The consequences of no consequences

Well, El Coyote is more or less back on his feet now, and has been pawing through the comments on yesterday’s blog. Thanks to all for your best wishes, and he promises he will no longer eat entire chickens, feathers and all, as they seem to disagree with his digestive system.

Meanwhile, though, it seems that Neelu Berry has been up to her old tricks, and has published yet another Facebook post that flies in the face of her restraining order.

Neelu RO violation 2016-08-26

Let’s just review that restraining order once more, shall we?

Neelu Restraining Order 2 2016-07-19

It seems pretty clear to us that this is a blatant violation, and it’s not the first Neelu’s done since the day the trial ended, on 18th July. We really feel she ought to have had her collar felt by now.

It would appear that Neelu believes that because she ‘won’ her trial—i.e., she and Sabine were given verdicts of ‘not guilty’ because the prosecution was not able to prove that they intended to intimidate witnesses, nor that they conspired to do so—she is now entitled to carry on as before.

And since the police have done nothing about it to date, they’re just reinforcing her belief that she is untouchable.

It’s a reasonable assumption on her part, we regret to say.

We’re reminded of the sad story of a young man from Texas, Ethan Couch.

At age 16, Mr Couch stole beer from a store and sped away at 70 miles per hour in his pickup truck. He ran into four pedestrians, killing them all, and hit two other vehicles. One of his passengers was left paralysed and brain-damaged.

When he was apprehended, Mr Couch’s blood alcohol level tested at 0.24%; he pleaded guilty to four counts of manslaughter. His defence was that he suffered from a condition called ‘affluenza’, which his psychologist described as “a condition fostered by wealthy and permissive parents who encourage their children to believe that normal rules do not apply to the affluent”.

While this ‘condition’ is not recognised by the American Psychiatric Association and has no legal standing, the District Judge in the case sentenced Mr Couch to 10 years’ probation. During an investigation for probation violation, Mr Couch and his mother fled Texas, and were later arrested in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Mrs Couch was returned to the USA facing charges of hindering apprehension, while Mr Couch remained in Mexico, having been granted a delay in deportation. Eventually he was successfully deported, and he’s currently in prison, serving four consecutive terms of 180 days apiece for each of the people he killed.

What has all this to do with Neelu?

It’s about consequences.

Ethan Couch received a very light slap on the wrist for having killed four people and seriously injured another. His strange defence argument ought to have given the original judge a clue: this was a person who required stern consequences in order to learn that the rules do, in fact, apply to him. Instead, he received the very clear message that he could do as he pleased, with no consequences.

Neelu seems to have absorbed the same message. Having been handed a ‘not guilty’ verdict, which in her addled mind means ‘I’m free and clear to carry on my insane campaign and continue harassing people at will’, she’s now discovering that no matter how blatantly she defies her restraining order, the police will turn a blind eye.

We’d very much like to be proven wrong on this, but as it stands, our initial optimism about the power of the restraining orders to put an end to Neelu and Sabine’s shenanigans seems to have been misplaced. Instead, the people the orders were meant to protect will continue to suffer; and Neelu and Sabine carry on without facing any consequences for their wrong-doing.




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  1. Neelu will push until action is eventually taken by police and/or mental health.It would be in everyones interests including Neelus if this boil were lanced sooner rather than later.I guess the plod are living up to that name in this instance.
    Good to hear your back on at least o couple of legs EC

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    • Thanks, Mik. You’re right: Neelu and all the rest will continue with this thing until they’re stopped. That’s what the restraining order was meant to accomplish, and yet it seems to have had little effect so far.


  2. I’m pretty sure that if those who Berry & others accuse & harass complained the police would have to take action.

    Power-Disney, Berry, Clarke and others have clearly at the very least, broken anti-harassment laws quite apart from criminal law that prevents abuse victims, or even abuse claimants from being identified. And previous identification of victims does not give any persons a green light to break that law.

