Hoax Rule 1: Keep your lies straight

Running a successful hoax can be hard work.

For one thing, a convincing hoax requires that everyone involved keep track of the lies that are told. This is a trick that Abrella, Belinda, and Sabine have had trouble pulling off, and at times it has made for amusing viewing.

Abe and Ella, in particular, seem to lack the mental discipline required to remember what they’ve said and who they’ve said it to. In this video, forwarded to us by a long-time reader, have a listen as Ella tells Alfred Lambremont Webre that before Hoaxtead, she’d barely even heard of paedophilia, let along cult sexual abuse.

She speaks of her older son having had no such problems…

…but in the next interview, with Angela Power-Disney, Ella describes how her older son and his father are definitely cult members. Oh yes, absolutely. No doubt about it.

And yet in still another interview, again with Angie, Ella talks about how the children are desperate to return home to see their big brother.

So which is it, Ella?

Oddly enough, in the Jean-Clement recording that Abrella released last month, Abe is quite adamant:

At about 6 minutes in, the children claim that Ella’s older son is not only a cult member, but ‘does sex to them’. According to Abe, “all three children are involved in this cult”.

Okay, that’s it. We give up.

Either Abrella’s brains are so baked that they can’t decide whether her eldest son is a cult member and/or victim or not, or they can’t remember which is the official story, or they just cannot be arsed to keep their stories clear.

After all, what does it matter to Ella whether her oldest child is a ‘cult’ member? He’s too old to be of any use to her, hoax-wise.

Frankly, if we were trying to support this pair of buffoons, we’d be feeling very let down by their inability to get some of the most basic details right. At the very least, we’d feel that our intelligence was being gravely insulted. get your lies straight


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  1. So Ella had never heard of child sexual abuse being a problem in Russia. Is that despite rape and incest being something the serfs were degraded with without any recourse to justice? Despite a USSR top official snatching girls off the street raping them and burying them in the grounds of his house? Despite the current president showing his love for a politician who has just forced an underage girl in to marriage? Despite Russia being a top source, transit and destination country for sexual slavery including of minors? Despite Russia seemingly happily hosting disgusting websites? Despite the huge drug problems, the sadly too prevalent alcoholism and dreadfully unhappy families? The patriarchal structures that gleefully support forced marriage? The well known problems of criminal gangs who can act with impunity? The street children?

    She is an idiot.

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    • Gawd she must have lived a sheltered life. Child abuse is as rife in Russia as it is in the West. There have been several scandals and even Russian TV has made programs about it. Since the collapse of the USSR Russia no longer hides problems like child abuse and Ella is of an age where she must have heard this or perhaps she turned a blind eye to it.

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    • She’s not only an idiot, but quite clearly a very sociopathic one – and I personally can’t imagine a worse combination of traits within a single human psyche (particularly one whose primary responsibilities in life are to love, nurture and guide three OTHER vulnerable human beings to whom she gave life.) I freely admit that I’ve perceived Ella as the most contemptible villain throughout this ludicrous fiasco (which is a difficult choice, as there are so many! …but my fierce maternal instincts kick in HARD, and my blood boils at the mere mention of her name). She does NOT deserve motherhood, full-stop. Believe me, this contempt in no way mitigates the extreme disgust/disdain I also feel towards Abe and die-hard Abrella supporters. But I will NEVER buy that she’s anyone’s ‘victim’ – not by any stretch. She made her very own louse-infested bed and must now lie in it – indefinitely, I hope. It’s just a shame that none of this will ever cause her any measure of subjective suffering, as she seemingly has no conscience – I’d bet my bottom dollar on that. I really don’t care how harsh or judgmental this all sounds – she doesn’t get a molecule of mercy from me. Sorry this is largely tangential…

      One big question I’ve always had is this: where is the voice of her eldest son (not to mention that of her first husband)? Has either spoken out at ALL throughout this horrific ordeal? Ever? Even a single WORD? RD spoke out openly on the BBC and got excoriated (completely unjustly, in my view) for his candor; what about the aforementioned key figures in this mess who have stayed completely silent, yet appear to get the benefit of the doubt at every turn?

