CCN: Another scammer overboard!

Last month, hoax promoter Mel Ve’s Conscious Consumer Network lost Angela Power-Disney, who ‘fessed up that she could no longer afford the alleged “news network’s” broadcast fees for her two weekly broadcasts. Yesterday we learned that “Hope Girl”, purveyor of the “Quantum Energy Generator”, has also left CCN, for unspecified reasons.


Spare a moment for poor Mel: with both Angie and Hope Girl jumping ship, that’s a cool €600 off her books…now how will she be able to afford her massive self-tanning lotion bills? Really, some scammers just have no sense of loyalty. Mel will soon be a pale shadow of her current self, and we will all know who to blame.

Hope Girl no stranger to scamming

What is a “Quantum Energy Generator”, anyway? It’s just a fancy name for an old fraud: the phantom promise of “free energy”.

For years, scammers have been hawking the idea that it’s possible to build self-generating machines which will deliver a lifetime of free electricity, while bypassing all known laws of thermodynamics. (These scams shouldn’t be confused with legitimate “green energy” sources such as wind turbines or solar panels, which make use of real, quantifiable resources such as wind and the sun.)

So-called “free energy” devices usually claim to draw upon mysterious unknown forces in the ether, and are invariably just a way to part the gullible from their money.

And speaking of money, it appears that Hope Girl is quite adept at raking it in. According to these figures from, she’s done quite well so far with her “free energy” scam:

hope-girl-money-via-revolution-green-dot-comNearly $100,000…nice work if you can get it!

Angie, take note: apparently you’re scamming up the wrong tree. Our advice: get out of the satanic panic industry, and get one of your layabout sons to build you a machine that lets off sparks and makes a whirring noise when it’s plugged into the mains. You can claim it runs itself on Jesus Power. Just be sure you hide the cord during your videos, and you’ll make a fortune from the gulls out there in YouTube-land. You can thank us later.

Updated to add: Well, that was fast! Hope Girl apparently didn’t like RtD’s take on her scam, and applied to YouTube to have their video removed. However, we’re reliably informed that you can’t keep a good hoax hunter down: RtD has been reincarnated as The Devils Expose the QEG Scam“. Carry on!lightning-pixabay

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      • Madame Hopeless will know the days of this blatant scam are numbered and she will have tighten her belt until the next wheeze is concocted to fleece vunerable and idiots around the globe.I dont suppose receiving a “shockingly” high electricity bill from Office National de l’Electricité will have lightened her mood either.(ok hands up I am only guessing there but it would be good to see her leccy billl before she does a runner). 😉

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    • That’s good, because that means that Angela Power Disney won’t need any more money from the gullible to pay her energy bills, for all her homes, that somehow she manages to run without a job!

      Angela is a pal of the ridiculously named Hope Girl and evidently they are both into Jesus so people don’t donate any more £$Euros to Power Disney.


      • Shares in St Jude the patron Saint of lost causes must be going through the roof in recent times.He will be able to retire soon and leave his gathered throng to their own devices 😉


      • Yet another thing that they falsely accuse other people of doing which they actually do themselves. How long before one of them puts up a video in which they demonstrate the art of manufacturing slippers from baby skin?

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      • So true, ill people will sometimes reach out for anything they believe will give them a better fighting chance than what their doctors have told them.


  1. Your little twitter friend sounds like another David “Race” Bannon:

    “David “Race” Bannon (born 1963) is a pseudonym (named after the Jonny Quest animated television show character. ABC-TV, circa 1964) for David Wayne Dilley, an American fraudster who posed as a former Interpol agent. In his 2006 book Race Against Evil: The Secret Missions of the Interpol Agent Who Tracked the World’s Most Sinister Criminals, he claimed to have worked in Asia as a Mormon missionary who transitioned into work as a killer and secret agent: “a ‘cleaner,'” said Publishers Weekly, “interrogating and ‘eliminating’ child pornographers who his boss at Interpol had determined were beyond the reach of other law enforcement agencies.”
    “Bannon’s claims were debunked after his arrest in January 2006 for criminal impersonation and other charges”.

    They all get exposed, sooner or later…

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  2. “Hello everyone. As you know, God in a Nutshell is developing an online news site. I wanted to highlight a testimony from one of our authors who goes by the name of Hope Girl. There certainly is hope for anyone in any situation that cries out to Jesus for help. If you know anyone involved in the New Age movement please prayerfully consider sharing this with them. Thank you.”

    “This is my story. I was a born again Christian as a teenager, and then I joined a fundamentalist Christian cult and was hurt by the church. I abandoned God and practiced witchcraft for 13 years living in Salem Massachusetts. I then had a crisis that made me dive deep into the new age movement. I was attacked by demons while I experimented with new age mysticism. God saved me through his holy spirit and Jesus helped me cast out the devils that were ruining my life.

