Angela’s latest allegations true to form

Following Monday’s shocking allegation that she and Rupert Quaintance had viewed irrefutable evidence that Ella Draper had participated in making a child sexual abuse video, Angela Power-Disney has been desperately trying to hang onto her rapidly fracturing group of followers. 

For anyone who’s followed Angela’s antics over the past year and a half, though, Monday’s allegations really represent a natural progression for her. Angela has never had the slightest qualms about tossing people—friends, lovers, co-Hoaxtead promoters—under any passing vehicle, if it suits her purposes.

Our friends at CCN Exposed have illustrated this rather nicely in this video, we think:

Late last winter, Angela turned on Abe and Ella, claiming that not only were they “not telling us everything”, but that they were involved in the alleged cult. Claiming it had been Rupert’s idea which she had “prayed over”, Angie stated that Abe and Ella had used the children’s disclosures to “escape the cult”—effectively sowing seeds of doubt and claiming the Hoaxtead narrative for her own.

And some will recall her speaking with Sabine about her then-pending trial for witness intimidation. In a private Skype conversation, she prompted Sabine to discuss her legal strategy…and then Angie published the video.

Angela wants to own the narrative

There’s been little doubt over the past few months that Angela has wrested control of the Hoaxtead narrative out of Belinda’s clutches. Belinda, forced to take a back seat by an inconvenient injunction placed on her last summer, has been unable to play a full leadership role in Hoaxtead, and Angie, sensing weakness, has slid in to fill the power vacuum.

She has repeatedly demonstrated her newfound power by publicising damaging secrets shared in confidence, turning on those whose power she wants to usurp, using mentally unstable people as her hand puppets, and now, creating new narratives that turn Hoaxteaders’ opinion against the very people who started the hoax in the first place.

Angela never really cared for Abe’s jealous guarding of the hoax he and Ella had created, and as soon as she saw an opening last winter, she took it. She announced publicly, and then in a series of private communications, that she felt Abe was very much “in the cult”; he “knew too much” about the details and forms of cult activity, which immediately made him “suspect”.

One of our commenters noted yesterday that they’d heard a suggestion that Angela now suspects that Sophia Green is Ella Draper in sock puppet form. If it’s true that this is what she thinks, it makes perfect sense for her to suddenly do an about-face on Ella, as well, turning her from ‘poor abused mother’ to ‘partially compromised but still salvageable cult member’ to ‘fully-fledged child sexual abuse video producer’.

This latest revelation, shocking as it is, was calculated to bring Angela even more firmly into power, to assert her authority over her scattering flock, and to ensure that people would now look only to her for the “truth” about Hoaxtead.

Sadly for Angie, however, it has backfired horribly. Even the most gullible and malleable of her followers (Jim McMenamin, we’re looking at you) has raised serious questions about this new allegation: is it true? Is she sure? How sure? If it’s true, how long has Angie known about it? Why has she not been shouting it from the rooftops since she learned about it?

angela-to-jim-mcm-re-ella-2016-09-06Very good questions, and ones which should have been asked “at first whistle”, as Jim says,  when the Hampstead SRA hoax was in its infancy.

What will Angela’s next move be, if her goal is to consolidate her power at the top of the Hoaxtead pile? We imagine she’ll be doing a great deal of wheeling and dealing this month at the London demonstration against child sexual abuse, where she’ll be looking for fresh new recruits and an audience that isn’t already familiar with her shenanigans.

After all, what’s the point of being Queen of Hoaxtead if all your subjects have buggered off to do other things?


32 thoughts on “Angela’s latest allegations true to form

  1. Angela and Rupert will be wasting their time at the Crock of Shite that will be the Rally on Saturday, 17th September at Westminster.

    I predict no more than 20 people will be in attendance, it was 30 last year.

    There are 20 big egos going to the Crock on 17th September and they won’t like Madam Angela or the Arrogant, Deluded Yankee Doodle Dandy trying to take over.

    Look out for the video of the recorded 20 by Sharon Chesterman, she’ll make the best of a bad shower.

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    • I have the feeling Rupert will be there to collect footage on his iPhone for his ‘documentary’ on Hoaxtead. Angie will be there to show off her new crown. They will be laughed at.


      • Rupert won’t get much footage, as there will be hardly any people attending.

        It will last 4 hours tops and it’ll be last previous times, shouting paedos out, paedos out.

        I see and hear nothing to convince me, anything will be any different.

        Certainly no people that are worth filming.

        But will Rupert have the train fare, lol?

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        • Let’s face it: Rupert’s idea of quality filming is to piss on a church, take selfies outside a school and try to pretend he was there the day school started, and participate in a panel of loonies including Neelu and Penny Pullen…without noticing that his co-panellists were completely out of their trees.


        • Gawd 4 hours.
          That’s how long their interminably boring videos usually go on for. I’m surprised that a RADA trained actress like Angie whose Royal Shakespeare career is the stuff of legends (before she moved onto a successful Hollywood script-writing career) didn’t grasp the maxim “less is more”.
          Noted though that she has mastered the art of keeping the camera on her face by picking her nose, scratching her ear and a flick of the hair every 10 seconds and lighting up another gasper just as the viewer’s attention may wander off her beauteous face. Make-up could be better though. Extra cement is required. (too bitchy?)

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        • It would be a terrible shame if someone informed the Met who will surely send a couple of coppers as they do with demos, that a bald headed American with a camera (and tripod) may be in possession of a knife ( maximum penalty- 4 years in prison and an unlimited fine.)

