Angela gives Zen Gardner a free pass

Anyone who’s been paying attention to the ‘alt news’ sites over the past week will be aware that a prominent member of the conspiracy community named Zen Gardner (real name: Don Ferguson) was recently revealed to have been a long-time member of the notorious ‘Children of God’ cult, later known as ‘The Family’.

Mr Gardner joined the Children of God when he was 22, and by his account, remained in the cult for 27 years. Now calling itself The Family International, this cult is known for having encouraged child sexual abuse amongst its members.

Survivors who’ve escaped describe harrowing stories of being separated from their parents, and of enduring beatings, starvation, and abuse, along with constant intensive indoctrination in the cult’s teachings:

Founded by David Berg (also known as “King”, “David” or “Moses”) in California in 1968, the cult, today known as The Family or Family International, preached the imminent apocalypse and the shunning of all personal property.

Free love was encouraged within communes (though contraception was banned) and Berg encouraged “flirty fishing”, sending out female members to recruit new members and earn money through prostitution. By the time Berg died, he was wanted by Interpol for inciting sexual abuse against children. In 2005, Berg’s stepson and heir apparent murdered his former nanny and then killed himself, leaving a video claiming she had abused him as a toddler, adding the person he really wanted to kill was his mother – Karen Zerby, still the cult’s leader.

On Monday’s edition of her Conscious Consumer Network YouTube livestream, ‘Angela’s Caches’, Angela Power-Disney interviewed Mr Gardner.

Here’s a video from Conscious Consumer Network Pedos Exposed that we think sums it up neatly:

We don’t think we’re being unduly harsh when we say that the interview itself was a revolting spectacle. Rather than asking hard questions (such as how Mr Gardner could rise to a position of power within the cult and yet claim to be unaware of the brutal mistreatment and sexual abuse of its children), Angela tossed him softball after softball, appearing to sympathise and commiserate with him, and completely failing to challenge any of his evasive answers.

Remember, this is the same woman who has called down the wrath of God upon those she has falsely deemed to be paedophiles; but when she’s sharing a screen with a person who admits to having belonged to an actual, bona fide paedophile cult…she smiles and chats and lets him off the hook.

By the way, Angie, just in case you were wondering what you could have and should have asked, here’s someone who could teach you a thing or two:

Mr Chanter raises a great many important questions, and encourages people to do their own research and not fall into the trap of ‘lionizing’ purveyors of ‘truth’. By contrast, Angela’s hypocrisy, always palpable, really comes to the fore as she allows Mr Gardner to make excuses and evade responsibility for his actions as a senior member of a child sexual abuse cult.

Somehow, we cannot say we’re surprised.


42 thoughts on “Angela gives Zen Gardner a free pass

    • I think that’s the point of it…… A Policeman told me the other day that material such as the Hampstead videos is what they call “non reaching pornography”. In other words they know perverts get off on it, but it’s done in such a way as to get round the laws on these things. So-called ‘shows’ such as those CCN put on are just ‘talking dirty’ which again the perverts actually enjoy.

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  1. Well it’s not surprising really is it? As I said earlier, every time the Hampstead kids’ videos are re-posted that’s an incidence of actual child abuse. The fact that the law hasn’t caught up with it is irrelevant – the only POSSIBLE motive for doing this is sexual gratification. Look at the other characters that are involved…….. Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy who was ACTUALLY BANNED from contact from his own child for carrying out similar abuse to that which was inflicted on the Hampstead kids….. In fact he created the ‘prototype’…. Christie himself – record as long as your arm numerous convictions and a serious and credible rape allegation to his name. McKenzie…. Serial scam merchant….

    Is there a SINGLE one among them who ISN’T some sort of proven deviant? What would surprise me is if vermin like Angela Power-Disney WASN’T an apologist for a weirdo like this. He must be ‘royalty’ among the pervert community!

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    • The likes of Angie, Jake and their pals are always quick to accuse others of being paedo protectors but it is plain to see who the real paedo protectors are.

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  2. Angie and Mel Ve bay for the blood of paedophiles and yet when a guy who spent 27 years in a cult that encouraged sex with children they defend him. Mel Ve was making up all kinds of excuses for him on CCN.

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    • Yeah….. But that’s classic “deflection and projection”…. They’re happy to baselessly tar the likes of RD or even the entire population of Hampstead with the label ‘Nonce’…. But dig into a few of their backgrounds, and you find that they actually ARE real-life proven child-abusers!!! Disney, Ogilvy, Ferguson, Christie….. Absolutely ‘banged to rights’ child abusers! And they’ll just be the tip of the iceberg!

