Update: Maurice Kirk found, Vintage Air Rally detained

Yesterday we reported that Maurice Kirk, the “flying vet”, had disappeared over Ethiopia during a vintage aeroplane rally that has been making the trek from Crete to Cape Town, South Africa. Thanks to commenter JW for bringing us news that Mr Kirk was found safe and well yesterday. However, as a result of his disappearance, the rest of the rally participants have been detained at Gambela airport by Ethiopian authorities.

maurice-kirk-found-vintage-air-rally-2016-11-23We assume that this detention took place as a result of Mr Kirk’s having “gone rogue” in Ethiopian air space, as previous reports stated that he was flying without proper navigational equipment in his plane, and had been asked to withdraw from the rally by organisers.

Most nations don’t take kindly to random air traffic entering their air space, and so the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has had to become involved.

This is far from the first time Mr Kirk has ignored or flouted laws regarding flying: in this video, forwarded to us by a reader, Mr Kirk is shown flying from the UK to Australia, despite having only been granted a “permit to test fly”. Rather than using proper navigational charts, he used only his old school atlas to make his highly illegal and dangerous journey.

At about 3:20, Mr Kirk states that he has been swotting up and trying to “maintain a reasonable standard” in preparation for a Civil Aviation Authority test the next day, which will help him “put the right stamp into (his) notebook”. At 06:01, we see Mr Kirk reach for a machine gun which he has propped against the boot of his car. Gripping it, he says, “Anyway…don’t think she’ll be with me tomorrow…hope it won’t be appropriate”.

Yes, one does hope that it would not be necessary or appropriate to tote a working, if elderly, machine gun along to a CAA test.

2009: MAPPA 3

However, had Mr Kirk done so, it might not have been completely out of character. According to his MAPPA 3 assessment, carried out at the Caswell Clinic in Bridgend in 2009, Mr Kirk had committed “five offences against the person” as well as four public order offences between 1978 and 1999.

Prior to his MAPPA 3 assessment, not only had Mr Kirk attempted to sell a working Lewis machine gun on his website, but his actions up to the point of the assessment indicated that he could pose a substantial risk to the Chief Constable of South Wales and her family, who were all under enhanced protection. He had indicated that he knew her location and could easily find her should he wish to.

2012: Restraining order

In 2012, a restraining order was issued against Mr Kirk, prohibiting him from harassing or causing fear of violence in the director of the Caswell Clinic. Nevertheless, on 25 October 2016, we find this posted to Mr Kirk’s blog:


This is accompanied by a photograph of a nude male, who resembles the clinic director. He is sitting on a log at the beach eating his lunch, and the photo looks as though it was taken at a distance.

Was it intended to frighten its subject, who clearly was not aware he was being photographed? That motive seems plausible, given that the photo is followed by this one:


21 November 2016

Most recently, even while Mr Kirk was off getting muddled about navigating the Ethiopian skies, he was represented at Cardiff County Court, where he was attempting to bring charges of corruption against the South Wales Police. He had originally engaged Patrick Cullinane as his representative, but since Mr Cullinane’s demise earlier this month, he had settled for the well-known vexatious litigant, Terence Ewing.

Unfortunately, Mr Ewing failed to notify the court that he is, in fact, a vexatious litigant. Whoopsies! Now he’s facing injunctions from the sitting judge, though we have not yet received details regarding the nature of the orders.

We’ll bring further updates as they occur.

87 thoughts on “Update: Maurice Kirk found, Vintage Air Rally detained

  1. Well that’s another fine mess.

    Has anyone noticed the extraordinary resemblance between the aggressive John Paterson and the vile killer of the tragic MP Jo Cox? . Not saying they are connected but these fanatical ‘truthers’ and conspiracy fantasists all share a tiny bit of blame for persistently promoting these wild un-proved or false accusations against anyone they wickedly choose as a victim and sure enough, one unhinged lunatic will take the law into his/her own hands with terrible consequences for innocent people.

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    • You may be closer to the mark than you think. Do a little research on the murder of a Swedish politician called Anna Lindh.


