McMartin and Hoaxtead: More alike than you might think

If the Hampstead SRA hoax has a spiritual predecessor, we’d have to say it was the McMartin Preschool case, which heralded the 1980s daycare Satanic panic. We’ve talked about McMartin here before, and would like to draw your attention to this post from August 2015, which details what happened to one of the alleged McMartin victims, and how he felt about it as an adult.

Apparently this case recently came to the attention of Sooper Slooth™ Kristie Sue Costa, who posted this link to her “Believe the Children” page on Facebook:


Yep, Kristie Sue was very familiar with Ray Buckey, who was tried and acquitted of child sexual abuse in what has been called the longest and most expensive trial in American history. She knew him well enough, in fact, to be able to authoritatively claim that he was a “sick individual”.

Of course, we’d estimate that Kristie Sue was perhaps 11 years old at the time, so it would make perfect sense that she’d be so well acquainted with Mr Buckey, and that she’d have been paying close attention to the media coverage at the time, rather than focusing on normal 11-year-old activities like having crushes on Scott Baio.

But never mind. Ray Buckey and RD had “similar physiques” to one another (according to an 11-year-old girl), so that’s clear evidence that he must have been guilty. Also, all the conspiranoids say it’s so; and who is Kristie Sue to actually do any research of her own? Better trust the experts.

Incidentally, if you’d like a glimpse into what the media actually said about McMartin at the time, have a look at this video:

Both McMartin and Hoaxtead involved horrifying yet ludicrous allegations against a group of innocent people, backed up by no forensic evidence whatsoever.

In Hoaxtead it was “thousands of babies” being shipped live by DHL and TNT, only to be tortured, murdered, eaten, and ultimately turned into special slippers; it was the so-called cult’s ability to organise massive child abuse/baby murder orgies in a school that was open to the public, without anyone ever discovering it, and leaving behind no traces of blood, semen, skin, faeces, hair, or anything else that could have pointed to a real crime.

In McMartin, it was allegations that children were being flushed down a toilet into subterranean tunnels (none of which were ever found, even after the school was demolished), that Ray Buckey could fly around the room, and that children were being abused in airports, secret tunnels, and bowling alleys. All without anyone noticing a thing. Amazing.

There are other similarities as well: here’s an excerpt from a post we ran a couple of months ago, in which regular commenter Iamichabod (the artist formerly known as Justin Sanity) outlined some of the Byzantine shenanigans that ultimately led to the U.S. Satanic panic of the 1980s:

….Jackie McGauley was one of the McMartin Preschool case parents. She claimed that her daughter had been abused by the owner’s adult son, Ray Buckey. McGauley also happened to be best friends with Judy Johnson, the McMartin mother whose claims about her young son Matthew being sodomized—and she suspected, by Bucky—are often cited as the origin of that case.

There has been a lot of analysis and speculation about Johnson’s mental health, possible addiction problems and parental competence over the years. Sometimes she is depicted as a delusional hysteric, whose fantasies of child abuse supposedly fuelled the original Satanic ritual abuse panic.

This is not the objective truth of the matter, however. The truth is that Johnson’s friend Jackie McGauley was, by her own words, the real “SRA typhoid Mary” of the preschool/ daycare/ foster care SRA panic.

In fact, the most likely perpetrator of whatever abuse Johnson’s son and McGauley’s daughter might have suffered would not be Ray Buckey; it would be the boyfriend Jackie McGauley had at that time. McGauley and Johnson’s children were frequently play-date visitors at each others’ homes, and sometimes unaccompanied by their own parent.

It is very plausible that both McGauley’s child and Johnson’s son were occasionally looked after, in McGauley’s home, solely by this boyfriend when McGauley was out of the house. And unlike Ray Buckey, for whom no objective evidence documenting a sexual interest in little children was ever presented, McGauley’s boyfriend left behind a copy of the infamous “Lollitots” CSA images magazine amongst other possessions in her house after they broke up.

That’s objective evidence. McGauley did accuse this boyfriend of molesting her daughter, prior to when she believed that Buckey must have done so, but she never mentioned that this boyfriend would have had unsupervised access to Matthew Johnson as well.