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      • You bring to mind an incident from nearly 20 years ago when i was tasked with taking an 87 year old Aunt to her doctor visits. She was a total nightmare to deal with and I soon realized other relatives had palmed her off on me. I spoke to the doctor once about how unpleasant she was (as she was to him as well) and he made an observation that people think cranky nasty old people somehow get like that as they age whereas it’s likely they were nasty,cranky & unpleasant children. He was right as I soon found out from her aging sisters.

        People mistake Ella’s outward appearance and impose loving motherhood upon her when every aspect of this case has shown her to be a very unpleasant callous & cold character. The kids are lucky to be away from her.

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      • Her eldest son is still in his teens I believe, so probably not in any position to speak out publicly. If he were my son, I’d advise against him saying anything, as it would only attract the attention of the hyenas who promote this hoax.

        As for Ella, I agree. I don’t necessarily believe that all mothers are inherently warm and loving by virtue of having given birth, but I do think that anyone who decides to take on the responsibility for guiding and nurturing children has an obligation to put the needs of those children first, at all times. Ella has shown over and over again that she’s incapable of this…or that she doesn’t care to.


  2. Sabine has met Ella’s eldest son. I get the impression that he was asked a little about the situation. Odd that he was supposed to be a victim, and would still have been a child at the time, and the thought of him being in danger never came up, or they all completely ignored that he was fine.

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      • However he is, at least he is living in obscurity rather than the dreadful way the other two have been used by Ella and Abraham.

        I think it is quite simple why he wasn’t dragged in to this. Abraham either never met him or rarely met him, Abraham couldn’t use him, so he is irrelevant.

        His mother has run away from her responsibilities to all three of her children.

        One day that may sink in to her conscious thoughts.

        Most mothers would walk over hot coals for their children, or so people say.

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        • I think you’re correct about Abraham never having found a use for him; this has enabled him to stay relatively obscure in relation to this case, and that can only be a good thing. Still, I would not like to google my own name, or my father’s, and discover what he will, sooner or later.

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  3. It’s been a Perfect Storm where a bunch of sociopaths meet up in a common cause except each one’s cause is different to the others which is why they all fall out in the end. Be in no doubt eventually, and it may take time, Bellender & Sabine will be at each others throats.

    # news on the Neelu front : she is pushing the latest video from Tory Smith (is that really his name?) who now claims Winston Churchill fathered The Queen and Bill Clinton. Well both Winston & Her Maj are shorties but Clinton is fairly tall and that must have come as a surprise to his single mother in Arkansas when the great British hero descended upon her small town to roger her in the 1950s.

    Tory also lists the latest numbers of kidnapped children and supplies tasteful details of exactly how many times they have been raped. Why doesn’t he do something about it instead of making Youtube videos?

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    • Hi, I would be gratefull if anyone has any info on who tory smith is. I think he has history in the miami beach area and Indiana. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is in contact with christie and he is of the same ilk as these weirdos. The fact Neelu likes him shows how disgusting he is.

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      • Tory Smith is probably his name, and there are three mentions of Tory Smith in Indiana. I think considering his mentions of politicians in Indiana, that he is associated with the Indiana area.

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        • hi, i havent known much about hampstead for long.The reason i have an interest is because i was brought up catholic. Tory,annett,webre etc have been saying catholics are in reality satanists who rape and kill children, i have children under the age of ten in my family who are being brought up catholic so I take these attacks as attacks against my family. i cant imagine how it feels to be accused of this personally like the hampstead residents but You are all doing a great job while keeping your dignity. I personally would like to beat the crap out of these scum, im a simple guy.This Hampstead case is linked to tory, annett etc. galactic connection and the event are supporting these freaks and spreading their message. Have any of you had dealings with frankie more and the anti annett youtubers? if not i think you could learn from each other. BTW i love the hoaxtenders comic strip, its good to laugh at these fanatics.

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          • I would just like to add that reading this blog has become therapy for me. These freaks make me very angry, so thanks for the laughs.

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          • Glad you’re finding this all helpful! We are aware of Frankie’s excellent work, as well. I understand the impulse to just smack the hoaxers, but I think it’s important to remain above their level of attack–and sometimes all we can do is laugh.