      The UK press has been relatively silent on the similarities between her murder and that of Mrs Cox. – Possibly because one particular “protected person” – like Belinda McKenzie and others apparently above the law and protected from prosecution said of Ms Lindh’s killing – Can, arguably, be said to have incited it;

      “I do hope there will be patriots in Britain with the courage to deal with traitors that has been shown in Sweden.”

      Words of reason? He went on;

      “If our corrupt politicians force us to take the same route to defend our economy and country . . . then I suggest the first patriot to take direct action is remembered by putting his or her statue on the remaining plinth in Trafalgar Square.” A spokesman for Gwent Police said: “We will look at these e-mails to see if there is anything of a criminal nature.”

      When challenged on his comments the day after Ms Lindh’s murder by The Telegraph he said;

      “Yes, I do support the execution of elected politicians when they seek to betray the electorate and their country,”

      This man (right-wing headcase and convicted firearms offender) is absolutely fireproof. Immune from prosecution! This was proved in another of Belinda McKenzie’s scams by dint of the fact he (falsely) named a number of alleged victims of sexual abuse. And what of “Teflon” McKenzie herself? Or the failure to protect that American fool entering the country? Or the idiotic “light touch” applied to others that have caused such misery and disruption to people in Hampstead?

      Why is Kirk allowed within 1000 yards of an Aircraft? I notice too that the car he is pictured sitting behind has French registration plates. Was it properly re-registered in the UK in the prescribed time I wonder? Who authorises the “special immunity” these nutcases seem to enjoy? – In a country where people are being criminalised for keeping their children off school for a day or two to complete a family holiday! What the hell is that crank doing with a machine gun?

      Bloody headcases the lot of them! Made worse by the fact that the law of the land seems not to apply to them!

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      • Will do a bit of reading as you suggest. Interesting stuff innnit.

        While I take your point but I don’t think Maurice has been left alone by the rozzers. That’s the problem. Every time they catch him committing an offence they bloody well arrest him. Damn cheek if you ask me!


        • He is possibly such an attention seeker they cannot ignore him. As indeed they haven’t entirely ignored the person I refer to, he is a convicted felon. But still these people are out and wandering around doing what they’ve always done. Kirk should be banned from operating any machinery more complex than a tin opener. He is quite, quite mad!

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      • Uh? Maurice Kirk has over a dozen convictions, has spent long periods in custody or detained in mental institutions by order of a criminal court and was struck off by the Royal Veterinary College because of his criminal convictions. He has also lost numerous appeals to the Crown Court. As the main report says, he is being tracked through MAPPA. And he is currently before the court in Taunton for driving offences. Hardly immune to the law of the land. Precisely the sort of person Sabine MacNeill would support however.


        • And yet he is still free to fly planes, drive cars and generally wreak havoc. I can think of one or two others who also have records for very serious things, but remain by and large as free as air. All in all the message I receive is one law for some and another for the rest of us.


    • The “it only takes one lunatic to go and do something horrible” argument is one that has underpinned this blog since its inception.

      One of the worst outcomes of Hoaxtead has been that its proponents have continually issued the fruitloop equivalent of fatwahs on numerous innocent people; and among the gullible and feeble-minded folk who believe in the hoax, it might seem perfectly reasonable to a few to take the law into their own hands, with tragic consequences.

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  2. Reading his blog would confirm the psychiatrist’s diagnosis….another, not unlike the galactic traveler Princess Ved, whose entire life is a series of paranoid adventures whereupon every single person is corrupt and has dedicated their life to harassing a proud Englishman (those dastardly Welsh).

    I did however love this gem : poor Mr Kirk was detained for the purposes of a breath test after a suspicion he had been drinking alcohol and a police doctor is summonsed…and that professional medico’s name?: Dr Lush. (falls about laughing)

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  3. Mel’s salute to the South African equivalent of rednecks. Sooo sweet:


    Not saying all Boers are redneck hicks, of course. But from the very scary picture in the flag above and from racist comments we’ve heard Mel spout in previous rants, I think it’s clear what sort of people she’s referring to.