Jackie McGauley met with Dr Lawrence Pazder [author of Michelle Remembers], early in the investigation, and states:

It is true about Pazder introducing the idea of SRA to us. Some read his book later, I never read it through. It was Michelle’s case and I don’t particularly like to read stuff about other people’s cases. Larry was introduced to a small group of parents in the early 80s by 20/20 producer Ken Wooden who did the series on our case. Ken did a whole show focusing on satanism (some words I refuse to capitalize.. like satanism and ted just out of principle.) Larry went back to Canada but Ken talked extensively to parents about the idea of satanism.

Jackie McGauley organized the first “SRA child victim’s parents group”, which she called “Affirming Children’s Truth”, and held the first lay-led for-profit conference on the subject. By 1987, McGauley was living with clinically paranoid “satanic abuse and murder cults are everywhere, and they run our society” retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson.


Jackie McGauley/MacGauley is the “McMartin mom” who commissioned the excavation, fronting for her boyfriend Ted Gunderson who was perpetually broke.

Interestingly enough, Jackie McGauley would later turn on Mr Gunderson, and would accuse him, too, of having sexually abused her children. According to her sister:

Jackie said her child was molested by:

Raymond Buckey
Multiple female teachers
Vague and undefined satanic cult members
The Daily Breeze columnist (investigated, no charges filed)
A therapist at the Richstone Center* (investigated, no charges filed)**


Accused Manhattan Beach Police officers of being involved in a child porn ring (timeline, 1984)
Ted Gunderson (1) Vindictive attempt to discredit him after the breakup.
Supposedly embezzled $30,000 from her
Accused him of killing some guy named Rick Post on one of those extremist web sites (1)
“FBI Ted Gunderson had sex with 12 year old at Satanic Ritual in 1972” here
Ted was eventually accused of poisoning Jackie, after they both accused satanists of poisoning them both.
A partial list of charges and general bitching listed on the “Crazy Stuff” page, some serious, some just the babbling of a crazy, vengeful woman who did not realize how this will look for eternity on the web.
She carried this on at least until 2010 and beyond.

**Quote about the Richstone School accusations:
“Police were unable to get much information from the child; most of it came from the mother. Charges were not filed against the therapist and the incident never became public.”

Just like Abraham Christie and Ella Draper, the self-described “SRA Typhoid Mary” of the McMartin Preschool case turns out to have been an equal-opportunity accuser, tossing around false allegations like confetti.

Kristie Sue and her fellow conspiranoids seem to be obsessed with tunnels: tunnels under the McMartin Preschool, tunnels under the school in Hampstead, tunnels under Comet Pingpong. And yet, if you look at this analysis of the excavation which Jackie McGauley and Ted Gunderson (then still lovers) oversaw, it’s clear that no tunnels existed under McMartin. Rather, it’s likely that what were initially identified as “possible tunnels” were in fact trash pits, common in rural areas. (The preschool was in an urban area by the 1980s, but when it was built in the late 1930s/early 1940s, it was definitely rural, as evidenced by its septic tank and lack of connection to the Manhattan Beach sewer system.)

Fascinating that the McMartin case, like Hoaxtead, appears to have been driven by a small cadre of people who were determined that the world should accept their wild stories, no matter what the evidence (or lack thereof) said, and no matter what the personal cost to those they falsely accused. snl-church-lady

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      • Great post EC as always. The similarities in both cases are plain to see and what is their fascination with secret tunnels? Even Mel Ve believes that there are secret tunnels running through Hampstead. If these tunnels are so damn secret then how do all the conspirinuts know about them?


  1. Interesting that Kristie Sue admits to her involvement with this demonic church. Coupled with her previous admission that she is a practitioner of witchcraft, things start to make sense. This woman is clearly a dangerous baby-munching satanist. We need to get Angela’s San Francisco team over to Wellfleet immediately and get them to rescue Kristie Sue’s kids!

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      • There should be an internet law. At the point you know you’ve won an argument you identify your opponent’s intellectual capacity in terms of Piaget’s developmental stages.

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    • I’ve never understood how she managed to misconstrue that comment and go on to make such a big deal of it. It’s clear what you’re saying and you’re not referring to Ella’s children.

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  2. Kristie Sue Costa seems to have a closet fetish for Satanists.

    An actor knows they have made the big time when they get a personal obsessed stalker, seems RD has a whole tribe of them after him.

    A new SRA hoax is bubbling away re Ted Heath.