    I felt moved in my heart to share my testimony in this video.

    (I’ve put time stamps in the video description on Youtube to help move through the different topics I cover) In the first part I tell you about my childhood and my mixed spiritual influences. Then I describe how I was hurt by a Christian cult and left God and the church then turned to practicing ‘Wicca’ witchcraft. I go through ‘The gamut’ of new age doctrines and experiences that I followed from 2012 on. This new age gamut is so convoluted that I had to write them all down to stay on track but I think I covered most of the false teachings that have been so prevalent in our modern culture today. Then I share stories of how I was attacked by demons on several different occasions. Then I share my experiences with Jesus Christ and how I feel that God has saved me and healed me from the pain of the evil and false teachings in our world. I talk about the amazing feeling of God’s love, the holy spirit and the countless wonders and miracles that god has been revealing in these times. The truth of it all is more spectacular than any new age doctrine out there. Then I talk about some of the arguments around the bible, Christianity, Jesus, the Crusades, the Vatican etc.

    I want to thank everyone for listening to my testimony. It was very important to me to be able to put it out there and share it. Honestly, it was not the easiest thing to do as this sort of thing is something that is usually very personal. However I hope that perhaps someone out there might be going through some of the same things i’ve been through and perhaps my testimony can help them in some way.

    A special thank you to the many other souls who have come out of the new age movement who were brave enough to share their stories. I’ve watched so many of them and they have helped me to create my own.”

    “Bio on Hope Girl

    Hope Girl is an American expat living in Morocco where she runs several online businesses and a community center for local impoverished women and children. She holds an MBA and comes from a diverse background. In 2012 she became a whistleblower against corporate corruption and left the corporate world to start her own alternative blog and online business venture. This led her down a rabbit hole of discovery into the world of conspiracy theories, free energy, and the new age movement.

    Hope and her engineering family open-sourced a Tesla Inspired Free Energy Generator in March of 2014. More than 250,000 people have downloaded the free generator plans and at least 100 machines are being built and developed in private workshops in 40 countries. She and her family run an online engineering academy to help teach engineers about this suppressed technology. As with any field that disrupts the current power structure, this work has brought with it a lot of opposition and persecution. However, Hope and her family view this work as their assignment from the most high God, who continues to provide assistance and revelation to the project, just as he did with Noah when he was building the ark.

    After being exposed to some of the darker forces in the new age movement, she came back home to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. While living abroad, she and her family practice ‘home churching’ through Living Word Ministries online. She found the God in a Nutshell project through Trey Smith’s movies on Youtube and she is honored and humbled to serve the readers of the God in a Nutshell Project by offering articles covering free energy topics and also shedding light on the new age deception, from her personal experiences and through a Christian perspective. To learn more about her humanitarian project please visit: to learn more about her Free Energy project please visit:”

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      • Dope Girl should exchange “free” energy for “free” eternal youth from Abe and they can spend until the end of time “free” to talk complete and utter bullshit and scamming each other and probably ending up knocking the “free”shit out of each other(all preferably in a “free” sealed underground bunker without an internet connection.) Hashtag win/win/win.

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    • “I was attacked by demons” is code for I hit the bottle and got rat arsed every night and started hallucinating with the DTs.


      • Indeed Sam.It is always some external issue or force that seems to be to blame when shit hits their fan.When the workings of the universe do not quite fit into their plan of entitlement they throw a paddy from the rooftop rather than buckling down and clearing some shit out of the basement.


  3. If this free energy machine works I want to know why the many intelligent, skilled and talented engineers and scientists I know laugh at it?

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  5. Apart from not claiming their Nobel Prize for their new physics, their `free’ energy plans aren’t cheap- let alone free!

    lets have a look at her website (

    Sitting down???

    The `building basics’ package is a cool $399…. a bargain!

    Want the `complete builders’ package?

    Still sitting down???

    A `mere’ $997 – hey you get $3 change back after shelling out a grand!

    Lots of talk about how all us nasty sceptics `troll’ them on free blogs, so just join up our `paid’ chatsite and get to hear `the truth!!!’ ie their sales pitch unencumbered by all those pesky `facts’ like it doesn’t work…

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    • The internet has really changed the world in so many unexpected ways.

      Snake-oil salesmen, grifters and con-artists like those flogging ‘free energy machines’ or a bottle with a cure for every ailment relied on a good sales pitch, shifting the product and then vamoosing out of town quick smart before the poor punter realised they had been conned.

      Now they can reside in Morocco or somewhere so distant from the poor mark taken in that it’s financially prohibitive to try and get your money back as those invested in the vile Icke’s phony ” tv studio ” have discovered.

