New pic of Ella: Not exactly the grieving mother

A few days ago we wrote about the strange—unprecedented, really—online silence of Abe and Ella. Anna, one of our regular readers, speculated that they might have finally got tired of one another:

abe-and-ella-anna-comment-2016-11-03And Dave, another long-time reader, pointed out that Abe and Ella hadn’t even bothered to try to refute Angela Fag Ash Disney’s astonishing (and completely made up) allegation that Ella had been involved in creating and distributing commercial child sexual abuse videos. abe-and-ella-dave-comment-2016-11-03As Dave suggests, it does seem as though they’ve finally given up. Their last big weapon was to have been the IPCC investigation of the 2014 police investigation, but that fell flat: it showed that the police had done their jobs properly in all but two relatively minor instances.

So really, why bother at this point?

And yet…perhaps appropriately enough, it turns out that on Hallowe’en, Ella chose to post a new profile picture on her Facebook account. ella-draper-2016-10-31She hardly looks the part of the grieving mother, who fears that her two…no, wait, make that three precious children are in the grip of a terrifying cult that rapes children, murders babies, eats them, and makes slippers from their skins.

In fact, she looks like she’s having rather a good time, perhaps back from a day’s shopping at the nearest souk? Or perhaps arriving in Morocco for a bit of a vacation with Abe? Hard to say, really. We can only speculate.

But for the few remaining people who claim that Ella is pining for her children, that she’s a good and caring mother who only ran away to another country so she could fight for her kids from outside prison…take a good look at this picture. We mean a really good look.

And then ask yourself: if she’s such a paragon of motherhood, why has she gone silent?

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    • Trump uses ‘dog-whistle’ terms like ‘mainstream media’ to call in the conspiraloons. Let’s just hope there aren’t enough of them voting to put him in office. I’m no Clinton fan (him or her) but Trump is downright terrifying.


  1. If Ella wasn’t sort of smiling I’d say she was going to lay those droopy sunflowers on someone’s grave.

    Must say she looks rather thin.

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  2. Somebody on YouTube who I was talking to has now just accused me of being involved with the child abuse. As long as it’s just directed at me it’s fairly amusing.


    • Ah, welcome to the club, Bob. It’s standard practice for the nutters to throw around allegations of child abuse at anyone who disagrees with them. That or allegations that you’re MI5, cointelpro, CIA, you name it. It just means you have a functioning brain and the ability to smell bullshit.

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    • They are obsessed with child abuse and very friendly with many convicted pedophiles.
      I now think the reason they accuse others instantly is because they are testing the water- they really want to find out if you are a fellow traveler- one who will join them in their sinister & endless discussions on child sex abuse.

      The term “Hiding in Plain Sight has never been more apt than for this bunch of perverts.

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      • I think that’s exactly it! It’s a hobby for them. I hadn’t spoken to this accuser for days, the last time we spoke I thought we were clear about our positions and that I wasn’t a child-abuser, but now somebody else has commented “You sound awfully suspicious” and the guy I thought I was clear with responds with “Yes he is involved”.


    • I am a “pedo” CIA agent who is on the MI5 payroll practising Satanism and drinking blood.

      Consider yourself a fully paid up member when one of Abraham’s bogus accounts like Free The Hampstead 2 accuses you of being Ricky/Tricky Dicky or whatever variation of RD’s name his half a brain cell thinks is amusing.

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  3. They don’t know how to discuss things Bob so the first thing they do is accuse you of being a paedo. I’,m sure we’ve all been called it at one time or another by the fruitloops.

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  4. “Get a life and some real friends,” says the woman whose own life revolves around issuing “commercial liens” and bullying receptionists with Butlincat, Peacher and Cant.

    “Use your real name,” says Neellu Berry / Lou Lotus / Ved Chaudhari.

    “I do not tolerate abuse,” says…

    Oh, I think you get the idea 😀

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    • Christ the woman is a fucking idiot.
      This was a dinner planned by a female performance artist and the man in question didn’t even attend and doesn’t even know the woman and even Fox News had to apologise for mistakenly implying there was ‘satanism’ involved.