          Especially if those same coppers were supplied with a copy of the video where he mused on a desire to rape a child “just to see what it’s like” and the one where he says he pissed on a London church wall.

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  2. The Police will be in attendance but they don’t usually do too much.

    However, last year there was a bit of an altercation with a man drinking and a couple of hecklers that had gone along to the Rally.

    The hecklers said something to the Organiser along the lines of, what was the point of sitting in the road, singing paedos out, paedos out and playing some other song that the egos like to play as their theme tune.
    (I’m sure they haven’t asked permission of the Artist to play it)

    When another of the few people that had attended complained to the Police because the drunk had thrown a near full can of beer at him and 3 others, the Police had their work cut out to arrest the drunk and get him in their van. There must have been about 10 of them present.

    With Rupert I suppose he will do a Runner seeing as he thinks he is an Olympian and then as he believes he has the boxing ability of Mike Tyson try to give the Police a quick clip around the ear when they catch up with him.

    What a silly boy he is.

    Still all that might look good on video.

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  3. They all are a bunch of poo flinging monkeys.

    If Rupert Quaintance was a serious film documentary maker, he would be seeking out interviews with all sides of the Hampstead case, but his vile abusive, arrogant and aggressive conduct has alienated everyone on our side, and many on his own side. Quaintance has come to the table wanting to rape kids, urinates on churches, wanting to gather a gang and kick down doors of innocent victims, masturabting to child abuse videos, abusing and threatening anyone who disagrees with him, screaming unproven accusations at RD, censoring and blocking anyone who offers feedback contrary to his own views. The Frankenstein monster of a documentary he might stitch together will be one-sided and full of screaming and deluded nutters.

    Rupert Quaintance has been chronically masturbating his own genitalia and smoking pot to the degree that he has been unable to be motivated to be productive in the enterprise of investigating child sex abuse in the UK, a situation that we can all now agree he has been contributing to with his own child abusive conduct. The science suggests smoking weed and too much wanking means the individual will avoid difficult tasks and doing hard work. A warning to potential customers and employers of Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV. Employ Quaintance at your peril.

    Source about Cannabis making people lazy:

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    • Rupert has made one video about bars of Twix chocolate available at a Railway station.

      Not a documentary as he promised.

      Bet the people that donated their pensions are loving that!

      What a complete waste of space he is…

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      • Can anyone in their right mind take a guy seriously as a documentary film maker whose main result from three months in Europe is a video about Twix chocolate bars in a railway station filmed on his smartphone. Is this man really worth nearly $4000 which his donors have wasted on him? Fools.

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    • The problem of Rupert Quaintance masturbating all the time, including to the images and video of the RD children, is that it produces prolactin and no oxytocin, which is like running a battery down, this causes Quaintance to become lazy and unmotivated.

      As the source, which I have seen confirmed elsewhere, suggests, having a good sex time with another person that produces lots of oxytocin, tends to motivate the individual, which cancels out the impacts of prolactin. It is obvious the attitudes that Quaintance has to women, and his generally deficient personality makes it hard for him to attract a mate, so he is unable to get much sex, and probably why he has urges to have sex with children (a general trait of sexually inadequate paedophiles who look to children to satisfy their sexual needs, because women avoid them.)

      The above probably explains some of the issues around Rupert Quaintance:
      1. his sexual issues with children.
      2. his lack of sex for so many weeks.
      3. his lack of partner.
      4. his inability to produce reslts from 3 months in Europe, and 3 weeks in UK.
      5. his mother-fixations.

      Anyone with any common sense would not leave this strange character around with their children.


  4. Angela Power Disney said this on her Facebook this morning:
    “Apologies for poor sound quality ….I’m about ready to quit.”

    Disney has evidently failed to pay her subscriptions, so it may be more a case of being pushed rather than quitting from CCN.

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    • Yes, was nice to hear her say that she pays a ‘nominal fee’ to broadcast. She must be well off to think that E150 a month (E200 if you need help with advertising) is ‘nominal’. I would see it as rather a large chunk out of my budget.

      Don’t knock Rupert for masturbating. It’s sex with somebody he loves.

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      • I disagree…it’s sex with someone who is mentally deranged and incapable of giving consent.
        Rupert has abuse Kung Fu Panda Roopie.


  5. Oh No Angie on the verge of quitting.

    What with Kev off to annoy his mum in her dotage,Jake “elswhere”,Sabine and Neelu gaffer taped,Belinda hiding in her back paggage,Rupert trainfare and clueless,the rest of the weekend hoaxers throwing random poo at each other,they are dropping like flies.

    Internet scrabble anyone?

    Having said that I feel sure that some uncontrolled twitching and jerk ing will take place as rigor mortis set in before the last rites can be formally read out.

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    • Of course not – she IS in all probability lying. And knows the Police aren’t as gullible or stupid as those who hang on her words. The alternative to this is she’s actively protecting a paedophile. Either way she’s in the wrong, knows she’s in the wrong, but has no difficulty in exploiting this STORY to her own ends and aggrandisement. It’s that simple…. She wouldn’t go within a country mile of the Police.


  6. She doesn’t seem to realise that any other person who had knowledge of a child being masturbated by an adult would go straight to the Police.

    Going live on YT to offer this “exclusive” is sickening and makes her no better than Ella or Abe.

    I still don’t believe it happened, even though we know Ella gave those young children enemas, which I thought was pretty sickening as well.

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