IPCC report vindicates Hoaxtead police investigation

How can you tell when members of the Hoaxtead crew are trying to sweep a bit of inconvenient information under the carpet? It’s easy, actually: when they raise the topic at all, they cherry-pick tiny pieces, and then explain in great and implausible detail why these pieces ‘prove’ that they were right all along.

The rest, they sweep under the carpet.

The latest example is Drifloud’s piece-by-piece drip-feeding of what looks like the report from the IPCC investigation that Ella demanded last year.

Last week he ‘leaked’ a snippet that clarified the fact that RD’s children were taken into care due to concerns that Abe had abused them, and that Ella’s mental health and ability to protect her own children were impaired:

Abrella-IPCC-Foulkes 2016-05-17

Yesterday, Drifloud released another tiny piece of the report.

All right, it was really a few tiny pieces stitched together into one, but it tells a fascinating story, though probably not the one Drippy would prefer.

As commenter Dave points out, these segments of the response to the IPCC actually answer two nagging questions continually raised by the Hoaxtead mob:

  1. Why didn’t the police check the alleged abusers for distinguishing marks and tattoos?
  2. Why did the police fail to arrest and question any of the alleged abusers?

Drifloud-IPCC investigation report 2016-05-22

Here’s the latest excerpt from the report, from Drifloud’s Twitter feed:

Drifloud-IPCC-3 2016-05-22

With the withdrawal of the allegations there was no power to seize further property, search premises or arrest/interview others named.

In the face of this and the retractions from the children it would be disproportionate and wrong to continue any form of investigation. There would be no grounds to arrest any person or seize any property as there was no evidence to support that an offence had taken place.

To anyone who understands that the police must follow procedural rules when they conduct investigations, and don’t get to just make it up as they go along, this sounds perfectly natural and reasonable.The children, finally feeling safe once they were out of Abe’s abusive reach, retracted their statements, so there was literally no case left to investigate.

No case means no further questioning of potential suspects, no need to arrest anyone, and no need to seize property as evidence.

The point is reiterated here:

Both your children stated that they had lied and were not sexually abused by their father. In light of the withdrawals it would have been inappropriate and potentially unlawful to make arrests or consider inviting persons in to a police station to interview them under caution….

…However the inconsistencies, lack of supporting evidence and subsequent withdrawal of the allegations dictated that any further interviews would be unjustified.

Drifloud, to no one’s surprise, is frothing at the mouth over this result. His response, as always, is to allege that it’s all part of a huge conspiracy of silence, yadda yadda yadda. The children were coerced into their retractions via a combination of magical hand signals and NLP, you see, just so that this result could be reached, and the police wouldn’t have to investigate further. Because cover-up. Obviously.

Sadly for the Hoaxtead conspiranoids, the police do not launch and pursue investigations simply on the say-so of a bunch of vigilantes out to prove the existence of a giant conspiracy of child-raping, baby-eating cultists.

Most of us see this as a good thing: the police should not play the role of the Grand Inquisitor on behalf of a small but vocal group of vigilantes.

To those of us who aren’t locked into a cult-like devotion to Abe and Ella’s fantasy story, the results of the IPCC investigation look as though they’ll make for a very satisfactory vindication of the actions of the police, at least insofar as their investigation of the alleged abusers.

It’s unlikely we’ll get the whole story for some time, if at all. That is probably appropriate, given that the case involves minor children who’ve already had their privacy and right to anonymity violated in the most extreme and egregious ways.

Still, it’s good to know that the IPCC investigation has indeed been completed and closed, and that the Hoaxtead mob is becoming increasingly frustrated in its quest to promote a gigantic witch hunt based on Abe and Ella’s lies.


49 thoughts on “IPCC report vindicates Hoaxtead police investigation

  1. Honestly the capacity of these ghastly cult believers to cherry-pick claims is a sign of mental instability. Everyone of them has lied about the IPCC response.