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    • The Heath case is getting some traction now because of an idiot police person who was “120% sure” that Heath was a paedophile… why stop at 120, why not 176% sure? ..Idiot.
      And a large number of his accusers are women, who say their parents were (drumroll) head of a “satanic” cult which … blah, blah, blah, usual hysterical, attention-seeking nonsense.

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    • Dear Angela Power Disney.

      Music, writing and poetry are mediums of communication of information, no different than any other such as radio and Facebook. The content communicated by said mediums of communication is dependent upon the honesty and integrity of the individual communicating it. Unfortunately Angela, you are a dishonest liar who lacks any honor, integrity or respect for the truth, thus any medium of communication that you choose to share your dishonesty will be tainted and corrupted by your falsehoods.

      Yours in Satan.

      James Hind

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    • Hmm could be quite surreal and all break box office records.Angie standing on a crate doing a monologue about her shit existence and occasionally breaking into cacophonic song to an audience of approxiamately nil.

      Cant wait.

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    • I believe she wrote Henry V which few people know was based on a real person and she also penned a play called Romeo & Juliet which is about spurned love: an aging Irish maiden falls for an American Lothario but it’s a match destined to end in tragedy as the hero of the play ends up on serious charges and living in a room in Ruislip while the heroine tries to find new love in an Australian hunk who our heroine sadly finds is, barking mad. They say Meryl Streep will play the heroine called ‘Angie’ while Russel Crowe is perfect for the Aussie part of Arfur.
      Not a lot of people know this. It’s an exclusive for Hoaxtead.

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  3. EC, I’ve uncovered shocking new evidence that people really are being flushed into underground tunnels via giant toilets.

    You didn’t hear this from me, ok.

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  4. Well, well…an obsession with tunnels. Hmmm…can’t figure that one out, Mr Freud.
    Didn’t tunnels feature in the JET report too? Nottingham-Broxtowe?

    And the thing about Cathy O’Brien and other “Monarch” claimants…it’s all about sexual slavery. O’Brien is all about sexual fantasies, starring wealthy, famous, powerful men – eh? Whereas, real-life cults like the appliance-repair cultists from the last episode’s comments, actually exploited their children and other members for slave LABOR more than anything. Funny that no “Monarch” survivors were ever exploited for 20 hour days as book-keepers or fry cooks, don’t you think.

    Nope, it’s all about tunnels & missiles & secret backdoor passages & babies and such. Hmmm…

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    • Look there are tunnels everywhere including, according to a reputable source Fiona Barnett stretching all the way from Sydney to the US Pine Gap facility near Alice Springs nearly 3000 kms where Adolf Hitler lived out his last days conducting MKUltra classes while Eva Hitler, nee Braun worked in the kitchens. Sadly they discovered it was just as easy to drive on a road above ground and even better a jumbo jet only took 3 hours so the tunnels fell into disuse and are now used to grow mushrooms.

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  5. I’ve always suspected Abe is well aware and clued up on all previous SRA claims. They obviously interested him.
    He took parts from them all to weave the elaborate Hampstead Hoax. The tattoos, the tunnels, etc.

    I honestly think he wanted to humiliate and get back at all the people he hated and evidently had disagreed with, to be subjected to full body inspections. When the tattoos weren’t found it would be seen as the “children lied to me.”
    What a sick and twisted couple Abe and Ella are. They’ve ruined so many lives. I can’t believe we are still involved in trying to stop the spread of these malicious falsities after all this time.

    People are still making new videos and promoting the hoax, EchoTruths just being one. Yet she doesn’t even know the basic facts of the case.
    These people are the dregs of the internet.

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    • I honestly think he wanted to humiliate and get back at all the people he hated and evidently had disagreed with, to be subjected to full body inspections. When the tattoos weren’t found it would be seen as the “children lied to me.”

      Yes. This is an important piece of the puzzle, I think.

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      • Have you seen ACs facebook page recently? Pic of children and claim of ‘These are my children’ as of December 2016.


        • Yes, I think it’s Ella who’s saying “these are my children”, though that’s not immediately evident. While it’s posted by AC, it reads, “These are my children , Axxxx and Gxxxxx,


    • I’m glad you mentioned that Jake, as I had thought when she mentioned the “job”, that if I knew anything about computers and she didn’t know me, I’d apply, though who could put up with that chain smoking and bullshit?

      Wouldn’t mind some Sun for a change though.

      No, it’s not for me, but

      Any young males or females, computer literate with holiday from work to take that could apply on here?