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  4. Personally I find Mel’s racist attitude offensive. In our modern society everyone is equal and should stand on their own merits. Irrespective of colour, race or religion. In my book that extends to sex or sexuality.

    Does it matter? – well yes,the person before you is a human being and deserves to be treated as an equal.

    The white supremacists day has ended. There is no place in our society for people such as Mel, Angie or Sabine.

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    • I agree 100%. The racism and bigotry amongst the Hoaxtead mob is appalling; I’ve seen very few who don’t seem to hate at least one minority ethnic or religious group, based solely upon prejudice and stupidity.

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  5. I understand more substantial actions may ultimately be needed to restrain these idiots interfering with innocent lives and costing public purse etc but.. what ever happened to anti social behaviour orders to curtail these bar stewards antics?Seems it would send an early warning signal that this shit wont be tolerated and nip many twats in the bud.Many engaging with these fabicated “campaigns” do so because as Jack points ^ out the bar to decisive action is set far too high.Dont put me on a magistrates bench lol. Rant over.

    ASBOs are civil orders to protect the public from behaviour that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress. An order contains conditions prohibiting an individual from carrying out specific anti-social acts

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    • There are laws in place. It is simply the case that no-one seems willing to apply them. In relation to the individual I mentioned above, I have seen evidence (emails) where at least three different individuals attempted to raise the matter with the (alleged) offender’s local police. In all cases they played a bizarre game of “pass the parcel” with complaints, even moving the matter to another force in another country which had no locus in the alleged offences! The matter never got as far as the CPS let alone a court.

      Again; why are these individuals apparently above the law? It’s not a case of setting a high bar. Existing laws are simply not applied at all and from what I’ve seen the blame for this often rests with the police.

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  6. Update two hours ago by the Guardian – now an international diplomatic incident,,,,

    (Good job its not Angie – the gofundme button would be huge,)

    “Diplomats seek release of vintage rally flyers stranded in Ethiopia

    UK and others negotiating on behalf of 40 people, including colourful aviator Maurice Kirk, grounded in Gambella

    Thursday 24 November 2016 11.29 GMT Last modified on Thursday 24 November 2016 12.19 GMT

    Diplomats for the UK, Ireland and the US are working to secure the release of a group of pilots, including a maverick British aviator, grounded by Ethiopian authorities during an attempt to fly the length of Africa in vintage planes.

    Maurice Kirk, the British former drinking friend of the late actor Oliver Reed, who was once arrested for landing at George W Bush’s Texas ranch, is among those stranded in Ethiopia.

    A retired vet, Kirk, 71, had caused alarm when he and his 1943 Piper Cub plane disappeared earlier this week near the border of Sudan and Ethiopia, prompting a search-and-rescue operation.

    Happily, he and the rest of those taking part in the Vintage Air Rally (VAR) – about 40 people in all – managed to touch down safely in Gambella, Ethiopia.

    Not so happily, the party did not receive the warmest of welcomes. A statement from the VAR organisers said: “The Ethiopian authorities have elected to allocate accommodation at the airport rather than permit them to proceed to their pre-booked hotel. The reasons for this, at this time, are not 100% clear.

    There is no possibility to communicate with them, but all participants, including Maurice Kirk, are safe and accounted for.

    The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office is aware, is talking with other embassies, and is negotiating on their behalf. We have no further information because of the lack of communications. More information to follow when available.”

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    • “colourful aviator Maurice Kirk” makes him sound like a likeable rogue.

      Great fact checking from the Guardian.

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    • I would not be at all surprised to see Angie attempt to raise funds under some pretence or other as poking her inept nose and skimming is her want in life.For those stable enough,her Chasing Arseholes aka abject Cuntwaffle fest is on at 6pm (ish) @ https://livestream.com/accounts/10784589/CCNLIVE

      Tonight catch phrases to watch out for, “I don`t claim to be an expert but..” and “blah,blah,blah”.

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      • Oh, btw, Angie thinks that because the IP address of one of WordPress’ server farms points to D.C., this blog is perforce linked with the CIA! Nearly wet myself, I laughed so hard.

