Score: Sabine 0, Her Majesty 1

Oh, how we do love our blog’s email inbox! Most days we receive some titbits of interest, some of which we report on immediately; others we put aside for further investigation. But yesterday’s prize entry caused such an eruption of hilarity amongst our team members, we felt our readers would want to see it right away.

You might recollect that a few days back, Sabine announced to her few remaining faithful that she would be launching her “Year of Breakthroughs” this month.

Sadly, it appears that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will not be joining her in this endeavour:

sabine-queen-2017-01-05Pity poor Miss Jennie Vine: can you imagine being the person unfortunate enough to have to respond to even one of Sabine’s interminable self-pitying missives, let alone several of them?

I have been asked to write (because if it were up to me I’d be out getting my nails done) in response to your letter of 22nd November from which the views you express (and express, and express) have once again been noted (yes, we read the bloody thing…again. Because that is our job. Not because we think anything you write is actually worth reading).

I am afraid I can only reiterate (since you apparently failed to hear me the first several times) that as a constitutional The Queen acts on the advice of her Ministers (and not loonies like you, thankyouverymuch) and remains strictly non-political (and non-insane) at all times. These are therefore not matters in which Her Majesty would intervene (and if she did, it would be to request that you be imprisoned for an indefinite period of time, just for being so bloody annoying).

As there is unfortunately (yes, they make me say that) nothing further I can add (other than “please piss off at your earliest convenience”), I trust this now brings our correspondence on political matters (or whatever in hell that load of bollocks was meant to be) to a (fervently desired and much awaited) close.

Yours sincerely (not really), etc. etc.

Quite apart from her pestering poor Miss Vine, we are left a bit puzzled: isn’t Sabine of the opinion that Her Majesty is the Supreme Ruler of the Illuminati? And as such, would that not make her, ahem, one of the “cult”? What in the world would possess Sabine to write to the Queen, of all people?

So, should the person who sent us this lovely little morsel happen to know where we might find the original correspondence from Sabine to The Queen, we would be most grateful for any further information.

For completely professional purposes, you understand.


35 thoughts on “Score: Sabine 0, Her Majesty 1

  1. “once again”


    That’s a joke, it exists, not joking there, but I imagine Sabine has a way to go.

    For any Brits or citizens of other countries where Her Maj is head of state, I recommend getting your kids, nieces, whoever, to write to the Queen for a nice letter back from Lady keeper of the underdrawers (not sure of her name) on behalf of the Queen. Just not too often.

    Perhaps only for little ones, who aren’t republicans.

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    • Sadly for the Palace politeness rules so they have to respond to every letter in similar manner so there is a small army of Deputy Correspondence Co-Coordinators sending replies to genuine letter writers and Known Nutters.
      Clearly Sabine has been harassing them over Hampstead or some such nonsense but what will her fellow cranks like Neelu, Angie & Crew think when they discover McNeill is corresponding with the Lizard Rothschild Freemason Leader of the Dreaded Pizzagate Baby Munchers?

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    • How reassuring to note there is a Fixated Threat Assessment Centre. Hopefully the entire Hoaxtead Nut Brigade has a file there.
      It’s just a matter of time before questions are asked by these loonies as to why Her Maj was busted in the garden at 4am by a security guard. What was she up to and who was she meeting? My theory is that she had ordered a Tiny Tot Pizza with all the trimmings from the Highgate branch of Comet Ping Pong Pizza and had arranged to take delivery over the back fence.

      It’s just a matter of time before this information is included in a David Icke lecture and the world-wide TV Network CCN devotes an entire 7 hour program to the Brenda Pizzagate disclosure on their popular Hell Is For Children series.

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  2. The Palace responded?? HAHAHAHAHA! Poor Ms. Vines!! They Def. have a “file” on these nutters!! Sabine writing to the “Lizard” Queen for pity and succor? What will Abe think? hahaha Sabine really is a witch. It’s TREW!! That Hopeless Girl QEG scam crew look like they just got “routed out” of Scientology. ffs

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  3. About time this happened and I believe some of the Hoaxtead mob have acted as stalkers with an intent to harass and cause extreme distress.
    Now these laws are on the books victims can also take out a private prosecution, remembering that if the CPS deems the case could result in a conviction they are obligated to take over the prosecution.

    Maximum Sentences For Stalkers Doubled After Government U-Turn

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  4. A nut jobs hypocrisy never ceases to confuse and amaze.

    Police are Freemasons and Illuminati baby eating couch lizards, but then loons scurry to the IPCC?

    The royals are lizards who traffic and hunt children, but a loon writes to the boss lizard herself asking for some royal intervention?

    Loons upload secret busting Illuminati “news” to YouTube, but if YouTube is controlled by elites why is it allowed?

    Abraham Christie tortured the children and is a violent and dishonest criminal, but he couldn’t possibly be lying.

    Children can’t be made to lie. But the police made them lie about Abraham torturing them.

    The way that complete and utter loons put their beliefs into separate compartments and then pick and choose depending on what they want is astounding.

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  5. I would like to know what Sabine wrote to the Queen, because not only do they accuse her of being an llluminati lizard, they accuse her and her family of being in league with Jimmy Savile and Jeffrey Epstein. Wouldn’t surprise me if Sabine did this for the sole purpose of now being able to accuse the Queen of not caring enough to help and being part of the ‘cult’.


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