Is this Neelu’s proposed argument?

We confess to being a bit perplexed about how Neelu feels she can justify having charges of witness intimidation dismissed.

However, all became clear (well, perhaps somewhat less muddy) when we stumbled across her blog, and found this:

Neelu-court bundle 2016-02-25

Ah, then. She’s planning to press counter-charges against the police, CPS, Child Abuse Investigation Team, and IPCC.

Her 60-page bundle, “known to three judges of the Blackfriars Crown Court, will be presented in the public interests in Neelu’s application-to-dismiss the case against her, for alleged intimidation of ‘witnesses’ at the hearing listed on 28 February 2016”.

Her rationale for issuing counter-charges (is that even a thing?) is as follows:

Crown Prosecution Service, Police & Child Abuse Investigation Team Police Officers (CAIT) in the UK have been caught out, routinely acting above the law, above the judges, above the courts – without law, to pervert the course of justice even when the higher authority, IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) has failed to provide remedy to date 07 Feb 2016.

That last bit about the IPCC might have something to do with Neelu’s attempt to give them a ring and have a chat. It did not go well.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: we offer profound thanks to whoever is in charge of these things that we are not Neelu’s legal team.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the day as we hear any news about this case.

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  1. I feel this latest campaign will involve buried crystals, the arrest of a judge and a cosmic butterfly. Since Sabine McNeill will be relying on a successful outcome in the case today, I feel confident their fools luck will run out today.

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