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        • Oh dear, did I just link Angela Power-Disney and cuntwaffle again? How very careless of me. Because as we all know, Angela Power-Disney is the absolute antithesis of cuntwaffle; she has told me so herself, many times, when we’ve met for coffee at the Cuntwaffle Café in Oldcastle, Meath. Which, coincidentally, is owned by Angela Power-Disney, but don’t tell anyone I said so. I’ve probably said far too much already.

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  7. The video below is a flight in which Kirk takes Terry Ewing for a trip over the water – Terry seems slightly nervous!!

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    • I would imagine Terry was highly delighted to plant his feet back on Terra Firma and no doubt values each new day all the more after that spin.Each to their own!

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    • Ahh. the infamous Terry Ewing. A little of his timeline is copied below:

      c.1994 Jan 1. 6 month undercover investigation by Scotland Yards Obscene Publication Squad {Operation ?} started into paedophile circles and network linked to Europe. See 1994 Jun 29 for arrests reported and details

      1994 Gleaves worked as Mephistopheles Debt Collection Agency with Terence Patrick Ewing It is believed his sons were named as Directors by Gleaves but took no part in the business. The motto was ‘It’s no use dying to avoid us – we pursue debtors to the gates of Hell if necessary in order to recover our clients’ money’. Mephistopheles is a German demon

      1994 Jun 1 Independent V Mephistopheles Debt Collection Service. Case went against Mephistopheles. Gleaves codefendant with Terence Ewing.

      1994 Jun 29 Daily Mail [19] Peter Rose and David Williams. “Bishop” held as Child Porn is seized in Dawn Swoops – by Scotland Yards Obscene publications Squad, nearly 100 officers involved. 10 dawn raids in London and home counties. 5000 videos seized. British children abused and police liaising with social services to identify them. Investigation linked at least 3 paedophile rings in Southern England with massive European network. Children abused by adults and filmed in England. Tapes are copied in England or Amsterdam and then distributed on the continent, together with names of children featured, enabling paedophiles to target the children

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      • It is of great concern to me that the common themes of child abuse and a trade in associated pornography run through these case like the lettering in a stalk of rock.

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    • How does he manage to get this plane to places like Africa let alone Australia? I’m so wary of plane travel even a new private luxury Gulfstream jet would make me nervous ( I’m open to offers from any private jet owner who wishes to put my mind at ease).
      You would never get me up in one of these light planes that are decades old. Lat time I traveled in a 10 seater I was sick as a dog (a shocking hang-over didn’t help).
      Especially given Mr Kirk’s history of non-maintenance of his cars.

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  8. This is better than watching a soap on TV – its simply unbelievable!!

    From the BBC:

    “The pilots of at least 20 aircraft taking part in a vintage plane rally have been detained in Ethiopia, officials have told the BBC.

    The Vintage Air Rally planes crossed “illegally” into Ethiopian from Sudan, officials say, and are currently impounded at an airport in Gambela.

    The rally has been suspended while talks take place to try to resolve the situation.

    Earlier, a UK pilot who went missing during the rally was found safe.
    On its Facebook page, Vintage Air Rally said that Maurice Kirk, 72, was with other pilots in Gambela who were all “safe and accounted for”.

    The planes, dating from the 1920s and 1930s, took off from the Greek island of Crete on 12 November on a 13,000km (8,000 mile) journey to Cape Town.

    However, the head of Ethiopia’s civil aviation authority, Wosenyele Hungnall, told the BBC that the aircraft had crossed illegally into Ethiopian airspace from Sudan.

    He said the pilots had been detained and investigators were travelling to the area.

    It is understood that those detained have had to surrender their mobile phones and other equipment, so details are unclear”.


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    • If anyone would care to report this video, here’s the wording I used:

      This video names multiple private individuals and falsely alleges that they participate in paedophilia, child rape, infanticide, and cannibalism. At 6:20, the video states, “Now that the victims have given up on the farcical public inquiry, the victims need to arm themselves and go execute all the abusers.” At 6:23, it states, “Burn them in the streets for all to see.” This video incites hatred and violence and should be removed immediately.

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      • The plot thickens : Elvis didn’t die but has been working at the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington of Pizzagate fame.