    Instead this bunch seem to lead a charmed life. This worries on many levels and I get quite confused : do those falsely accused in Hampstead really care what is happening?

    If they don’t why are others on here even bothering to fight on their behalf?

    There is of course a wider problem here and that is this mob like so many others who form would-be lynch mobs are just not attacking residents of North London they attack people everywhere and falsely accuse them of despicable crimes on no more than reading some blog on the internet. They are dangerous fanatics and they set out to destroy lives.

    Authorities seem like deer caught in the spotlight, unable to comprehend how to tackle this menace even when there are laws that can be applied as in the Hoaxers matter.

    Whatever the outcome of any trial, I put the terrible murder of MP Jo Cox down to politicians and the police’s compete inability to even comprehend how continued internet fanaticism can lead to terrible events (another reason I refuse now to even go near the websites of certain UK tabloids like the Daily Mail that are despicable in the way they actively act like a mouthpiece for fanatics like ISIL and continue to publish photos and huge articles about their terrible new ways to murder people when publications in France have collectively decided to report these atrocities but use photos fed to them by terrorists).

    I even told my Hampstead friends to stop telling me about how bad they feel about this whole matter: either they get out and complain to police themselves, or organise some of the affected residents to do likewise or basically get on with their lives.

    I;m also losing much sympathy for the father involved who could nip this in the bud by demanding action.

    But perhaps these things have happened behind the scenes and we don’t know and they are as frustrated as people on this forum are. Yet my Hmapstead pals who are friends of victims directly involved tell me they themselves have made no complaints to police. They seem incapable of understanding that this mob will not give up and intend spreading their names and the names of their children far & wide. They may regret their inaction one day.

    # I feel Neelu Berry’s solicitor is part of the problem. I know from the case of that well know internet harasser who was charged with conspiracy over the MP Ken Clarke was sat down after his Not Guilty verdict and given a very stern lecture by the tax paid QC and told he got off by the skin of his teeth and now should STFU and he has sensibly done so.


    • Sam, I can tell you that at least some of those affected have definitely reported the infractions. This isn’t a question of lack of will on the part of the victims, but a seeming lack of ability or action on the part of the police.

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      • Thanks for responding and I’m pleased they have complained. I know Plod is very pushed for manpower and pretty over-worked but these are slam dunk cases.
        They obviously did respond as 2 have been charged twice now and found not guilty but prosecutions are in the hands of the CPS so they are responsible and their mantra is to take a case to court if there is a chance of conviction.

        It appears to me they have charged people with the wrong offenses and difficult ones to prove. i would have thought anti-harassment and stalking laws are the ones being breached here quite apart from the very serious criminal offense of identifying sexual abuse victims or claimants.

        Why, when immigration is such a touchy subject these days, 2 offenders who have broken UK criminal law like Angela Power-Disney or Rupert Quaintance are free to enter the UK and snub their noses at the law is a mystery.

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    • Ah but Ben Fellows didn’t shut up after his court case last summer.

      He did a GOFUNDME account (as all the scammers do) where he collected lots of money, plus received a cheque from Brenda McNamara for around £800 (money she had collected from others) and proceeded to go on a couple of months tour of Europe and India funded by vulnerable adults.

      Whilst in India Ben and Jackie Clarke aka CORVIN his “girlfriend” fleeced a woman of £1200 approx. claiming the pair were destitute. Her husband PG-B is tracking Mr. Fellows down to repay the money he promised in emails to repay.

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      • I think he was always a grubby little scrounger- his appeals for cash have accompanied every “campaign” he has undertaken.
        The fact he has shut up about his claims but still sought money for holidays and such just re-enforces this. Why didn’t he just continue acting? He’s obviously good at it.

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        • Ben Fellows did claim as a guise that the holiday was to seek guidance from the Dalai Lama re CSA in the UK!

          Ben claimed it was NOT a holiday.

          LIAR Ben.

