Neelu Watch: Neelu takes on the IPCC

Oh, dear. Looks like Neelu’s outdone herself this time, folks.

Just in case her recent multiple bail breaches weren’t enough, yesterday she took it upon herself to harass the IPCC. And two unlucky IPCC employees just had a very, very bad day.

The fun starts about two minutes in (because Neelu finds it necessary to include the phone ringing for about a minute and a half before it’s answered).

Male voice: Hello, IPCC switchboard, how can I direct your call?

Neelu: Yes, this is in the public interest, in matters of great general public importance regarding an appeal being upheld at the IPCC, yet no remedy has been obtained.

Male voice (all unsuspecting): Okay, is it your appeal?

Neelu (lying blatantly): Yes, I’m related.

Male: Okay, may I take your reference number please?

Neelu (hedging): No, but I can give you names.

Male (still trying to be helpful): Okay…what  name is it under?

Neelu: Ella Draper.

Male: Is that your name?

Neelu: My name is Neelu.

Male: Neelu.

Neelu: Yes.

Male (still unsuspecting): Okay…okay, I can’t see that yourself is listed on here, being an interested party…

Neelu: Yes, because as a result of the IPCC’s failure to provide a remedy I have been persecuted by those people, by those police officers…

Male (patiently): Right, like I said, you’re not listed…

Neelu: Yes, because I’m a whistle-blower—because the IPCC has failed to provide any remedy…

Male (beginning to catch on): Bear with me, I’m going to…

Neelu: Can you give me the reference number please?

Male: No, I can’t give you that.

Neelu (in full swing now): No but I’m being persecuted because of your failure to provide a remedy…

Male (they do not pay me enough for this): Okay, I can’t give you any…

Neelu: I’m going to issue you with commercial lien in the amount of one million pounds for your dishonouring me!

Male (resigned): Go ahead.

Neelu demands his name, which he politely spells out for her: it’s Gary. Then she hits him with her killer punch: “Okay, are you aware that this country is being run by satanic cults?”

…long pause…

Neelu: Satanists.

Gary (help me…): Okay…

Neelu: Right, and the IPCC is allowing this to carry on.

Gary (is it time to go home yet?): Okay…

Neelu: And they know that Satanic ritual abuse in Hampstead has been covered up by the child abuse investigations team.

Gary (starting to sound desperate): Okay, do you want me to put you through to someone? (Please? Anyone?)

Neelu: I’d rather have the remedy of the return of the two children who’ve been kidnapped.

Gary (perhaps thinking this is just a case of mistaken identity): Okay, you’re through to the switchboard at the moment.

Neelu: You work for the IPCC, you must know that Satanic cults are still operating…

Gary (finally starting to lose patience): Do you want to speak to someone or not?

Gary, you have our undying admiration. In your shoes, we would have ‘accidentally’ cut Neelu off on the first rant. And you get extra points for getting rid of her so quickly.

Your unfortunate colleague…well, she wasn’t so lucky. Here’s how it went:

Woman (sounding quite cheerful): You’re speaking to Claire in customer services, how can I help you today?

Neelu (dispensing with pleasantries): Right, so I understand that you’ve upheld an appeal in the public interest in matters of great general public importance. The complaint was made by Ella Draper…

Claire: Okay, so any information that’s in the public domain is available on our website.

Neelu: No, listen, I’m not going to be put onto a source of the information that I’ve already explored.

Claire (still cheerful): That’s the only information that I can provide you with, information that’s on our website.

Neelu: Because you haven’t put it on your website, that’s the problem.

Claire (patiently): Well, it’s not in the public domain, I’m afraid.

Neelu: I’m sorry, I don’t accept your contract—you’re embezzling public money in the IPCC, providing absolutely no public service or remedy for the two children who have been kidnapped, satanically ritually abused in the church and the schools, there are hundreds, if not thousands of children still being raped and sodomized at the Hampstead church as a result of the IPCC failing to provide remedy despite upholding the appeal and its shamefully not putting up the results of the appeal on their website…and the IPCC is trading illegally and it’s the agent of the satanic cults that are running this country because the cults still operate because of your failure to provide remedies to the family and the other families for the babies that are being…

Claire (seemingly unfazed): But how can I assist you today?

Neelu: What you going to do today?

