Updates: Operation Clean-up, plus donating to Kenyan orphanage

It’s been more than usually hectic here at Hoaxtead Research this week, what with Jake Clarke’s recent involuntary hospitalisation, Kevin Justice/Weaver’s strange explanation of why that occurred, and Angie’s repudiation of Kevin’s explanation…not to mention Angie’s very sympathetic interview with ex-child-abusing-cult member Zen Gardner.

We’re taking a moment to catch our breath a bit, and to bring you up to date on a couple of housekeeping issues.

Operation Clean-up

First, we mentioned last weekend that we were starting to build a database of Hoaxtead pushers who’ve made threats, false allegations, and harassing comments about any of the parents or families of Hampstead. The goal is to put our combined information into one document, which will be easily used by law enforcement and the courts.

If you look at the black bar along the top of the blog’s front page, you’ll see a new entry: it contains a link to our database-in-progress.

As you’ll see, we haven’t begun to include the actual links to each individual’s posts; that will be the next step. For now, we’re working on obtaining basic background information. If you have anything to add, or see where we’ve made any errors, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

How to donate to the orphanage Angie abandoned

Last week we reported that when Angie came under investigation for her dubious behaviour around her ‘Kenya Project’ this spring, she stopped making any donations to the small orphanage and school for which she’d professed such support. We have been in touch with Pastor David B. Chesoli, who runs Champions Orphanage and Academy at Moi’s Bridge, Kenya, and he is very grateful to hear that some of our readers would like to donate; however, there’s been some confusion about the best way to do so.

Sending donations directly from one’s bank means incurring a transaction fee of £9.70 (at least when we tried it!), but using online systems like PayPal doesn’t really work because Mr Chesoli has no access to it: he has very limited internet access, and relies on a smartphone to do most of his transactions.

We looked into setting up a GoFundMe account, but a couple of issues came up: GoFundMe operates only in the UK, EU, North America, and Australia. And they charge for their service, so when we withdrew the money to send to Kenya, we’d incur fees that would look like this:

GoFundMe-UK 2016-08-25

In other words, 6.4% of the donation, plus £0.20 + VAT…and then we’d still have to pay the bank’s transaction fee.

Reader to the rescue!

We were beginning to wonder whether we’d promised something we couldn’t really deliver, when one of our readers let us know that they’d successfully used SecureMoneyGram.co.uk to make a sample donation of £20. This service deducted a total transaction fee of only 99p on that amount, which works out to about 5%…not bad considering what we’d been looking at!

So at this point, we’d like to suggest that anyone who wishes to donate to this very worthy cause can use Secure MoneyGram Online to send money directly to Mr Chesoli.

How to do it:

  1. Go to the Secure MoneyGram Online site: https://secure.moneygram.co.uk/
  2. Choose ‘Kenya’ as the recipient’s country.
  3. Fill in the recipient’s name: David Barasa Chesoli
  4. Fill in the amount you wish to send, check out, and you’re done! It’s very easy.
  5. You’ll receive a transaction number. You should email this, along with the amount sent, to Mr Chesoli at the following email address: dchesoli@yahoo.com . This will enable him to pick up the donation.

And that’s about it for now…Housekeeping Team over and out!


p.s. We just heard back from our first donor that this method works fine: the money was collected today!housekeeping

73 thoughts on “Updates: Operation Clean-up, plus donating to Kenyan orphanage

  1. Interesting to read that section of the court order again.

    It means if 2 people were to travel to the UK, say from Ireland & the USA to make a video to publish on Youtube (available for viewing in the UK) about the case mentioning certain banned names they would be conspiring to breach a UK High Court injunction.
    I know it’s often difficult for police to impose the law in such cases but something’s got to give at some stage.

    Re: the young chap sanctioned : it would have to be for a reasonably long series of events that doctors or family perceived indicated mental health problems. Many on here have spotted that but these oh-so-perceptive”friends” among the hoaxers have failed which just shows what a quite dangerous & disturbed bunch they are.
    Instead they make blatantly ludicrous claims this website is run by the CIA and everyone is just one person. Just bizarre.