          Who supports Ben? LIAR Angela.

          Birds of a feather, flock together.

          Ben claimed he was staying in a Hostel in one country, another lie by Ben.

          He produced a photo of a bed at the “hostel” which had towels on it made up into the shape of SWANS, you don’t get that in a Hostel.

          Ben also put up photos of him supping beer in an outside restaurant, yet he claimed he was living frugally.

          Don’t donate ever again to Ben Fellows on fb.

          The Dalai Lama was not even in India when Ben and Jackie arrived there.

          Ben had done no research. His ex “gf” Hannah has stated that Ben had tried to recruit her into the con of the India trip several months before and she refused. Ben then hooked up with Jackie Clarke/CORVIN-fb.

          Ben’s con ultimately failed.

          He has been outed and lost the support of old supporters Lou Collins, Brenda Mumsy McNamara et al.

          Ben and Jackie did however get a 2 month holiday paid for by the gullible who thought he was some kind of saviour.

          Let’s hope that is the last we all see of Ben Fellows but I somehow doubt it.

          Btw if anyone knows the whereabouts of Ben Fellows or Jackie Clarke/Corvin please contact Phillip Gordon-Ball on fb as he is trying to get that £1200 back.

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          • Meeting with the Dalai You’d have as much chance of meeting the US president. The Dalai Lama’s minders are well aware that all sorts of crazies would like to meet with him and seek support.
            If anything, he would oppose the methods used by these dreadful hoaxers.

            Just a cheap little con merchant but a very crafty one. I can’t say I feel too sorry for anyone who loaned him money but I hope they pursue him.

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  3. EC – See this, it may appear currently that the RO has no teeth, but there is a CPS Code which contains the relevant test to pursue the matters.

    On the one hand, previously there was a prosecution but the case collapsed as the evidence wasn’t there to prove the requisite elements of the crimes they were being charged with such as intention & agreement. It was a quasi-embarassment for CPS and Police and costly process for the taxpayer to no avail, I’m certain Police will be collating the evidence and once the case is strong enough, effectively reducing the risk of costs and force NB to plead guilty due to compelling evidence.

    Here is the CPS Code guidelines:-

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    • That’s a really useful piece of information, thanks. You’re right, the police and CPS definitely wouldn’t want to risk being embarrassed again. Given the obviousness of the violations, though, it seems (from the outside at least) as though action should definitely be taken. It’s always good to have a different perspective, though. 🙂

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      • It may well be a case of balancing resource v risk, in that in the age of austerity and cuts, everyone has budgets and the local constabulary will be focusing on crimes which have a substantial public risk e.g. throwing resource at murders, assaults, criminal damage, burglaries etc. This is why they do Comm Res/Cautions for minor incidents.

        It appears from your blog, NB has 2 breaches, the topic of this discussion breach is fairly clear cut. It would also be an embarrassment if the Police fail to act while under a duty to do so (commission). Hopefully Hampstead residents will be reporting this to the Police as well, if they feel distressed by the behaviour, which would urge the Police to do something swiftly.

        1 breach may well be dealt with by Comm Res and classed as minor incident, if she hits 3 strikes, then Police should move in fast as its obvious she isn’t calming down but actively testing the legal water, each time escalating.

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        • It seems to me that Neelu is definitely testing the water to see how far she can take this.

          Before doing so she is backing up her defence.

          She knows exactly what she is doing, she may be mentally ill but she’s still extremely intelligent.

          I suppose Neelu hasn’t got a positive outlet for her intelligence and this Hampstead Hoax is her way of using it by challenging the legal system.

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  4. I’m still reminded of the very swift legal action taken over Twitter identification and threats to footballer Ched Evan’s alleged victim.
    Ironically Evans has now had his conviction over-turned but the law still stands, sexual abuse claimants are still guaranteed life-long anonymity.

