From Sabine’s frying pan to Neelu’s fire

You have to know you’re in some serious trouble when you ask Sabine for help, and she fobs you off, so you turn to…Neelu? That’s what seems to have happened to an elderly gent named Esworth Anderson, whose story doesn’t necessarily make a lot of sense to the average reader who doesn’t understand the legal system on the Planet Zod.

But last June, Esworth took it into his head to contact Sabine (and Yolande Lindridge/ Gordon/ Kenward) for help, via Sabine’s Victims Unite! blog. Except that when she says “Victims” she means everyone but you, Esworth:


So…yeah. Piss off and have a nice life, Esworth.

What to do when Sabine tells you to put an egg in your shoe and beat it? Why, obviously: write to Neelu, famous Remedy Consultant at the International Council of Jurists.

After all, it says “Remedy” right there on her Facebook page. So clearly she is a Lady Who Gets Shit Done.


Maybe it’s just us, but if we were woken at 4 a.m. to the sound of police banging on our front door, we might be inclined to just go answer it and find out what they wanted. But Esworth is made of sterner stuff: he just turned back in and tried to get back to sleep.

Are we the only ones left scratching our heads over this little interaction? Maybe, like Neelu and Sabine themselves, Esworth has become accustomed to being “illegally kidnapped” in the middle of the night, and it seems normal, or at least not all that unusual, to him.

Or maybe he’s being just a teensy-weensy bit disingenuous when he says he didn’t know what they wanted.

Because there is that whole business with the bailiffs, and the “extortionate” law firms demanding to get paid for their services (the nerve of them!), and the “land fraud” and the complaints against the p0lice…perhaps Esworth’s problem was that he couldn’t decide which thing the police were there for, there were so many.

We can see why Sabine gave him the thumbs down—but things have reached a pretty pass when poor Esworth has no one left to turn to but Neelu. Esworth, we predict your life is about to take a turn for the interesting. And warm.


76 thoughts on “From Sabine’s frying pan to Neelu’s fire

  1. Two different stories from Sabine and Neelu. In one the man goes back to bed, in another he is left on the street in his night clothes.

    Neelu mentions Winson Green in Gloucester ??? Surely that’s in Birmingham.

    The person is on the internet??

    Lots of questions to the story, perhaps its one suited to Angie Power Disney….

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  2. Just one other small point – Neelu mentions West Mercia Police.

    Mr Anderson’s address is shown to be in CV6 on the electoral role. That is policed by West Midlands Police and his local Police station is Foleshill Police Station Stoney Stanton Rd, Coventry CV6 5DG.

    The nearest adjacent force would be Warwickshire (West Mercia is some distance away)

    Nothing like a bit of accuracy coming in the way of a good story Neelu?

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  3. Yes I notice the bleeding obvious : he claims he was left on the streets in his pajamas implying eviction but still seems to be living in a $300K property he must own with the claims of “land registry fraud”.

    If he does own a $300K property perhaps he has too many assets to be entitled to free legal aid in what sounds like another frigging drain on the courts and extra costs for the hard pressed honest taxpayer by another whinging fruitloop.

    I guarantee the bailiffs were probably there for other reasons like the non-payment of council tax and other Freeman type lunacy with his mention of “oath of office” etc etc.
    And also exampled that he also has forked out thousands of pounds to solicitors who very sensibly got paid up front after probably recognising another loony was going to waste their time and refuse to take their advice.

    Talk about being the Saint of Lost Causes, you would think that when the
    OobLeDooBloo Galaxy sent The Princess Ved as their Ambassador they would have asked her to bone up on Planet Earth laws & regulations.

    As for Sabine, tough titties dear- you set out to try and destroy many lives so if you feel a little bit under the weather now because of it , it’s your own damned fault.

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    • Yes, the more I read about these people the more I understand how our court systems have become clogged and overburdened. At the risk of sounding like my elderly neighbour who’s always shouting at children to keep out of his garden, is this the sort of thing our tax money is being used for?


  4. Unfotunately for Neelu the post of “patron saint for narcissistic cringeworthy oxygen thieves” has already been taken up by Angie.

    The position of “patron saint for complete fucking pointless lunatics who drain the public purse ” is however still up for grabs.