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          • Personally, my main focus has been on the UK-based Satan Hunters. It is good to see others in the USA are taking an interest in challenging people like Tory Smith. The main strategy I use is to degrade the messenger and the message by tactics such as satire and finding things the have said or done to reflect back at them and their supporters.

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        • tory has said he had various court cases in miami for sex offences. whether this is true or one of his delusions who knows? He says Janet Reno knows and will back him if you ring her. hehe!

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  4. Angie – Your qualifications are being questioned because YOUR purposes are nefarious. Your story simply doesn not ‘stand up’.

    – ’22 plays and two films in your first year’ – By “did” do you mean watched? Because you clearly know nothing about the mechanics and logistics of film and theatre to have made such a blindingly STUPID claim. – REALLY idiotic!

    – Deputy President of the student’s union? Something of an over-egged tale there Ang. And its not-quite right now is it? I think the nearest you got to this was taking in sandwitches on the tacit instruction of your boss at the time.

    – Your claims to have co-written “The Genius” are prime bullshit. – Just total rubbish. You should be grateful the real author has more dignity than to just come out and publically decry you.

    – The play wot you (allegedly) wrote; your account of it rocketing through the commissioning process is just gibberish. – Clearly you’ve never been through this.

    – Third year. There are STRICT rules for academic staff in terms of how they may and may not interact with students; particularly those who are showing signs of mental instability. – You didn’t live with a lecturer; at least not as his student, though possibly a member of household staff.

    – The miners’ strike, as has been mentioned, began on 5 March 1984 and lasted until 3 March 1985.

    – Involved in the music business? Interesting! I’ve worked most of my life in it, was in London at the time. – You’re not familiar to ME or any of the names I could drop who were also around at the time. But you are familiar to an associate of mine who worked for Thames News and was involved in investigating the letting scams that were going on at the time.

    NVQ Childcare? – You can’t ‘qualify’ as an ‘assessor’ unless you actually hold at least the qualification (or its levelled equivalent) yourself. And really these weren’t fully ‘live’ until the late 80s/early 90s. So all this actually tells us you worked in a nursery or other formal childcare setting for some time. – Even if we could read the random bit of paper you waved about. And assuming of course these certificates aren’t just something you bought from Andrea Davidson.

    “Post grad in sub editing and design”? Please do tell! I’m aware of such courses, but they’re NOT PGCs. – More like an HN group. But accepting this shaft of wit for a second; if you have that qualification, why the HELL don’t you know the basics legalities of reporting?

    Frankly the history of Angie seems to be that of a ‘poor little rich girl’ who pissed the posh education her father struggled to give her up against the wall. – Hung around the fringes in London for a while. Failed to hold down a job, possibly got embroiled with the grifting scene. Learned what a wizard scam raising money for ‘charity’ could be. Eventually got her claws into some bloke with money who she bled dry until the kids were old enough to have to stand on their own two feet. And has spent most of her sorry worthless life rattling the tin gathering donations from whatever mug is taken in by her tall tales. – Your ire at your father is clearly that of a spoilt brat railing agsainst the disappointment he expressed at your becoming nothing more than a Waster; despite his efforts in trying to see to it you got a decent start.

    Your claimed ‘qualifications really DON’T stand up to examination Angie. – Your body language is that of someone who is fantasising; which if you’d studied drama at any significant level you would understand. Your dates don’t add up. But the main thing that gives you away as not being an “INDEPENDANT [sic] journalist (you know, one who tells the truth!)” is that you are quite plainly completely uneducated in that discipline and are sitting there, bold as brass, lying through your teeth!

    …And, as much as I really dislike ‘spelling nazis’ myself; the word is actually “Independent”. That seems like an odd mistake for a highly qualified wordsmith to make. – Which is, after all, what you’re claiming to be. And it’s not an uncharacteristic error either. – Someone trained as a Sub Editor just doesn’t make that sort of mistake.

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    • Crikey, that’s telling her !

