this one is definitely very revealing. I don’t know whether Neelu has the subtlety to use dog-whistle analogies, but then she’s not unintelligent, just mad.


  13. So she wants to put them on an island, and Belinda wants to put them in a zoo, does it not dawn on either of them that one day, all of them may be in court, and end up on or in said places, never mind, they’ll have each other for company. So swimming lessons, or Banana throwing competitions, what’s it going to be.

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  14. Well allegedly cows come down from the trees when Neelu summons them for their daily bread to mess up their digestive systems so fair play there.

    Beyond that dubious achievement Neelu is effectively little more an organic random word generating apparatus with a thoroughly annoying disposition.

    Barking mad.

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  15. LOL, she’s backtracked on the “Young Journalist of the Year” thing and is now claiming that she said she was only a finalist! LOL

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  16. Meanwhile, the lying bitch is blatantly claiming that nobody has ever sent any death threats to Hampstead residents!!! 😮

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  17. CCN are back with some amazing investigative journalism, they have what must be the scoop of the century.
    Hugh Squier speaks with Eilish De Avalon on We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For about his long-untold story of his kidnapping, torture, ongoing child sexual abuse, targeting, stalking, his run-ins with union bosses, the FBI agents, homicide detectives, with identity and trademark thieves, he tells why so many people around him have passed away in mysterious circumstances as well as having survived many attempts on his own life.

    As a baby he was chained to a post in a basement and repeatedly drugged, raped and beaten, this happened at his church and at his school, he wasn’t safe anywhere.

    “This is just like what the Osbourne Family did to me at birth in Hazel Park, Michigan, 1953 – 1957 . After Kidnapping me, I was also tortured and used for sex while chained to that basement post, by Daryl Hall and Mr Osbourne, no one ever went to jail. No one ever cared. I escaped on my own one day at the age of 4 .”

    Eilish De Avalon asks Hugh about his bloodline, as Hugh’s relatives include Admiral Byrd who flew beyond Antarctica, Buckminster Fuller and Grand Master Mason Albert Pike was Hugh’s great great Uncle, three presidents on Mount Rushmore and Reptilian witness Phil Schneider (cousin) to name a few.

    He even goes into detail about the reptilian contact stories within his family.16395741_10154848250013930_938038759_n

    Hugh now shares his incredible story exposing a story of child kidnap, rape and torture from the 1950s not only of him but other neighbourhood children including his twin, in which the school was complicit in his repeated attacks, of which he bears the scars to this day. Hugh names names, many of whom are still household names – which is why he’s become a targeted individual – however he vows to speak his truth no matter what.

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  18. Sorry, but it is now the wrong video altogether, not that it matters much it was just a silly video about a Rev. Ann who gets into trouble in churches. In this video she could be seen blowing some kind of horn and anointing people to stop child sacrifice at a certain pizza restaurant. It just reminded me of our Neelu.

    The Comet Ping Pong video is quite interesting anyway.


  19. I’d love to see a lawsuit like that come to fruition. As you say, it would be worth it to establish a precedent.

    You’re right that the lawyer in the article cited doesn’t “clean up the mess”, but I found her observations interesting in any case.


  20. If anyone’s interested in doing a bit of public service tonight (or whenever, really) the blog that is referenced on the “Heavytruthiness” site above could do with being reported to Google. It’s a Blogspot blog, so you can just go to the “More” button in the upper left corner and click on “report”. I cited “bullying and harassment” when I did it.

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  21. Oh dear,poor Arfur seems to have developed a major fetish for our Spiny.It is surely only time before he falls upon bended knee to pop the question..It is all so sad as I would posit a guess such amour will remain forever unrequited until he is put out of his misery (reaches for tissue).

    One really has to wonder what this babbling baboon does for an encore.

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  22. It’s worrying that he craves the attention so much. He seems to sit there waiting for SN’s messages. I’m more worried about his idea of supporting terrorism and sexual predator revolutions. Makes his sound like an ugly cross between Jihadist and NAMBLA Member. He words it so badly. All he doed is copy paste bullshit. I tried being nice to him and reasoning but it’s been a waste of time. He just says Allah told him Christie is clean and won’t look at the evidence from AJC’s own mouth. As for his spells, sounds retarded.

    Thinking of making my own spells which just lists all the Hoaxtards including HEMPstead Abe, APD and othe Canniboid nutters.

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  23. It’s good that Angie can laugh at her own jokes, even though everything she says is absolute bullshit.


  24. Then it must have been the wrong one to start with, as it’s the same one playing now as when you had your link up. Here are all three that were in that playlist. If you let me know which is the correct one, I’ll delete the other one, Hope that helps..

    I’m guessing it’s the second one, as the first one is just an addendum to the one posted above.


  25. She’s still lying about having ADHD, then. This is from the link I posted last week:

    “Diagnosing ADHD in adults is more difficult because there’s some disagreement about whether the list of symptoms used to diagnose children and teenagers also applies to adults.

    In some cases, an adult may be diagnosed with ADHD if they have five or more symptoms of inattentiveness, or five or more symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsiveness, that are listed in diagnostic criteria for children with ADHD.

    As part of your assessment, the specialist will ask about your present symptoms. However, under current diagnostic guidelines, a diagnosis of ADHD in adults can’t be confirmed unless your symptoms have been present from childhood.

    If you find it difficult to remember whether you had problems as a child, or you weren’t diagnosed with ADHD when you were younger, your specialist may wish to see your old school records or talk to your parents, teachers or anyone else who knew you well when you were a child.

    For an adult to be diagnosed with ADHD, their symptoms should also have a moderate impact on different areas of their life, such as:

    underachieving at work or in education
    driving dangerously
    difficultly making or keeping friends
    difficulty in relationships with partners

    If your problems are recent and didn’t occur regularly in the past, you’re not considered to have ADHD. This is because it’s currently not thought that ADHD can develop for the first time in adults.”


  26. So Angie’s proof for the extremely serious allegations she’s publicly made about Annett is…er…the fact that he refuses to speak to her. Wow. Just…wow.


  27. I watched that video. As it was posted here I assumed it was a spoof one. I was really going to offer praise at the great impersonation of Arthur’s voice. I laughed all the way through it. It’s even funnier knowing it’s real.

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