    I have little faith in the CPS. I think they were highly politicized under Keir Starmer who introduced an almost Stalinist regime of show trials and prosecutions that deliberately chose high profile entertainers and Britain’s most decorated war hero to pursue.
    That was a major shift in UK law & his successor seems to be continuing this.

    Don’t worry though, if you don;t pay your TV license fee you can be assured justice will be swift and seen to be enforced.

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  5. Neelu has a very long history of ignoring a Court orders. Its not just the Hamstead case but also the baby case.

    Orders have been made, orders have been ignored.

    Neelu is dangerous. She has lost fear of consequences, she did that some years ago when she was struck off as a pharmacist – due to her actions in the baby case. She lost access and right to work in a profession that would have provided a six figure salary.

    To quote from the press at the time of her being struck off:

    “A PHARMACIST has been struck off after waging a campaign of harassment against other healthcare professionals.

    Neelu Chaudhari, of Peel Drive in Clayhall, set up a series of websites alleging several medical staff at King George Hospital in Ilford had been negligent leading up to the death of her baby niece, Sunaina Chaudhari, in 2000.

    Mrs Chaudhari also alleged the baby had been murdered and that those responsible had then attempted a cover-up. Her allegations also included staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital in central London”

    “The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain decided to remove Mrs Chaudhari from its register, preventing her from working as a pharmacist in this country, at a meeting of its disciplinary committee on Thursday October 15.

    The committee’s chairman, John Burrow, said that although there was no evidence of any criminal convictions against Mrs Chaudhari, she had been subject to a number of sanctions including a permanent restraining order imposed by the High Court.

    Mr Barrow said: “Mrs Chaudhari’s involvement in perpetuating, over a long period of time, extreme allegations against fellow healthcare professionals in the face of an overwhelming body of independent evidence to the contrary, the fact that she had brought down on herself civil injunctions and had breached undertakings given to the High Court would, in our view, undermined public confidence if she were allowed to practise as a pharmacist.

    “She has caused mental suffering and harassment to fellow healthcare professionals and there is a continuing risk that she will repeat this misconduct. In our view the just, fair, necessary and proportionate sanction is removal.”.

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    • So Neelu has a permanent restraining order already.

      Did the Judge at Blackkfriars Crown Court on 18th July know this when he issued the present Restraining Order?

      This needs to be brought to the attention of the Police. Are they even aware?

      Does this show up when they check a name against their information on that person?

      It is surely time for this woman to be to account.

      Only one action will stop her.

      Imprisonment/Sectioning with no access to the Internet/Phone etc.

      As you say she can continue just how she jolly well pleases as there are no consequences.

      I suppose procedure has to take place.

      Fining her will achieve NOTHING, she will pay it out of her benefits if she even decides to pay it.

      Caution will achieve NOTHING.

      Probation will achieve NOTHING.

      Community Service she will be exempt from as a vulnerable adult.

      Imprisonment for long enough and she will continue anew on release.

      Sectioning would work if she is subdued continually.

      This is going to roll for years, she’s been doing it for at least 16 years as it is and now she has plenty of “support”.


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  6. Neelu’s ex husband continues to be a pharmacist (and a very successful one at that). He is easy to find. (He has a very good business in Leicester) Perhaps the Police should ask him about his thoughts on Neelu as a potential threat to people.


    • Interesting that Neelu’s ex-husband is in Leicester putting distance between them.

      Neelu is definitely dangerous.

      I hadn’t realised just how so until reading these latest posts.

      Very scary, she’s possessed with something.


  7. Neelu is actually torturing people with her harassment.

    Harassment is just not a strong enough word for what Neelu has done and is still continuing to do without any fear.

    I suppose she has been assessed as not being physically dangerous and so the authorities are not dealing with her as they should, which is locking her up for long enough to render her incapable of continuing as she is.



    I never thought I would say that Angie Power Disney would ever say something that made me happy.

    A quick call to the custody suite has confirmed Mcneill’s arrest.