      I’m fascinated by the Andrea Davison angle and if a connection can be proved. Davison is a classic sociopath (they sound like my hobby horse but anyone who has had their life turned over by one will understand). You will notice Davison imposes herself into every Spy tale that appears in the media, her latest being the Spy In The Bag mystery.

      ## as to sociopaths : and I’m convinced that Power-Disney is one and her numerous ‘qualifications’ are an indication – numerous qualifications that skirt around the edge without and real substance you can pin down. I was told by a long suffering police officer when seeking relief from a sociopath who had plagued my life, that most police stations become pretty good at spotting them and officers are sort of rotated so they only deal with one psychopath every few years due to their ability to mind-fuck even the most hardest of brains.

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      • Davidson is simply a well-remembered ‘face’ from ‘back in the day’. – She and her clique were being ‘watched’ over the letting scam she was running remember. The fact that she’s popped up again recently and is working the ‘conspiritard circuit’ is just par for the course. Angie is recalled more as a face in the background. We’re trying to see if anyone else remembers her or better still if any pictures or documentation still exists. The childcare qualification caused a penny to drop with someone. And we suspect she was once a nanny or nursery assistant. “Fake Sloany gold-digger” was the phrase that emerged this morning.

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        • Yes i thought she spent a year out before going to Uni looking after rich Arab children and was asked to leave as a live in nanny, as she had a miscarriage and the Arab family didn’t like a non-Virgin looking after their children.

          That’s the tale she told last year anyway.

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          • And how on earth did she manage to buy a flat in Cental London, when she was a live in nanny?

            Her craving for attention, to talk about herself has, as someone said elsewhere “Shot herself in the foot”.

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      • Perhaps in the context of Scams by Angie, her sons “clinical trial” which required a “token contribution” of approx 20,000 euros. Personally I have never known a clinical trial that required a contribution.

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        • Her other son (Josh) reports that they were home the day after the operation. Simply incredible – Florida to Ireland within hours of the operation.

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        • Hang on, is this grandmother the same woman that Angie has repeatedly and very publicly accused of being an insane narcissist? She must either have very thick skin, or no access to the internet.


          • Yep – that’s the one…The same granny.

            It all does not add up – $20k is not e£20, that’s if there were any costs – reading the .gov site intimates that most trials are funded.

            I agree about the flight and hotel costs, lets say another 3000 – in what news paper article APD talks of needing 25000 euros – so that would put expenses at $10000 plus IF they had to pay towards the clinical trial.

            Josh claims on his facebook page to have taken Jamie. I seem to remember reading that he had a conviction for violence, would that have made him inadmissible to America?


          • Most people don’t realise they should get a US visa prior to travelling if they’ve been arrested forty years ago and never even been charged with an offence! True!

            “We do not recommend that travelers who have been arrested, even if the arrest did not result in a criminal conviction, have a criminal record, certain serious communicable illness, have been refused admission into, or have been deported from, the United States, or have previously overstayed under the terms of the Visa Waiver Program, attempt to travel visa free under the Visa Waiver Program.”


            I think it’s more of a head in the sand thing or just not realising what US visa waiver rules are.

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      • Interesting! – Having just spoken to my contact he feels this account of hers is typically aggrandised and distorted. – Marc Bolan’s flat? She’ll have forgotten that Bolan died in 1977 and his last address was 142 Upper Richmond Road West – A 4 Bedroomed detached house. My friend recalls this particularly well as in 1982, for the 5th anniversary of Bolan’s death, Thames produced a short ‘tribute’ to the man as an insert for the early Thursday evening programme. My friend not only worked on the piece; but it was his 1275GT Mini that was used in the ‘reconstruction’!

        However – that small detail corroborating her poor research, it’s interesting that she admits to having worked in property. Part of the letting scam was for the phoney ‘council official’ to actually have the keys and let the mark see the property they were supposed to be ‘allocated’. – I think it’s reasonable to speculate that Ms Disney-Havaclue might have been quite useful to anyone running such a wheeze!

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          • There are probably a few other places he lived Tracy. The fact remains that by 1977 when he died he was long-established in what I suppose was to be that family home. – Certainly by the early 80s he was long gone. And the site of his passing – only a short distance away from his home – turned into a shrine. – Sorry, she’s talking rubbish as usual.