    And take the suspected charity scammer APD as an example of how they all operate : she chooses gutter tabloid tales that re-affirm her twisted beliefs to attempt to score points. Such as when innocent people’s lives are trashed in newspapers such as the WW2 war hero Lord Brammal or ex-MP Harvey Proctor or Paul Gambiccini or some other unfortunate person is falsely accused she posts endless links on Facebook in sheer delight in the hope children have been raped & murdered to satisfy her sickening beliefs.

    When the same gutter tabloids report the same people are innocent and fortunately children were NOT abused or murdered she & the Cult scream ‘cover-up’ in each and every instance. They demand deaths and rape.

    No wonder the vile newspaper News of The World prospered for so long when these moronic Cult-Like Hoaxstead lunatics accepted every word printed as long as it appealed to their inbuilt prejudices.

    The Hoaxteaders are the real Cult. Every action by the members reeks of cult-like behaviour : I’m beginning to believe in their claims that many people are “mis-information agents” but I’m now thinking that the Hoaxtead Cult are actually the ones and they are Devil Worshippers. They demand and require murder and rape to keep their Cult alive. They cruelly attack innocents and their children and attempt to destroy their lives. They are dedicated to this end.

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    • I agree, GS–these people act much more like a cult than those they accuse. Their insistence that horrifying abuse and murder must have taken place, and their rage when they are told it has not, says everything there is to say about them, really. And yes, there is a link between the Hoaxtead mob and the worst excesses of tabloids like NotW: those papers cater to the lowest common denominator in our society, and encourage them in their batty, ugly beliefs.

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    • Totally agreed. Besides exposing the children so flagrantly and egregiously for all the world to (illegally) behold, the greatest offense perpetrated by this deluded gang of no-life cretins is that they’ve taken the definition of “Schadenfreude” to a sickening and unprecedented new low. They *desperately* want to believe that their twisted, dark delusions are rooted in objective reality. To my mind, this definitively confirms that most – if not all – of them battle severe mental illnesses and/or serious personality disorders.

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  3. It seems typical of the modus operandi of many of the hoaxers, they quote incomplete statements that have been cherry picked to give a distorted version of the “truth” that they want to push as fact. Close examination shows that much of what is pushed as fact is actually just a concoction developed to suit their own agenda.

    Sabine McNeil, Belinda McKenzie and Angie Power Disney are prime (and continuous) examples of such behaviour.

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    • A trait apparent to all these shameless conspiraturds is one of inadequacy within their inner and outer lives.Such floundering empty souls desperately seek to be attended to, celebrated and even make a few sheckles along the way.

      Akin to flies around shit they gather around any “cause celeb” that presents as vulnerable and ripe to their brand of vampiry.

      This congeals vapidly into a mutual masterbation society where component parts stroke each other into a frenzy and group preferences evolve effectively outlawing anything remotely resembling objectivity or impartiality.

      Such ill conceived associations inevitably crumble as they lack any cohesive integrity substances upon which to sustain a framework for on going development.

      As there is no loyalty amongst theives they are left to pick over each others meagre rancid bones.

      Idiots cubed.



  4. This is a good example of Angie (perhaps setting up her next scam) Her neighbours accused her of impropriety previously with regards the residents association…

    Yet she posts this on her Facebook page:

    Now, why did Angie not put her hand in her pocket and fund the required 130 euros herself – RATHER than donating 889 euros ($1000) to a random person to go off on a jolly to Italy?

    From: https://www.gofundme.com/RupertQ2UK

    Perhaps the lure of collecting 10 euros per week from 80 houses for a “Blotto” is more attractive to her?

    Perhaps a more apt name for an Angie Power Disney led collection would be “PRATSFUNDME”

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    • It’s terrible but what seems like a perfectly reasonable request for a housing estate makes us so suspicious and how could you trust the person fundraising? (be interested to know what the neighbors think !)

      The sad truth is that the UK is riddled with dreadful child abuse in the forms of physical & mental neglect along with sex abuse (statistics say sex abuse is around 17% of all abuse) & these Hoaxers are fixated on a case now shown to be false. They waste precious resources and have cops & social workers go on wild goose chases. A pox on them.

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      • Angies neighbours have previously raised questions over her methods of accounting for money, I doubt that anyone there trusts her enough to place her in a position of financial responsibility.