Claire (sounding decidedly brisk): I’m not going to do anything, I’m not going to take any further action but…

Neelu: What are you going to do about babies being eaten in schools by children?

Claire (taking one more stab at civility): It’s my job to provide information on the complaints process.

Neelu goes through the whole name-taking process again, then asks, “Okay, so are you aware that you are at the moment failing to provide a remedy?”

Claire tries to protest that she’s only there to advise on the complaints process, but Neelu is having none of it. After a couple of go-rounds, Neelu demands to speak to Claire’s manager. Claire, probably sensing that her manager would like nothing less than to deal with Neelu, says she can have the manager call Neelu back in 24 hours.

Neelu: I need to speak to them right now! I don’t consent to 24 hours, this is an emergency!

Claire: That’s not the process, I’m afraid.

Neelu: I’m afraid I don’t accept the contract.

Claire (now decidedly chilly): There’s no other option.

Neelu (brings out the Big Guns): I’m afraid there is, because I’m going to issue a commercial lien on all the directors of the IPCC to put them down, to cease trading and shut it down.

Claire (with an almost palpable shrug) Okay, if that’s what you want to do…

Neelu (ignoring Claire altogether): …to cease trading…you will be responsible, you will be personally responsible for shutting down the IPCC because you refused to put me through to your manager and you assumed the power of the entire IPCC by refusing me my remedy.

They go through an argument about who will call Neelu back, and finally Claire explodes: “I’m not going to continue a call where you continue to repeat things over and over. If you have questions about the complaints process I’ll be happy to answer those, but if you’re just going to continue to repeat the same allegations, there’s no point continuing this call”. You said it, Claire.

Neelu: I want to speak to somebody else.

Claire: I can request the manager call you back.

Neelu: No, I need to speak to somebody else now. I need you to transfer me to somebody else.

Claire (through clenched teeth): That’s not going to be possible, I won’t be doing that.

Neelu: I’m going to put this call on the YouTube and I’m going to let people call you day and night and leave messages for you to provide remedies if you’re not going to provide remedies…

Claire: If you do that the same advice will be provided.

There’s a long pause. Then Neelu comes back with her tried-and-true interrogation tactic, asking for Claire’s job title, rank, and serial number. And then…

Neelu: What are your qualifications?

Claire: That’s completely irrelevant.

Neelu: Are you a psychologist?

Claire: That’s completely irrelevant.

Neelu: Are you trained in NLP? Are you a satanist? Are you a practicing satanist? Do you have an allegiance to God? to serve and protect God’s children?

And finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for…Claire hangs up.

We suspect this story will be making the rounds at the IPCC for weeks, perhaps months to come. And Claire and Gary will be dining out on this one for years. As well they ought.



67 thoughts on “Neelu Watch: Neelu takes on the IPCC

  1. This is the pivotal moment where everyone stops hating on civil servants. Respect to Claire. Respect to Gary. (And respect to this blog of course).


    • Blimey: good staff training by IPCC and very good work by Claire and Gary.

      “This call may be recorded and may be used for training purposes. ” I always thought that the chances of starring in my own phone call to the gas company were minimal but it sounds like Neelu has an unstoppable technique, perhaps from the Sarah Palin school of communications.

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  2. Isn’t it about time we imposed a billion pound lien on Neelu for dishonouring public servants by putting them through this…?

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    • If only.

      Seriously, though–I do wonder whether there’s anything of interest to the police in this video? Such as the fact that Neelu is bleating publicly about Hoaxtead…again?


  3. It truly is her best one yet.. at least it give me the biggest laughs any of her videos have in a long time but I do wish a member of her family would get her the help she needs (and I don’t mean a remedy from the IPCC, I mean an appointment with a Psychiatrist.)

    I enjoyed reading your transcript, EC and laughing yet again, Your additions were great!

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    • I hear she’s teaming up with the well known Irish comedian Patrick Culinane & they are going to produce a series of Youtube videos where they ring unsuspecting civil servants. police stations etc asking if they work for Satan and so on.

      Apparently inspired by the great Henry Root.

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    • Could anyone in contact with any of the authorities on this, remind them, that i have rang so many, to warn them.

      I rang the police, and others’, to warn them that this group, could be dangerous.