        • Oh please do tell me more : I’ve been wondering what you meant about the ‘letting scam’ and now realise you are referring to a scam 2 friends of mine got taken in by and which caused a shocking fight.

          Was this a small group who claimed they could get a person a council flat (always in a desirable central London area for payment of £1000 with inside help of a council officer?. There was a council officer in on and the scam and if 2 friends of mine fell for it, despite me telling them it sounded dodgy, and a small group of crooks. When the flat never eventuated no victim could complain because they themselves were participating in a fraud. It was essentially a perfect crime.

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          • – Yes, exactly that scam. There seems to be some doubt if the council official was real or simply using forged documents to give that impressiion (Andrea again!). But they certainly had access to properties and it was run as a ‘pop up’ scam in different parts of the London over a number of years.


          • Was her Sister in the Housing department? – It’s a fair observation though. Angie herself is remembered as being ‘on the fringes’ of this group; and to be fair not with 100% certainty.


          • Yes, I wouldn’t want us to become guilty of the same thing the Hoaxtead-pushers do: latching onto whisps of evidence and building an entire case against a person.

            On the other hand, I think we can say with some certainty that Angela has a very frosty relationship with the truth. They’re not really on speaking terms.


          • Angie’s lies, together with the recollections, of others (and I now have a couple of people expressing the same opinion) ‘place her at the scene’ – on the balance of probabilities. – What’s her involvement? Who can say really? I’m told Davidson had more than one scam in her portfolio. My associate tells me he has read reports of her fencing stolen goods – a popular pub game throughout the nation.

            I think what we can say with some certainty is that back in the day she hung out with a bad crowd. And she’s certainly not who/what she claims to be. – The rest of her family might be cast from the same mould. On the other hand they might just be as sick of her bullshit and lies as the rest of us.


      • The man who discovered, managed and launched Marc Bolan’s career is a very close friend of mine. I must ask him for a few details as he says he had to almost tie Marc’s shoelaces so the idea Bolan could organize renting a property seems remote (he also had very little money during his career- it all came later after he died). He has mentioned that he rented premises for Marc & other similar stars to live in via complicated tax avoidance schemes and landlord’s often did not know who the tenant was until fans discovered where their hero lived.

        Angie’s ludicrous claim to have had a ‘model membership’ for Stringfellows is a howler. There was no such thing and Stringfellows was only ever the alternative nightclub for those who couldn’t get into the smarter clubs. It’s was the Footballer’s Wives club before they existed. The notion there were so-called ‘after-parties’ is a creation of the serial liar Ben Fellows who may have gone to Stringfellows once but was subsequently unable to even describe it’s very basic outlet.

        The evidence mounts : Angela Power-Disney is a classic fantasist like Andrea Davison who has scoured the net and woven herself into a number of minor conspiracies. It’s worth examining every aspect of her claims as there is a kernel of truth (probably went to Stringfellows one night) to piece together her life which more and more looks like a long involvement with some pretty unsavory characters and minor London criminals.

        So many have re-surfaced as Truthers (like serial con-man Chris Fay who was only nabbed for one crime). There are aspects of Maunchausen’s Syndrome which is common among many ‘celebrity’ victims and how timely that just over 12 months after that Exaro article every aspect of it is now exposed as a cruel hoax in itself. I reckon, as we now see, many have jumped on the Charity Fraud bandwagon which in itself is over due for a exposure.

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          • No so much a penny as another of Angie’s clangers El Coyote.

            Sam, you raise further good points. – As always there is a Kernal there and it’s cultivated into something wild – and that does seem to be a common theme. But these things fall down because somebody remembers the trivia they can’t fill in. – ‘The Net’ has attracted a fair bit of flim flam even since its early days (think Ray Santilli) but in recent years – maybe the past eight or so – it really does seem to be drawing in the pettiest of petty crooks and parasites. – Charity scams; well these range from the relatively ‘well organised’ guys lining their pockets with free labour and exemptions through property frauds right down to the desperate tin-rattlers such as Disney. And yes; it needs exposed. I think there is some will for this.