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    • “The genocide of an old cripple” WTF. Sounds like something has come to the boil but be interested to ascertain facts from a reliable source as to the circumstances etc. Thanks JW, restoring a little faith with that one 😉

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    • Like the police really want to pointlessly occupy a cell over carnival weekend, also a bank holiday.

      Is she going to the magistrate’s on Monday then? If there are charges people need to be careful what they say.

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      • I would have thought Tuesday for any court hearing.

        She hasn’t committed murder has she?

        Funny she was called in on a Saturday and she managed to get a solicitor to accompany her.

        Lucky it wasn’t Friday if you ask me, she got off a day in custody.

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    • Good news!

      I wonder if the reluctant to bring Neelu is down to her being a carer for her mother? I haven’t researched the matter, but Neelu’s Mum appears to be quite elderly, she appears in some videos.

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      • It really should not matter what someone’s home circumstances are.

        A crime’s a crime.

        Neelu doesn’t seem to have any qualms going here, there and everywhere leaving her Mum at home, so I can’t see she is her Mum’s carer.

        More than likely, the Mum is Neelu’s carer or maybe they are each others carer for social security purposes.

        Now that you mention Carer’s (DWP Carer’s Allowance) that wouldn’t surprise me in the least.


      • I’ve never heard that discussed as a rationale, FS. I don’t think the police take that sort of thing into consideration when pressing charges; they leave it to the sentencing judge.


    • Many thanks for reporting this, JW! It bears out the news I heard overnight, and I’ve put up a post so people can see it first thing.


  9. It looks like breach of the restraining order and rearrest after surrendering to bail following police investigations. Hopefully the Ham and High will have a reporter in Court to listen to the hearing.

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  10. Its interesting to see Angie use her journalistic talents and skills to describe Sabine (with a highly offensive word) as a “cripple”

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    • Lol,

      Angela never uses the correct terminology,

      the Hag.

      Besides Sabine can walk perfectly fine, she doesn’t need hiking sticks.

      Wonder if she brought an overnight bag with her?

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    • I’m sure Sabine won’t object to the use of the word ‘cripple’, as she takes such great pains to ensure people think she’s profoundly disabled.


    • Why would the CIA be interested in Sabine?

      Neelu is NUTS.

      No logical reason my a..e

      If the CIA care to hire me, please ask, if the salary is sufficient count me in.


      • FA, one thing that I have noticed is all these Hoax pushers tend to share one thing in common, that is a wholly external locus of control , everyone else is to blame, none are willing to reflect on their behaviour and pause for a moment to think that perhaps all these alleged “persecutions” against them are solely a result of their own irrational behaviour. Most people with an internal locus of control would step back, reflect and eventually take responsibility for their actions and learn from it. Yet the Hoax pushers would rather deflect the issues, which are sadly so much closer to home and rely on a belief in conspiracies against them all, they all massage each others irrational claims, none of the “supporters” are helpful friends. Wholly lacking any ability to accept that the overwhelming evidence shows clearly where the blame lies.

        If they behaved then there would be no need for anyone to “persecute” them as they like to call it.

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    • Well, if the CIA is running this place, could someone please let them know they’re about a year late sending me my pay cheque? Tx.

      Also, why would we bother hiring spies and trolls with IP addresses all over the world, when no one can actually see the IP addresses of those who post here? Apparently the CIA sucks at running fake blogs.

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  11. Great news about Sabine’s arrest. As long as they are all getting their collars felt on a regular basis, it will lead to something.

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    • I hope so, JB. After reading Mehul Desai’s thoughts above, I can see why they’d need to be absolutely certain that the case would hold up before they’d arrest, especially following the court fiasco last month. I’m sure that this time the CPS will be taking this very seriously indeed, as will the court.


  12. I am starting to think all the police authorities should be abolished and replaced with one national police force. Neelu Berry comes under Essex Police, and they are probably not in the loop in the way the Met Police are on this case.

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