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        • Whereas I have it on good authority that Patrick has gone to work at the Cuntwaffle Café in Oldcastle, currently under the ownership of Angela Power-Disney. I believe he accepted the position of maître d’hôtel there; his job is to pop up from behind the potted palm at the entrance and shout, “Ye can stick yer ambulance up yer arse!” at the startled customers. Most of them react by ordering a good stiff drink to recover.

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          • Did you say Angela Power-Disney owns the Cuntwaffle Cafe? Well I never. I had a chip butty there once with Danielle La Verite. I think she gave Angela the name.

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    • How did many of these ‘Million Supporters of Patrick Cullinane” get to see his body (or it’s replacement) in the morgue seeing only relatives are allowed to view the recently deceased?
      Perhaps they did it by ‘remote viewing’.
      I think Neelu is speaking metaphorically here as the entire population of the Planet BarkingMadSyndrome in the LunaticsAreUs Galaxy number one million. Princess Ved is of course their inter-galactic ambassador to the Court of St James.

      Fascinating to watch the birth of a new truther conspiracy.

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    • Yes but I’ve traced Angela Power-Disney’s ( famed for her investigative skills ) IP address (in my role as Certified GCHQ Troll) and it emanates form Langley in Virginia which is where the CIA is based.

      More proof that Angela Power-Disney, often associated with the word cuntwaffle, is a Disinformation Agent as she clearly would know, being a former Young Cuntwaffler of The Year that they are not based in Washington. Below are the beautiful statuettes handed out during the Cuntwaffle Awards…bet you can’t guess which one Angie received. She wittingly uses it as a doorstep now her children are too grown-up for her to beat them with it.

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      • I was puzzled by the term “cuntwaffle” and googled it via the urban dictionary – it seems to apply shockingly well to APD:

        “a derogatory term used to describe a male or female displaying traits of both a:
        c*nt; demanding, hyper critical, arrogant, ignorant
        and p*ssy; weak, indecisive, fearful, parasitic, needy
        wow, i can’t believe what a c*ntwaffle that guy was. he just kept insisting he was hung like a p*rn star, finally i was so annoyed i told him to whip it out. then he just got up and walked away like a beaten puppy.
        the state of being such a c*nt, that you are a waffle too.
        shannon is a c*ntwaffle!
        another way to say c*nt, yet will p*ss off a girl even more.
        guy: you c*nt waffle
        girl: wtf! im not only a c*nt. im a c*nt waffle.
        when a fat woman strips b*tt naked and forces your face into her c*nt, she will then roll around like a waffle maker with your face in between her legs and the cellulite leaving a waffle pattern on your face.
        i cant believe it, sheila just gave me a c*nt waffle after i told her not to
        one (c*nty indivitual) who is talented in the field of retaining a topping such as syrup, jelly, or b*tter.
        “c*ntiness is measured by the efficiency with which one can retain syrup. you, madame, are a waffle.”
        “merry christmas, c*ntwaffle!”
        noun: term used to describe a “special” kind of person that has reached such a level of annoyance that no other word seems to suffice; word used to describe the ultimate douche bag.
        that c*ntwaffle just backed into me.
        a breakfast taco with a waffle sh*ll filled with sausage.
        nothing is more filling than a c*ntwaffle.
        the state of being such a c*nt that you are become a bluewaffle. this can happen when a rather large woman sits on your face and you are given the mixer.
        miki: look at the guy over there
        midget: yeah what a c*ntwaffle”


        • Yep “cuntwaffle describes Angie very well:

          “noun: term used to describe a “special” kind of person that has reached such a level of annoyance that no other word seems to suffice; word used to describe the ultimate douche bag.”


        • That does describe her well but I don’t think it’s correctly applied to a person. It’s more a term that describes what comes spewing forth from said person’s gob (or other orifice). It’s Danielle la Vérité’s catchphrase, which is ironic from a woman who claims that ‘Carrie’ is a cryptic murder confession by Cliff Richard despite the fact that he didn’t even write it.


    • “I don’t think I will ever eat pizza again.”

      Wow. I didn’t imagine that, did I? She actually said that, right?

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