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      • I did actually write them but Lennon somehow got into my head – satanism? – and stole them. I also saw Yoko before he did & he stole her from me. I was humming I Wanna Hold Your Hand when I was 2 years old. I also wrote Good Will Hunting and now some lady is claiming she did. It’s a nightmare.

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  5. I believe her to be lying about the reason her eldest son went to live with his father. Ella has claimed it was because of RD.

    However, in her ‘Statement for support of residence order’, dated May 2010, she mentions that the eldest is still living with her, and is 12yrs.

    Ella goes on to mention that the last time she had contact with RD, was In February 2010. Further, that RD had moved out of his flat close by in August 2009, and that his contact with his children was then erratic. Sometimes not calling for weeks, and then other times, calling a few times in one day. However, that is to speak to, and have contact with, his children. Not Ella’s eldest child.

    Leading up to that, Ella had taken out the NMO’s against RD.

    I can’t see why a 12yr old would leave his mother due to an ex boyfriend that has moved away, and has no real contact with him anyway. I suspect he left due to Ella’s behaviour.

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    • Indeed he did. Dave. I’ve seen copies of police reports that mention Ella assaulting her son; she accused him of assault at the same time, which tells me they weren’t exactly getting along.


  6. So which The Kenya Project is it that Angie Power-Disney claims to be Chairperson of?. There seems to be several that are similarly named and it’s very difficult to find who is actually involved but not one mentions Angie.

    Is this yet another charity scam? Pictures of deprived African kiddies tug at the heart strings but it’s very difficult to find out what any of these charities actually do. Bellender & Co seem very good at setting up supposed charities that mimic other established ones.

    Considering a report I just read by the Australian Federal Police, 10,000s of Aussie pensioners are still falling for the notorious Nigerian scams and handing over their life savings.And that’s every year despite the publicity about the scams.

    Is it possible that this new breed of Charity fraudster now sets up a charity (sometimes registered) that targets vulnerable people (in the UK with over 60 million marks) that mimics established charities and who simply believe what they read and hit the Donate button even if it’s just for ten quid.

    ## there is also a new breed of con-man who is setting up an Internet trail to give the impression of legitimacy.That includes websites like LInkedin, legitimate networking sites along with phony websites etc.. a trail that gives the impression that the person has been around fro a long time and is legitimate. Power-Disney strikes me as someone who is planting a long trail of claims with nebulous credentials she does not have. Such as her claimed journalism. Every writer I know is proud to publish their writings on their own websites after they have been published in the mainstream media. Angie cannot link to even one . And why does she have differing names?

    Angie reminds me of Sonia Poulton who managed to get a couple of (now discredited) articles published in the Daily Express which she has parlayed into a career as an ‘investigative journalist’. She used this status with David Icke to raise well over £230K for their ‘Peoples’ TV from believers – it was a cheap room in Wembley with equipment, as one Youtuber pointed out, was so dated it would have cost no more than a few $100s at an auction. That money has all disappeared & Icke & Poulton are at each others throats a so often happens when thieves fall out.

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  7. I have a feeling that all this is just grist for the conspiritainment mill. There is money to be made, donations to solicit. Even if it doesn’t fund a living it can keep someone in the readies needed for their conspiritainment hobby.


    A reminder that anti-semitism and Holocaust lies are never off the agenda. I have had a look through that forum. There is a link to a video where Belinda shares a platform with the disgraced academic.

    Belinda gets her begging bowl out:


    And again


    There are more links on that site to paid for events with Robert Green as a speaker. Many sites only available through the internet archive.

    I think, personally, that Belinda and Sabine’s big thing was the Knight Foundation which they managed to rope two MPs into supporting. Mind you, I’ve seen politicians current and retired supporting criminal enterprises and I have no reason to believe it was any thing other than unknowingly. In Belinda and Sabine’s case their track record and past behaviour wasn’t exactly hidden.

    I have often wondered whether Abraham Christie has an online presence in an alias on a forum somewhere. Maybe even something like a music, weed or fructarian site. If someone could track a profile down I bet it’d be an eye opener.

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