Gerrish hitches a ride on Hoaxtead’ s coattails

Despite dragging his feet when Abe and Ella tried to enlist him and Bill Maloney to help them promote the Hampstead hoax in early September 2014, it seems Brian Gerrish decided to include a melodramatic, lie-riddled account of the story in a speech he made at one of Andy Peacher’s conferences this past summer.

Many thanks to Sheva Burton for pointing this one out to us: the references to Hoaxtead start just past the 31-minute mark.

Although Gerrish avoided this hoax like the plague when it first surfaced, he picked up on it when the videos of RD’s children went up online, and reported on it pretty regularly during the spring of 2015, until Sabine’s arrest outside the Royal Courts of Justice in early August 2015.

So what would make him decide to dredge the hoax out of cold storage four months ago? That’s open for debate, but what’s very clear is that his version of the story is peppered with falsehoods.

For starters, at 31:50 he states, “I was able to meet the mother and her partner. I was able to speak to the boy”. Really, Brian? Really?

Not that we generally take Abe’s word for…well, anything, really. But he was quite emphatic when he disavowed Gerrish and Maloney last winter, because they both sat on their hands rather than pitching in to help (as we believe Belinda had assured Abe they would):

Drifloud-Twitter 2016-03-13

In this post from last March, we show that Gerrish received an email from Abe and Ella on 11 September 2014…the day the children were taken into police protective custody. So how did he manage to “speak to the boy”?

Answer: he didn’t.

He’s making it up to make himself look like an important part of the Hoaxtead mythos, when the reality is that he only covered it when the story went public in February 2015 because everyone else was, and he’d have looked a right tit if he hadn’t.

A little further along in the same speech, Gerrish claims that he “knows” the police were forced to cover up the alleged cult, because he was present with a group of police officers—”good men”, he says—when it happened.

Izzat so, Brian? Somehow it seems unlikely. For one thing, what would Gerrish be doing hanging out with a group of cops, “good men” or otherwise, when they received some sort of order (from whom?) to quash the cult allegations.

The rest of his version of the story has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese—if we were to enumerate them all, we’d be here all day.

Why is he bothering? Well, Gerrish has always liked to play the Big Man on Campus, and what better way than with a hoax that’s so full of twists and improbable turns that he could add almost anything he wanted—so long as it made him look important—without anyone questioning the veracity of his claims.

Because ultimately, it’s all about Gerrish, isn’t it?



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  1. Brian Gerrish’s account of his involvement has evolved over time. He said he phoned the police. I think this would be the police that he forwarded the email to, the team responsible for professional standards, and he said, as far as I can recollect, that they said they had been told not to touch it or some such. I took that to mean that he was told the allegations were being dealt with by the appropriate team, ie local police and he was exaggerating for his audience.

    This meeting ‘the boy’ is a new one too. It’s something neither Ella Draper nor Abraham Christie have mentioned. I would have thought that given Abraham Christie’s animosity towards Brian Gerrish, it would have been held against him and shouted from the rooftops by Abraham Christie.

    It’s odd how people write themselves into other people’s lives I think.

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  2. Gerrish on Hampstead (at 1:11):

    “Well, that brings us on very nicely to the Hampstead child abuse. Now, this is a story that we’ve had to sit tight on while there’s been quite a lot of angst and outrage, which is understandable, on the internet about this case. I’m going to say that UK Column was aware very early on – September last year – we’ve had the pleasure of meeting the mother of the children and her partner and we are happy to state again today that we have total confidence in the testimony of the two children, who are speaking about horrific abuse. We also have full confidence in the mother and indeed her partner that they did all of the right things by discovering what had happened to the children and then informing Social Services [which, by the way, they didn’t – nice fact-checking as always, UKC]…”

    Anyway, he continues to talk bollocks for about another three minutes. His description of the police interviews as “brutal” is a particular low (along with Lou ‘Cough Cough’ Collins’ admission that she’d been stalking the primary school) and leaves me wondering whether he watched the same videos as the rest of us.

    Oh and he also wrongly states that it was the police who leaked the videos!