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  2. Meanwhile on Planet Neelu some odd court orders have been issued on certain judges claiming conspiracy :
    “court tape recordings of proceedings in Lewes Crown Court, Blackfriars Crown Court and the High Court at the London Royal Courts of Justice”.
    Court tape recordings?. Royal Commission?.

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  3. Alan Alanson needs to go on the database, he’s been praising Jake Clarke for posting images of the children etc. and keeping the hoax going on fb.

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  4. Excellent work EC. That should provide security in the donations (ensuring they get to David) at the least cost possible.

    Certainly a very busy week for all concerned.

    APD has removed the possibility of anyone doubting (in even the remotest way) that she is a self centered liar with absolutely no morals. I see her as someone who is akin to Maria Hindley or Rose West, both of whom also destroyed lives, their crimes also contained an associated sexual connotation.

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  5. Thanks for the precise payment instructions. I also wanted to make a £20 donation but did not get a reply to my request for such guidance to get funds to David Chesoli. If Mr Chesoli has a smartphone and occassional internet access, he could upload some footage of him in the orphanage with perhaps some key children that could be ‘adopted’ for support to get regular income. of course such a method would have benefits to both the donor, and the orphanage, in giving some kind of feedback on the work the orphanage does or could do with backing, etc.i would be happy to edit footage together etc.

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    • Yes, I’ve suggested to him that he upload some photos too. I’ve been finding that communications can be spotty. I’ll definitely ask him what he thinks about your idea though!


  6. Thank you for this, El C. Evidence, if any was needed, that this site (and the people who comment) have their hearts in the right places. We support victims of hate campaigns, the victims who have faced abuse, and those who need support when support has been taken away.

    The point of this site was, I think, to counter false accusations made against a community of people. These falsehoods, it seems, were an elaborate ploy to cover real abuse that had taken place.

    Thank you all.

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        • I simply cannot stand her hideous accent but that’s nothing against S.Africans- just those vowels in a frigging liar and child abuser like Mel VD are grating.

          And how ignorant is she? The child abusing cult Gardner was a part of and helped run was not 1000s of people in one place, it was just a handful in each cult headquarters although worldwide they may have a few 1000 members.

          To claim to have not know the decades history of child abuse in that cult is not credible. It’s simply amazing how Power-Disney & Mel Ve are fixated on pedophilia to the point where they actively promote proven child abusers and yet falsely accuse innocent people- people who it has been proved are innocent.

          I’m beginning to think there is something very sinister about this mob and that their motives are very suspect.

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    • mel you liar, you are on record multiple times giving your guilty verdict with annetts fake court, stop saying annett gave the verdict, how can you sit there blatantly lying your ass off? you vile hatefull dealer in rumour, your detractors are gonna shite themselves? you will get yours you disgusting hag


    • That dangerous skin cancerous inducing tan of Mel VD’s makes a good case for actually wearing a Burkini. I wonder how may times she has burnt herself like that. In 20 years she may regret it.

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    • I looked on the CCN site, and ‘Chasing Rainbows’ seems to have been moved to Wednesday. Then again, when it was Thursday, she only showed up twice out of four scheduled times.


      • It was indeed on Wednesday last week but one of the first things she said was that it would return to its normal slot this week. Basically, she just broadcasts when it suits her.

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    • Mental health services are over stretched as it is.

      Should any of Angie’s pals turn up on the hospital doorstep I suggest the staff invite them all into the secure unit and lock the door.

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      • Angie go and visit Jake, you know you want to and you’ve got NO excuse now you’re driving that zippy little number.

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      • Well said SV.

        I have done the same, explaining that APD is a very influential person for Jake and that she has been grooming him, despite his vulnerability

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        • Subject: Regarding Jake Clarke in your care
          From: “James Hind”
          Date: Fri, August 26, 2016 8:43 pm
          Priority: Normal
          Options: View Full Header | Print | Download this as a file

          Dear Sir/Madam.

          I have been made aware that individuals have called for an e-mail campaign
          to this e-mail address calling for the release of Jake Clarke, who was
          sectioned last week and who is currently in your care.

