Neelu Watch: Does she secretly crave prison food?

Neelu has mentioned on several occasions that she’s a vegetarian. Luckily for her, it appears that Her Majesty’s prisons are obligated to serve their guests a vegetarian option, because Neelu seems determined to be invited for an extended stay.

Yesterday on Facebook she posted this gem, which breaches her bail conditions by referencing the Hampstead hoax:

Neelu-1-2016-01-18Neelu is even less coherent than usual here. Can anyone interpret the following glistening prose:

Please telephone the IPCC for the return of the two Hampstead children, 8 & 9, to their loving mother, Ella Draper, whose appeal that the Police & CPS failed to investigate serious crimes against babies and children and covered them, up has been upheld (with her protection from kidnap)

We don’t even know where to start.

Perhaps we’ll just point out that the IPCC has no power to return any children to anyone. They are a body that oversees the police complaints system in England and Wales and sets the standards by which the police should handle complaints.

Following the handy link, above, we discovered even more evidence of bail-breaching activity:

Neelu-1 2016-01-18We wonder whether Neelu’s legal team informed her that it might be unwise to refer to the Crown witnesses as ‘satanic cult members’, since it’s already been established in court that they are no such thing. It’s especially impolitic to point out that they failed to show up last time, since Neelu is being tried on charges of intimidating those self-same witnesses…for witness intimidation.

Neelu-3-2016-01-18(Also, Neelu seems to think the police are prosecuting Abraham Christie. Does she know something we don’t? … Nah. Not likely.)

However, if we were Neelu’s legal team, we’d be tearing our hair out at this point.

We wonder how the vegetarian food is, in the muppet wing?

muppet wing






47 thoughts on “Neelu Watch: Does she secretly crave prison food?

    • Nice 🙂

      And when I hear this one, I can’t help picturing Neelu “Queen Bee” Berry strutting around the wing, imposing dishonour liens on the other prisoners for failing to pay their 10-fags-a-week protection fee:

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    • In my experience, it has been beneficial, and also harmful. When i say that some, like Belinda use it, it is about a way of pacing speech, using emotional hooks, and undertones, implied threats, and meanings, and manipulating the followers. It has seemed to have worked for her?

      What is your objective here ? I’m not defending NLP, and can’t get into this right now, i’m overstretched, and needing to check in with some groups, badly effected by HWSNBN’s latest death threat causing allegations against some of us….. but it is practised widely, and police, social workers trained to use it, which i have also found to be done, in damaging ways.

      I can only be vague, not alot of detail, but discussing this a few times in groups, i found others who had been at the mercy of someone using NLP, and manipulating them, unravelling them, until they realised and could better protect and undo the harm.

      What i’m referring to, is negative suggestions implanted and positives about the person ignored, which for a parent, say, under investigation, can do real harm to their ragged sense of self..

      When used to do the opposite, i found it powerful, along with positive affirmation work.

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        • neither is much that meant i walked again, while a scientifically trained GP, told me i would never stand, lol 🙂

          so it doen’t really matter to me, my experience is my evidence, with alot of things.


          • medically ? then…… 🙂 They have rubbished eg St. Johns Wort, which i find has a very good effect, they say they don’t know what’s in it, i say ‘i feel better when taking it’

            I;m just not able to get polorarised on some of the issues…….tho i just gasp, sometimes at how everything they touch, is then open for mocking….. so with some of it, i will rest on my experience and training, which involves some of those ways or things, kinda

            There have been some links sent to me, esp via twitter, that look like very sophisticated security sites and info, but i’m not at the level, to judge,

            I do know tho that some sites are the opposite of what they seem, and create security problems… it was a bit of note to self and others with time, to maybe just make sure links were good.. and not any doubt of your intentions, Sassy, just i have walked into some traps that way, and learnt to be cautious,


  1. Should I change up the aim and the title of my site.

    Lately I been noticing I have been doing more debunking than actually removing the children’s information from the internet.

    So should I change the site to better match what I am doing?


    • Not sure, but would like to help inspire more people to report, it really might just be a case of numbers?

      Also i would like to put pressure on facebook, twitter, and google, and anyone else that has allowed this to run, whilst those of us, putting forward the real truthes, are often banned, stopped, eg. i cannot get on twitter suddenly, why ? i just posted some real work by someone recently issued death threats after fiona barnettt and him, lied about some important campaigners, down under.

      The good news, tho, is that the groups bullied by them while they tried to troll and spam with the hampstead shite, the group itself, looks stronger than ever, and the guy’s feeling suicidal are looking much better.

      If there is an agreed approach re petitioning, i can certainly help to spread it, very widely..
      But i do think we need agreement, and thought before doing that.

      I’ll see if any ideas spring to mind…as a more effective name, maybe ?

      I really appreciate the easy links you have put together for sites etc to be reported, again, thanks

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  2. Neelu is never going to learn her lesson even if she did go to prison in my opinion. I remember reading a book about NLP a few years back and a lot of sales people use it to help get them a sale and the mentalist Derren Brown apparently uses it also along with some hypnosis techniques

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  3. Poor Gary on the phone has been issued with a £1million commercial lien…

    This truly is the ramblings of a mentally ill woman, will a member of her family, please take note!

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  4. The fact this “won appeal” has not been published makes me suspicious of it’s provenance. I was going to email the IPCC and ask if it’s genuine but as Neelu discovered, if you are not a party to it I think they would neither confirm or deny it.

    Perhaps because it involves a family court matter that may be why it isn’t available (another breach of the law by Abella who published it ?). Or is it that Abraham is crafty enough to know he could re-write the appeal to suit him knowing no-one can get a positive or negative response from the IPCC?

    That said I’m off to phone my insurance co re: car insurance. I’m going to ask whoever answers if they are a practicing Satanist.

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