      My first smile of the day: Aww theyr/e playing my new game, ‘SpottheDifference’, which i’ll use as the tag for this.

      Perhaps they could be pointed to my blacklist,

      Because, then i felt quite sick, i have at times, been treated with impatience, but imagine, if a survivor wanting information, help, advice, at this critical time, rings straight after…………or maybe someone attempting to report their harrassment.

      It took a while, for the police to take me seriously on this, and the response by Youtube, Google, Bing, Facebook, especially, is absolutely appalling

      It could be the mass swamping of sites, officials, websites, i had to wonder, whether, by Sabines’ direction, her mininions, had mass emailed the IICSAinquiry, which was why it had to be destroyed, and begun again, it really could have been …….

      Regardless of why, who did, etc….which some of us, can discuss, with some real reasons for our wonderings, that there could be encouragement towards, those that would again, disrupt CSA Survivors, Some of us, have been here before, many times.

      Sassy put together something on NLP, which without reading, i shared, it’s sometimes helpful, to be able cruise through links for info. I’ve qualified my position on it….but i guess NLP is another one of those tags, and i have presented a more balanced view, that over the years, upon expressing, quite alot of practitioners, or professionals, on CSA Survivors help and training, discussed at length, and that is the consensus of good people who would never abuse such a powerful tool.

      The Psychiatric, Mental Health and all care professsions, will be hearing more from parents, and the youth, on changes needed. Again, these things are reaching policy decision, funding decision times, UK.

      Clearly money must be available, and it is, for the chosen sites, groups, etc.

      Clearly there is a need for some fundraising for independent, trustworty groups, with a track record, some are nearly closing, or closed down, again the hoaxteaders, are attempting to raise milions, provide the elixer for life.

      There is in many good therapist’s views of all kinds, Osteopaths, Cranial inc. Aromatherapy, Relaxation Techniques, again, there are some good small practices already, they will be going on my white list.

      I will provide some good sites,, for other countries, where good stuff, can be found,

      But for now, it seems critical to focus on the UK.

      This info needs to be circulated,

      The authorities need to cut them off, trust that we will ridicule and show them up, for the charlatans, etc that they are…..

      So that they can listen to those who actually can help them process the needs for change, without this NOISE.

      Sassy’s got some info, on security, i’m not equipped to really judge it, again, it may be helpful but i’ll try and put some info out there, that is of a much higher level.

      So we definitely i think, need to focus, perhaps less on the players, tho watchful, and focus on pressuring Facebook again, for a child abuse report button.

      Introduce a blanket ban when say, a certain, authority contacts them……and this is so dangerous in a way, isn’t it,………….again, my conspiracy behind the conspiracy thoughts, get triggered.

      I thinks it’s very important that these switchboard people get support and help , i’m sure survivors could organise a thankyou campaign, where appropriate ? or maybe, in the future, when we can feel heartily grateful.

      OOOOOOOOOOh, yes i know, many of us, like John Brown, down under, have little to thank at times, many of us have challenged the authorities.

      It is people like John, and so many more who have done the kind of work and activism, that leads us to this time,

      The way he speaks to authority is very interesting, informative, educational. Even if you disagree, with some of his premise, he can back up, as to why he makes the statements or asks the questions that he does, so i am very suspicios, at their recent wrecking motion, down under in a Royal Commission Group, where people are supporting each other, through this process.

      There are groups the world over for the forgotten.

      IRELAND. Closer to home, there are valid reasons to attach Kincora to IICSA. or perhaps form an independent one, that can include all groups.

      Magdalene Laundries JusticeforMagdalenesNOW, irelandsShame, which does seem to have links, be forming them with most, i have asked them to make sure the hoaxers are out, these tyrants perhaps hold some to ransom, and will be mass attacked, if they dare go against the hoaxes…..perhaps some have been groomed, then abused, and forgotten again, by these headliners, i reckon so,

      There are some people who, like me, visit alot of the groups, globally, or let each other know alerts.

      Other groups IrelandsResidentialSchools. There are others, but these groups probably lead to others, just watch out for any with hampstead or fiona barnett, or hampstead supporters, pull back,

      Find better channels to get information, out there, again, i will put lists up, as fast as possible, that
      will show independent survivors, old timer campaigners, a goldmine of real information, that is beneath these kites and false flags.