          The challenge that Jake Clarke faces is that he has been seduced, groomed,
          manipulated and used by unscrupulous and malicious individuals to believe
          in various false delusions and to pursue illegal conduct that is putting
          both his own safety and that of others in danger. These individuals, as
          soon as they are able, will continue to manipulate Jake Clarke, once he
          has left your care, and whilst he remains vulnerable and easily influenced
          by these dominating and controlling characters, one who is known as Angela
          Power Disney.

          These individuals claim that Jake Clarke has been kidnapped, and both in
          public and privately validates and encourages delusional beliefs and
          behaviors in Jake Clarke by their communications with him that he is a
          whistle-blower and fighting against some conspiracy or crime involving
          harm to children. Jake Clarke is fully in enchantment with these
          manipulations and deceits of people such as Angela Power Disney, and will
          believe that what he says and does is right and justified, even if such
          activity is illegal and does harm to himself or others.

          Whilst I do not understand the nature of the mental illness that Jake
          Clarke suffers from, I know him to be vulnerable and easily influenced by
          dangerous and vile characters who care nothing for his safety and well
          being beyond how they might personally benefit from their manipulations of

          Until Jake Clarke develops a resistance to these manipulations by these
          people, such as Angela Power Disney, he will in my opinion become a
          serious risk to public safety and to himself.

          I would like to add that if it is true that children have been targeted by
          Jake Clarke, that it might be in everyone’s best interests that efforts
          are made to ban him from any contact with children and young people.

          Yours sincerely.

          James Hind

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        • Excellent.Those involved in assessing Jake need to understand the variables influencing his behaviours and made aware of the destructive force that is APD and her cohorts.
          Hopefully this important information will be shared at inter agency liaison meetings regarding planning for his future welfare.

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    • I have no idea who Melani Vermay is, but she has made some good points. There are two truths in play: one that comes from how the individual senses, processes and interprets stimuli; the second that dominates all of nature, some call by different terms, but I refer (from Heraclitus) as “logos” or “the common.” As an example of subjective or relative truth, a bee will see the colour red as black, and most human individuals see red as red. An example of a universal truth of nature is that all things move and change.

      The problem of humanity is most people prefer to work according to their opinions rather than the common patterns of nature. An example is the delusions that peace and balance are good end states, but most people fail to realise that where two sides are in perfect balance, nothing can move or change, the stasis caused is death and ruin. When two sides are unequal, they move in opposition, thus all things move, change and come into existence through war. Those who follow the “common” recognise that war is the primary principle of nature, the “arche” that brings about the big bang, life on earth and human sense of “I” through its acausal way of throwing random things together and creating something new and in harmony from both. Note for instance that two muscles are always working against each other, there is no peace or balance between them, yet they create a more complex state that is in harmony through that war of two parts. Harmony is the worthy pursuit rather than peace and balance, and accepts war is how all of nature moves, changes, evolves and manifests new possibilities.

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        • Ah! May I clarify that some people might parrot something that looks intelligent without understanding what on earth they are talking about. In philosophy the arguments between idealists and realists on reality is a common and ancient one, and so it is probably something Mel Ve picked up on some internet site, which she did not really understand.

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          • An attic full of knowledge with little or no understanding is at best futile and at worst highly destructive.If Mel had accrued a morsel of wisdom she would not be investing her time and effort in enabling APD to promote her criminal activities.

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      • The senses upon which an individual bases their reality is a design of evolution for the purposes of survival in a specific environment, and the genes of the individual have little interest in what reality outside of the senses is beyond survival and procreation. For instance the individual might exist in two dimensional space, but the human brain processes incoming information as three dimensional space. People have a sense of time, but time is a delusion, a measure of change between a memory of what was and what is now sensed. Likewise, space may not exist either. How something moves and changes in a situation of no past or future raises interesting ideas of what is happening outside of my senses.

        Rather than the easy way of saying reality is an illusion, it might be better saying there are two different realities, one sensed and another invisible reality.


    • Mel VD is correct : what is ‘true’ to her is not true to everyone else. Well bar a few nutters who think she runs a TV network (from her living room).


  7. CNN Exposed have compiled an insight into Rupervs cranial unhingement.As they say..form an orderly queue ladies.


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