      I just hate this lying old creepy scumbag of as slag. What a guttersnipe she is.

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    • Ok, you lot.

      In the pub tonight me and three friends formed a Peoples’ Court.
      There was a Brit, an Irishman, someone who described himself as ‘vaguely Belgian’ and an American. We’ve therefore called ourselves the Tribunal Which Ascends All Tribunals. (TWAAT)

      After much deliberation (which included 12 pints and four packets of crisps between us) we decided that we’re now ready to start issuing Commercial Liens and conducting trials, even for people who don’t know they’re on trial and aren’t there. We’ve downloaded the necessary paperwork and put it on a clipboard so it looks official. We’ve got the Guy Fawkes masks (made in Chinese sweatshops but hey…they look cool) and peaked caps.

      Those found Guilty of offences will be arrested and incarcerated in my Uncle Fred’s shed, which we’re using in lieu of a prison, and let me tell you, whoever we lock up won’t like it. It’s cold, full of dog hairs and the food will be microwaved.

      So bring it on Rhianne, Leon, Lou Lotus, Lanzarote Lil, and all other Conspiritards and Evangaloons! We’re ready to give you some of your own medicine. Like you, we can talk absolute bollocks for so many hours it’ll make your ears hurt and let’s face it, that’s a punishment in itself.

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        • Don’t make assumptions or listen to gossip. He goes in there for a sneaky fag, the odd tot of rum and a nice sit down with Classic Bike magazine. 🙂

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        • I tried to have a look but it said:

          “The owner of has configured their web site improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this web site.”

          Now I don’t know about you but when linking to a bank risks my information being stolen….it sort of puts me off dealing with them. But maybe that’s just me.

          I did find this though:

          “Every lawful bank account holder between ages 25 to 65 to get 250,000 Sovereignty pounds in their accounts.for new build housing or renovating buildings..when critical mass is reached to open an account it is FREE.
          over 65 year olds will get a pension for life, car insurance etc to follow .”

          Ok – what’s a ‘Sovereignty pound’? I expect that’s the catch?

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          • He uses the same fractional reserve system as the already established banks, making his bank guilty of the same corruption he accuses others of. He also expects people to pay £100 if asked. I think he’s just working up the courage to milk everyone and piss off to Mexico or something.


    • @20:27

      “And please pray for me…and my health. If you can contribute into what I do, I’ll put a link below. I’m about to take a trip for some pretty heavy meetings, so I need to raise about 500 for that trip, so if you can help, please do. And…er…see you tomorrow.”


  5. Angie at 14:12…

    “‘And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free in bond, to receive a mark in the right hand or in their foreheads. This is the mark of the Beast.’ I believe it will be an RFID chip. And I believe it will be turning us into roboticised humans. But depending on the level of remote control exercised by electronic waves or scalar waves or remotely, they’ve got technology that will blow our minds. But depending on the level, turned up or whatever, once you take that mark of the Beast in the right hand or the forehead, you lose your capacity to choose right or wrong. You lose your capacity to choose. You lose your imagination, you lose your creativity. You’re basically becoming a slave, becoming a robot, an obedient compliant docile slave. So when it says that the only escape from that, if you have taken the mark of the Beast and you realise that you’ve chosen wrong, they talk about you could…the only way to stop this remote control takeover of your human brain and soul is to just cut your hand off if it’s in your hand, or cut your head off. You know, it’s a horrendous thing but once you are implanted, you lose free will.”

    Let’s hope that none of Angie’s mentally ill followers take her up on her suggestion. Vile woman 😦


    • Some people become so obsessed with “implants” that they start scratching off their own skin. Usually what they expose are nerve endings.


    • 4:54 – The fact that he doesn’t even know what year the Kennedy assassination took place in (he seems to think it was 1964) doesn’t help his claim to be the guy who pulled the trigger!


  6. OK, team – let’s put those detective skills to good use and see if we can figure out where that photo of Ella was taken. Be spurred on by the successes of the ‘Erith house case’ and the ‘Dublin fuel protest’ case…

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