      Canada, Australia, the whole ex empire and common cough, wealth, has small groups helped to form online, for residential school/carehome/youthoffending and so on, groups, already tackling, some very well, helped by crowdfunding, or donate buttons.

      Spot the difference. Some deserve support, I am across a really good looking USA site RAININ it think, i’m pretty sure there is another corrupted version, which i’ll be looking at,

      So good groups, hang tight, keep united and supported those within your groups, if the wreckers are about, kick em out.

      See the blogs i wrote recently for more, i’m trying to bring more clarity, so the focus can be going into the right efforts.

      Matty McVarish being on TV yesterday, dud duh duh duuuuuuuuuuh ” crumbs they’ll chew on that for ages, probs, and of course it nicely proves i must be high in the cult………..splutter, anyone who has spoken with me, or visited over years, i should have given a coffee put down warning !!! 🙂

      Let me….but i think their supply should be stopped,

      Some Dark City Radio hosts are innit

      Most Freedom Law people are innit

      Probs why Daveyone can’t repost me anymore, cos there are some more like Michael Doherty going on, and there are certainly, signs i could see, even Shevas pets or something, jewelllry, etc,

      Some have been watching the results of statements made, and can see that we have an opportunity to clear the deck, nicely handed to us, really, they did viralise this and get massive online attention, at this criticaal time, when so much is coming to a head, across the world, then, we must make sure, that professionals can learn quickly by those already doing, what they could also do.

      Hope that makes sense, i’ll have to cut off, and read back later,
      i think i’ve repeatted myself alot now.

      This could be exciting, for many of us, these are the bane of our lives, my google plus is a good place to start, there are some pisstaking id’s used by the clowns amongst us, but i have wobbled to find a real satanist, but then, it is but another set of beliefs, and i know some friends who have studied it more than i,

      I too have travelled the complimentary, holistic, alternative route, and learnt much, on some subjects, such as Subtle Aromatherapy, with Patricia Davies, one of the first teachers of it, set up a school, etc.

      I have mentioned chrystals, and my first book, was on a table at the 4th International Conference on Incest & ……. i’ll dig out some info, but there is some already online….I’ll try and write something of how attitudes have changed, moved on, another discussion i have shared with many, both Matty;s and Core, who i really wish could be left off from the mock list, because his blog, music and way of walking his talk, intelligence and study, Well check out his blog,,,,,,,,and funnily enough his surname is duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuh”

      Crowley…..:) Coreneluus Crowley……he has no problem dealing with spammers, or trolls, they might get one chance…..His work is educational, he has a youtube video speaking from his heart as a recovering father/survivor, and the changes he needed to make within……he writes much and has alot of information about the elite, public school influence. So he too has been mocked. Some are still getting it from both sides, that i don’t want swept up in this.

      EG some therapy sites, i recommend may use NLP.

      The important thing to remember, and i often have to sing this is ‘It ain’t what you do,but the way that you do it, :

      Cornelius writes challenging stuff re the music industry, etc, but he makes sense, and has no other motive thatn to seek to co create a better safer world,

      He knows alot about all of the forgotten groups, too, and also inquiries, and there is also another blogger in North America, also recieving shunning…..

      A tactic they have gloated about in their groups, they are using all techniques and scams to make money outta this.

      For some they desperately needed money, if they are proper, no problem, but any shabby psycics, pet suppliers in amongst this well it is looking like the F4J has alot of infiltration and shabby conmen and abusers in it’s midst

      The evidence is also being collated….so of course, yes in a way i am an informant, but i hope to inform in a way that the authorities can no longer hide, under this distraction, or ignore the very simply accessed work of many good people, just hoping to steer the right way, and i’m not sure Sassy is using the right sources, in this respect……i’m sure others will know.

      My first thought reading some of Sharon Kilby or Zaki’s crap, was that it is Charlotte Ward or JacQui Famer, the style seems similar, and her part is obviously to take anyone from their hit list which they misname troll list…….so she can provide the info in such a way, so that people can try and undermine us, so that their beievers and minions, will have an easy putdown, or sneey question……….

      I must thank them for picking on me………….again, …..again, again. This time, i am able to fly this truth on thier back, a nice transrormative action, on my part……which i am thoroughly enjoying. 🙂

      More to come…. ##

      Going back to my google account, it was easy for them to point to, as if i connect to satanists…of course i link with others here, and they are entitled to be in whatever fake id, they choose.