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  5. This is common ground with other hoaxes run by the mob. There is a view among a group of people up here that this indicates that there is not just a form of insanity alloyed to stupidity and ignorance with these things, but that there can be other agenda at play. Making money is just one of them. And we feel that charity scams might be among the least-noxious of their activities!

    There are REAL grass-roots cases where there genuinely IS evidence of some sort of cover-up on the part of officials. And a surprising (given their claims) silence on the part of the so-called ‘truthers’ when it comes to drilling into REAL evidence! In fact I’m happy to stick my neck out in saying it’s as plain as the nose on your face that part of the purpose of hoaxes like Hollie Grieg and Hampstead is to draw attention AWAY from actual child abusers. Personally I’m now absolutely convinced that many of these cases are smokescreens for things like the production and distribution of child pornography (and possibly other forms of extreme filth) and the organised sexual abuse of minors.

    As I suggested the other day – try as you might – you will struggle to find even the smallest, vaguest, most tenuous link between any one of these hoaxers and the ACTUAL conviction of a solitary predator. Quite the reverse in fact! They are fairly keen to try and discredit those who actually DO expose these things. VERY often when you dig into the background of these people you find, like Christie and Draper, they themselves really ARE child abusers, drug addicts, criminals, con-merchants, banrupt failures, unemployable wasters, etc.

    I say they’re not only stupid to try and twist the facts as they do (obviously they think the rest of the world is as thick and non-educated as they are!) but they’re running scared!

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    • And they fed children Marijuana which is a powerful drug that can really damage some people – they themselves admit it is powerful but claim it cures everything from warts to God knows what. This is like getting your kids to drink a glass of Whiskey every day at the age of 6/7/8. Child abusers.

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      • Drug ‘culture’ does seem to play a big part in much of this. – There is a good reason why it’s called ‘dope’! Why anyone would go out of their way to turn themselves, let alone innocent kids, into one of those is completely beyond me.

        The more I learn about these hoaxes the more obvious it becomes that the people who promote them are just the backflow of humanity’s blocked drains. A few Kg of caustic soda made up into the strongest solution possible is what’s required.

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        • My observations from college days are that most of the time marijuana makes people quite mellow, if apathetic, but other times it turns them paranoid and volatile. I knew one person who had the leave the course after drugs triggered a schizophrenic episode.
          So far we know Abe and Ella are druggies, as is Charlotte Ward, Jake Clarke and Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV (who sounds like a prize poodle, and in many ways is). Have I missed anyone? Am I right in thinking Araya imbibes substances in addition to those produced by her own body?

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          • An aquaintance of mine who was brought up in the 60s/70s – son of a bit of a ‘hippy chick’ (dead before she was 70) points to many people of that generation who his mother knew, some quite well known, who have had seriously shortened and/or wasted lives thanks to ‘harmless’ ganja. One particularly notable Scottish guitarist he recalls was like a bewildered octogenarian long before he was 60. – Had to be lead about everywhere, died at 67 (oddly enough in Hampstead)! Wonder if Abe was his dealer?

            My friend is possibly the most vehemently anti-drugs individual I have ever met. I suppose that’s what comes of being stone cold sober while watching your elders make blatant fools of themselves. – He’s a musician himself, in his early 50s, and can reel off a long list of famous locals whose funerals he expects to attend in the next decade. – Sounds like the main thing grass is a ‘cure’ for is actually being alive!

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          • Assuming your college days weren’t recent, the stuff today is so mush stronger. Gone are the mellow feelings and some giggles, replaced by stuper.

            Who knows what else is mixed into the resin form.

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          • Indeed as a teen I smoked grass occasionally until – I had a bout of paranoia (I mean real paranoia that is absolutely terrifying) and fortunately a friend had a bottle of Valium to feed me. That was over 50 years ago- never been near it since. I’d throttle anyone I thought was feeding kids grass.

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  6. A note of caution from me. Perhaps this is the police response to the IPCC, and the IPCC have yet to respond. It isn’t clear.