      Any one else that wants a break, just enough to investigate her on a more personal level, nothing sexual required, but you’d need to be able to fend off her wandering hands.

      She wouldn’t have a clue who she was “employing” unless a personal friend and I doubt she has any of them left.

      I think her landlord/lady should know she is sub-letting though as I bet it’s not allowed in her tenancy agreement.

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        • You would be an excellent candidate EC and can still cunningly keep this brilliant blog ticking over whilst Angie is out embarrassing herself getting ratarsed in clubland on her “donations”.If you are really lucky she might even ask you to help out with proof reading her forthcoming play.

          It goes without saying as FA points you will need to be on constant gaurd for wandering hands,be sure to be equiped with oxygen mask,ample sick bags,boxer shorts but most important keep your tail strapped right down at all times.If that popped out even Angies limited detective skills might suspect something and it could be curtains.

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  6. Just to let everyone know that the video that Spiny Norman asked folk to report the other day has now been removed by the user.

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  7. An unlisted Angie video discovered by MKD.

    The Rupert says about women are cringeworthy. As for his boasts about his alleged sexual exploits – bleurgh! And when he starts shouting at Angela about his cock!!! Creepy bastard!

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    • What the hell? She’s revealing that it’s the “alleged abusers” who are into urine- and menses-drinking? Wow, how audacious is that?!

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    • ‘My presence is intimidating’. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

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    • I remember this video. I remember how Rupert claimed he was on “fire” and would be leaving Twitter critics like me “eating dust.” I am looking forward to see how this turns out for him in the near future after ignoring all my warnings to avoid this SRA hoax and coming to London.

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  8. Looks like Everyone is taking their “flagging” duties seriously Spiny Norman! Very Good Show! Btw, I seem to remember that around the time that the McMartin B.S. was flying around CA and “Krusty Poo” was admiring Buckey’s physique at age 11!! (lol), there was another case involving Presidio Day Care with other creepy allegations made against Aquino….Does Justin Sanity have any info on those allegations….They seem to have been over-shadowed by McMartin hoaxers? Like Epstein/Dershowitz has been over-shadowed by Hampstead Hoaxers..? Just wondering…How dare that Gunderson Butthead prey on Noreen Goesch or pass his shitty torch to Lyin O’Brien? Sandy is beyond normal help and needs sectioning, too bad all the Gen. Psych Hosp.s’ have been closed in MI(Men in White Coats have a bead on her location tho ;)…..O’Brien won’t Dare go back there….LOLOL….especially Home of Gerald Ford..”worm farm visitor and child buyer” HAHAHAHAHA! Her Family will beat her w/i an inch of her life, for real this time… just sayin.. Ahhhh Retractions…..teehee!

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    • Hey Philby–just a small caution: we have a strict rule against inciting violence here, so I’m going to remove the bit of your comment about “lending them the club”. It’s really important that we not stoop to the level of the Hoaxtead mob.

      We really appreciate your comments, though–you bring new perspectives, and you’ve clearly done some homework about cases many of us know very little about.

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  9. Sorry E.C., it Was a joke but I do understand We need to keep high standards….It’s just that I KNOW personally what O’Brien’s Family and the locals NAMED by the Bitch think of her and her lying pals…If it was possible to Criminally Slander the Dead, O’Brien would be rotting in a cell! I have actually had a local nut job hand me a copy of that crappy book!! HAHAHA! Feel free to edit away E.C., no offense and I respect your judgment…It just makes me SO Effin PO’d that these SCUM get away with this BS!! LOL ffs Spiny and I are “miffed” today!! 😀 oxo (the “like” button doesn’t seem to work on this end, I’m probably doing it wrong…;)

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    • No worries, Philby! We are aware that the Hoaxtead mob scour this blog daily and are always on the lookout for anything they could possibly use to claim we make death threats, and we take it as a point of pride that that isn’t who we are or what we do. I know emotions run really high around this stuff, and I got that you were joking, but sadly the Hoaxteaders have no sense of humour. 🙂

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      • Yes it can be very easy to lose one’s temper with these people who just can’t or won’t listen to logic or the evidence that already exists. We must always play the better person and not sink to their level as they would just love to have some screen shots of threats to show their supporters. We are the good guys and that is how we must behave.