      One thing that has shown up, is how they at times, speak the cult way, to some of us at first, not me, tho i have laffed when they did, newer people did.

      I have other networks, that i interact there are a few key sites that will give good leads to others.
      But they don’t ever show or encourage the good things that i have done, and have repeated this onto some , too many good people…….. i repeat, my reason for doing this, one of, and all the others, i say.

      Of course you are meant to be scared to come near my google, there is some very good posts everyday shared especially on

      Kevin Annett (Canada)

      Michael Doherty

      As well as the other players involved, as they try new channels.

      Thanks for sending, it to me, all who i don’t know at all 🙂

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  4. I love that female supervisor. The moment she puts the phone down on Neelu is a metaphor for how we all feel about her. In that one glorious second, she represents us all. All kudos to her 🙂

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  5. I didn’t think I could listen to any more of Neelu but after that hilarious write up on what occurred I just have to watch now. She would be a perfect comedy character for a sketch show

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  6. From what i’ve heard, Neelu’s sister Dolly is even more nuts!

    Not sure about the Mother or any other of Neelu’s siblings or son.

    There’s a lot of time before now and 11th July.

    Maybe Neelu is the “agent” and she’s gathering all this extra information for the court case against her.

    The only way she will be partially stopped is to lock her up as i’ve said before.

    She’s either lost it more than previously or she’s wilfully doing this and thinks she is superior to everyone else and does not have to take anyone else in to account.

    I think it’s both.

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    • Dolly is wackier than Neelu? That’s a frightening thought.

      My theory about Neelu is that she was just a random nutter roaming about until this case came along. Since last winter, she’s had an unprecedented amount of attention–from her own side, but also from the police and from those who oppose the hoax. All of this has fed her ego, so that now she thinks she’s Really Something, and she feels entitled to impose her deranged beliefs on all and sundry, in the knowledge that she’ll get even more attention for it.

      The only thing that will stop her is a prison term. And even there, if she can be convinced she’s got people on the outside cheering her on, she may well continue to fulminate.

      The Hampstead hoax is the worst thing that could happen to Neelu, in terms of her fragile mental health.

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      • It all really got started when she met Belinda outside the RCJ in early March, 2015.

        Now the snowball is huge and running away…

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      • You’ll recall how all the fruitcakes were queuing up to align themselves with Christine Sands when she was screaming her lungs out at the Church but once her credibility was blown, they were falling over each other to distance themselves from the crazy bint. It occurs to me that it’s just a matter of time before Neelu gets the same treatment and the Hoaxteaders drop her like a stone too. As with Christine, no one elected Neelu as a spokesperson for the fruitloops – she just turned up at the church with her clipboard and assumed that role.

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  8. It was only a matter of time before the IPCC were accused of being part of a cover up. If no further action is taken by the IPCC once the police respond to Ella’s complaint, you can be sure that Ella and Abe will also be accusing the IPCC of being part of the cult.

    Both Gary and Claire did a sterling job.

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    • They did. I hope they stumble across this one day and find that their efforts were appreciated.

      And yes, I’m sure the Hoaxtead lot will ‘discover’ that the IPCC is in it up to their elbows. As soon as they realise that the case they’ve lodged will not, in fact, result in a re-investigation of the case (because that’s not what it’s meant to do), they’ll be screaming their fool heads off.


      • I think when the crazies like Neelu Berry and Sabine Mcneill get on the case, one thing is certain, the spanner goes into the works, and the rational authorities quickly realise that any efforts at complaint or legal activity by Ella Draper and Co is likely of no substance and can be rejected quickly.

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      • I thought the complaint to IPCC had been thrown out? Isn’t Neelu’s entire premise based on flawed information as there was no justifiable cause to suspect the police hadn’t done their job properly, just more of the same baseless accusations by Abrella? . Or have I got mixed up?

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        • No, the IPCC complaint (if it was real, which is still a matter of some debate) was in fact upheld, but this does not mean that the investigation was trashed. It simply means that the way the investigation was reported is deemed inadequate. This will have no practical effect, other than to further convince the conspiraloons that there has been a massive cover-up. So…no change, really.


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