    Esther Baker’s Twitter followers retweet and respond to Drifloud. That wouldn’t matter so much if Esther Baker just had them as followers. Instead she’s Twitter mates and maybe met IRL.

    One of them Discovery77_ wanted to be involved in the current inquiry into child abuse.

    That’s worrying because the material posted by Drifloud often directly names two children involved in investigations into sexual offences.

    Esther Baker needs to wise up.

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    • Very much so. I only know the very basic outline of her story, but it seems unwise to try to bolster one’s case in that way…despite Sabine’s belief in the superiority of the court of public opinion.


      • I don’t think you need to know that much of her story to realise that wanting to be involved as an advocate for people abused in childhood, then appearing to condone the behaviour I’ve described, doesn’t bode well for one’s endeavours in the this sector. Not unless the Icke forum bottom feeders are your actual intended audience.

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  7. They seem to be chundering on about voluntary inspection of alleged tattoos again too.

    They claim to have authorities ready to take this evidence, or to go to the police.

    Is it all they have left, a have you stopped beating your wife question.

    Anyway as I understand it, under PACE, the police couldn’t accept an offer of a voluntary search of that nature, they would have to arrest first,

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    • I think Abraham Christie and Ella Draper should strip down to their naughty bits and show us all their distinguishing marks to disprove the claims of Angela Power Disney that they were part of an alleged cult.

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    • I don’t believe there is a genuine intent behind these demands. Those making it are either stupid or malicious, actually both, but the maliciousness is greater.

      They make the demand in full knowledge that it’s not going to be met for a variety of reasons, not least it is being made by a bunch of unimportant people on the Internet.

      Anyway, even if some sort of tattoos or marks exists, by itself it means little without other evidence, there are a variety of ways they could be known to Abrella.

      So I guess the challenge is for them to present some actuall evidence, get the case reopened.

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      • And good luck to them getting it reopened now. Won’t be happening.

        I think you’re right that the ‘show us your tattoos’ thing is just plain malice at this point. It’s been shown time and again that the tattoo drawings were another piece of ‘evidence’ fabricated by Abrella to back up their insane story.

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      • It’s a “when did you stop beating your wife” question but I think they are too stupid & fanatical to get that concept.

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    • lol..”they have authorities ready”. What they are demanding is the right to sexually abuse & humiliate a bunch of innocent people and are stamping their feet because those people refuse to strip for them just as someone would if you walked up to them in a Hampstead street and said: “I believe you are in the cult, drop your pants right now and prove you are not”

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  8. I mean with regard markings etc. Find myself wondering whether some are motivated by revenge, abused orstrip searched, or both,perhaps a carehome Survivor? Needing help too long.If so, may they desist,
    We can become what we hate. Whilst i understand, those drives, many innocents are being harmed. The accounts around Estther B mentioned,
    i,ve witnessed causing harm to others. Divisive.

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    • I don’t know what motivates them. I can certainly see what they do though.

      MrsGreen99 and Ksmth2000 are another two. I’m not on about EB herself here, or any stuff she’s said about her past, just what she tolerates on the one hand, and professes to believe is wrong to do to people who have reported sexual abuse on the other.

      People may not realise that Abraham Christie let slip that one of the parents found out about the home recordings very early on (they were shared by the pair almost immediately remember) and went to the police themselves straight away.

      Ella Draper has not once said she’s seen this supposed cult tattoo. Those who are a bit slow on the logical thinking will not realise it’s things like this that make the whole narrative the pair constructed fall apart. That and all the other stuff.

      Whatever people believe about the case, if they hold themselves out to be any sort of campaigner, they must realise that there are certain things that don’t get shared. Identities, rape exams, police interviews, especially of little children.

      I think people are caught up in the excitement of it, not necessarily sexual, but I sometimes wonder.

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      • Yes, we covered the issue of how the Jean-Clement recording got to the police back in December: https://hoaxteadresearch.wordpress.com/2015/12/18/abedriffy-admits-the-accused-did-come-forward/

        Contrary to what many Hoaxtead pushers believe, the video was not handed over by Abe or Ella; it came from one of the accused parents, who found out he was named and immediately took the video to the police. Because a guilty person would obviously want the police to have evidence of their guilt, right? (Note to Jake Clarke: That’s sarcasm.)