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  10. Did everyone see this comment on EchoTruth’s video? This person thinks we’re all part of a “Hampstead Cult!” LOL! (Sorry I don’t know how to screenshot the comment image, I guess I’d be no use to Angie)

    Dunning Kruger6 hours ago
    I’m currently working with a network on a project about Satanic cults, ritual abuse and child trafficking in the UK. It is 6-part series that is due to air early next year. We speak with victims, ex-cult members, Freemasons and members of the general public. We have covered areas such as: Isle of Wight, Hull and Jersey. Hampstead will be our main focus and it will be featured in 2 parts.

    Hampstead cult members are clearly quite active on here, would any of you be kind enough to take some time out of your busy schedule for an interview? We aim to be in London late April or May. It should last around two hours and we would cover travel expenses, food and accommodation. We would have a discreet venue and we can edit footage to blur/pixelate faces and pitch-shift to disguise voice. It could be a great opportunity for you to give your side of the story.

    If any of you would be interested please just drop me a message on here.


      • It’s Angie with all the fantasy and without the bitterness.
        I know this is true as Dinosaurs do not work cheap and have one of Hollywood’s top agent. Even have their own union.

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      • I have family in Suffolk, plus two Satanist associates there as well. The accent suggests Echo Truths might be close to the Essex/Suffolk border, she does not have the distinctive Suffolk accent. Her video channel suggests she is based in Suffolk. I will see what I can do to get her tracked down.

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        • Echo Truths has also lived in recent years in a village close to Ipswich that has a Freemason Hall, she knows Ipswich intimatley well. Two videos on attacks on an autistic on her channel, her detailed knowledge of the subjects she is talking about and its intensity of so many videos in a short time suggests she has autism. She even knows about the RD children being interviewed in Suffolk by the police.

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        • Other notes on Echo Truths:

          1. she is bisexual.
          2. she has suffered bullying both at school and at home as a child.
          3. she is relatively new to the Hampstead hoax being largely ignorant about Ella and Abe. She has become involved with Hampstead by the links others made to the Pizzagate hoax to Hampstead.

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    • Perhaps someone ought to let ET know about the arrests that have been made over the past few months. She may not be aware of how easy it is for the police to track people down based on their online activities. Or that threatening people is illegal.

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      • I did mention them to her, EC.

        We should put a list together of arrests, attempted arrests, cautions, sectionings, injunctions, court orders and restraining orders. Basically all hoaxers who’ve had a visit from either the boys/girls in blue or the men/women in white coats. Hmm, let’s see now…

        Alan Alanson
        Neelu Berry
        Happy Brewer
        Lee Cant
        Abraham Christie
        Jake Clarke
        Ella Draper
        John Duane
        Desmond During
        Arthur Kaoutal
        Belinda McKenzie
        Helen McMenamin
        James McMenamin
        Tracey Morris
        Dawn Moses
        Sabine McNeill
        Rupert Quaintance
        Christine Ann Sands


        Wanted for questioning:

        Abraham Christie
        Aaron Dover
        Ella Draper
        Angela Power-Disney
        Charlotte Ward

        Feel free to correct me, EC and others 🙂

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    • Out of all the videos on YT, Angie managed to find that one today?.. and she says she never looks at this blog. LOL!

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    • Don’t suppose it would occur to Angie that people just don’t like her? She’s a liar, a gossip, a thief, and she turns on people at a moment’s notice. What’s not to love?

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  11. Abe has left one of his long-winded comments on this video on EchoTruths channel.
    Of course, she doesn’t even realise it’s Abe or she would’ve thumbed up the comment and would have had a chance to put questions to him. Yet another video to report..sigh


      • I was referring to the huge comment left by “Free The Hampstead Two” signed by Abe which was left 3 weeks ago.


        • Sorry, I’m not seeing it. He must have blocked me. There’s a huge one from Prey on the Children at the top, which could possibly be a copy-and-paste of Abe’s comment, seeing as all PotC ever does is regurgitate the same tired old Hoaxtead clichés over and over again.


          • Damn, that means you can’t see any comments Abe makes. He’s a bloody nuisance. It’s a huge comment all about the benefits of cannabis and hemp. Why the did EchoTruths not pull him up about it and ask him questions??
            It starts….
            The Hampstead children disclosed once their endogenous cannabinoid/endocannabinoid systems were nourished/activated with hempseed nutrition. Blah blah blah…

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