    By the way, this is what Lemony Shaw had to say about this blog back in July 2015, seemingly based on Gerrish’s inane ramblings:


  3. Gerrish: “What sort of person abuses a child? What sort of person rapes a child? Just give me an ADJECTIVE.”

    Audience member 1: “Satanist!”

    Audience member 2: “Beast!”

    Audience member 2: “Psychopath!”

    Ah, those wonderful Hoaxtead English lessons – where would we be without them?

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    • What sort of person abuses a child? The correct answers are:

      A mother who is so self centred she no longer cares about her children.

      A drug dealer with limited intelligence and grudges against people who see him for what he really is.

      A woman who makes a living from dubious pseudo charities, who has discovered that if she targets conspiracy theorists official disapproval will work to her advantage.

      Several people who think they can draw attention away from their friends who are actual paedophiles by inventing a spurious scandal and slinging mud at innocent parties.

      Dozens of vultures who style themselves researchers or journalists who know they can con money from the gullible by claiming they are investigating and exposing child abuse.

      In other words, a lot of people, like Mr Gerrish, who are prepared to use the images of two young children to their own selfish ends.

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  4. Gerrish presents himself as a professional journalist but you only need to listen to him regurgitating Carol Woods’ serious allegations verbatim without so much as an ‘allegedly’ to see that this is not the case.

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    • He tries to dress himself up as a “news anchor” type, with all the trappings (circa 1980), but you’re right: the second he opens his mouth it all goes to shit.


  5. “For one thing, what would Gerrish be doing hanging out with a group of cops…?”

    That’s an excellent question, EC. What on earth would an ex-naval officer be doing hanging around with policemen, or indeed anyone else in uniform? I’m racking my brains but nothing springs to mind.

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  7. Good point AF.Actually my own “researches” have tended towards infiltration by dark underworld forces out of Stingray.

    Has anyone seen Gerrish and “Agent X Two Zero”(Evil underwater empire Titans surface world spy) in the same room? No I did not think so.So thats that settled then.

    “Anything can happen in the next half hour”!

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    • Meanwhile,trouble over at evil CCN HQ.Big Bozo is losing the will to live and refusing to leave his sack to produce tonights show unless his demands for conjugal rights are met henceforth.

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  8. At some stage in 2015, Lou Collins did an interview on her show with Bill Maloney where the latter suggested that Stuart Syvret was minister in charge of social services in Jersey during part of the period when the notorious Haut de La Garenne home was in operation. This was inaccurate and potentially defamatory as Stuart didn’t even enter politics until 1990, at which point HDLG was no longer in use as a care home. I made contact with Lou Collins pointing out the error and suggesting that Stuart could, if he was agreeable do an interview with her to correct Maloney’s incorrect assertion (and to be fair to her, she was agreeable to this.)

    I then made contact with Stuart via social media and he responded saying he didn’t see any point as he considered Maloney a loose cannon, having previously encountered him in the House of Commons in London.

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  9. Off topic but readers may be interested to note that conspiracy theory blogger Chris Spivey was acquitted of charges today. Allegedly the judge threw out the case and was quite annoyed at the prosecutor for bringing it.


        • Possibly that he had charges hanging over him for so long where the evidence amounted to nothing………

          Chris Spivey also seems to have been involved with Sabine’s associate Maggie Tuttle. He published details of a particular case, including names of children alleged to have been victims of sexual offences. He’s an idiot with his looknotalikes too.


          • He is most certainly a prize idiot without a doubt. However, the cops seemed to have over-reached big time here, unless people believe that possessing a Led Zepellin album should render one liable for prosecution, which hopefully they don’t.

            Note, he has been previously convicted (and probably justifiably) for harassing the family of the late Lee Rigby, the recent case was about different matters.

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          • Yes, I don’t mean to imply he should have been convicted for being a prize idiot—I assumed, apparently incorrectly, that the police might actually have found evidence upon which he could be prosecuted. That being not the case, I withdraw my statement.


          • MKD`s Latest —> Hi! It’s Rupert/Todays Episode Was Brought To You By Vladimir Putin/MI6 & The British Government . Plus God has apparently got his hands all over the case.

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