Charlotte Ward admits to viewing commercial child sexual abuse site

Lest there be any doubt who the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) were talking about in the email Charlotte “Jacqui Farmer” Ward was bleating about yesterday (, take a gander at this little gem, also from her blog: HR Commercial CSA admission

With the usual amount of pompous self-righteousness, Charlotte claims that while she really hasn’t a f**king clue why the “Little Orgies” commercial child sexual abuse site was shut down, she’s quite certain that it’s either because she reported it to the authorities, or because she “highlighted it in one of (her) videos”.

And just in case her readers missed the point, Charlotte includes a charming description of what she and Jacco saw while they were perusing the child porn sites.

Yes, good one, Charlotte. Re-publishing commercial CSA not only re-victimises the children who are abused when the videos are created, but allows new potential viewers a handy link that they might not have otherwise had. And I’m sure commercial CSA users appreciate your synopsis of what to expect when they get there. Brilliant.

And that doesn’t even include your pathetic attempt to allege that because the commercial child sexual abuse industry is worth up to $20 billion per year, it’s somehow “proof” that those who profit from it live in Hampstead.


Did they teach you that kind of stellar logic at Blackheath High School?


11 thoughts on “Charlotte Ward admits to viewing commercial child sexual abuse site

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  2. I hadn’t realised HR were up and running again until today, dastardly twunts. Anyway, I was perusing their site and clicked on the Saff ‘Listen to the Children’ video. A thing comes up saying you can click to watch it on Vimeo and, lo and behold, the link takes you to Sabine McNeill’s Vimeo site. So she has uploaded the original and then HR have linked it from her, not from Saff. Proof if it were needed that she is one of the active people behind HR, (along with Angie of course who seems to have avoided any legal action so far).

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    • Sorry, meant Vidme, not vimeo. Oh, and I was looking through some of the posts on here last night that I hadn’t read and realised that the awful Margaret Sneddon sometimes calls herself Anna…I’m not her, honest!!

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      • Oh, not to worry–we can smell Sneddy a mile off. 🙂

        And very interesting insight about the link from Sabine to Hamster Research. Thanks!


  3. Hi All,

    I think I have stayed quite well away from commenting in derogatory terms as far as Charlotte is concerned, I have attempted to just relay the feelings from her family and friends. Having spoken with her Auntie Liz during the week and witnessed the disgust and despair she is experiencing each time Charlotte makes another fool of herself, I now wish to add, ‘Charlotte. for goodness sake, stop this lunacy!! you are killing your family, you are destroying every single hope they ever had for you’!!!! If you have one ounce of decency please just back away, NOW!!

    Her Auntie was telling me that Charlotte’s parents afforded her a good education and sent her to Blackheath High, which has a great reputation and pupils leaving their education manage to find the employment and many go on to create a career path second to none. What Charlotte has done with her education is a complete slap in the face for her parents. I just hope they do not blame themselves for the mess and destruction their daughter is causing, but it is hard for them not to wonder if it was their fault. Of course it isn’t they did their best for her, wanted her to be successful.

    They are a complete loss to understand how Charlotte, their well educated, level headed, and well liked daughter has turned into this delusional narcisstic conspiracy freak.

    Here is hoping Charlotte will come to her senses very soon for the sake of her sanity as well as her parent’s and having just seen all of this on here thought I would post this.


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    • Thanks, Sophie–always good to hear from you. It’s tragic to hear of the “Charlotte that might have been”, especially compared with the delusional, vindictive wasted soul she seems to have become. I’m sure it must be very painful for her family to bear. I understand that one of her brothers cannot stand to hear her name mentioned…surely a very sad state of affairs for a once-loved sibling.


  4. Why the hell would Charlotte even want to look at a site called “Little Orgies” ?
    Saying you viewed the child abuse images and that you subsequently found them repellent is no excuse!
    I seem to remember Pete Townshend saying the same thing. Did she not learn from that?

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