      Even worse there is now an entire industry of batshit crazy loons & so-called “truthers” who will aid in promoting these scams for no good reason.

      At some stage there has to be some sort of legal restraint on these crooks like Hopeless Girl ripping people off.
      But will it happen? A con-man has been elected as US president and sadly I see the latest Big Issue has run a glorifying interview with the ghastly Holocaust denier and anti-Semite Icke. What is one to do? I’ve supported those selling that magazine for years but will never ever buy a copy again. I suppose I can just hand the vendor some coins and tell him to keep the magazine.


    • I visited the site. The equipment looks complicated and dangerous. There are far easier and scientifically sound methods to obtain energy including via wind, sun and using compost.


      • I used to rewind electric motors and alternators many many moons ago as an apprentice electrical fitter for the NSW railways, these do have the potential for being extremely dangerous- luckily as shown they are so inefficient that I doubt they can actually generate enough voltage to become dangerous.

        Considering that anyone foolish enough to believe their claims

        “In the QEG, input power is used only to maintain resonance in the core,
        which uses a fraction of the output power (under 1000 watts to produce 10,000 watts)” – from their pdf

        certainly doesn’t have enough electrical knowledge to be playing around with mains level voltages!
        (and the addition of capacitors makes it doubly dangerous as these can store dangerous voltages for up to several hours after being charged up unless a suitable discharge path is put in place or they are manually discharged)

        (Always a sign of dodgy scammer merchants- literally dozens of utube clips and pdf instructions for sale on the page, and more power in than out….)
        IF they worked, I could solve the energy crisis, not to mention make a kickass electric car with unlimited speed and range!!!!
        Start one running, run itself off 1/10 of the output, and 9 others off the rest….
        Each of those 9 others runs itself and another 9
        rinse and repeat until output exceeds the entire output of the sun and WOW, all power problems solved!!!!

        Its nice to have dreams, but some people never seem to wake up… which is funny as they are the ones accusing others of being asleep!

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  6. An individual who I respect known as Countess of Newcastle condemned these free-energy scams which in her day were called perpetual motion machines. The Countess was the first female science fiction author, a natural scientist, and a campaigner for female rights to education and access to science in the days they were burning witches in England.


      • I think its sad, all these SRA promoting women who are so fixated on Jehovah.
        In one of my favorite works of fiction, an educated woman of the 17th-18th century named Lady Babcock writes a treatise analyzing why the women of her day are barred from any significant role in their church/synagogue communities.
        She concludes, that this is a result of men having always believed that Gawd is a male – and therefore, the key to a connection with divinity lies in possessing a mystical & magical Willy!

        Watch – I’ll cast a magic spell with mine, right now. Alakazam! Huh? Nothing!
        I know, I’ll use it to conjure a divine miracle. “The Lord’s pecker is my savior, I shall not want!” Sh*t. Still nothing.
        I think the power of this thing might be over-rated….

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  7. Seems Googletube in its wisdom have again deleted MKD/RTD`s venerable channel which exists as a public service to avoid blatant scamming.Clearly Miss Hopeless has again bombed YT with complaints about using her scam footage as she seems rather keen on using her energy playing Whack-a-mole with the devils.

    I thought reasonable use of short clips of footage for public information was fair use but what do I know?

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      • No idea who that crazy dame is but she gets First Prize for telling The Most Boring Tale Ever with her ‘my hubby and I drove home in the snow and got stuck etc etc’.
        Now how can I ever get back those precious minutes I wasted watching that load of bilge?

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        • The pathological liar Fiona Barnett is now claiming Watergate was all about her.

          Next up- the Cuban Missile Crisis was actually the Russians sending nuclear weapons to Fidel who was going to threaten the US and rescue Barnett & Fiona Power-Disney from the clutches of the evil MKUltra Mind Control Cult but Rothschild Freemason agent George Soros ordered JFK to threaten the Ruskies to back down and then had JFK murdered in Dallas as a cover-up.

          The legendary man on the Grassy Knoll was actually Angie or “Cuntwaffle’ as she was known in MKUlra circles trying to warn Jackie O but alas she was foiled. Proof of this is easily seen by the way from the 1960s onward Pizza restaurants have proliferated unchecked which co-indices with the sudden spike in missing children.

          There’s much more to reveal but Nursie is here and says it’s time for my electromagnetic shock therapy which I hope is not as painful as the frontal lobotomy I had last week.

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      • Tricky to escape that one really.I believe that is known as being well and truly

        Ive found the “The Devils Expose The QEG SCAM” and “Beware of Hope Girl And The QEG SCAM” channels.Do you have the other 3 perchance Spiny or anyone? Ta.

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