        I agree that people have got caught up in the excitement of this thing, and many seem to be motivated by a belief that this case will ‘crack open’ the cult that they are certain rules this country (or the world, take your pick). To them, a minor thing like destroying two children’s future prospects and violating their right to privacy are minor considerations in comparison to finally getting everyone to believe their theories.

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      • I,ve spoken to people who can see lots wrong but they insist the children drawings and testimonies could not have been coached, somehow not able to tell that those weeks in Morroco the torture sufferedeasily could have. My sadistic father had admit to things i,d not, as bad as it was, for p and q it was releentlesss, yet some then believe that in a week they could be forced to retract. I reported
        as soon as i watched them.

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        • Yes, I think it’s foolish to say they couldn’t have been coached/tortured into making the videos and the drawings. There were inconsistencies between the two kids’ stories from the outset. Listening to Abe coaching them to say, “Kill, kill, kill the baby! I like to hear you say that” should tell anyone that the children were told exactly what to say.

          The other thing is that the children show no signs of distress when they tell their implausible stories. That’s what tipped me off from the outset. Children who’ve been abused don’t look as though they are cheerfully describing an outing when they talk about it. They show signs of reluctance, they fidget, they look away, they are silent for long periods of time, they change the subject. They can become aggressive. They cry. They can show signs of hyper-alertness or suspicion. Those are all perfectly normal reactions.

          How do I know this? Let’s just say that before I retired I was in a job where I dealt with children and adolescents who were disclosing sexual abuse for the first time. Never once did I run across a child who acted or looked the way RD’s children did when they were supposedly disclosing abuse. Never once.

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          • I know Old Rat Watcher, but you try telling some people that!

            I find it funny that some people bandy about the words, trigger, alters, PTSD, but seem to have no concept of what talking about being abused, being questioned about it, might do to someone, especially a child, not that there’s a right or correct reaction in this situation

            It makes me think there may be some faux victims out there.

            And Sheva, I know what you mean, I used to shake but tense up massively to try to hold it in, and also be drenched in sweat after talking in any depth about my experiences.

            Remember Ella Draper believes the foster carer was supportive, writing down what they said to her, which Ella has used as supposed proof. In fact we are talking hours or even minutes.

            They can’t fathom what coercion might be like, maybe because they are idiots, because they must believe on one hand the children kept quiet and lied for years, maybe because they have no first hand experience of the sort of things the children described happening in Morocco, and are not willing to accept what even well intentioned poor questioning can lead to, never mind torture.

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  9. Btw notice how they don’t mention the cathlic news except the attempt to steal/mirror/co opt Tim Minchin,s Ballarat Appeal,,oh and cos Rupert was offto Rome Angieannounces that Christchurch is catholic
    Oh plus the wrecking mission, i hope portrayed clearly enough and when you understand what he did and that he controls finances, well the kind of warriors on this ain’t impressed nor will be by the
    troofers promoting the hunger strke bs. Same way they hooked Charlie Veitch for hollie, and wearechange reported too, on the guys own goofundme, i think are CCN links.


  10. Something that the UK should consider as Google fights France who si demanding the EU’s ‘right to be forgotten law’ applies world-wide. I think France will win this. They have a long history of protecting citizen’s rights.

    I’ve had arguments with journalist friends about this who always use that hokey claim of “freedom of speech” or claim it’s censorship. But the internet has thrown up a whole new scenario where an innocent person or indeed a guilty one who has paid their prescribed penalty can basically have their life story “re-published” every day.


    • I’m not keen on the “right to be forgotten”. If we are talking about genuine valid newspaper stories I don’t think these should be allowed to disappear. When it comes to material that is libellous and in breech of court orders then the ISP’s should definitely be required to remove it from their servers.
      I do wish that journalists would use their freedoms to research meaningful stories rather than fight battles to tell us who has been doing things with olive oil (Popeye is very upset about this).

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