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  3. Angie should do some research into the story of Davidito and see EXACTLY what the Children of God were all about.

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      • Davidto grew up to be this man, Ricky Rodriguez who killed himself with a shot to the head after killing his former Nanny.

        So, Angela still think having Zen on your show was a good idea? You sick bitch, giving him publicity.

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          • I had forgotten how powerful that video is. The Last Testament of Ricky Rodriguez, his confession of the crime(s) he intends to commit, and his ‘suicide note’. Untouched, unadorned by anyone else’s prefacing or postscript commentary, the way it should be left. He’s so calm, serene even, rational – despite the insanity of what he’s planning – thoughtful, intelligent. Very moving and simultaneously deeply disturbing.
            I generally think “trigger warnings” are a crock, but for anyone who hasn’t already viewed…be prepared that it is all the things I’ve delineated here.

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      • A lot of shocking stuff on that XFamily website. If Zen wanted nothing to do with a lot of what went on then he wouldn’t have stayed in it for 27 years. I did see that his hand was forced into confessing about his membership of the cult, if it wasn’t for this then people would be none the wiser about him.

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        • The leader of the now named ‘Family International’, Karen Zerby, declared in 1993 that child-adult sex is not inherently wrong.

          She explained that although they were forced to show outsiders they were complying with the law, members should not lose sight of what they truly believe on the inside.To deny culpability and uphold its image makeover,
          The Family requires members to leave the group if they wish to report child abuse to a law enforcement agency, or pursue legal action against an alleged abuser within the group—as a result they can technically say that no members have reported any sexual crimes as of late.

          The Cult are a sickening lot.

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    • I’ve enjoyed watching his video calling out these so called ‘truthers, super soldiers etc’. Good to see him giving CCN bit of a bashing also.

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      • Yes, I’d never heard of him until a few days ago, but I found he made a lot of sense. (I was tempted to do a drinking game for every time he said “the fact of the matter is…”, but decided I didn’t actually have that much alcohol in the house.)

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  4. Mel Ve said “no victims = no crime”. So just because she personally isn’t aware of any victims then it means Zen hasn’t done anything wrong. Surely just being a member of such a group is bad enough in the first place.

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    • And there are many, many victims. Mel Ve just doesn’t want to admit that, as it would make her ‘pay to play’ YouTube operation look even worse than it already does.


    • That is actually a phrase I have heard online paedophiles use. Especially those who think they are talking to a child but are actually caught in a police sting. They argue that because there was no real child at the other end, there was no victim and therefore no crime.

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      • It’s almost ‘the standard argument’ used by paedophiles when caught with child pornography! – Do a little legwork on the vile Nigel Oldfield….. Or this nutter….

        The mentality of these perverts is mind-boggling. It’s no surprise that Mel Ve would adopt this.

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          • Yes, well…
            Some X- Children of God members have been adamant, that the adult-child and more inappropriate child-child sex that some experienced was mandated by David Berg to satisfy his own paraphilias – rather than a serious religious doctrine. There have been many cults & sects that exploited children’s sexuality to satisify the adult’s neurosis – probably from the invention of religion. Some involve sadistic, compulsive repression of their sexuality. Some involve exploitative encouragement of it. The obsession dejur seems to oscillate back and forth between these, over time.

            The same can be said for secular movements as well. It’s intriguing to me, that marxist student social revolutionaries in North America and Europe swung to the exploitative pole around the same time as communities like Children of God or the hippy communes:


            “One of the goals of the German 1968 movement was the sexual liberation of children. For some, this meant overcoming all sexual inhibitions, creating a climate in which even pedophilia was considered progressive”..

            (Lest we forget our own loony histories…)

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  5. I found It interesting that his children left before he did. They would appear to have clicked on to what wrong with this child sex abuse cult, before their father. Also interesting to hear Angie admit that she was associated with a cult that carried out child sex abuse.

    It would appear he wants to on one hand make out that he knew very little about what was going on, yet at the same time claims to have pushed out members that he found to be abusing children. And that he stuck with it over the years hoping things would change.

    I get the impression he knew exactly what was going on for a considerable amount of time and is now playing it down because he has been confronted. Confronted by people who actually want to know the truth, not by Angie.

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  6. Christopher Everard is obsessed with David Berg and the Children of God. He would talk about David Berg as if he’s a “god.” Everard would talk about Berg like he is one of his idols. I think I’ve mentioned it in one of my videos from more than a year ago.

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  8. An interesting documentary made by a an ex member of the Children of God who left the cult with his brothers and contacts other ex members of the cult.

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