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    • Hmmm…not sure that Dr Beavan-Marks’ references to ‘conditioned response’ is relevant. The “Captain America: Civil War” scenario sounds more like the mythological “Monarch Project” “programming” to me.
      There was no “Monarch” sub-project in MKUltra – that entire concept was just a sick fantasy, primarily promulgated by habitual fantasist Ron Patton & habitual lying con-artist (and far-right extremist) Fritz Springmeier.
      G.H. Estabrooks repeatedly claimed, (first published claim in 1943 I believe), that he could create through hypnosis Intelligence ‘couriers’ or deep cover double-agents with “split” personalities. They would be totally consciously unaware of their ‘true’ identities and missions, believing themselves to be a fictional personality scripted by their Intelligence controller, except during debriefing and re-assignment. At those times, the controller would “trigger” their true personality/identity with code-words known only to him or her. Estabrooks eventually claimed that he HAD done this, on behalf of the American military during WW2, but there are of course no records of these alleged split-personality missions, nor any mention of them by anyone else who would be expected to know about them during those times.
      There are declassified memos discussing an un-named researcher-contractor (it’s Estabrooks) attempting to ‘sell’ this hypnosis split-personality idea to American military and Intelligence programs, (with himself cast as project leader and hypnosis ‘programmer’), and the many reasons cited by the administrators of these programs for not wasting their money or resources on this concept.

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      • “G.H. Estabrooks repeatedly claimed, (first published claim in 1943 I believe), that he could create through hypnosis Intelligence ‘couriers’ or deep cover double-agents with “split” personalities. They would be totally consciously unaware of their ‘true’ identities and missions, believing themselves to be a fictional personality scripted by their Intelligence controller, except during debriefing and re-assignment. At those times, the controller would “trigger” their true personality/identity with code-words known only to him or her”.

        Wait…isn’t this basically the plot device underlying The Manchurian Candidate?

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          • This doesn’t help the mind control believers’ case:

            For anyone who missed Liza’s observation yesterday, T. Casey Brennan will tell anyone who’ll listen (Angie, for example) that he was the one who shot John F. Kennedy. Trouble is, at 4:54 in this video he seems to think the assassination took place on November 23rd 1964! You’d think the bloke who committed this history-altering deed would know what year it happened!

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        • Quite right, Coyote! The original book being published 1959(?) I think.

          There was some US Intelligence/Military sponsored experimentation related to hypothetical military applications for hypnosis, under ARTICHOKE in the early 1950’s, (such as – if you “command” a person to shoot someone they know and like, under hypnosis, will they really carry that out?), but nothing like a “manchurian candidate creation” program.

          The “Church Committee” report was published in 1976, followed by Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearings focused on MKUltra in 1977 and publication of their report. Then there was John Marks’ excellent “The Search For the Manchurian Candidate” in 1979, which brought a wealth of related information and details not only about the research but also about MKUltra-related “operations” carried out in the US and abroad, into popular knowledge for the first time. (A lot of information about MKUltra sponsored research had been “publicly available” for a long time before this, in the form of research papers published in academic journals – although the authors-researchers involvement in Intelligence/military projects would not have been explicitly stated and in some cases the scientists themselves were unaware at the time that their “work” was surreptitiously paid for and commissioned by intelligence/military).

          But in the 1980’s and 1990’s a torrent of MIS-information about these subjects was generated and circulated through various social/professional communities, including psycho-therapists and their patients, (and several professional victim claimant conspiranoids like Cathy O’Brien/Mark Hamilton and Cisco Wheeler/Fritz Springmeier, issuing newsletters and bulletins subscribed to by SRA obsessed professionals and mental patients ), feeding off and building upon one another’s fantasies and rumors. ALA, the infamous compendium of crapola known as the “Greenbaum Lecture”, and delusional “victim narratives” derived from it such as Claudia Mullin and Chris DeNicola’s “testimony” at the Human Radiation Experiments Hearings.


  5. Good detective work, EC.

    Are Neelu and Sabine still barred from contacting each other or did that end with the court trial?


    • No, as far as I know they are not barred from any contact with one another. The restraining orders only involve spreading information about the Hampstead hoax.


  6. The wrath of Angela:

    Actually, a bit of wrath might have helped to pep this up a bit. This was the most mind-numbing 14 minutes of my life. Even more dull than yesterday’s episode!


  7. FFS. “But this is not an easy job……….”

    The barefaced nerve! But then again chain smoking and talking utter shoite all day may could cause repetitive strain injury,or something.

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    • Angela is one stupid biatch.

      Firstly, it’s not a frigging job Angela.

      What fool would actually do a job where THEY have to pay 200 Euros a month (or is it every 4 weeks), to sit and speak in front of a camera to produce a You Tube video?

      Oh you?

      A job is where YOU actually get paid to produce/do something! You get paid, not do the paying.

      I thought you had a degree in English or was it Journalism?

      And if you don’t like the frigging “job” = your little hobby = QUIT, there’s no one forcing you to do it.

      It’s your hobby for crying out loud.


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